Temptation Island Chapter 1.

A/n: I want thanks to Jokid for helping me to do this fanfiction, A/n 2: and this is my very first Yugioh fanfiction and the very first yao one, please be nice with me. It's a Seto x Jounouchi ( Joey).

Yami Duo: Oh God! Not another fanfic

Jokid: What's wrong with it?

Youkai Youko: _! WHAT"S WRONG WITH IT!

Yami Duo: Well....uh.... DO I GET TO KILL ^^!

~Youkai and Jokid fall over~

Jokid: Um Duo is that all you ever think about?

Yami Duo: No. I think about food too!

Youkai: ~Sweatdrop~ Uh.... Well um yeha uh just read OR ELSE!

********************************************************************** "Hey guys, what are you going to do on this summer?" asked Jou very happy to his friends Honda, Yugi and Anzu. They looked at each other a little confused as they replay.

"Well, Im going to my uncle's farm with my parents." Replay Anzu.

"And Im going to help my grandpa on the shop." Replay Yugi

"Well, I don't have any plans to this summer. Why?" asked Honda as Jou just smilled and he got from his pocket two tickets.

"Well, Tristan, would you like to go to Hawaii with me?" asked Joey as everybody widen in surprise. Joey just grimmed more.

"H-How did you get these tickets?" asked a very surprised Yugi.

Jou said he got the tickets from a Competition. Honda asked asked what kind of promotion he got from. Jou just sweetdrop, he couldn't never told to their friends he got the tickets from a poetry competition.

"Do you want to go or not?" snapped Jou as Honda nooded to him

"Yes, I want." He quickly replay as the others just laughted.

"Alright then. Our travel is going be in the next week, So, be ready until there." Said Jou as he and honda were making a hight five. Anzu muttered to Yugi that they were so lucky to going to a tropical paradise.

One week later...

"See ya later, Yugi, Anzu." Said Jou, saing good- bye to his friends.

"Please, see if you bring something to us." Said Anzu to the boys. Yugi, Anzu, and Yugi sweet drop as they saw Honda, keeping saying "Hawaii, here I go."

The two teenergers said farewell to their friends, as they went to the gate where they would caught their plane to Hawaii. Without knowing, the Kaiba brothers were in the same plane of theirs.

"Im happy for you finally have some break for this summer, Seto." Said Mokuba, smilling to his older brother as he sighted.

"I still can't believe how did you convince me to go to Hawaii with you in this summer." Remarked Soto Kaiba as Mokuba just giggled.

"It's the power of Puppy's eyes. And you need some break anyway. You were working too much. You need relax sometimes and Hawaii is the perfect place to relax." Said Mokuba to Seto.

He realised that his little brother was right. Lately he was working too much on Kaiba Cooperation and a break is not a bad idea after all. Then, he heard some familiar voices. Seto's eyes widen in surprise when he saw Jounouchi and Honda on the plane.

"ARGTH! What the heck are you going here?" shouted Seto as Jou and Honda widen in surprise, they never could imagined that they would end up on the same plane where Mokuba and Seto are. That's going to definite be a long travel.

To be Continue.....

Youkai Youko: Ok, I know it's not a R yet but I promised it's going to get better. And the real fun will begin on the next chapter , um hahahahaha :)