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When Harry didn't know how to talk yet, life at the Dursleys was actually, pretty normal. But when Harry had first gotten a single word out of his mouth, it sounded inhuman, and most definitely not normal. Aunt Petunia stared and him and took Dudley away while Uncle Vernon slapped him in the face. Harry learned not to say anything after that.

"WAKE UP!" Aunt Petunia screeched through the cupboard. Harry instinctively got up and slammed his forehead into the bottom of the stairs. "It's Dudley's Birthday today so you better be ready!" Harry groaned. Of course. How could he have forgotten. He opened his cupboard door, letting the cool air in. He walked up to the oven and picked up the frying pan. "And don't you dare burn the bacon!" Harry nodded mutely. Of course he wouldn't. Not on Dudley's special day. Then he realized a noise had escaped his mouth and he had spoken out loud. Aunt Petunia glared at him and aimed a blow at him with her soapy dish. Harry ducked just in time. "Go weed the garden, then you'll get food!" Aunt Petunia told him, "Go!" Harry ran for his life. He began plucking at the weeds as quickly as he could. He had to move a branch to get to one.

Sssstupid human! Right when I was going to sleep! A snake slithered out of the bush, ready to attack.

Harry was shocked. Excuse me? He whispered.

You sssspeak the language? The snake stopped and tilted his head.

What do you mean I speak the language? You're the one talking! Harry whispered back to the snake.

You don't know what I'm talking about, young ssspeaker? Lisssten to yourssself!

This time Harry listened as he talked. He could notice a soft hiss at the end of every sentence he spoke. But why can speak your language? Can others do it too?

I do not know, child. But I do know thissss. You ssssee thingsssss the way normal people ssssee thingssss. But you are different. If you look closssse enough, then you will ssssee thingssss the way they truly are. I have to go now, your guardiansssss are coming. Then the snake turned around and crept back into the bushes.

"You, boy! Are you done?" Aunt Petunia came over and started to slap him. Harry picked out the last weed.

"Stop." Aunt Petunia froze, shocked. "I have finished." Harry got up and walked into the house. He did not like the forced English, but that was the only way to communicate. Harry ran up the stairs and thought about what the snake in the garden had said. If you look closssse enough, then you will ssssee thingssss the way they truly are. Harry went back downstairs into his cupboard, turning that over and over again in his head until he fell asleep.