Harry Potter and the Dino Fury

Harry Potter/Power Rangers X-Over
Last in the trilogy

Harry/Kira Tommy/Kimberly

I Own Nothing

Chapter I: Enter the Dino Fury Rangers

Harry's feet flew across the tarmac as he pelted through the streets of Emerald Coast. Emerald Coast was a mis-used name for the small town, it was located next to an old dried up lake and was coincidently close to Ocean Bluff and Reefside making up the third part of the triangle of the three towns.

Harry was nineteen years old and was thinking over how his life had panned out. He had left Hogwarts when he was fifteen and entered Reefside, He speed vaulted over a car pulling out into his path. He had become friends with Ethan, Conner and Kira which resulted in them becoming Power Rangers.

He defeated Voldemort before ending up at Pai Zhauq and becoming the Jungle Fury Dragon Ranger and a father. Now he was working part time in a cafe whilst finishing off his Auror and Paleontologist degrees. He made it back to his by wall running over the fence and landed in roll just outside the front door as Kira opened it carrying a few bokken with Lily and James at her feet.

Lily and James were both four years old and were evidently interested in the Martial Arts. Apparently according to Tommy and Kimberly who had a six year old girl by the name of Caitlynn who was also into the martial arts. Tommy had heard from Wes and Eric of the Silver Guardians that children who were born of The Power, were more incline at a young age to defend themselves and others.

Considering Harry's double term as a ranger. One as the Adamental Spinosaur Dino Ranger and the Jungle Fury Dragon Ranger they had no chance. James was more interested in the Art of Kung Fu following Harry's second stint whereas Lily was more fond of the Karate/Brawl/Kickboxing style of the Dino Thunder rangers.

As they were practising, Harry extended his senses and looked at the potential spirits of his children. James was a Dragon and Tiger Spirit as was Lily who also had a Cheetah. "It looks like I'm cashing in two of my favours with Lily and Casey."

Kira "Tiger and Cheetah spirits?" Harry nodded "Both have the dragon...Kira, don't you have to meet your band for practise? I'm going to be late for work."

Kira looked at the solar clock which was being projected onto the side of the house. It was a simple projection charm mixed with runes drawn onto the house disguised as markings for wall plants for the creeper that was beginning to grow around the house.

Harry landed with a thunderous bang holding James and Lily at John and Michelle's. He knocked and John answered "You've been called to work and Kira's practising and a recording studio is not good for a babie's hearing." Harry grinned and hugged his father in law. The man had taken everything in the past few years from his daughter and future in-law being Power Rangers, Son-in-Law dissapearing for a year, getting said Daughter Pregnant, Son-in-Law becoming a red ranger in their living and him being a full blown wizard. So hardly anything could phase the man.

Harry nodded "I'll see you around seven. I'm cooking." John grinned, every fourth Sunday was the Ford Sunday Roast. On that Sunday either John and Michelle cooked or Harry cooked. The other two Sundays were the Oliver and Potter Roasts or a Ranger Roast Celebration.

Harry arrived with yet another bang outside of the deli where he was working. Upon completing his Mundane degree of History and his Magic degree of becoming an auror, he was now working a dumb three day week at the Local Deli whilst sending his CV's to mundane and magical employment.

"Potter-San, why you late? You ALWAYS LATE on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but this Sunday as well." Yelled Alexander Clerk.

"Sorry boss...I told you, if I'm going to be late it's going to be because of my children. They come first."

Alexander nodded "What was wrong with them?"

Harry shrugged "Traditional youngling illness. Plus the wife had to go to work so I needed to head to their Grandparents before coming here."

Alexander nodded "I can't get you to change." Harry smirked "You'd be out of a quality meat slicer who knows the neighbourhood quicker than you saying 'you're fired'."

Harry pulled on an apron and stepped behind the meat desk "Hello people...Sorry I'm late."

Buisness was flying by when Harry, Trent Fernandez who was now working freelance both stepped outside for their forty-five minute break to have food. When it happened.

Harry and Trent looked up, the sky momentarily darkened and what looked like ninja's with dinosaur specifically raptor faces appeared in the street. Then it happened Harry began to glow slightly red and Trent yellow.

Across the street jumping out of his jeep Tommy, who on orders of Kimberly who had forgotten to grab a chicken for roast had arrived in Emerald Coast took a blue aura.

Kira on the other hand took on one that looked rather green "Harry, what do we do?" Asked Trent as a Pteradon began to scream in his ears.

Harry grinned as a T-Rex roared in his "Time to go to work. Concentrate on the dinosaur and follow my routine." Trent did so his left foot slid forward and his right foot went behind him as he slid into the traditional knife-hand block, shutouke stance. His hands curled as if they were in boxing gloves. "DINO BEAST!" Harry's and Trent's feet into the Heisoku-Dachi stance with their hands by their sides. "SPIRIT!" Their left foot went forward into the zenkutsu-dachi stance with their right fist prepared at rib height and left fist parallel to their knee. At "UNLEASHED!" they launched themselves into a high roundhouse kick or mawashi geri.

At the same time they were performing this routine Tommy and Kira had met up they had been joined by Casey of the Jungle Fury Rangers and he was cloaked in a pink aura.

(Morphing Sequence)

All five rangers landed on the heads or wings of their respective dinosaur spirits and a coloured yet transparent substance emerged from their hands and they manipulated around themselves with surprising speed and dexterity before throwing it forwards.

(End Morphing Sequence)
"Strength of the Tyrannosaur...Dino Fury Red Ranger!"
"Endurance of the Triceratops...Dino Fury Blue Ranger!"
"Speed of the Pterodon... Dino Fury Yellow Ranger!"
"Stealth of the Velociraptor...Dino Fury Black Ranger!"
"Determination of the Stegosaur...Dino Fury Pink Ranger!"


(Heavily inspired by Jungle Fury. Morphing sequence more or less the same as Jungle Fury except they fall onto their Zord heads like the Shadow SPD Ranger. As for Casey being Pink and Kira the Black why the fuck not. Male yellow rangers and female blue rangers..."