Prompt: First Heartbreak

"Daddy I just don't understand the maths." a toothless six year old Ivy huffed from across the kitchen bar at her father who stood in the kitchen finishing the final touches on dinner. Tonight was italian night in the Shepherd-Hunt household and Owen was cooking up a mean dish of chicken parmesan with pasta and a side salad to go along with.

"Well Math is an area of mommy so how about you take a break from your homework and go wash up for dinner." Owen brought up as he gently drained the pasta. Ivy did nothing but let out a huff sliding her homework to the side and hopping off the stool that was nearly as tall as her. "And tell your brother to get washed up too!" He yelled as Ivy made her way down the hall.

As Ivy made her way up the stairs Owen could hear the sound of the garage door opening followed by the sound of a slamming door before the garage door even closed. As he looked up from his place on the cookbook recipe a tear stained Charlotta came stomping in, slamming the door behind her and walking straight past her father without saying a word.

Before Owen could question anything else Lilah and Samantha walked in with smiles on their face and smelling of serious body odor from soccer practice. "Hi Dad" yelled a dirt covered Samantha who was sporting a bandage on her head. Immediately becoming concerned, "What on earth did you do this time bug?" Owen asked trying to asses the wound.

"She decided to be very mighty and tried to make a goal and do a header dad. But I screamed No don't do it and she hit her head right on the pole." Lilah dropped her things in the mudroom as she dramatically acted out the incident.

"She also managed to freak the hell out of her neurosurgeon mama by continuing to play with that big friggin' gash in her head." Amelia added walking into the house herself carrying Charlotte's cheer bag along with her own purse and work bag. As she discarded the things in her hands she made her way over to Owen.

Taking his wife into his arms he chuckled at his daughters. "Well I'm happy to hear that there were no trips to the ER." he smiled before turning his attention to Amelia giving her a peck on the lips, earning two large ew's from their daughters.

"You disgust me" Sam grimaced walking past her parents as she went to go clean herself for dinner. Both parents laughed at the sassy attitude of the girl.

Turning back to each other Owen gave her yet another kiss but this time pulling back with concerned eyes. "What's wrong with Char? She seemed upset. Something happen at cheer?" He questioned.

Lilah being the eavesdropper she was, answered for her mother instead. "Boy did something happen! So they're practicing for the homecoming dance and what not and Jonah walked into the practice with this big poster with balloons! He walked straight over to Charlie, broke up with her then went to Nicole and asked her to homecoming! You wouldn't believe it daddy! Nicole said YES!" She exclaimed earning a glare from her mother. "But you didn't hear that from me, you heard that from mom." Lilah ended her rambling running off to change out of her dirty swimsuit from practice.

His eyes only grew wide as he watched Lilah gallop away. Owen turned around to his wife who stood there with nothing but sympathy for their daughter. "She started crying as soon as she got into the car. She was so heartbroken Owen. I mean I've never seen her so upset and betrayed by something" Amelia explained.

While his wife rambled on Owen could only become furious at the thought of someone hurting Charlotte that way. His little girl. "What the hell is wrong with that little prick! Breaking up with her and then asking another girl out right in front of her! And Nicole? Her best friend since middle school Nicole?"

"I know." Amelia agreed with his rage. "But Owen let's face it sooner or later the kid was going to break her heart. I mean he looked like a little asshat the moment we met him."

"We wouldn't be here if she had just stuck to the rule of no dating until 50!" Owen nearly yelled. Not wanting for her kids to hear the anger Amelia stepped closer to her husband trying to calm him down.

"Listen I know you never enjoy seeing our children in pain," Amelia stroked his bicep to comfort him "but, it's life. This is not going to be the first jerk she dates and definitely not the first jerk we are going to encounter in our daughter's lives. I mean we've still got another 3 first heartbreaks to go through with the girls. Let's just get through dinner then you can be the comforting concerning dad."

Owen stared at Amelia in confusion. She was handling the situation so well while he on the other was ready to find the kid and give a lecture but, she was right. This may be the first heartbreak but it was far from being the last. "Fine. But, if I ever see that kid again I'm giving him a piece of my mind."

Dinner had been quiet and filled with the sound of forks clinking against plates. Owen and Amelia had casual conversation about their day at work, Lilah complained about her team's unorganized preparation for the state finals the upcoming weekend while Liam and Sam argued over the best superhero, and as always, Ivy protested eating her salad for a solid 20 minutes before finally giving in after Amelia threatened no cookies for dessert. As the rest of the family chatted about their days Charlotte sat quietly in her seat picking at her dinner.

"Baby why don't you try eating some of your food. You were so excited for italian night this week." Amelia tried, looking down the table for Owens support.

"Yea Char I made your favorite just for you" Owen added on.

The teen continued to pick at her food, not raising her eyes from the piece of chicken laying on her plate. "I'm not hungry."

"Charlotte why don't you just take a few bites." Amelia tried again

Huffing loudly Charlotte dropped her fork down on her plate looking up at her mother. "I'm not hungry. May I please be excused." She tried asking politely but coming out in a monotone voice.

Owen and Amelia both exchanged looks before finally excusing the teen. "Go ahead. I'll wrap your food in case you want it later" Amelia offered with a smile but only earning back and silence as Charlotte walked upstairs.

After cleaning dishes, helping finish homework, 4 rounds of showers and tucking in kids, Amelia and Owen were left outside the door of Charlotte questioning who should go. "I'm gonna talk to her. I'll be in in a bit" He said kissing her forehead. Amelia walked down the way to their bedroom as Owen made his way into Charlottes.

When he opened the door he came face to face with Charlotte sitting on her bed working on homework. "Whatcha working on?"

"Pre Calc."

"Need any help?"


This wasn't going to be as easy as he assumed. Shoving his hands into his pockets Owen made his way over to the side of her bed. When she continued to scribble down her notes he cleared his throat and began to talk.

"You're heartbroken and I know that. So if you don't wanna talk that's fine but you just know that Mom and I are here if you want to talk, if you want to cry, whatever you want mom and I are here." Was all Owen said before planting a kiss on her forehead and walking out her door. "I love you Charlotte, Sleep well." was the last thing he said as he began to close her door.

"Daddy!" Charlotte yelled. She hadn't called him that since before she started high school. Opening the door he looked at her "I love you."

Owen smiled with a nod shutting her door and walking down the hall to the master bedroom. It may be the first but certainly not the last teenage heartbreak for the Shepherd-Hunts.

Hope you enjoyed. As always, thanks for reading. xo -L