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Jaune knew that using Dust he didn't know about was only going to end badly for him. Mixing the craziest combinations of Dust meant he had absolutely no idea what it did. Nora decided to test it out anyways, and grabbed the Dust, sprinting away maniacally. Jaune chased her down frantically trying to prevent her from blowing up the school.

"Come on Nora, just give it back please!" Jaune panted tiredly, finally getting closer to Nora. With a gleam in her eyes Nora turned around and grabbed Jaune, hoisting him into the air. Using her feet, Nora kicked the door beside her three times.

"What is it?" A voice asked before opening the door to reveal Ruby. She looked up with wide eyes to see Nora with a huge grin carrying Jaune over one shoulder and a bag of Dust in her other hand.

Despite Jaune's flailing, Nora carried him easily over the threshold, standing at the edge of a practice arena with Yang and Pyrrha standing in the center looking a little bemused.

"What's going on here?" Yang asked, drawing back her gauntlets into her compact bracelets. Pyrrha sheathed Akúo and Miló as well, wondering what her energetic teammate was up to.

Nora chuckled and set Jaune down in the ring, where he winced and rubbed his behind. Nora showed the bag for the two teams to see. Pyrrha and Yang stepped closer in curiosity.

"Jauney was making some Dust and he has no idea what it does!" Nora said happily. "So I took him here and we're gonna test it!" Everyone blinked in confusion at her logic as Ren looked a little exasperated, stepping forward and trying to coax Nora out of whatever plan she was concocting.

"Come on Nora, what did I say about taking things that aren't yours?" Ren said calmly. Nora just scoffed and waved her arms around.

"Come on Ren, this isn't stealing," Nora said reassuringly. She opened the bag and gave a huge grin before throwing the dust out onto the arena, the brunt of it hitting the four people standing in front of her. "This is helping!" She said ecstatically.

"Nora!" The four of them yelled is anger as they were blinded by the Dust. Nora cackled and dove in with them, rolling around as Weiss, Blake, and Ruby looked at each other, debating on whether or not they should help out or not.

The three of them decided wisely to stay out of the Dust cloud, not sure what would happen to them if they stepped in.

"Nora please, get off!" Jaune shouted before pushing her away. The Dust was finally settling around them, and Jaune took the time to rub his eyes, as a few particles were blocking his vision.

"What just happened?" A familiar, yet unfamiliar voice said slowly. It sounded like Pyrrha yet… deeper… manlier.

Jaune's head snapped up to see a boy that looked shockingly like Pyrrha. Tall, proud, and red-haired with green eyes, he stood in confusion as he looked at Jaune.

"Jaune…?" The boy trailed off questioningly. Jaune nodded, still not sure how the boy got there. Was he like a relative of Pyrrha? Did Jaune's Dust teleport people to their relatives? That can't be right. Pyrrha's never mentioned having a brother or anything… and even then, how could he look so similar to Pyrrha? In fact, he even had Akúo and Miló on his back and he was wearing her armor.

How did Jaune know it was Pyrrha's armor? Well, what guy would be wearing a chestplate that….


Jaune's eyes widened as he looked down towards his body. Oh no.

Oh no.

Facing him were portions of his chest that he never really paid attention to… that suddenly seemed to be raising his shirt up just a tad. Frantically Jaune dropped his hands into his pants, trying to locate his confidence, his…

It was gone.

Oh gods.

Jaune looked up again to find a short haired blonde guy with the same horrified expression, as well as a long black haired girl and a redhead guy staring at each other.

Jaune drew in a deep breath, along with the other four people, and screamed.

"This can't be happening." Yang groaned, his hand ruffling his hair while he looked at the mirror.

"Tell me about it." Ren said, blushing furiously as she examined herself.

"My hair." Yang moaned piteously. "My beautiful hair, all gone."

"Hmm." Nora said, still hanging off of Ren, twisting his head back and forth to check his red, shoulder-length hair. "I think I like it." Nora said simply.

"Well I certainly don't." Jaune seethed. She was… a girl. Not a really bad looking girl, Jaune thought as she looked at her long legs and slim figure… but a girl nonetheless. Of all the weird things that happened after he came to Beacon, this was probably the weirdest.

"How could Dust do this to you guys?" Weiss said. If Jaune didn't know any better, she would have said that Weiss's voice shook with laughter… but she wouldn't be laughing at their misfortune. Would she?

"I don't know." Jaune replied. " I was just trying to make some new Dust and it ended up doing… this." She said, gesturing to her body. Weiss nodded sagely before turning and covering her mouth up, just a tad too late as a snerk escaped her mouth.

"Well. You wouldn't happen to have any more of that Dust would you Jaune?" Pyrrha asked kindly. Jaune turned to see Pyrrha with no shirt on, sitting with her elbows resting on her knees, his face drawn into a serious expression. Jaune's face flushed as she turned away quickly, stuttering.

"W-why aren't you wearing a shirt?" Jaune said frantically, trying not to look at Pyrrha at all. Pyrrha glanced down at his bare chest and shrugged. "The Dust was irritating my skin. I thought it would be okay to do so. I thought guys could do this?" He said, ending it in a question. She wasn't wrong, with how many times Jaune and Ren walked around without their shirts on in their room. Jaune's gaze roamed, taking in the tight abs and layered muscle before turning even more red.

"Y-yeah." Jaune said shyly before casting her eyes back down onto the ground, her fingers twirling her hair.

"A-anyways." Jaune said, trying to focus her thoughts. "We don't have any more of that Dust. Nora used all of it." She said, glaring at Nora, who had the gall to smirk and raise a thumbs up.

"Well I'm sure you can just make more, can't you?" Blake said distractedly. Jaune looked over to see a light brush of pink across Blake's cheeks. Tracing her gaze, Jaune could see that Blake was watching Yang carefully as Yang lifted his shirt and turned around to give himself a full body presentation. Jaune would've smirked, but she was also too busy watching Yang flex his stomach.

"Well, at least I'm not ugly." Yang muttered.

"No, no you most definitely aren't." Ren said, before freezing. She must not have realized that she said that out loud, as everybody else froze as well, looking at Ren while her face turned so red it crossed over to the color purple. Ren buried her face in her hands in despair. Nora had a weird expression as well, a cross between amusement and jealousy.

Once again, a question floated in the air without Jaune answering it for several minutes of awkwardness.

"I, uh, have no idea how to make any more of the Dust." Jaune said weakly.

"What!?" Yang yelled in outrage. "Didn't you document it? Isn't that what you're supposed to do?"

Jaune winced, half because Yang was right. Half because Yang was yelling at him for doing the wrong thing.

"Well I didn't think I was going to need to make any more of it! There was like, ten pounds worth!" Jaune defended. Yang groaned and buried his face in his hands.

Pyrrha came over and put a hand on Yang's shoulder, smiling gently. "Come on Yang. I'm sure if we talk to the Professors we can figure out how to fix this right up." Pyrrha looked at Jaune with a calm smile, no blame in it whatsoever. Jaune smiled back, before her eyes fell down to the chiseled six-pack that Pyrrha sported, and blushed.

"T-thanks. Pyrrha. That's abs- uh-heh-lutely, that's a great idea." Jaune said weakly, coughing to cover up the slip. Yang jumped up, glad to have a frame of a mission in mind to bring back his beautiful hair and his… her babies.

"Well? What're we waiting for? Let's go!" Yang said, rushing out of the room. Ren, accompanied by Nora, followed out as well.

Jaune just stood there, not really wanting to go out and show the world his new body.

What if the professors couldn't find a cure to this? What if they screwed up and locked them into these bodies forever? Oh god, that wasn't even something Jaune should be worrying about at the moment.

What about when she had to use to bathroom?

Jaune emitted a slow whine of despair, not eager to go through anything more personal with this body.

Jaune felt a tap on her shoulders. Pyrrha stood in front of Jaune with that same smile.

"Come on Jaune. We'll find a way to fix this. Together." Pyrrha said resolutely. Pyrrha laid her hands over Jaune's. Again, Jaune's body slowly heated up, centered around their hands and Jaune's cheeks. Nodding energetically, Jaune turned her palms over to grab Pyrrha's hands.

"Ah ha, I'm sorry, what?" Ozpin said, trying to calm himself down. The five transformed students stood in front of him, all of them with differing expressions.

"I said, is there a way to turn us back to our original genders with the use of Dust." Yang said in annoyance, crossing his arms. Ozpin snickered quickly before covering it with a sip from his mug. Professor Goodwitch stood there as well, expression still stern, but anyone could see the mirth dancing in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Yang, but this is truly the first time I have ever heard of this happening." Professor Ozpin said. "Have you ever heard of this, Glynda?" Ozpin asked, turning to meet his right hand. The metaphorical one, that is. Which was on his left.

Goodwitch shook her head. "No. This is truly a unique circumstance. Perhaps it would be better if you had any more of that Dust for us to examine?"

"Heh heh, well." Jaune said sheepishly, rubbing her arm. "The rest of the Dust ended up getting scattered throughout the arena." Professor Goodwitch peered over her glasses at Jaune, raising a thin eyebrow.

"Then perhaps it's time for you to find a dust pan, Miss Arc." Jaune shrank back.

"R-right." Jaune said meekly. Pyrrha frowned at the display before grabbing Jaune by the shoulders and pulling her towards him.

"It really isn't his—her fault Professor." Pyrrha said defensively. Jaune let out a small eep when Pyrrha pulled her close, but didn't bother trying to distance herself from the loose, but warm embrace.

"Even so, Mister Nikos." Pyrrha was the one who flinched at that. "Even so," Goodwitch continued, "We do need a sample of that Dust. Maybe then we will be able to reverse engineer the Dust and figure out its properties, as well as find a… cure, if there needs to be one."

Yang stepped up, his face set in determination. "There does." He said. Professor Goodwitch nodded.

"Then please bring me that Dust sample."

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