It was her last chance to prove herself as a mage. The Springtime Summoning Ritual.

Louise clutched her wand, and sent out a prayer. She didn't care what she got, just that something would answer.

She felt something latch onto her core, judge her, and deem her 'worthy'. All in the span of a breath.

The explosion was larger than normal, but the result was something no one could have anticipated.

"As per your summons, I have come. Are you my Master?"

Louise and everyone there blinked when they heard the distinct human voice...albeit one with an accent no one recognized.

What followed was pandemonium.

But the end result was the same. Louise had summoned a human for a familiar, and a child no less. He couldn't be more than fifteen, if that. He didn't seem overly surprised about the familiar runes, only that they were engraved on him, rather than Louise.

It wasn't until nightfall that Louise bothered to get a good look at her new familiar.

He was about her age, if not younger. His hair was like spun gold or possibly sunlight. His eyes were blood red and almost had a slit through them. He wore strange garments that were clearly meant for mobility, yet at the same time he had a necklace that was clearly made of gold...not something a commoner would wear casually unless they weren't a commoner at all.

There was also the way he held himself. Confident, but at the same time with a hint of arrogance only a noble would have.

At least no one mistook him for a simple commoner after the kid...boy... summoned a sword out of nowhere to prove he wasn't some peasant.

Only a mage could use magic, though they had no idea how or where he got that sword.

About the only good thing out of this mess was that the boy clearly wasn't from around here, and had admitted to not having family anymore. So it wasn't likely she was going to be dragged up before the Princess because she somehow kidnapped a noble's son.

Still, the fact he might be a noble like her kept her from taking out her frustrations on him. Or at the very least, treating him like a Servant.

"So. What's your name anyway?" she finally asked.

"I was summoned as an Archer Class...but you can just call me Gil," said the kid.

Gilgamesh, or 'Ko Gil' as he was sometimes called, decided to walk around this new world (because even at his worst, copying the moon was a bit much for Zelretch). Or at least the Academy.

He ignored the playboy and the idiot girl who believed him. They weren't his problem, and frankly he could care less.

It didn't take long for him to find the kitchens, or for his natural charisma to charm some food out of the cook. It wasn't that he was hungry, per say, but that he wanted to see if the food here was adequate for his Master.

Surprisingly, it was.

It was hard to believe a mere slip of a girl managed to summon him, even if she had dragged his child self from the Throne of Heroes. Still, it wasn't that bad. He had been quite bored.

On the way back to his Master's room, he saw a maid dutifully cleaning some clothes in a spring.

Since it was unlikely his Master would need him while she was asleep, and he was still quite bored, he went to talk to her.

The girl jumped a little when she realized she had an audience.

"I'm terribly sorry about that. You startled me. Are you lost?"

Gil shook his head.

"My new Master is sleeping, so I thought I'd take a look around the school. You looked like you could use someone to keep you company," said Gil.

"New Master? Are you the familiar Miss Valliere summoned earlier?" asked the woman.

"Pink hair, short fuse, and everyone was clearly wanting to mock her for summoning something other than an animal?" asked Gil. The woman nodded. "Huh. She only asked for my name without bothering to tell me hers, so I had no idea what it was."

She had been too exhausted by the day's events to remember small things like introducing herself.

"It was quite the shock, but I am somewhat happy for her. The nobles were talking about how terrible it was that the youngest daughter of the Valliere family couldn't use even the simplest of spells," said the girl.

"Considering the amount of magic I'm getting from her, she must be overpowering them without realizing it," said Gil off hand. It was so bad that there was no way he could take astral form, so he was essentially stuck in an almost living body.

Considering who he had been before he died, she was lucky she had summoned him, rather than his adult self. He would have killed her for the way she almost treated Gil, had it not been for the fact she instinctively recognized a King, even if she didn't know what sort of noble he was. As it stood, he could tell she had almost made him do chores only a servant would do, like undress her or do the laundry.

So long as he kept her from trying to order him to do such things, there was little chance He would kill her if the need required Him to make an appearance.

Gil disliked Gilgamesh, King of Heroes. He couldn't understand HOW he turned into...that.

"So what's your name?" asked Gil, leaning down so she didn't have to get up.

"My name is Siesta. What's yours?"

"Call me Gil."

"It's nice to meet you Gil. Would you like to help?"

Gil shook his head.

"I don't know the first thing about chores, so I might mess it up. Somehow I get the feeling the people here wouldn't like it if I tried, and it would get you into trouble," said Gil.

Siesta nodded. It only cemented the rumor that Louise Valliere might have accidentally summoned a noble from another country. A noble definitely wouldn't know the first thing about doing chores.

"Well since I have only a little bit more to do, why don't you tell me more about where you're from?"

Gil grinned. He had made a new friend, and he didn't think his charisma ranking had anything to do with it for once.

He was even nice enough not to wake his new Master up the next morning with the pitcher of water Siesta had been kind enough to give him.

"Good morning, Master," said Gil.

It took Louise a few moments to properly wake up, but by that time Gil had already set out what he assumed was the school uniform for the day before leaving the room.

Familiar/Servant or not, there were some things even he wouldn't do. One of which was dressing a girl more than old enough to do it herself. If she really needed help, he'd be happy to hire someone he considered reliable enough to do it, but loyal enough not to stab his Master in the back.

Fortunately Louise didn't demand he dress her after all, as it was blatantly clear he was a noble, just not one from a family she recognized.

With no classes for the day, she decided to try and figure out where she accidentally summoned him from...and hope like hell she didn't get her family in trouble for it.

What happened next gave her a rather good opinion of her new Familiar.

Louise growled with open anger as Kirche flirted with her familiar, obviously trying to seduce him like she did ever other boy. Gil, however, had other ideas. Mostly because he saw it as the perfect chance to get in his new Master's good books with a few well placed jibes.

"I'll keep that in mind, Granny lady!" he said with a smile.

It took a few moments for those words to filter through Kirche and Louise's minds, but when it did Louise gaped at him while Kirche's mouth dropped in shock.

There was stone silence all around them, as Gil continued.

"After all, it must be tiring counting the coins from all your lovers, Granny!"

That was the straw that broke the camel's back for Louise, as she realized that yes, her familiar just called Kirche old to her face rather than stare at every other straight male in the school. More than that, he called her out on the fact she had a lot of indiscriminate flings...and subtly insulted her in the same breath.

She started laughing, hard. It was so nice to see that bully Kirche on the other end of the cruel jibes.

"Why you little brat!" hissed Kirche. "Do these look old to you?!"

Gil made a show of looking, before he said rather simply in the most insincere tone of innocence "Did you stuff your uniform this morning Granny?"

Louise laughed even harder. Most were too shocked to respond. Not only had Louise's familiar subtly call Kirche a harlot, but he also made it sound like her bust wasn't real and that she was old.

Yes, Kirche was one of the older girls in second year, but she wasn't old enough to be anyone's grandmother.

Seeing Kirche boil over like a kettle that was too full, Louise finally had the presence of mind to remove Gil before she took it out on her new familiar.

She was still snickering evilly though.

"I take back any bad thing I said about you yesterday after I summoned you. You are the best familiar I could have gotten!" said Louise, giggling evilly. Kirche looked furious, and had stomped off to prove she wasn't old and that her chest was in fact real.

"I'm glad you approve, Master~!" said Gil smiling innocently.

Seeing the girl from last night come with a basket, he made a point to subtly point her in the direction of the boy she was talking to last night. The blond didn't see the action, but the result was instantaneous.

Both girls slapped him in anger, as he thought he could get away with dating both.

"Hmph. Serves Guiche right. He's always flirting with the girls around here, so it's only natural he get slapped," said Louise.

"Ah! Siesta, thank you for your help last night!" said Gil, noticing the maid from earlier. "I didn't even have to use the water to wake her up like I thought!"

"What water?!" said Louise. "You can't mean that pitcher that was in my room on my dresser!"

"Well I didn't know if you were an early riser, and since this is a school I thought you would want to be on time to class," said Gil.

Louise's mouth open and shut like a fish, before closing with a snap.

Gil did make a point to subtly trip the blond fop as he made his way past him.

With how quick he was to move his foot out and back under the table, it was unlikely the idiot even realized what he had done until after he tripped on the outstretched leg.

Louise certainly didn't.

The blond idiot (apparently named Guiche) decided to take his embarrassment out on the one person he thought couldn't defend their honor.

Siesta, who had only been doing her job passing out refreshments.

"You! How dare you trip me, a noble! I'll have you pay for that!" shouted Guiche, despite the fact Siesta wasn't nearly close enough to have tripped him. She was just a commoner, easily replaced.

Before he could do anything, there was a sudden burst of pain...not enough to knock him out but certainly enough to make him think twice about attacking someone...from behind.

"For your information, I was the one who tripped you. You shouldn't disrespect girls so much if you expect to have an actual girlfriend," said Gil, his voice as cold as ice and just as friendly.

"You ignorant brat! You're nothing more than a stupid familiar summoned by that failure Louise the Zero!" said Guiche, his rage getting the better of him.

Gil's glare went up a notch, and to the shock of everyone he snapped his hands and said clearly in a tone that spoke of authority "Enkidu."

Chains materialized out of nowhere, trapping Guiche before he could properly react to the magical attack. He fell over a second time, as the chains bound his legs so that he couldn't move at all. Gil's voice was sickeningly sweet and could almost be mistaken for pleasant had it not been for the tone he used.

"Now you either apologize for the insult to my Master or I will leave you hanging from the tallest roof I can find while having all the girls you've cheated on in this school use you for target practice," he said flatly.

Louise blushed. No one had bothered to defend her before, and certainly not as effectively as Gil had.

"Why should I apologize to a failure of a mage like Zero?" said Guiche tactlessly.

That did it. Louise's face was red with absolute fury.

"I demand an honor duel, Vestri court in one hour!" said Louise dangerously. Her face was full of fury.

Guiche smirked, and everyone chattered excitedly about what just happened.

Louise looked at her familiar.

"You can beat him, can't you?" she whispered conspiratorially.

"He's so doomed it's not even worth mentioning," said Gil immediately.

"Um...thank you for coming to my defense earlier," said Siesta.

Gil waved his hand.

"There's no sense in punishing someone obviously innocent, especially since you were just doing your job and were in the wrong place," said Gil. "Besides, you at least seem more competent than some people I've seen."

Louise eyed the maid. She couldn't order a fellow noble to do chores, but hiring a maid wasn't entirely out of the question. Depending on how the duel went, she might ask this Siesta if she'd be willing to work as her maid.

She'd seen her around before, and she was competent.