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Theodore Nott and Hermione Granger have something in common. They both have trauma that is affecting their lives from the war. A chance meeting in a Muggle park in London sets them on a course to become friends, and possibly more.

Ignores Epilogue. Five years post War.

Theodore/Hermione; Ginny/Harry


Chapter One
The Bench

Hermione Granger sat on the bench in the middle of the Muggle park in London and watched the happy families all around her, muggles going about their day, laughing and joking and playing chase.

All of them blissfully unaware that two years ago today a battle took place that might have changed their entire existence.

Last year had found her on this same bench, marking the one year anniversary by sitting here for ten hours, she had just sat with her book and stared off into space as the anniversary was marked.

Remembering all that had happened that day, all those who had been lost.

The ministry of course had wanted to mark the occasion by parading the golden trio out. Hermione had refused- as had Ron and Harry- to go along with such an idea. They all had attended the remembrance ceremony at Hogwarts that morning, laid their wreaths, and left.

Harry, she was sure was with Ginny, who would be trying to distract him.

Ron was probably drunk off his arse somewhere with a random witch, and she knew that would distract him perfectly.

Hermione however, sat alone, on this bench, with her book and her thoughts.

When the sun went down she stood up and went back to her life, back to pretending she didn't have regrets and nightmares and darkness.

But this time next year she would be back again; because for one day out of every year, she couldn't pretend everything was fine. And she had enough pride to not want to break down in front of anyone who knew her.

***Three Years Later***

Theodore Nott watched the witch as she put down her wreath and stepped back. She was in Muggle clothes which he found odd to do at such a wizarding function, she was the only one dressed not in robes. She was wearing a black suit, which hugged her curves and made him think rather improper thoughts about her lush behind. Her hair was no longer full of its crazy curls, they had calmed with age, although the effect was just as startling. If not for the hair and the suit she might be sixteen again, walking up to the castle to beat him first in the class in Arithmancy.

She stood completely still as the other prominent members of the Order of the Phoenix laid wreaths.

The ceremony ended and he watched as everyone stood up around him and moved off into little groups. His eyes, however, stayed on Hermione Granger who was frowning at something one of the Weasley's was saying to her. She shook her head, giving them what looked like an apologetic smile and turned away, moving off.

The sanctimonious Potter looked at her, seemed to want to say something, but then shook his head and turned back to talk to his wife, Ginny.

Theo turned to look at his companion. She was a ministry witch, which was why he was here, she had asked him to accompany her. Making his regrets he told her he had to get back to his shop and headed off in the direction Hermione Granger had gone.

He was curious; because he was pretty sure he now knew who the woman on the bench in the Muggle park last year that had captivated him had been. He was almost certain it had in fact been, one Hermione Granger, and that left him with a lot of unanswered questions. Why was one of the golden trio spending the anniversary of the Battle alone on a Muggle park bench?


Hermione disapparated as soon as she could, leaving Hogwarts behind and moving swiftly out of the wooded area in the park where she usually apparated into. It was near her bench, as she now thought of it, and no one was ever in this part of the park. The muggles much preferred the area by the pond or the grassy hill, to the sad group of trees off behind the lonely bench.

Sinking down onto the stone bench she pulled out her book, a Muggle book of course, and then stared out at the pond, not really seeing it.

She wasn't sure how long she had been sitting there when she realized that she was being watched. But she looked up and allowed her eyes to focus looking around until she noticed a man standing near the forest, leaning against a tree. He was in a cashmere jumper with a dress shirt underneath it, charcoal slacks hugged his muscular thighs and his shoes were very shiny. But it was his face that drew her eyes again; he had a very beautiful face, strong jaw, what looked like dimples in his cheeks, just the hint of a shadow from his whiskers, dark hair, and the most startling pair of light blue eyes.

He had to be of the aristocracy, she thought watching him, or maybe a movie star, he looked a bit like that Mugglee actor she had seen in a movie recently. His arms were crossed and most startlingly, he was watching her too.

She almost fidgeted with her hair, which was pulled back by a barrette at the nape of her neck and trailed down her back in loose glossy curls. She felt her breath hitch a little and she dropped her gaze. It wouldn't do to get all excited over a Muggle man, she could never date one, it was hard enough dating Wizards! But a Muggle. She shook her head at that, well how would she possibly explain her darkness to a poor muggle? Even without the laws of secrecy, she couldn't picture that conversation. It was awkward enough dealing with foreign wizards who didn't realize who she was. Even more awkward with wizards who did.

She sensed that the man was still there and still looking at her. Slowly she looked up at him again and gave a small frown. Honestly, it was rude to stare! She was just a woman, sitting in a park. Deciding on ignoring the man she picked up her book. It was an autobiography of Winston Churchill. She found the politician fascinating and he had made wonderful speeches. But she was tired and flustered by the man so as she tried to open the book she dropped it, a blasphemy for her.

Before she could pick it up the man was there, reaching for it and sitting down handing it to her, and she realized with a start that her body was humming at his nearness. It was almost like her aura somehow recognized his, which was very odd.

Then she got an up close look at him and gasped.

"Hello, Granger."

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