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Chapter 22: Getting Ready and Backseat Cuddle

"Here Inuyasha put this in there too." Kagome tossed Inuyasha the yellow bikini with the huge pink flower on the bottoms with a light shade of blue surrounding it, that Inuyasha had helped her pick out the weekend before. Kagome was rummaging through her wooden drawers, taking out and throwing at Inuyasha all that she thought she needed. Inuyasha's face glowed red when a black pair of Victoria's Secret panties landed on his head. One leg hole was hanging on his ear and he pulled it off with shaky fingers and shoved it in the nearly over stuffed suitcase just as Kagome turned around holding a shirt up against her chest.

"What about this one?" She looked at Inuyasha who had an annoyed look on his face.

"Don't you think you have enough clothes already?" He asked pointing at the suitcase that wouldn't even shut. "I mean, how many clothes are you planning on wearing? We're only staying a week! What are you going to do? Go on a messy streak?" Kagome looked up thinking on what he was saying and then stuffed the shirt back in the drawer. She turned back around and sighed at the sight of the suitcase. Clothes were sticking out of the sides and the whole thing was almost bigger than she was.

"Inuyasha! It would all fit better if you folded everything nicely instead of bunching the clothes in a ball and shoving them in there!" Kagome explained and began pulling out some clothes and folding them.

"Feh!" he retorted and sat on the bed beside the suitcase. When Kagome was done folding there was some exceptionally good space for more. Kagome went to her closet to get little things like sunglasses, sun tan lotion, sun block, a rolled up leisure floaty that hadn't been aired up since last summer, five pairs of different flip flops, a pair of high heels, a white sun dress, and some tennis shoes. The next thing that she threw out to Inuyasha smacked him square in the back of the head. (Heehee!! I love that word! Smacked!! Ha ha!)

"Hey!" He hollered and turned to pick up what ever it was that smacked (:P) him in the head. His expression went dull.

"Come on Kagome! When are YOU going to have TIME to read?" He held up the book with an eyebrow raised as Kagome turned around.

"I'm sure I'll have some time. Besides Sango wanted to read it too. So at some time on our vacation when you and Miroku go out to do......whatever, Sango and I will read to get some ideas on what to do." Kagome bit her lip, wondering if she had forgotten anything.

"Huh?" Inuyasha looked at the title of the book and his face went blank. "'What to do to have fun at the beach?'" Kagome ignored him and went into her bathroom for her cherry blossom lotion, her beach towel, her cherry blossom shampoo, conditioner, and body wash (That came with the lotion her mother had bought her) some ponytails, toothbrush etc. etc. etc. She put all that stuff in a smaller bag and carried it back into her room to see Inuyasha sitting on the floor Indian style with the book open. Kagome noticed what he was wearing and it made him look so attractive. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans, and a wife beater (a white tank top guys usually wear. Just in case you didn't know what I was referring to!) and a red button up shirt with all the buttons undone so you could see the white and his muscular body. (Ahhhh.....Sighs) She also noticed he wasn't wearing a hat which means he wasn't ashamed of them anymore.

"Heheumm......" Kagome cleared her throat and Inuyasha closed the book and stood up quickly.

"What? I wasn't reading it or nothin'." He dropped the book in the open suitcase and crossed his arms. "Are you done yet?" He asked impatiently and Kagome zipped up her bag.

"I think so. Would you mind helping me take these down stairs?" Kagome asked and Inuyasha came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her middle and brushed her neck softly with his lips until he got to her ear and whispered in a sexy voice, "Why wouldn't I?" Kagome felt her face go red and her neck felt warm from his breath that was sending shivers of pleasure down to her insides. And to think, she'll be with him for an entire week! She couldn't wait to get there.

Inuyasha was still holding her and kissing her neck when Mrs. Higurashi came into the room. Inuyasha immediately dropped his arms and backed away while Mrs. Higurashi gave Kagome an awkward stare. Kagome felt her whole body flush red. 'Couldn't mom knock first?'

"Uh, Kagome, there's someone downstairs who wants to talk to you." Mrs. Higurashi said glancing at Inuyasha who picked up the big suitcase and walked towards the door.

"Ok." Kagome answered and grabbed the rest of her stuff as Mrs. Higurashi made her way down the stairs, Inuyasha behind her with the suitcase. When Kagome and Inuyasha got downstairs and set the stuff down Inuyasha's expression was an aggravated one.

"What are you doing here?" He asked and Shippo jumped and turned around and smiled.

"Kagome, I was wondering, if it wouldn't be much trouble, If I could come with you guys." Shippo looked at her with his big blue eyes with a sweet little face of a child.

"Shippo! I already said you couldn't come!" Inuyasha exclaimed and Kagome scolded him.

"Inuyasha! Why can't he come with us? I don't care if he does! He'll be fine!" Kagome asked and Inuyasha looked shocked.

"But......I......he's not.......arrrgh!" He mumbled and Kagome smiled at the little kitsune.

"You can come! So you better hurry and get packed. Sango and Miroku should be here any minute." Kagome said and Shippo smiled again and walked to the other side of the couch.

"Oh, I already did!" He piped and pulled out a suitcase on wheels out from behind the sofa. "Great!" Kagome laughed.

"Aarrghh......" Inuyasha growled and glared at his little cousin for ruining his trip already. He should have known that he would suck up to Kagome. 'That little runt!' Shippo glanced at Inuyasha and when Kagome looked away, stuck his tongue out at him. Inuyasha clenched his fist and then jerked the suitcase and walked to the door.

"Bye mom. I love you." She said to her mother and gave her a hug and kiss. Mrs. Higurashi smiled at her. "You guys be careful all right." She kissed Kagome on the forehead and then Souta showed up at the bottom of the stairs.

"By sis! I'll see you in the middle of summer!" Souta replied and Kagome remembered that he was going to his friends house tomorrow who lived across Japan

"All right Souta! You have fun, okay!" Kagome smiled and then Inuyasha and Shippo walked out the door Kagome following behind them.

Once they got outside with Kagome's stuff Miroku's Parent's Chevy Yukon pulled up beside the sidewalk. Inuyasha picked up Kagome's suitcase above his head and began walking down the long fleet of stairs of the Higurashi Shrine. Kagome looked in shock. It looked like he was going to fall over, but his posture was in perfect balance. It never really occurred to her that he was strong because of his demon blood, but now it did.

Kagome had her bags in hand and she walked a little ways behind Inuyasha. She then heard a "Watch out!" from a little voice and stepped aside and saw Shippo on top of his rolling suitcase going at a fast bumpy speed down the stairs. It was headed right for Inuyasha!

"Ohh-ohh! Watch out Inuyasha!" Shippo yelled and Inuyasha turned around and the suitcase (with Shippo on top of it) rammed right into Inuyasha's gut. Kagome watched as Inuyasha's perfect posture turned to a stumbling state. He tried to balance the huge, heavy suitcase above his head but to no avail and he dropped it behind him and fell back onto it, and Shippo (still on the suitcase) went rolling back down the stairs.

"Aaahhhh!" He yelled and the suitcase flipped over and Shippo went flying and when the suitcase hit the last step it flipped back on its wheels and looked as if someone had placed it there nicely. Where as Shippo landed on his head and it looked like he was doing a headstand.

Kagome heard Inuyasha growling a low deep growl in his throat and looked at him to see he was sitting on her suitcase on the stairs and he was clenching his fists so hard that his knuckles were turning bleach white. Kagome could tell he was getting furious and she couldn't help but laugh.

"What are you laughing about?" Inuyasha asked in a gruff, irritated voice. Kagome began walking down the stairs still laughing.

"I just thought it was a little funny!" She giggled and Sango and Miroku were at the end of the stairs.

"Need any help?" The both asked at the same time in unison. Kagome pointed up the stairs to the porch.

"Inuyasha's stuff is still up there." Kagome said and Miroku started jogging up the stairs to retrieve it. Inuyasha got up and picked the suitcase up and continued down the stairs with a temperate look on his face.

Once all the stuff was loaded into Miroku's Yukon, Miroku asked if there was anything they were leaving behind. Kagome was sitting in the back of the Yukon when she remembered she had left her money on her dresser in her little wooden, handmade box.

"My money!" Kagome said and Inuyasha stepped out to get it.

"Where's it at?" He asked and Kagome told him and he flew up the stairs to get it.

"You were right Kagome. He is pretty good natured for being half demon." Sango replied and Kagome laughed nervously.

Inuyasha walked up the stairs to Kagome's room and he reached on her dresser and grabbed the money in the box and when he turned to leave his senses were pulled tight and he froze. A familiar aura surrounded Kagome's closet. It was a pure aura. He remembered that scent. It used to be with Kikyou.....

The Sacred Jewel.

Inuyasha jerked her closet door open and the scent was stronger, but faint at the same time. He looked around, but it was no where to be found. He heard Mrs. Higurashi's voice down the stairs hollering, "Kagome?"

Inuyasha shut the closet door and ran out of the room and down the stairs.

"Kagome......I mean, Inuyasha." Mrs. Higurashi looked at him confused and he held up Kagome's money.

"Oh! It's a good thing she remembered that!" She exclaimed and laughed. Inuyasha smiled and Mrs. Higurashi started again. "Listen, you guys be careful. Don't do anything you might......" She paused to look for the right words. "Regret later, okay? Stay out of trouble's way and have a good time." Inuyasha smiled and nodded and walked to the door.

"Oh, and Inuyasha?" He heard her voice and turned around.


"I'm trusting you, with my daughter. Please be good to her." Inuyasha smiled at her again, reassuringly.

"I will." Mrs. Higurashi smiled and waved and he walked outside, leaped down the stairs and got into the car beside Kagome.

"Sure did take you long enough!" Kagome said and took the money from Inuyasha's hand.

"Yeah, well, your mom talked to me a little." He said and pulled his seatbelt down and locked it.

"What was she saying?" She asked and Inuyasha looked at her and when he did his cheeks pinched pink. The look in her eyes were eager and he couldn't help admire her curiosity. He looked away when she blushed (because he was blushing) and he said out loud, "Oh, something like she trusts me and to keep you animals out of trouble."

Miroku, sitting in the driver's seat, Sango sitting in the shotgun (passenger's seat) with Kirrara curled up in a ball on her lap, and Kagome sitting on the passenger's side in the back with Shippo in her lap all gave him an awkward stare.

"Sure!" They all said at once and then laughed. Inuyasha laughed with them a little.

"Well, let's be off like a dirty shirt!" Miroku said and he pulled out and they were on the road, their spirits high and their anxiety to get to the beach was making their insides feel fluttery. (Does that sound corny? --;)

Miroku turned on some Japanese pop music and they all listened and watched as Miroku acted like he was the one singing the females voice and flipped out his hand like a girl, and when he did the car swerved over and almost hit the curve on the side of the road.

"Stop acting like an idiot Miroku and drive!" Sango said gripping the handle on her locked door. Miroku smiled and laughed nervously and Kagome giggled. It felt so good to be with all her good friends! She could already see they were going to have so much fun! She was so anxious that she had to know how long it was going to take.

"How long will it take us to get there Miroku?" Kagome asked and he turned down the music so she could hear.

"Uhh......about three or four hours. It depends on how bad the traffic is on the freeway." He answered and Kagome sighed. Miroku turned the music back up and Kagome felt Inuyasha lean over to ware his mouth was near her ear and he asked not quite a whisper in a deep voice. "Are you ok?" Kagome nodded, and she felt Inuyasha nuzzling her neck with his sensitive nose. He then reached over and rubbed the top of her hand until she let him take it in his and they entwined fingers. Shippo obviously noticed this act and he looked up to see Inuyasha nuzzling Kagome in an affectionate way. Kagome opemed her eyes to see Shippo staring and she felt her face flush pink from embarrassment. She tried to push against Inuyasha's nose with her neck to get his attention and to stop, but he thought she was wanting more so he pressed his mouth against her neck and she felt the warmth of his tongue tracing a small circle. She pulled away and he opened his golden eyes, and he looked at her confusedly. He noticed her blush and looked down to see Shippo giving him a pug look.

"I think I'll go sit in Sango's lap with Kirrara." He said and leaped into Sango's lap. Miroku noticed and stared at Inuyasha and Kagome through the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Getting a little close back there?" He asked curiously, a smirk playing on his lips. When Sango looked back to see, Kagome and Inuyasha's face turned pink. Sango just saw them holding hands and she turned around and shoved Miroku's shoulder.

"Leave them alone, Miroku!" She said and Miroku turned up the music louder because his favorite song was on. Kagome felt Inuyasha lay his head on her shoulder and almost instinctively she reached her free hand up to rub his ears. She felt his throat and chest vibrate as he purred and she smiled. He began rubbing the hand he was holding with his thumb and Kagome relaxed. It's weird how affectionate they are to each other. They stayed like that as the speakers blared, the car rolled on, and time passed.

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