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Prologue: The story begins…

It was the summer of Hogwarts fourth year. The sun was shinning from its spot in the clear blue sky. The birds were all merrily chirping the song of summer, while the butterflies flew from flower to flower spreading each ones sweet nectar. The bees were in just frenzy. Every single one of them rushing around, trying to gather enough honey and nectar for the whole hive. The air had a scent of lavenders and dreams beginning to bloom.

Summer had definitely come, with all its joys and sleepless summer nights just sitting on front porch staring at the stars. Yes, all its joys….

"MOM! Tell Haley to give me back my shirt!"

Hermione sighed, placing her wand down after commanding the broom to finish sweeping the kitchen. "Girls could you please not fight. I have a headache and your father will be home any minute."

"See she didn't say I had to give it back," Hermione heard Haley taunt her sister.

An angry blonde haired raving 'monster' flew down the stairs. Her green eyes ferine and connote. "Mom, I insist you tell you to give me my shirt back. I would like to wear it tonight!"

"Honey," Hermione sighed as she fell on to the couch, rubbing her forehead. "Tell Haley I said she had to give you the shirt back."

Chloe's face broke into a grin. "Thanks mom. Love you," she threw out as she tore back up stairs.

Hermione sighed, relaxing into couch only to be startled into attention when another frightening, nerve-racking scream broke through the house and down the stairs, only to fill her ears with its ominous presence. "Mom, she's already got it on and she won't take it off!" Chloe whined.

"Tell her to come here." Hermione yelled up to them, even though it made her head ache.

Two girls stormed down the stairs, to come and stand in front of Hermione. Haley's black hair a mess and her grey eyes stubborn. Both girls had inherited their grandparent's features. Haley the black hair and Chloe the green eyes.

"Haley, I need you – for me- to give your sister shirt back to her."

"But, Mom," Haley began to whine.

"No! Give it back."

Haley stormed up stairs, mumbling, "Dad wouldn't make me give it back. Not if I had it first."

Chloe leaned over giving Hermione a big hug, "Thanks mom, you're the greatest."

"You're welcome," Hermione whispered to no one in particular seeing as both her girls had no taken off upstairs.

Hermione stood, heading into the kitchen. She picked up her wand and muttered a spell. All the tension in her head seemed to float away and she wondered why she hadn't thought of it before.

The front door opened and slammed, "Girls, I'm home," Draco's voice drifted through the mansion.

They had acquired it when Draco's dad was arrested and taken to Azkaban for being caught in the death eaters circle after Voldemort was defeated all those years ago.

Hermione could hear the thunderous footsteps echoing down the stairs, and each girls voice eager to tell their father what the other had done. Hermione smiled, leaning against the doorframe, as she watched Draco bombarded by two teens in the hall way.

Draco kissed each girls head in turn. He raised his eyes meeting hers. His were so full of love and admiration. He walked up to her, embracing her in his arms and kissing her lips. He was happy to see her, even with the bickering in the background.

"How was today?' Hermione questioned.

Draco had blocked out his kids constant raving of, "Oh, and Dad, mom made me give it back. I don't think it was fair."

"I think that was completely fair, dad. What I don't think was unfair was the fact that she took my shirt in the first place."

"Today was good," Draco smiled as he placed his arms around her back leading her into the living room. He futilely tried to escape the bickering of his two fourteen-year-olds, but they followed pouring out their daytime troubles.

Draco smiled as he and Hermione sat down on the couch to listen to their daughters. He inclined his head up, to look at them. Their arms waving almost manically in every direction.

Their anger at the days events seemed to be resurfacing, Draco noted as he listened to Chloe's story filled with passion. Haley every now and then butting in to add or change something she thought of in a different light.

The ruction was an unwanted one. Draco had just wanted to come home to his loving wife and beautiful kids and just rest. Instead, he found himself debating on which side to take, not wanting to hurt the others feelings. Chloe's eyes had become belligerent, ready to defend her point of view.

"Haley, I do believe you should ask your sisters approval." Haley's face was a mask of consternation.

"What! You were supposed to take my side," Haley complained.

Draco shook his head. "You two just go get ready to go. We will be leaving in a few seconds."

They both ran upstairs, Haley disappointed at the fact that her father had taken her sisters side, but excited that they were leaving.

Draco, who out of pure annoyance had agreed to take them to the Muggle mall.

Haley and Chloe scanned the romance sections of the bookstore. "Oh, this one sounds good." Haley picked one up and read the back, "She'd turned her back on glamour and fame and Kate Stanislaski Kimball had come to begin a new life…" She continued to read while Chloe continued to browse.

Chloe interrupted her, "No listen to this one… A lifetime pursing her dreams had left Lindsey Dunne little time for romance. But seductive Seth Bannion is about to give the inexperienced beauty a crash course in the art of love."

"That sounds good. Do you want to ask dad if we can get them?"

Chloe nodded, "Yea," They both rushed over to Draco. "Dad can we get these?" They both thrust the book into his face.

Draco looked at the books, "Why would you want these? Their romance."

"Yes, Daddy we know that." Haley nodded vigorously.

Draco shook his head, and handed them twenty dollars. "Go pay for them. Meet me and your mom out front."

Draco and Hermione sat in front of the fireplace, enjoying the company of each other. Haley and Chloe were in their room resting or they were reading. The fireplace was crackling and the dimly lit room held secrets of long lost love and whispered promises.

Draco kissed Hermione's ear, "I love you." He whispered.

Hermione smiled, closing his eyes. It felt so good to hear him say that.

"Dad," Draco pulled away from Hermione, too see both of his daughters standing in front of them. They lowered their selves in front of the couch. "Mom, how did you two fall in love?"

Draco glanced at Hermione, his face broke out into a smile.

"Oh, that was many a years ago," Hermione whispered. "It started when we were in our seventh year of Hogwarts."

And so the story begins…