Just a little bit of an idea I thought I might share.

Cerulean optics stared unblinkingly out over the horizon, a red glow mixing with deep purple of coming night. But there was no joy in this beauty, faceplates hiding the deep emotions within his spark. He would not give them the satisfaction of seeing fear.

The mech regretted not doing more. For allowing this to occur. Perhaps if he had acted sooner things may have turned out differently. So many lives would not have been lost…

Optimus didn't move as he heard of the sound of pede-steps approach. He didn't have to look to know who it was. It was tradition now, to bring him up here, to force him to watch the Sun set over what was once Jasper, to see it alight with freshly lit fires. He knew how deep it cut Optimus' spark to be reminded how terribly he had failed to protect those he loved.

The mech came to stand beside him, not saying a word. This was also per tradition of the six weeks this had been taking place. Still Optimus did not move. His gaze remained on the horizon, his thoughts with the Autobots and their human companions. He knew they were alive. He was certain their deaths would be told to him with much cheer, had they been found. So he consoled himself with that small hope that not everything was lost.

Two months had passed since the incident at the Omega Lock. Two long months to have been on the run. His team were strong, he knew they could survive. Though he still feared for the youngest among them, praying earnestly that the others had found them long ago. That they might be safe, hidden away from the horrors now consuming this world.

Finally the mech beside him spoke. "A wonderful sight, isn't it Optimus? Reminds me of the smelting pits back at Kaon."

Optimus didn't acknowledge the silver mech, though that was nothing new. The cuffs were beginning to bite into his wrists and he hoped it would not be long before he was returned to his cell.

"I have news." The mech's faceplates pulled up in a smug grin, showing off two rows of pointed denta. He hoped to bait the stoic Prime into reacting. But still there was no response. After waiting a minute or two, he continued, "There was more human resistance today. The weak beasts still have the audacity to challenge us. Will they never learn?" The mech shook his head in amusement. "For such short lived creatures, they do enjoy throwing their lives away."

His words were met with silence, a slightly disappointing reaction really. He had hoped for a little more from the Prime considering how fond he was of the tiny earth creatures. He shrugged, supposing he should not have expected more from the mech. Not a word had passed his lips for weeks, not even when he was alone. In all honesty, it was starting to bore the ex-gladiator. If it weren't for the missing Autobots, he would have killed Optimus long ago. But as it was, the Prime was worth more to him alive than dead. The Autobots would do anything to get their beloved leader back, and when they did, the Decepticons would be there to slaughter every one of them. Optimus would have to watch his precious team die before his very optics, knowing there was nothing he could do to save them.

By now the Sun had dropped well below the horizon and the last rays were beginning to fade. The silver mech moved away, motioning for the soldiers to return Optimus to his cell. He was about to leave when a voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Megatron," the deep baritone was a little rusty from disuse.

Megatron turned to his captive, who have not removed his gaze from the distant landscape.


"When what, Optimus?" he replied, his voice falsely invitational.

This time Optimus turned to look him in the optic. His gaze calm as it was so many times during their previous battles. "When will your thirst for power be quenched?"

Megatron grinned, walking away, "Why, when there is nothing left to conquer!"

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