Temptation Island

Chapter 9

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Kaiba sat, waiting anxiously in the waiting room of the emergency room, sitting with
one leg over the other. He still couldn't believe that Pegasus had rescue them. He thought
that he was planing something to take over Kaiba Corp just like the last time. Mokuba was
taken to the hotel where he would rest and Jou was taken to the Operation room to get
operation on his leg. For his surprise, Yugi and Anzu had arrived there.

"Yugi? Anzu? What are you doing here? Or better yet, how did you get here?"

"We heard about your plane crash and since then we tried everything to get here to
Hawaii to see if we could find you guys." Anzu Said

"Pegasus brought us here." Kaiba's eyes just widen.

"Ok, what's he planing now? Does he still want Kaiba Corp?" asked Kaiba as they
just giggled. Kaiba was more confused as ever and out of nowhere, Yami (startled Kaiba
accidentally) showed up with something on his hands; it was the Millenium Rod.

"You just controlled his mind? No wonder, that explains a lot." Remarked Seto as
Yami saw Kaiba's bandaged hands.

"Kaiba, what happened with your hands?" asked Yami.

"*Sights* Jou was attacked by a shark on the island, and I had open the shark's month to
let Jou go." Said Kaiba as they gasped.

" That's not all, Honda was bitten by a poison snake and he died there." said Kaiba as
the others gasped in horror.

They couldn't believe that Honda was really gone. Yami didn't seem surprised because
he knew that something very wrong had happened to Honda since they heard about the accident.
Kaiba also had explained about Jou's abusing father. They were in horror when they heard that
his father beside to beat him, he also rapes him. Anzu and Yugi now finally understand about
Jou's wounds. He always told them the wounds were in fights with a gang but they really never
believed that. But before anyone could say anything more, a nurse walked into the room.

"Mister Kaiba? You may see Mister Katsuya now." She said. Kaiba nodded.

"Thank you." He looked over at Yugi, Yami and Anzu and they said they would wait for
him out in the waiting room because they didn't wanted to bother Jou because he need to
rest. Kaiba nodded to them before he went to Jou's room.

The black- haired nurse led him to a room on the next floor up.

"Here he is. His medical chart is at the end of the bed." She informed him. "He needs rest,
so don't be too long."

"Alright." Kaiba said, watching as she walked off. He opened the door, and walked inside.

He closed the door behind him and walked over to the sleeping blonde on the white bed.
Kaiba instantly felt sorry for him when he saw Jou. He had a bandage wrapped around his
head, an Iv with a blood bag connected on his arm and his face was pretty paled .
The thing that most shocked him was Jou's leg, the one that shark had bit was amputated.
Then, Jou's eyes were opening slowing, and he blinked several times before he could see the
things well. Jou smiled when he saw Kaiba on his side. Kaiba just took a chair and sat beside
his loved one.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" asked gently Kaiba to Jou.

"A little dizzy. And I had a crazy dream about Pegasus rescue us." Said Jou, still felling
dizzy because of the drugs.

Kaiba just smiled at him and he told that wasn't a dream, Pegasus really had rescue then
but Yami and others were controling him with the Millenium rod. Jou just chucked because
Pegasus never would helped them from his own will. Then, he finally realized his missing leg.
Kaiba just looked at the ground as he speak.

"I think they couldn't save your leg, puppy. If I haven't jumped when you went to the ocean
to swim, maybe you wouldn't had lost your leg." Said Kaiba as tears were rolling down on his
face. He couldn't see Jou's face. Them Jou placed his hand on Kaiba's check as he speaked.

"Seto, I'm upset for loosing my leg. But I should thank to God that I'm still alive,
and beside that, I would never forgive you if you had done something stupid on the island if
I had really gone." Said Jou as Kaiba looked at him confused.

"I had die for a few moments, but it was enought to see you were really upset because you
were in panic while you were trying to save me. I was afraid if I really gone, you would kill
yourself like I did before. But a light told me that wasn't my time to go yet. And
it told me.... well..."

"What the light told to you, Jou?

"That you loved me." Finished Jou as Kaiba had just smiled to him.

"It's true Jou. I really love you." Said Kaiba as he kindly kissed Jou on his lips.
"And after your allowed to leave , I would like you to live with us at the mansion. You
are never going to go back to you father." Said Kaiba as Jou begin to cry .

"Seto, arigato." Said Jou still crying as Kaiba hugged him to comfort him.

"I love you, Seto." Whispered Jou

"I love you too, Puppy." Kaiba whipered back

Without knowing, a shining figure was smiling from that scene. It was Honda, wearing
white clothes, having a huge pair of white wings and a light aura aroung of his body.
Honda was happy for his friend can be finally happy.

"Now my soul can rest in peace, my friend. Be happy with the Kaiba brothers." Said Honda
smiling before he vanishes in the air. A little before he vanished, a white pigeon was flying
away outside of hospital.

The End.


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