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Title Challenge: Apprentice

By: moonfeather58

Deadline: None

Morality: Dark and/or evil

Pairings: Any except with Hermione, Ginny, or Half-Bloods/Muggleborns. Slash is allowed

Plot:We've all heard how Harry is betrayed by his friends, sent to Azkaban, can control dementors and is the ruler of Azkaban. Well what if something different happened? Harry is guilty of doing an unspeakable crime (i.e. killing Cedric, being a Parselmouth and setting the basilisk on students, killing the Dursleys, etc.) and is sent to Nurmengard where he finds out the only other high-ranking prisoner is the former Dark Lord: Gellert Grindelwald. Sometime after a minimum of eight years in Nurmengard, Gellert and Harry break out of Nurmengard with other prisoners loyal to the former Dark Lord. This creates mass panic among the inhabitants of the magical world but for what reason did they break out and will Britain be brought to her knees along with the rest of the world?


-Harry becomes Gellert's new apprentice and is trained in Dark Arts, Blood Magic, Swordsmanship, Archery, Runes, and his regular Hogwarts subjects.

-Harry is only loyal to Gellert and embraces the darkness within him.

-Other prisoners loyal to Gellert being in Nurmengard.

-Harry has multiple animagi (a maximum of four) and only one is registered with the Ministry of Magic.

-Harry's identity as Gellert's apprentice is known only to Gellert and not revealed right away.

-Harry is some type of bird animagus along with Gellert also being a bird animagus.

-Without the Beaver and Weasel stunting his intellectual growth, Harry begins to enjoy studying and does well in his lessons.

-Harry has an affinity for dark creatures/species and befriends them.

-The Ministry of Magic seizes control of Harry's vaults and snaps his Holly and Phoenix Wand at his trial along with stripping his names and holdings from him for whatever crime he committed, prompting him to go abroad to get a new wand.

-Harry gaining a 'code name' by Gellert until the former Dark Lord is ready to show his apprentice to the world.

-Draco becoming an ally/friend of Harry though at first he must be his usual stuck up self and happy that Harry was expelled.


-Harry secretly hated Muggleborns, despite his mother being one, and with being in Nurmengard, admits it to his master.=yes

-Crossovers welcome.=no

-Harry takes on Gellert's last name since he is now a nobody with no money or standing.=no

-Harry leaves Britain to its fate and allows Voldemort to have it.=yes

-Dark Creatures joining the former Dark Lord and his Apprentice.=yes

-Voldemort removes the Horcrux from Harry's scar.=no

-Severus ends up serving Harry instead and/or Severus has a child that he offers to be Harry's servant.=possibly


-The Life Debts Harry owes being called in.=possibly


-Harry joining Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

-Harry betraying or killing Gellert.

-Harry joining Voldemort.

-Harry feeling regret for his crime and giving up on his new-found power, intellect and darkness.

-Harry being forgiven by the Order and Dumbledore.

-The other two thirds of the Golden Trio swaying Harry back to the Light.

-Harem, threesome

The rest is up to you.



Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts

November 2, 1992

$Open.$ The doors with the two snakes carved on them slid apart, revealing a long walkway that ended at the feet of a statue. Along the walkway were snake statues, the eyes set with emeralds, great twisting wooden columns that had snakes wound around them and stretching up to the ceiling far above the Chamber of Secrets. Underground pipes with holes big enough for a Basilisk disappeared out of the chamber and went to Merlin only knew where, winding behind the walls in the pipes and plumbing of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As the scrawny twelve-year-old stepped through into the chamber, the doors slid shut behind him and torches lit up with green flames to light the entire chamber with an eerie green glow. It was silent as the boy made his way down the walkway to stand at the feet of a tall statue that the Potter Scion had found in his research to be the statue of Salazar Slytherin, the fourth founder of Hogwarts. What many didn't know about the Potter Scion was that the first ten years of his life that had been spent suffering as a house elf and under the abusive nature of his relatives, particularly his uncle and cousin, had shaped a studious and dark child. A child who had never had a childhood that the Headmaster had wanted him to have thanks to the fear his relatives felt towards him due to his ability to use magic and his aunt's jealousy towards her dead sister for having something that Petunia Dursley could never have. The Statue of Slytherin showed a tall man with a long thin beard that fell almost to the bottom of his sweeping gray robes with two large feet sticking out of the bottom of the robes. $Speak to me, Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts Four.$

Stepping back, the waif of a child with green eyes and messy black hair that was more like a bird's nest on his head in that it stuck up every which way despite his futile attempts to tame the mop and pale skin that gained a hint of brown to it during the summer holidays thanks to the work his relatives made him do outside, looked up as the mouth of Slytherin slowly parted and when the lower jaw was fully extended, a large form slithered down the statue from its nest within the mouth of Salazar's Statue, the long green body hitting the floor as it heaved its great bulk on the Chamber of Secrets. The snake was about fifty feet long and had two glimmering yellow eyes that could kill with just a look or petrify if its gaze was seen through a reflection. $Who speaks to Master and calls me forth?$ the basilisk hissed, the last vestiges of its body uncoiling from the statue.

$My name is Harry Potter. I'm a student at Hogwarts and apparently a Parselmouth.$ Harry kept his eyes shut tight so he would not be affected by the Basilisk's deadly gaze.

$Impossible! Master and Master's Heir were the only ones known to be Parselmouths hatchling.$

$Who was your previous Master?$ Harry hissed, the hissing coming easily from the child who had only a month ago, discovered he was a speaker.

$A boy named Tom Riddle,$ hissed the serpent. $He was a Slytherin as is expected from a Heir of the Greatest Founder to walk Hogwarts.$

Harry tried to think of where he had heard that name before until he remembered Ron mentioning something about a trophy in the Trophy Room about a Special Awards Service being granted to a boy named Tom M. Riddle sometime within the 1940s. "Tom Riddle?" he asked in English. Frowning at the hissing, he felt the floor tremble as the snake slithered closer to him. $Don't kill me. I am of Flesh and Blood whereas this Tom Riddle is dead,$ Harry said to the Basilisk.

$The Master is dead? How do you come to have the language of serpents Speaker?$

$I am not sure,$ Harry confessed. $I only discovered I was speaking a different language in a dueling competition when a rival of mine said a spell that conjured a snake. I told it not to attack another student but before I could save it my Potions Professor killed it with an Incendio.$

The female Basilisk hissed in anger before flicking her third eyelids over her eyes so that her deadly gaze wouldn't affect the new Master. If her Master's Heir was dead and this hatchling spoke Parseltongue then he must somehow be connected to her beloved Master who had hatched her and raised her within the Chamber. $Hatchling you may open your eyes. I will not harm you.$ She hissed soothingly to her new Master until the green-eyed boy's eyes slowly opened and lowered her head down until the boy could touch her. This hatchling…this master…was different from Tom and Salazar. He was obviously a younger student than Tom had been in his youth. No longer a boy but not yet a man either. $Master…Harry is an uncouth name for an heir. You need something more noble of your station. Who were your parents?$

$What is your name?$ Harry countered, slowly reaching out a hand to touch the serpent's head, eliciting a pleased hissing from the serpent before him.

$Master Salazar called me Ceres.$

Harry, or as he would be known to Ceres for the rest of the school year as Harrison, dipped his head to the Queen of Serpents. $It is an honor to meet you Ceres. You may call me Harrison. As for my parents, they were James Potter and my mother's maiden name was Evans. Lily Evans.$

$Greetings Master Harrison. How did you come to find Slytherin's Chamber?$

~End Flashback~

Somewhere outside the holding cells of the Ministry of Magic is the murmur of voices as people file into a courtroom. A prone body lies upon a cot, turning over in their sleep with a smile on their face.


Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts

November 30, 1992


$Master Harrison,$ greets Ceres as she lowers her head to her new Master, closing her eyes as a pale and frail hand reaches up to stroke her head, pleasant hisses coming from the female Basilisk. Hearing sobbing coming from her young Master, a Master who slowly had told her of his time as a hatchling under the care of his relatives, she has become not only his protector but also his confident and friend. $What is wrong Master?$

$The school hates me because of the Parselmouth incident,$ hissed the child as he sank to the ground beside the basilisk. $I thought they were angry with me last year when I lost fifty points for Gryffindor due to the stunt with the baby dragon that Hagrid was keeping. But they act as if I'm the Heir of Slytherin.$

$To my knowledge, the only heir of Slytherin in recent memory was Tom. I am unsure how you became a Parselmouth master but cherish the gift given. If they fear you, then show them you are something to fear.$

Harrison wiped the silent tears that had fallen as his true friend spoke and caressed the beautiful green serpent lying protectively around him. Harrison opened his book bag and began working on his homework for the day. He had discovered that without his hated professor, Potions Master Severus Snape, breathing down his neck and criticizing him at every turn, that he did okay in Potions. It was a shame that things did not work out like he wanted them to for he had been fascinated by Potions as soon as he had set foot in the Apothecary in Diagon Alley with Hagrid in his first year. That excitement for the subject had died as he realized that, no matter what he did, it wasn't good for his professor and had quelled his love of the subject. Why bother trying his best when it wouldn't matter either way?

The twelve-year-old worked in silence as Ceres took a nap within the Chamber. The only sound was the scratching of quill on parchment as Harry attempted to write an essay for Professor Lockhart, and he was a fraud if there ever was one, on how to take down a vampire. Suffice it to say that the book, Voyages with Vampires, was less than helpful on the subject. Harrison contemplated again why he didn't just burn the entire book set for DADA and owl order a different book for second-year from years prior to his starting Hogwarts.

Sometime later, when Harrison was working in Salazar's Potion lab on the Wiggenweld Potion, even though in his second-year the class wasn't doing the practical on the Potion as they had brewed it in Harrison's first-year. Waving his wand, he cast a stasis charm over the cauldron and walked out of Salazar's Potion lab to see the youngest of the Weasley Clan hissing to Ceres who was arguing back with the girl. In her hands was a diary. Puzzled, he leaned against the wall of Salzar's Statue and looked out on the scene.

$You will obey me!$ hissed Ginny Weasley.

Ceres shook her head, annoyed with the redhead. $You are not Master. I only obey the Master and you hatchling are not Master Tom like you claim.$

Harrison frowned to himself. Why would this little girl who seemed to have a sickening crush on him claim she was a dead boy from fifty years ago? Harrison knew the girl had a crush on him due to his time spent in the Burrow over the summer and didn't like it. Not only because he wouldn't date a girl who had red hair but because he wouldn't date someone who was the sister of his best friend. Suddenly, Ceres's head jerked up in shock as she caught a scent from the diary and hissed frantically. Her words were a jumbled mess that Harrison could barely make out what his slithering friend was saying. $Ceres! What's wrong?$

$Master Harrison, this female hatchling says I have to obey her.$

$Kill her,$ came the hiss from the raven haired child.

"Ha…Harry?" asked Ginny as she heard Harry's voice, the blood in her veins freezing as she heard the hissing coming from the shadows. She looked around but was unable to see him, forgetting to shut her eyes like Tom in the diary had instructed her to do. As she turned her head to the left in hopes of seeing the boy she crushed on, she caught a pair of yellow eyes staring straight at her. The redhead could only let out a small squeak of fear, the transparent third lid no longer shielding the deadly gaze of the Basilisk.

$Die false one,$ hissed Ceres as her gaze connected with Ginny's own gaze and the girl fell backwards as death took her. Harrison's laughter echoed throughout the chamber as Ceres's fang plunged into the diary, a scream echoing from the leather-bound book as the venom worked on, unknown to the Basilisk or the boy who had just committed his first murder, was a Horcrux of the boy who became a Dark Lord. Ink spurted from the diary's pages as Ceres watched. Five minutes later Ceres went to the cow that Harrison had the house elves bring to the Chamber for Ceres's meal and swallowed the creature.

$Thank you,$ hissed Harrison, his eyes not having left the scene until now. $That girl was getting on my nerves ever since this past summer.$

Ceres flicked her massive tail, being unable to say anything with a mouth full of cow. The second-year Gryffindor went back to the Potions Lab to continue with the Wiggenweld Potion.

~End Flashback~

Footsteps stopped outside a cell, the same holding cell in which the prone figure lay sleeping. Emerald eyes slowly opened as a key turned in the lock which was followed by the creaking of the door swinging open. Two Aurors stepped in, one with magic suppressing cuffs in their hand, the other with a wand trained on the occupant of the holding cell. A mop of messy raven locks that stuck up everywhere though the boy's hair was beginning to grow out due to having been here for at least two weeks. The occupant was silent as he sat up, raising a hand to rub the sleep from his eyes. A whispered spell from the second Auror lit up the room and the figures in the room were revealed. One was a tall man with black skin and a bald head, a blue cap on his head and dressed in blue robes who was apparently famed Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, one of the Aurors that had escorted Harrison to the Ministry Holding Cells. The other figure was a young man, probably a year or two out of Hogwarts, with brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin named Rial Gore. The prisoner was a young boy, a boy who appeared ten but was actually twelve and a former student of Hogwarts, until he had been expelled two weeks ago. Dressed in a drab gray robe, the boy went by the name Harry James Potter, son of James Fleamont Potter and Lily Viola Evans. Kingsley reached him and snapped the cuffs on the pre-teen's wrists before hauling him to his feet.

"You're coming with us Potter to your trial," said Gore, tugging roughly on the teen's left arm as they walked out of the cell. The door clanged shut behind them and the three walked single-file down the hallway, Kingsley keeping his wand on the prisoner's back. Who would have thought that the Boy-Who-Lived turned into the Boy-Who-Killed? This trial was bound to be the talk of the century for many generations to come.


June 7, 1993

It was the first Monday of June. The first Monday of June meant two more weeks until school ended. Two more weeks until he was back in his personal hell at the Dursleys for the summer. Due to the incident with Dobby, a crazy house-elf who had tried preventing him from going to Hogwarts and dropped the cake over Mr. and Mrs. Mason at the dinner party his uncle had hosted, Harrison highly doubted his relatives wanted him back at their house for the summer either. He wasn't sure how he would survive the summer holiday though it was likely that he would be put to work as soon as he got home from King's Cross. Nobody noticed how sensitive his stomach was at the beginning of the year after coming back from the Dursleys. He could barely stomach the rich foods of the rabbit warren that was the Weasley family that he had spent his first summer with last year and how he gorged himself on food at the Leaving Feast, knowing he would get very little to eat for the summer once he left the magical world behind.

It had been a few months since Ron and Harry had gone into the Forbidden Forest where they had encountered a colony of man-eating Acromantula. They were led by a blind giant spider that had been hatched in a cupboard by the gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid. The gamekeeper had no clue what dangerous animals were and thought nothing of harboring dangerous creatures as 'pets' in his house. There had been the little Norwegian Ridgeback that had been given to him by Professor Quirrel who had been harboring Voldemort in the back of his head. Harry had encountered the shade that had killed his parents at the end of last school year and the Cerebus, the three-headed guardian of Hades. Once they had found out about it and managed to escape thanks to the flying Ford Angelia that they crashed into the Whomping Willow, Harrison had set Ceres loose in the Forbidden Forest to kill off the colony. There was no reason for such creatures to exist in Hogwarts and he had been surprised that none of the Professors had discovered the colony of man-eating spiders within the Forest or that the Centaurs hadn't killed them. Harry considered it his one good deed for the school for they were a threat to all at Hogwarts.

Harry was studying for his Charms exam, his quill scratching across the paper in his Charms notebook. Around him students were enjoying the nice summer day, some swimming within the Black Lake, having practice duels, playing Gobstones in the courtyards or just relaxing with friends under trees. A few, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs mainly, were also studying for their upcoming second-year exams. Getting hungry, he decided he would stop by to see Ceres and then head up to Gryffindor Tower to drop his things off before dinner. It would be the last time he was inside Hogwarts as a student.

Entering the castle, Harry was relieved for the coolness of the corridors and the quiet. Those students who were not in class were outside or in the library as he had seen students entering the library after checking out a library book about introductory healing. It was a shame that he was unable to practice magic or make potions outside of Hogwarts during the summer holidays because he could surely use the Potions that were described in the book. Though his Head of House and the Headmaster didn't believe him when he had tried telling them of the chore list and how he was unwanted and unloved by his family. Professor McGonagall said he had to talk to the Headmaster and the Headmaster had told him that he was exaggerating and he had to go back to his aunt's house for his protection.

Pushing open the door that led to the stairways and thus the rest of the floors in the castle, he made his way up to the second floor when he ran into someone. Hands reached out to steady him as he pitched backwards and pulled him back up the steps. "Steady there Mr. Potter," said the voice of Harry's second most hated professor at Hogwarts. He looked up to see the beaming smile of none other than Lockhart.

"Thanks Professor," said Harry, making a mental note to take a shower while he was in his dormitory. He grabbed the railing and continued his way up to the second-floor corridor though it was on the fourth-floor corridor that something happened. Harry had just gotten done talking to Ceres, unaware that another person had been spying on him in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom and had seen Ceres slithering back down the pipe that led to the Chamber of Secrets passage. It would be a fatal mistake on Scion Potter's part. A mistake that would cost him his future, his name and his fortune. A fortune he would never have.

Halfway up the fourth-floor steps, a voice called out to the Potter Scion. The voice of his rival, Draco Malfoy. Harry sighed and looked to the top of the staircase to see Malfoy and his goons, Crabbe and Goyle looking down at him. "What do you want Malfoy?" he questioned.

"Potter are you harboring a snake?"

"The only pet I have is my owl Malfoy," said Harry. "If Snape hadn't killed the snake you summoned, I would have kept that as my pet." It had shattered the Potter Scion to see the snake killed just because Malfoy had carried out the spell that Snape must have whispered to him in the dueling club.

"Snakes aren't on the approved list of pets."

Though now that Malfoy mentioned it, how was Ron able to bring Scabbers and his brother Percy before him to Hogwarts?

"What's on your mind Potter?" asked Malfoy, suddenly unnerved by the look of contemplation on the face of the Golden Boy.

"I'm thinking on how Weasley was able to bring Scabbers into Hogwarts when the list of school supplies said you could only bring a cat, an owl or a toad."

The arrogant prick blinked his gray eyes in disbelief, that thought not having occurred to him before he schooled his expression again. "Didn't know you could think Potter," Malfoy sneered. "It seems the only thing you're good at is flying."

"I can think just fine Malfoy. Now move so I can head up to my dormitory," Harry said. He began moving again on the stairs, thankful that they hadn't changed yet like they were prone to do at Hogwarts. Such a thing had happened in his first-year at the school. He reached the fifth floor without incident. Passing by the Silver Trio, something he had taken to calling Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle in his head, Crabbe tried to trip him but stuck his foot out too late. He was about a meter away from them when he heard a spell being shot at him from behind. His magic, which had spent the majority of his life trying to protect the abused child that nobody cared about, reacted to the perceived threat and the next thing he knew there was a scream and something falling down the stairs. Turning around he saw Malfoy on the fourth floor, not moving.

He looked to Crabbe and Goyle who stepped away from him before sense prevailed and Crabbe ran to find a teacher while Goyle hurried down the steps to his leader to check on Malfoy. The thought of running never came to Harry's brain as he could only stare in disbelief at his rival lying on the floor. Crabbe came back with Professor Flitwick who had been patrolling the fifth floor. The tiny Charms Professor looked at Malfoy's prone form, rushing over to the unconscious Slytherin as he sent a Patronus to the other students. "Mr. Potter. What have you done?" Professor Flitwick squeaked as he worked to stem the blood from Malfoy's head.

~End Flashback~

A dull murmur rang in the twelve-year-old's ears as they got closer to the courtroom in which his trial would be held. It drew in strength to a dull roar that vibrated through the cracks in the door that led to the Ministry holding cells within the British Ministry of Magic. Gore opened the door and as Harry stepped through he saw that the courtroom was packed. In the stands were some of his professors, some of his house mates and other students from Hogwarts, parents and the press. The press seemed to pack every corner of the courtroom within the stands. He came in through a corner of the room and saw it was packed with people, the majority unknown to the accused.

The room was square with benches along all four walls and had two doors, the door he had just come through with the two Auror escorts and a door opposite one of the high benches. The place was made of black stone and it was lit by torches along the walls. The seats rose in levels along the walls and there was a chair in the middle of the room. Harry noticed the chains on the arms of the chair as he was pulled towards it and then shoved roughly in. As soon as he was seated the chains sprang to life and wrapped around his arms, legs and torso. He tried to struggle but the chains held fast and kept him bound. The only thing he could move was his head and his eyes which were staring at the people before him, all dressed in plum robes. Harry recognized the Minister of Magic in the center of the people before him and looking to his left he saw the Headmaster sitting among the prestigious body known as the Wizengamot. Essentially, Harry was sitting before the British Wizard Government.

Minister Fudge was a portly man with rumpled gray hair and brown eyes. Some of the Wizengamot were dressed in plum robes and some were dressed in black robes. Turning his gaze to Dumbledore, he saw the man looked disappointed as they caught the eyes of the other before Dumbledore turned his gaze away from his former student. Both Aurors stood on either side of the defendant and Harry remarked silently that there apparently was no sense of lawyers within the wizarding world. The Minister banged a gavel to call order to the courtroom, something else Harry found rather ironic. "We will now call to order the trial of one Harry James Potter on June twenty-first of the year nineteen hundred and ninety-three. The charges are that he knowingly released a Basilisk upon students at Hogwarts resulting in the petrification of four Muggleborn students and the death of one pureblood. The second charge is that he caused Mr. Draco Lucius Malfoy to fall down a flight of stairs and end up in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts for a week in an unprovoked attack. Are these charges correct Dumbledore?"

"They are Cornelius," said Albus somberly.

"Very well. This trial will now come into session. You are Harry James Potter of Little Whinging, Surrey. Birthdate July thirty-first nineteen hundred and eighty-one, son of James Fleamont Potter and Lily Viola Potter?"

Harry blinked at the middle names of his parents before nodding. "Speak up boy," said Cornelius.

"Yes," said Harry.

"Administer the Veritaserum," Cornelius said.

Shacklebolt stepped forward and sent a stunner at the defendant before forcing his mouth open and dropping three drops of the potion on his tongue. "What is your full name?"

"Harry James Potter."

"What is your date of birth?"

"July 31st 1981," said Harry in a monotone. He didn't bother trying to fight the potion, knowing he didn't have the capabilities to do so.

Kingsley nodded to show that the truth serum was working and stepped back so the trial could get underway.

"Are you a Parselmouth?"

"Yes," said Harry.

"When did you discover you were a Parselmouth?"

"After the duel between Malfoy and I during the first lesson of our dueling club. Malfoy summoned a serpent and it almost attacked Justin. I told it to back off and it stopped but then Snape killed it. Then I was dragged out of the room by Granger and Weasley and told I was a Parselmouth when we got back to Gryffindor Tower."

"Are you in league with the Dark Lord?"


"When did you discover the Chamber of Secrets?"

"November 2, 1992."

"Where is it located?"

"Underneath Hogwarts."

"What lies within the Chamber of Secrets?"

"A Basilisk which was the familiar of Salazar Slytherin."

"Let the record show that Harry Potter did knowingly find the Chamber of Secrets in his third month of Hogwarts," Cornelius said. Unknown to Harry Potter, while he was lying within a Ministry Holding Cell, Ceres had been destroyed by a team of Aurors with the help of the Headmaster and Fawkes.

"Did you attack Mr. Filch's cat?"

"No," said Harry.

"Do you know who did?"

"Ginny Weasley," said Harry. Shouting broke out among the Weasely family that was gathered there while Mrs. Weasley broke out into sobs.

"Describe the events of June seventh."

Harry explained how he had been studying for his Charms exam by the Black Lake after classes had ended for the day, how he had grown hungry and decided to pay a visit to Ceres and how he begun making his way to Gryffindor Tower. Running into Lockhart and then being attacked by Malfoy as walked past the Silver Trio.

"Did you have any hand in the death of Iris Lake, third year Ravenclaw?"


"What happened to Miss Ginerva Weasley?"

"Ceres killed her at my orders."

Silence. Utter silence permeated the courtroom at the fact that the Boy-Who-Lived had killed two pureblood witches. In the stands behind him, the reporters were writing furiously and the other two-thirds of the Golden Trio stared in shock at their former friend.

"Who is Ceres?"

"Salazar's familiar and my true friend," said Harry.

"Dumbledore did you know about a Basilisk being within Hogwarts?" questioned Lucius Malfoy.

"No Lucius," said Dumbledore. "If I had then I would have gotten rid of it."

Lucius raised an eyebrow but said nothing else.

"Well Mr. Potter, we have dispatched of the threat to Hogwarts and its corpse was chopped up and sold for potions ingredients." Cornelius smirked with glee at the look of horror and rage on the Potter boy's face at that news.

"NO!" Harry shouted, tears falling from his eyes. "She was my friend!"

"She was a dangerous beast Mr. Potter and should have been destroyed long ago," said Mr. Goyle.

"Are you responsible for the Petrifications of four Muggleborn witches and wizards?" asked Madam Bones, head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

"Yes," Harry said and though the potion was still in effect everyone could hear the bitterness in his voice.

"Who were the victims?" Madam Bones asked.

"Justin Finch-Fletchly, Hermione Granger, Penelope Clearwater, Collin Creevy and Nearly Headless Nick."

"Why did you kill Ginny Weasley?" This was from Arthur Weasley who was with his wife. The man who was obsessed with all things Muggle wasn't allowed to be seated in the Weasley seat among the Wizengamot due to knowing the accused.

"Because she was an annoyance and had a crush on me which I did not reciprocate," said Harry.

"Do you regret what you did?" Dumbledore asked.


Again, there was stunned silence before outrage broke out among the crowd of spectators while the reporters were eating the information up. "Administer the antidote," said Cornelius. Once the antidote had been administered, witnesses were called to testify. First were the living victims of the petrification who described where they were when they were attacked. Then Ron and Hermione told of Harry hearing voices through the walls and the Parselmouth incident at the Dueling Club. Ron told of Harry and him going into the Forbidden Forest to see a nest of Acromantulas and when questioned how they got there, Ron said that Harry had an invisibility cloak from his father. The Minister made a point to keep Hagrid in Azkaban for knowingly harboring a group of dangerous man-eating spiders, despite Dumbledore's protestations and the Wizengamot agreed.

For four hours the trial went on as they heard testimony about Harry's academic performance in school and his disregard for the rules. How he had been allowed to slide under those rules due to the actions of the Headmaster which prompted speculation among the members of the Wizengamot at why the defendant was allowed to wander the halls after curfew and about the detentions he had received during his two years at Hogwarts. During all this, Harry was kept within the chair and still bound. At the beginning of the fifth hour, the Minister banged his gavel again. "Those in favor of acquittal of the charges of setting a Basilisk on the students, the death of two purebloods, the petrification of four Muggleborns and the attack on a pureblood heir raise your wands," Minister Fudge said.

Minister Fudge looked to either side and saw that no wands were raised. "Those in favor of the charges?" asked Minister Fudge. Every single wand tip in the Wizengamot lit up. "Very well. Please bring in the defendant's wand."

An Auror who was standing near the door that Harry had been brought through ran back through the door and within five minutes was back with the Holly and Phoenix Feather wand that belonged to Harry Potter. At the Minister's nod, the wand was snapped in half once…then twice…then finally incinerated into ashes that floated down to the floor in front of the defendant. Albus Dumbledore then stood up and spoke.

"I said this before in front of Gore and Shacklebolt but I'll say it here again for the benefit of the Wizegamot. Mr. Potter. You are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are no longer entitled to hold a wand anywhere within the United Kingdom and will never be admitted to Hogwarts again as long as you live. So, mote it be." A flash lit up the courtroom from Dumbledore's wand as magic accepted his oath.

"Mr. Potter. You are hereby stripped of your birth name as well as the Potter fortune. All monetary assets, businesses and homes as well as the contents of your vaults shall be seized by the Ministry to benefit the wizards of Britain. From henceforth you are known as Prisoner A1309572. As the power invested in me and by the power of magic, I sentence you to two life consecutive sentences within Nurmengard without the benefit of parole."

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