Harry Potter and the Dino Fury

Harry Potter/Power Rangers X-Over

Last in the trilogy

Harry/Kira Tommy/Kimberly

I Own Nothing

As the Dino Fury team reunited a pillar of fire erupted and Harry went flying backwards. His back slammed into the wall and to everyone's surprise the strike momentarily deactivated the suit only for it to reappear.

The fire petered off revealing the Red Mage Force Ranger. "I want my team back." Growled the Mage Ranger.

Harry got up "No…You're not yourselves. The safest place for you is to be incapacitated." The controlled Neville gestured and a fist of fire slammed into Harry slamming him backwards.

The Dino Rangers rushed forwards only for the two red rangers to be separated by a ring of fire. Harry looked at his possessed friend "Demorph. If we're going to beat the shit out of each other I'd rather see the face of the person I'm thumping."

The Mage Ranger demorphed revealing a well built, broader, thinner but definitely muscular Neville Longbottom. Harry did the same thing and sighed.

He had a feeling he had been in this situation before. Neville assumed a fighting stance and summoned his sword. Harry did the same and entered an inherently defensive style that would allow him to fend off Neville's much stronger and probably more direct blows.

Harry knew his strengths and that he was quite possibly much more durable, faster and more confident in his martial skills than Neville. Only Harry's own skills had been enhanced by being a ranger three times, something that put him just below his cousin.

Tommy was possibly the only still serving ranger and been on more teams than Harry had. So could easily fight and beat Harry in a spar. The other rangers who had more experience were the same but they would feel more exhausted than Harry.

It was this remnant of Power from his previous two other terms as a ranger that would get him through this fight. Neville, however would be able to probably use his magic and ranger power to make the tables equal. It didn't help that the Mage Rangers had wordless and non-verbal elemental magic.

Neville charged, the swords connected and the controlled Red Ranger and friend clashed in the unmistakable sound of clashing steel and moving air disturbed the molecules.

Neville was steadily losing ground. In his controlled state he knew he was powerless to try and break the bindings on him. He also knew that it was Draco Malfoy who had turned him and his team evil.

Now here he was watching as his body fought against his friend. However, the longer he and his team were exposed to the combat, the more time they had to weaken the bindings on them.

The fighting intensified as Neville began to infuse his element into the strikes. Harry went from quickly being on the offensive to being on a rapid defence faster than he could process.

He dodged one burning sword slash, flipped over another and with a flick of his own sword sent Neville flying backwards. Neville got to his feet grabbed his sword two handed it began to glow white hot.

Harry closed his eyes, this was going to be the final strike. He knew it. He calmed his breathing and his sword slackened in his grip. Harry felt his perception of time fade away now it was just him and Neville.

Neville charged, Harry remained still. He focused. This would finish it. Neville brought his sword down, Harry opened his eyes. Harry smirked, he rushed under Neville's attack. Harry drove his knee into Neville's stomach, the bulkier teen stopped, his sword fell to one side. Harry grabbed Neville, kneed him again, grabbed him by the waist, Neville went up and Harry brought the man crashing back down again firmly on his back.

Neville groaned as the remaining energy of the slam forced his head into the concrete and he knew no more.

The flames receded and Harry armoured up, Harry concealed Neville's face and they were about to teleport out when they were distracted by a thunderous boom.