Hey Everyone. Well, I'm currently in England doing a Creative Writing class in Cambridge as my summer thing. Well I'm incorporating those skills into writing a sequel that I'm sure everyone will love. At least I sincerely hope so.Please continue to review this story as I will always check because I love hearing from you! Also be kind and go review The Little Mouse that Roared and pleased don't flame it and tell me to stop writing that one so that I write the sequel. I'm doing both so please be kind. I also want to apologize for the dozens of mistakes with names as well as the thousands of grammar/spelling mistakes. I must admit to being ill capacitated in those areas. Well enjoy you summers since I certainly am! England rocks! Plus I'm getting a real feel for the accent! LOL. Well the sequel will be posted when I get back since I can't actually get what I'm writing to the internet. I had to write this note in an internet café there and then! Alright, have a nice day and please PLEASE review my other stories!