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Knight in Shining Armor

Chapter 13

Six Months later

"Once you sign this my Queen, it will officially make you the most controversial leader this nation has ever seen." The lawyer looked at Michiru as he offered her the pen.

"The nation seems to be accepting of this law." She looked up as Haruka walked into the room. She smiled as she set the tip of the pen to the paper. "This is something I feel needs to be done. It will make a lot of people happy." She tilted her head as she signed her name along the bottom.

The blonde slid off her coat as she stepped up behind her love. "Now we can officially have our wedding tomorrow."

"Please...take this and leave us." She offered the paper to the man standing beside her who only nodded and left with it. "My first official piece of business." She moved away from the desk slightly to allow Haruka room to lean against it, in front of her.

"There's only a few more things to do before the ballroom will be ready." She reached out to cup the queen's cheek. "I need to go to the tailor to make sure my clothes fit."

"Even though you'll have them on long enough to get back to our room after the reception." She smirked and stood up, in between Haruka's legs to kiss her deeply. "You don't have to go right you?" Her fingers worked at each of the buttons in her way.

Next Afternoon

Haruka gripped her new wife's hand tightly as they turned to face the group of people that attended their wedding. Never before had they felt such a love toward them. "I hate when people watch me." She whispered down to Michiru as they made their way into the adjoining room for the reception.

"They're going to be watching us all evening my love. And for the rest of our lives. You had better get used to it." She pulled on her wife's hand to drag her away from the gathering people in the ballroom. "I want to show you something."

Once they were in a quiet corridor Haruka spoke. "What did you want to show me?"

The queen never spoke as she threw her arms around her neck and kissed her roughly. Her hand slid down the front of the blonde's blazer to squeeze her breast. "I missed you last night."

A moan rumbled from the blonde's chest as she pressed the smaller woman to the wall. "They won't mind if we're late." She took her hand and made their way to the nearest room that was unoccupied, Michiru's office.

She pressed the smaller woman against the edge of the desk as she shrugged her blazer off her shoulders. They never broke their kiss as Haruka freed her wife from her wedding gown.

It was nearly a half an hour later before they were pulling their clothing back on. Michiru stopped at a mirror to fix her hair before reaching out to button Haruka's blazer. "Shall we go and greet our guests me love?" She smiled slyly before walking from the office and back into the ballroom. They were greeted with applause and congratulations by each of the attendees.

"They really do like you Ruka."

"I suppose." She stayed close to the queen, not used to the attention yet. "I'm not used to this." She spoke again as they made their way to the head table to take a seat.

"Hate to tell you this Ruka. Tomorrow's your coronation as King. So you'll have the entire nation looking at you."

She forced a smile to her face as she looked out at the small gathering of people, half were dancing, the other half enjoying their meals. "Well you can help distract me from the thought later." She smirked and raised her glass for a toast. "To us...may we live long and happy together."

"To us." Michiru picked up her own glass of wine to sip from it.

They started eating their meal as the entire room started to calm down from the roar of chatter. Each of the patrons turning their attention to the newly married couple. "I think it's our turn to dance Ruka."

"But I can't dance!" She tried to fight, but to no avail as she was drug onto the dance floor.

"It's not that hard, just relax and follow my lead." Michiru rested her head on the taller woman's chest as they began slowly swaying to the rhythm .

"I love you...My Queen." Haruka whispered only to her.

"And I love you...My King."

-The End-

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