This is a story writen in Medieval times. You'll figure things out as it goes, it'll take me a little longer to get the chapters out, only cuz they're longer then my usual chapters...and there are only gonna be 7 chapters. I've already got the outline written out for this entire story. I may make some changes as I go along though. Who knows. Ok, I'm rambling. Higher rating for sexual scenes later on in the story...chapter 4 or 5 I think...On with the story


Knight In Shinning Armor
Chapther 1

High above the royal court, his staff of gold in his left hand, a goblet of blood red wine in his right, he searched through his Knights. Looking for the perfect one to escort his daughter on a trip to France.

The King of Spain was a middle aged man, late 40's, his wife had died giving birth to their only child, a daughter. He had refused to take anyone's hand after he lost her. Now, he was allowing his daughter to take a trip to France for her 20th birthday celebration.

"Tenou, step forward."

"Dammit, I knew he would pick me, I don't wanna go with that snobby bitch." he mumbled to his self the entire way up till he kneeled in front of the king.

The king's dress was marvelous, the red cloak, lined with bloodstones. His steel plated vest covered up by his shirt and mail, his pants were the same color red as the bloodstones.

Haruka stayed bowed, right arm across his chest, left arm back, left knee on the step, and head facing the ground.

"Tenou, rise." he tapped his staff to the ground.

Haruka rose and stayed quiet, he had been under the king's lead for nearly four years. He had led the kind to several victories. Obviously the best he had.

"I want you to be my daughter's escort and her personal body guard on her trip to France. If anything happens to her, it'll be your head." his voice was stern.

Haruka swallowed. "Yes, sir."

"You will be departing tomorrow, go now and pack what you will be needing to take with you. You're leaving tomorrow at dawn. Now go."

Haruka bowed toward his sire and fell back into line, waiting for the king to dismiss them to return to their quarters. There was a secret that Haruka kept to herself, only her and her roommate knew what her secret was. That she was a female. The only female Knight in the kingdom. But they knew that if word got out, Haruka would be killed…

"I can't fucking believe he's making me go." her body mail lightly rubbed together as she paced around her room. "I can't stand the way Michiru acts. She had to have everything her way." she collapses onto her bed. "Fernando, I'll never make it on the road with her, to…AND…from France. I'll end up killing that bitch."

"Calm down Ruka. Just stay away from her and make sure she lives, no big deal. Right?"

Haruka stood and packed a few more clothes, her cigarettes, matches boxes, elixirs, daggers, and smaller, easy to carry things into the bag that King Kaiou gave to her to fill for the trip. It was all that she was allowed to bring along.

That evening, at dinner, Haruka say alone, as she normally did. She was the youngest of the Generals and actually as young as some of the regular soldiers. Nobody liked her attitude, but the liked her leadership abilities. The only time they were to listen to her was when they were in battle.

"Haruka, you're lucky to get to travel with the Princess." A few troops chuckled some. "Good luck with Miss I've-got-to-have-everything-my-way."

"Sire!" Fernando yelled from the other side of the dinning hall and instantly bowed his head to the king as he walked by, followed by two of his servants and four guards.

"Guards, take these two to the dungeon, lock them up for what they said about Michiru. Haruka. I would like you to hurry up and finish your meal and come with me."

Haruka took a bite of her roll and left her meal on the table to be cleaned up by maids and followed her king into the Palace. She was led into an area that was completely unknown to her. She assumed that it was the bedding area, or meeting area. Where the king met with kings and higher ranked nobles of other nations or lands to talk treaties.

King Kaiou led Haruka into a large room lit by only candles. But by what Haruka could see, there were draperies of gold and blue silk spaced approximately three feet apart on three of the four walls of snow white. On the fourth wall, there was a bookshelf along the wall to the left of them, the thickness of some of the books amazed her. Soft violin music filled the air of the room. It was coming from the chair facing the window in the corner.

A young women with soft teal hair had the chestnut wood violin resting on her left shoulder, playing a slow, eerie melody, ignoring the people in the room. Until her father cleared his throat, making her stop and put it away in it's home in the black case which stood against the wall.

Michiru was a rebellious young women who hated having to obey her father. But she did, only because she knew that he was getting up in age and she didn't want to upset him in anyway. But every chance that she got, she found some way to get her way and not have to listen to him.

'Great. I'll have to put with THIS for the next two and a half weeks.' Haruka thought to herself. She smiled and kissed Michiru's hand, making sure she stayed on the king's good side. "You're daughter is even lovelier in person your highness." she almost gagged at her last sentence, but found some way to keep her smile and her cool.

"I'll leave you too in here to get to know each other for a little while to get to know each other." King Kaiou makes the suggestion toward his daughter and the Knight.

"But father, dearest. Are you sure that's such a great idea?" Michiru stepped in 'First off I hate talking to Knights.' she thought. "We have to get up early tomorrow and we have a long trip to France, I'm sure that this fine Knight and I will have plenty of time to get to know each other."

Haruka nodded her approval. 'Thank god. At least we both think the same way.'

"You're right, Haruka do you think the same way?" she nodded her agreement. "It's settled. Haruka return to your room. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

Haruka left the room, cursing herself in her mind the entire way back down to her room. There was no way alive that she was going to survive two and a half weeks in the middle of nowhere with a few soldiers and Princess Goody Two Shoes.

Michiru lay on her bed, staring at the canopy hanging above her. She mumbled and talked to herself many times, it was like talking to her mother whom she had never met. "I don't even know this Haruka person and he's going to be my person body guard. He kissed my hand. He's too gentlemen-like for my liking. He's going to make me sick." She rolled onto her side and looked at a lonely blackbird sitting on her windowsill "I guess my best bet is to just stay away from that jerk. I've heard stories of his 'perfect' attitude." She let herself go to sleep, tomorrow was to begin the longest two weeks of her life.