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"RENGE! YOU THIEF! GET OUT HERE!" My fists slammed off of the thick, mahogany of my sister's door. Down the hall, the servants scurried past, their eyes wide as they hurried down the marble halls and staircases. I gritted my teeth, resorting to kicking at the stupid crack in the door.

"Who's there?" a voice sang and I gritted my teeth, slamming my fist into the door once more.

"The bloody gardener! You know exactly who it is, Renge! Get out here and face me!"

There was a moment of silence and I heard the rustle of blankets and clothing before there was a click and more rustling. Was the door unlocked this whole time? I growled kicking and clawing at the mahogany. She hadn't been out of this room for weeks - maybe even months for all I knew. That was, she hadn't been out except for her nightly trips to steal my pudding and other snacks like a raccoon.

"You can't stay in there forever! And when you come out, you better be willing to pay for this!"

"I don't know why you're so mad." She sounded so nonchalant about the whole thing. "We're rich enough that you can go and get as many as you want-"

"I WANTED THEM NOW!" I shrieked, going for the handle of the door as I futilely tried to get inside. Maybe I could scale up to her balcony. I frowned. That would take some extra equipment.



"I'm gonna tell dad on you!" What a four-year-old. I smirked.

"You know he'll take my side. You've been holed up in there for so long that he probably won't even know who you are."

There was a moment of silence and then the sound of a game turning up. I growled under my breath, pressing my ear to the wood.


"Miss Houshakuji." Oh damn. My governess. Slowly, I turned to face the shrewd older woman, her eyes narrowed and her bun tight enough to pull back the skin of her forehead. Mrs. Mercier was honestly the most annoyingly diligent governess that I had ever had. Not only did she constantly articulate her disappointment in my manners but she also kept a strict ship in the organization of my daily life. Her smile turned thin as her eyes closed into a purely demonic expression. I winced. "Have you finished your school work already?"

I grumbled out a breath, shooting a glare towards my sister's door once more. Mrs. Mercier was speaking to me in French again. I hated speaking French. In fact, I hated speaking most languages except for my native Japanese. But my father and mother had moved us to Paris (with short trips all around the world) when we had been very little.

"Miss Houshakuji?" She was giving me that creepy smile again.

"I finished the school work." I had honestly gotten done with it hours ago but I rarely told her that the papers she was giving me were a couple grades below where I was at. Although I was starting to think that she suspected as much.

"Well than I guess it's time to look over some much neglected management issues that have popped up in a couple of the boutiques and cafes under your father, isn't it?"

That sounded absolutely dreadful.


"Let's not dawdle, shall we, mon chou?" I hated it when she called me a cabbage.

"But - ow, ow, owowowow." Her nail bit through the top of my ear, her smile still firmly in place as she dragged me along the halls. She was the devil. Angrily, I looked back at my sister's door. "I don't care how long it takes, when you come out you're dead!"

"Ko!" Mrs. Mercier reprimanded and tears blurred my vision as she yanked at my ear. "Manners."

"Je suis désolée," I grumbled out, giving in to being hauled back to my study.

A few hours later that was exactly where I was. Still.

I stared down at the numbers on the paper. Either we were taking in too much in the Los Angeles branch or someone wasn't ordering in the right clothes and promoting them the way that they needed to be. Either way it would require a personal visit. I rubbed my eyes, taking off my glasses for a moment. I had been at these papers for nearly five hours now and wanted to leave.

Gloomily, my eyes turned to the double doors. I was sure Mercier was hovering out there - her stupid notebook open and penciling in all the different torture techniques that she would inflict on me next. She was the devil. Literally. Once she had accidentally touched a hot oven - not even a wince. Not so much as a groan. Answer? She was used to being burned. Conclusion? She had come up from the depths of hell to torment-

"KO!" I jerked back in my seat, blinking at my double doors as they went slamming into the walls on either side of them, scraping past the bookshelves that lined the entire room just by a hair to reveal my father. Although aging rather well for his age with deep burgundy hair and strong jaw. But in the past months a lot of the lines wrinkling his face had become more apparent. I looked down at my nails, suddenly feeling guilty.

My sister hadn't always been the most social of the family. Renge was smart and focus and her knowledge of cultures (particularly what different people would like) had advanced the business. But then she had started to get teased. No one really understood why she was so into the things that she was into. To be truthful, I didn't think that she understood why other people liked what they liked either. And that led her back to the comforts of things that made her happy.

"It's terrible, dear! Absolutely awful!" I blinked, coming back to the situation at hand. My father was nearly in tears, his trench coat still on and cinched and his hands going to burrow through his hair. Behind him, my eyes connected with Mrs. Mercier who stood silent and patient just outside the door. "A COMPLETE TRAVESTY!"

Wincing, I gestured for Mercier to close the door and hurried around to my father with a handkerchief. "Can you please just tell me what this is all about, daron? Is it the business or-?"

His fingers wrapped around my bicep, his eyes connecting with mine. "Much worse than that, Ko. This could bring our entire family apart at the seams."

I grimaced, trying to pull it into a softer expression as I wormed my way out of his grip. My father always was prone to dramatics. It's where I assumed my sister got her...flare from. When I had realized this, it was hard to put into words how overjoyed I was that I took after my mother. Sighing, I made my way over to the desk.

"Well then, I guess we'll need some tea and food." I pressed a button on the intercom and turned back to my father who was slopping away what he could as snot slithered down his face. Oh geez.l

"This isn't amusing, Ko," he snapped. "Your sister's run off to god knows where-"

"What?" My fists slammed down on the desk as shock ran through me. This was a lot worse than I had thought. Panicking, I picked up the phone. "Have you called the police? Mom? What about our business associates connected with-?"

"Well," he said thoughtfully and I paused. "I do know where she is. She's gone to Japan. Ouran High School, in fact."

Anger was the first emotion that ran through me along with a cold hard dose of irritation. Trying not to slam the phone down, I turned fully to glare at my father.

"You old bat," I snapped, heat rising into my cheeks as his eyes went wide. "What the hell do you think you're doing coming in here raving and wailing when she hasn't even run away?"

"Well, she's so willful. She just hopped on-"

"You're private jet which you control with the money that you pay your pilots and every other employee that's under your umbrella?"

"You know her-" He started futilely.

"I do!" I screamed, throwing my hands up. "And that's why I know that she'll be back in a week. Renge can't living without that stupid dating sim that you got her."

I huffed, crossing my arms.

"This time is different, Ko." I glanced up. Something in his voice made me believe him. Slowly, I straightened. "She took one look at this picture and jumped up screaming about true love and marriage. I don't know what's gotten into her."

He handed me a small photograph. It looked relatively normal. Just an old guy with two younger men all dressed in suits. And then standing just behind them all in a blue uniform looking kind of like an unwanted runt shoved behind two german shepherds was…

I groaned, crinkling up the stupid thing. "Do you know what you've just done?"

"What?" He took the picture from me, looking over it critically. "What is it?"

"That one in the back looks exactly like the lead guy on her game thingie!" I snapped, jabbing a finger at him. "The one that she's been fawning over day and night!"

Of course he wouldn't know. He was never home enough to know. I looked away as a bitter taste filled my mouth. I didn't want to be angry - I shouldn't be angry. I let out a breath, sitting down.

"What do you want me to do about it?" I was getting a headache from this whole thing, honestly. "She's already flown off."

"I want you to go and get her, Ko!" I blinked, an absurd laugh bursting from my mouth before it went off into silence at my father's stare.

"...You're serious?"

"She's your sister."

I stared hard at him, trying to digest what he was telling me. "So you want me...your seventeen year old daughter to go to Japan and haul your fifteen year old daughter back to France… Today."


"You're crazy."

His eyes went wide as he moved closer to me. Oh no. He was going into daddy mode. "This is your responsibility as the eldest daughter of this household."

"What about your responsibilities as father?" I regretted it immediately after I said it as I watched his lips tighten and him flinch back. It was a low blow. I gentled my tone. "Listen, we have family and associates in Japan - even in the Ouran area - I'm sure that -"

"I think that this will be good for you, Ko." What? I was shocked. My breath stalled in my throat as I slowly turned to stare up at him. His eyes had gone that stupid soft brown color that they got when he was feeling sentimental. "How long has it been since you took up any of the duties outside of this house? I know you're not happy with where you are."

I looked away, feeling angry that he had seen through me so easily.

"Think of it as a vacation, if you like." My mouth thinned but I didn't say anything. "Who knows? Maybe you'll even like it. But your sister… Just come back safely, you hear?"

I didn't say anything for a moment, thinking over my options. "Dammit."

My father gave a shrill cheer, clapping his hands in excitement as I stomped toward the doors, nearly colliding with the poor maid that was coming in with tea and pastries.

"I'll be back by May!" I called over my shoulder, calling over a maid.

"You're not leaving today?" I snapped around, anger bubbling up to sear my throat.

"Are you kidding me?" I hissed, my teeth baring in a sneer as I glared at his stunned face and my French muddled with my native Japanese as I got angrier. "Have you forgotten how much of the business you've handed over to me because you and mom want to 'discover' yourselves? I can't just pick up and leave."

I turned around as I saw Mrs. Mercier come up the stares, her eyes holding something that I had rarely seen. I looked away, gesturing for the maid to follow me. I didn't want her sympathy.

"Ko-" Dammit. There he went too.

"I don't have the same luxuries as Renge." It was out of me before I could stop it. I shook myself. "I'll be off in no more than a month."

Hey! Sooo how'd you like it? I am going to be using French since Renge and Ko obviously were raised mainly in Paris, France.

Mon chou: My cabbage. It's actually a term of endearment in France. My grandma used to call me this.

Je suis désolée: I'm sorry.

Daron: Father