The girls arrived home to find a crowd gathered in their front yard: the Professor, the Mayor, Miss Bellum(who always stood close by as if ready to correct her boss' every blunder), Miss Keane, and a great many others. Even the Amoeba Boys, blue-gray blobs in fedoras, hovered on the edge of the crowd.

"Girls, girls!" The mayor waddled forward, eyes merry above his great white mustache, with the key to the city shining in his hand.

Miss Bellum bent down and said in his ear, "Blossom."

"Huh? -- Oh, yes! Blossom!"

"Yes, Mr. Mayor?"

"I understand that some unfortunate misguided individuals have been, shall we say, holding grudges against you..." He caught sight of the Amoeba Boys and jabbed a finger at them. "Ah! It was you, wasn't it?"

Miss Bellum bent down again. "No, Mayor! You didn't want to talk to her on the hotline earlier, remember?"

The Mayor scratched his head. "Really? I didn't want to talk to Blossom? Whatever for? Well anyway..." He thrust out the key. "Please accept this token of Townsville's appreciation for everything you've done in your young but unselfish life, and in the hopes that you'll always brighten our city with your sweet presence!" An impressive speech; he sounded as if back on the campaign trail.

The crowd cheered. Blossom's face shone, and her heart glowed warm.

The Amoeba Boys came forward.

"What are you doing here?" Buttercup folded her arms.

Bossman said in his best Edward G. Robinson voice: "We've pulled off The Crime Of All Time, that's what!"

"Yeah!" The other two nodded happily.

"Not just the crime of the century, mind you, or even of the year, but The Crime Of All Time!"

"Yeah, yeah!"

"And when you hear about it, you'll have to arrest us!" Bossman fairly jiggled with excitement.

"So what is it, boys?" the Professor wanted to know.

Bossman held up a piece of paper. "See this? We got a parking ticket!" He laughed triumphantly.

Blossom scratched her head. "But you guys don't have a car. How could you get a parking ticket?"

Miss Bellum plucked it away from Bossman and studied it. "Why, this isn't yours! It's got someone else's name on it!" She looked closer. "And it's already been paid off!"

Bossman's eyes went blank; he appeared to be thinking hard. Then Tiny spoke up.

"Boss, would that explain why we found it in a trash can?"

Everyone burst out laughing. But no one laughed louder or more cheerfully than Blossom, trading hugs with the Professor and her sisters.

Miss Bellum's cell phone rang. She answered it. "Hello?...oh, yes...thank you." She returned it to her side.

"Girls, that was the Chief Of Police. They just caught up with Princess and Mojo."


A week later, Mojo Jojo and Princess moped by the roadside, wearing orange coveralls and hard hats -- Mojo's was an orange dented version of his famous braincap -- glumly picking up trash and stuffing it in plastic bags. Armed guards stood nearby.

The two convicts heard a sound and looked up. The Powerpuff Girls hovered a few feet away, grinning at them.

Princess turned her back. "Hmmph!" Apparently even her daddy's army of attorneys couldn't get her released.

"Hey jailbird!" Buttercup sang.

"Who's the goody-goody now?" Bubbles bubbled.

Blossom raised a hand. "Now, girls, we musn't do that. We don't want to stoop to their level. Let's go."

They turned to fly away. But just before they shot off for home, Blossom couldn't resist yelling "Jailbirds!" over her shoulder, which brought a burst of giggles from her sisters and a mumbled "Curses!" from Mojo.