Just a little drabble that popped into my head after watching last weeks episode. Plus who doesn't like family fluff with these two goofballs? Enjoy

"So how many kids?"


"Woah five?"

"Sure. Unless the first two terrorize us, then we can have four"

The Shepherd-Hunt family had a standard routine of craziness. It wasn't easy keeping up with their 4 kids and both of their surgical careers but somehow Owen and Amelia managed. It was a saturday morning and both didn't have surgery until early monday morning, leaving the family of six to a peaceful weekend at home.

"We should get up." Amelia groaned not wanting to tear herself from her husband's warmth. "If we don't one will break something, another will set something on fire and I'm sure we will just find two naked in the backyard."

Owen couldn't help but chuckle as he pulled her closer, planting a kiss on her cheek as they stayed tangled between the sheets and themselves. The two laid there peaceful for another twenty minutes before they heard the their door creaking open with the patter of feet, coughing and sniffling following it.

The sniffles and coughing got closer to the two as they felt tiny bodies begin to fill their bed. One crawling to the side of Amelia, one crawling to the side of owen, another resting at their feet and the tiniest snuggling between the two parents.

Amelia opened her eyes as she felt their little boy crawl between them, sniffing as he clung to her arm for dear life. Taking her eyes away from their son she was met with the concerned eyes of her husband who was now holding their youngest daughter as he lay rubbing her back. "Samantha has a fever." Owen whispered at Amelia who could only nod.

"Liam feels warm too." referring to the now passed out boy in her arms. Trying not to wake Liam, Amelia sat up trying to look at the symptoms of her two other children. Their oldest was laying at the foot of the bed wrapped in a bundle of comforter. Leaning forward the concerned mother felt her daughter's forehead. "Char has got one too."

"I'm just going to take a wild guess a say that Lilah has one." Owen said working his way out of bed and putting the five year old he was holding down into the spot he had just vacated. Samantha grumbled a bit for her father before turning into the peaceful place by her toddler brother.

With a huff Amelia made her way out of bed, gently trying to not disturb Lilah who was lying on the opposite side from which Liam had been laying. As soon as Amelia was out of bed she felt the head of the last child yet to be checked, confirming her suspicions.

"And it seems we have a full bed of flu." She announced with frustration. The two parents knew this was not going to be a peaceful weekend.

Owen walked closer to his wife giving her kiss. "It's just a little cold. I promise they will all be fine by tomorrow morning." he assured holding her close.

"Looks like there goes our date night." Amelia whispered with disappointment. Owen pulled back a bit looking shocked.

"What date night?" he raised an eyebrow at the mischievous smile.

"Maggie and Meredith were going to take the kids for the night and i was going to cook us a nice peaceful dinner." Amelia sighed

Owen could only smile in amazement at his wife. Between end of the year recitals, Soccer games, the school year coming to an end and both of their crazy surgical schedules these last few weeks it had been hard to find time alone. By the time they got home at night and put all four kids to bed they were too tired themselves to stay up to talk about their days or do anything.

Leaning down to kiss his wife again Owen continued with his dumbfounded smiling. "You're amazing, you know that?" There were some days he still couldn't believe this was his wife and the mother of his four gorgeous children.

Before Amelia could say anything else they were cut off by the cries of their oldest. "Mommy everything hurts" Charlotte groaned. Within moments both were standing over the girl trying to comfort her. "I know baby. Daddy and I are going to make it feel all better, I promise" Amelia soothed rubbing the girl's back to comfort her.

"How about you and I go downstairs and get you some medicine. Then we can lay on the couch and watch some movies. How's that sound pumpkin?" Owen questioned as he bent down to her eye-level stroking her flailing bangs out of her face.

Charlotte Rose nodded at her father reaching her arms out as an indication to be picked up. Owen did nothing but obey lifting the 9 year old into his arms. "I'll give this one medicine and then come back with a round for all. Call your sisters." was the last thing said before walking out of their bedroom door and making his way downstairs.

The rest of the day went by fast but hectic. By the time the other 3 had woken up after their dose of cough medicine all four children had trouble keeping anything down. Leaving Amelia and Owen holding back hair and doing laundry each time they tried to keep their kids full of fluids. Eventually the kids fell asleep for the night.

" wanna be sick no mo' mama." Liam protested as he cuddled into his mother's side. Amelia couldn't help giggle yet feel sorry for the pain her kids were in.

"Oh baby I know it sucks." Was all Amelia could say as she kissed the top of Liam's head. "How about we go to bed huh?" Amelia tried. Out of all four kids Liam was the only one left awake. Charlotte fell asleep around 7:30 after fighting sleep all day compared to her siblings who had slept anytime they put their head on a pillow. Samantha had fallen asleep shortly after Charlotte had while watching a princess movie snuggled in the arms of her father. After Owen had lifted Samantha to bed Lilah refused to sleep in her own bed, leaving the worn out parents to only the choice of giving her a share in their bed for the night.

While his sisters fell asleep without any major debate about it Liam refused to go to bed. It was nearly 9:30 and the three year old was battling to keep his eyes open, but everytime Amelia tried to lift herself from the couch he'd begin to wail. Now here she was watching some movie she had left on for the kids and her son sprawled across her torso.

"Still can't get him to his bed?" Owen asked walking into the living room nearly startling Amelia half to death. He continued his way over to her, planting himself on the couch right next to her.

Amelia took a deep breath shaking her head. "I've tried everything. He screams like I'm kidnapping him or something everytime I try to move and I don't know how much longer my body can take with him laying on me."

Owen could only laugh as he scooted in closer, placing one arm around Amelia and his other around Liam, resting his hand right on top of hers. "He isn't as tiny as he used to be, that's for sure."

"What if there was another tiny one?" Amelia questioned turning from the boy to his father. Owen did the same to her with shock on his face.

"You want another one?"

Amelia grinned "I don't know, I think the first few were pretty okay. I think this one will turn out alright. Maybe not as corrupt because of how much practice we've had but I'm sure they'll be fine" she joked.

"Amelia." Owen breathed. 9 years ago Charlotte Rose was the accident of their wedding night. The moment Owen had met his daughter he had never thought he'd ever love something so much. 14 months later Amelia brought their second amazing daughter into the world, Lilah Eve. Since the moment she was born Lilah was the spunky carbon copy of her mother. After 3 years of being a family of four Amelia and Owen agreed that they wanted another, 9 months later Samantha Grace making her appearance in the world. With three girls Owen knew he was in for trouble. And finally, three years ago they found out they were expecting Liam Christopher. The last nine years had made Owen the happiest man in the world, even on days like this.

"You're going to be a dad again." Amelia confirmed watching her husband's face light up. "I was going to tell at my special little dinner I planned but the kids got sick and bubs didn't want to go to bed and I cou-"

Amelia was cut off with the crashing of Owen's lips into hers. Pulling apart after a few seconds. "Like I said this morning. Amazing."

The two went in for another kiss but were cut off by the sounds of their youngest.

"Mommyyyyy" Samantha yelled down the stairs.

Pulling apart the two could only laugh at the always perfect timing of their kids. "I'll get her. Put him to bed will ya?" Amelia handed Liam off to his father as they both stood up. Liam, thankfully, only stirring a bit in his dad's arms. Amelia walking away to tend to their daughter. "Im coming bug" was the last thing Owen heard as Amelia ran up the stairs.

"Pretty Amazing I tell you" Owen whispered to his son planting a kiss on Liam's forehead, following shortly behind Amelia up the stairs.

Hope you liked it. I'll probably come up with some more drabbles involving Omelia and their brood of children at some point. Let me know if you have any ideas. As always Thanks for reading ^.^