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Phred's POV

What in the world just happened? I got pushed into lava and then woke up. I just hop out and walk bored to the escape pods sign. Seems like everyone else has already gotten home. Even I would be surprised to see Zack no longer cold. There was this weird beam of light and that thing just sucked me in. What the heck is going on? Anyways, I found myself locked in a laser cage. Hold on, who the heck puts lasers around the cage? This has got to be the most random but sickest idea I've ever heard of. My eyes widened to see Smiley curled up into a ball and Zack in a small ice cage. Is that taking away his ice molecules? Hell no, would it do that.

Phil's POV

I was pretty sure everyone got back home safe. I hopped in the escape pod and flew back to Earth. Suddenly, the escape pod was rattling and I was going all over the place. Who's doing this? And why did the glass from the escape pod open? More importantly, why am I being sucked up to some red spaceship? After what seems to be 5 seconds, I landed on my butt. Clearly the world needs butt-pads! My eyes widened of what I saw: Phred and Smiley in different laser-wall cage and Zack's ice molecules being sucked out of him! What kind of person does this to just four elementary school kids? And am I actually dreaming?

"Why hello there," I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to see a red alien with some nice sunglasses.

"Um, who are you?" I asked, slightly confused. Who is this alien? Does he even own this spaceship?

"I am Viz, the leader of Vizion," Viz said. Wow, what a name. Before I could even ask what the heck this Vizion group does, he interrupted me. Suddenly, he glared at a green alien. Kinda like him. Maybe they're brothers? "If you're wondering what is going on, go talk to that cowardly traitor!" He pushed me to the green alien. How rude. What's even ruder is that Viz took the key card scanner!

"I shall be claiming this, thank you," he said with a smirk on his face. Man I wish I had telekinesis to take the card back from him! He then just walked out, closing the door with one of his long arms. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could have those? Anyways, this green alien, who supposedly is a traitor might have information.

"So," I said. "What is going on here? And what is your name?"

"I'm Diz," the green alien said. "Yes, I did betray Viz, but not you."

"I heard you and Viz talking on the transmitter while I was asleep. Are you brothers or something? And I overheard that you guys were planning to freeze Earth? Is that Vizion's goal?"

"I will explain, so listen carefully," Diz said as he looked down at the ground. "And no, we aren't brothers."


"It all started from the project Vizion," Diz said. "As you know, Vizion is named after Viz's name. He believes that he must decide the fate for every single planet. Vizion's first planet is your home planet, Earth. Well, no one really agreed to that plan but we were forced to as he is our leader. He gave a chance to his minions to prove that Earth is good and should not be destroyed."

Phil's head tilted at what Diz said. He looked up at Smiley and Phred who both shrugged, unsure of what Diz was saying. Diz looked away from Phil but continued his explanation.

"Vizion made a mine that stops time if something or someone touches it," Diz said. "However, when you escaped the school, you stepped on the mine, stopping time. Enraged, Viz eventually decided that Earth must be destroyed. He had us to abduct you and your friends before changing time back to normal."

Phil looked at Smiley who slightly glared at him. Embarrassed, Phil looked away covering his face with his hands. Phred, on the other hand, gave Phil a thumbs up. Smiley noticed and glared at Phred who whistled, ignoring her.

"Viz had a plan," Diz continued, still facing the wall. "that he is going to use the 'evils' and power to destroy Earth, still convinced that Earth is evil. All Vizion members, including me, had to look in your minds and give you some altered mind dreams. Excuse me for saying this, but we had to change your clothing to see if it can also alternate your dream."

Phred gave a 'say what now?' look while Smiley blushed madly. Phil shrugged and thought that the clothes were pretty much like cleaner version of their old outfits. He turned back to Diz while giving Smiley a 'sorry' look.

"Viz is the cause for Earth's doom?" Phil said. It took him some time to evaluate the information in his brain to understand what was going on. "Well then Diz, why were you called a traitor?"

"I forgot," Diz said sheepishly. "Death is the only thing that can wake you up from your alter dream. You see, I made you get killed in your dream so that you could wake up. I had to alter Mr. Munch, your college teacher, to be able to kill you. Right now, you must save Zack as Viz is absorbing his ice molecules with the machine Zack is encased in."

Suddenly, the laser began to glow white. Phil's eyes widened.

"Is that laser going to charge?" He asked nervously.

"I'm afraid so," Diz said. "I'm sorry."

Phil's POV

No. NO. NO! If we don't do something- well, more like if I don't do SOMETHING to save Earth, it won't be able to live! The door opened to see Viz walk in.

"Sorry Diz," he said. "The window view is for the kids only." Viz threw Diz out and he face planted the floor. That must really hurt for Diz. Viz even locked him out of the room my friends and I are in!

"Maybe I should have gotten more cages," Viz said. "I''m sure you'll enjoy the doom of your home planet."

My eyes narrowed. There's no way I'm going to live with this freak! Earth is where my friends and I belong! I need to build up courage to stand up against this evil guy!

"No," I said firmly. "I won't."

He looked at me, quite surprised. Surprised enough that he dropped the key card scanner. I couldn't really reach since he isn't going to let me get it anyways.

"I can assure you that it will be a rather spectacular moment in your lifetime," Viz said. The others heard it.

"No it won't!" Smiley yelled out.

"Silence you yellow hyper bug!" Viz yelled. Did he really call Smiley that?! I felt like I was boiling up. Okay, I guess I'm being too protective of Smiley or something. Phred just glared at Viz. Viz glared back at Phred.

"Anywho," Viz said, turning back to me. "I am thinking of watching the moment on my own red ship. Not here as this is Vizion's ship. Now prepare yourself for the Grande Finale of your world!"

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