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One Hundred Kisses

Chapter 1: The Bet

"You really want to bet on that Carrots? Your history of winning bets against me has been fairly non-existent."

"Are you saying that you are afraid of taking this bet because you might lose?" Judy asked turning the question around.

It had begun as any normal day between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. Walking to work together, grabbing some coffee from the nearby Snarlbucks, ribbing each other as they made the journey to ZPD headquarters, then idly chatting with Officer Clawhauser at the front desk before roll call.

Though while talking to Clawhauser, their entire routine changed; with just one sentence.

"Oh, I just have to say this. You too look so adorable together!"

The cheetah was grinning down at the fox and rabbit officers who had just walked up to the front desk. "So, when's your next date, hmm?" The cheetah was bouncing up and down in his seat. "Have you too, you know, kissed yet?"

Nick laughed as Judy's cheeks went bright red and she stomped her foot.

"We're not dating Ben," she began, slightly annoyed but more embarrassed at what the cheetah had said. "So no to both of those questions and please, stop asking us."

The cheetah seemed to visibly deflate. "But why not, you too are just perfect for each other. I could totally see you two going out and becoming a couple someday." His voice was barely a whisper by the end of his statement.

"Yes," answered Nick, grinning at his partner. "Why is it that you wouldn't want to go on a date with me. Is the rabbit scared of the fox and what he might do?"

Judy rolled her eyes. "Not in the slightest, Slick."

"Then why don't we have some fun and help poor Clawhauser out. I think you may have broke him by saying you weren't interested in going out with me." The fox pointed at the cheetah who was slouching so low in his seat now, that the folds of his neck were nearly covering his eyes. He had even stopped eating the donut that sat now on the lip of the desk next to the cheetah's snowglobe of Gazelle.

"I didn't break him." Judy shot back, putting her paws on her hips. "Why are you suddenly so interested in this topic anyways, Nick. It isn't like I've seen you going out on any dates in the past few months." In fact, Judy couldn't even remember a time when she had heard Nick talk about dating at all.

"I'm just looking out for our friend here," Nick retorted, his sly smile still on his face." I think all it would take to bring him back from the brink of emotional death would be one kiss."

Nick's grin was becoming seriously annoying to the rabbit. Her foot started tapping the ground quickly. "Nick, I don't think even 100 kisses to your mug would cause Clawhauser any emotional joy. It would only gross him out if anything."

"You wound me, Carrots." Nick stepped back, a paw over his heart with a faked look of pain on his face. "I happen to know that a fox's kiss can cure any mammal's melancholy." Isn't that right big guy?

The cheetah nodded his head slowly, though with how slouched he was his chin and mouth disappeared into his neck folds. It was a tragic sight which began pulling at Judy's heart.

"Then why don't you kiss Ben over there and fix him right up." Judy said, stepping forward. "I'm sure that would work." The cheetah's eyes widened as they darted to Nick and he began shaking his head back and forth while mouthing the word, 'no', over and over again.

Nick folded his arms across his chest. "See, he doesn't want that. Only a fox kissing a bunny will make him feel better."

Again, Judy looked over to Clawhauser who had visibly brightened and was now shaking his head up and down. Nick gestured to him with a smile on his face. "See, even just the thought of it made him a little bit happier. Can you please be a nice bunny and make the cheetah's dreams come true?

"Stop pushing the subject, Nick."

"I'm only doing this to help a friend. And I know you bunnies are emotional so you know how much this poor guys' heart is aching right now."

"I doubt it, Nick. I think you both are just trying to milk this subject for all its worth." Her eyes were directed at Nick and didn't see Clawhauser shaking his head up and down before the fox next to him put his paw on the top of the cheetah's head to stop his gesturing. "The answer is still no." Judy huffed, growing more visibly annoyed each passing minute.

"Come on, Fluff. I bet you'd enjoy it." The fox was back to his sly grin he always wore when trying to convince another animal to do something for him.

"I bet you even after 100 'fox kisses' I wouldn't," came the miffed reply.

"Well then," Nick leaned back, crossing his arms across his chest. "How about a wager. If you aren't convinced after 100 fox kisses, then I have to do whatever you want me to do for a day. Though if you are, then you have to wear something for me."

Judy was glaring at her partner. Usually his joking was minimal in its extent but today he seemed to be really stretching her patience. Though that offer of his was tempting. It was an easy deal to make. Even if she found some tiny fraction of satisfaction from him trying to kiss her 100 times, she could still say no and finally get payback for all the times he had pranked her in the past.

Revenge would be sweet.

"Fine," she finally grumbled, though with a slight twinkle in her eyes. "If I'm not convinced after 100 kisses, then you have to burn your shirt and tie from when we first met and wear the meter maid get up for a month."

"A month is more than a day, Carrots."

"And sentences for harassing a police officer are longer than that," Judy shot back, a sly grin now on her face. She cocked her head to the side and slid her hip out as well in a taunting pose, "So do you want the deal or not?"

The foxes eyes lowered as he realized the predicament he was now in. He had pushed the limits of his sarcasm this morning with her, and if he backed out now, he was sure to hear about this from the rabbit for a long while. Forget that, he would be hearing it from the entire station for as long as he worked there. He sighed, realizing as he stared into her grinning smile and sparkling eyes that she had just out hustled him...again. He put back on his trademark grin and put out his paw.

"Fine, it's a deal. "

"Alright, Nick. Prepare to lose to a rabbit, once again...wha?"

In the middle of the pawshake, Nick abruptly pulled the rabbit forward and before she knew what was happening, he placed quite a tender kiss right between her ears.

Her mouth hung open as Nick backed away with a smile. Had he really just done that? she thought?

"One down," he chuckled. "Though from the look on your face you won't make it past 12." With that the vulpine quickly turned and headed down the hallway to the bullpen to get ready for the day. Judy was still stuck in the same position, her paw still outstretched, her mouth hanging open and one ear titled to the side of her head.

Oh cheese and crackers...she thought. What have I agreed to?

Kiss Count

Nick: 1

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