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"Oh my god did you hear?" "I saw them with my own eyes, she was practically a monkey and he was a banana, or rather he HAD an enticing banana." Whispered words of the newest 'shock and awe' were being thrown back and forth, becoming more exaggerated as she walked down the corridor to her locker.
"Tara!" she heard her name being yelled as she made it to her locker. Not sparing the command for her attention any time she spun the dial back and forth with each click the caller got more persistent and ever closer. Just as her metal closet sprung open and she shoved the calculus book into the tiny space the source of the whispers and her annoyance stopped beside her, acting just as normal and casual as ever.
"So is it true?" No pretense, no mindless chitchat just straight for the juggler that was her best friend for ya.
"Well if you had bothered returning my phone calls on Saturday and Sunday night then you would know the answer to that insipid question wouldn't you?" She snapped irritably punctuating her pent up feelings on the slamming of metal on metal as she turned to glare at her so called bestie.
"So it is true." Donna answered her own question as she fell in step with her.
"Yep, however don't believe the rumor mill run by Brittney and her following it wasn't a threesome and it didn't involve her daddy's lounger. If you can count on anything its Jackson and his simplicity to be an asshole." She told Donna as they made their way towards English, albeit slowly and with great effort as every ten feet or so some Jock or Wannabe Croweater would give her a smile.
As they entered into English she swore to herself she would not under any circumstances look to the left back corner.
Another promise broken she thinks to herself as her eyes betray her mind and look quickly at the desk in the back of the room before she stomps to the front of the class, absolutely not affected by the blonde, gorgeous jackass that stole her heart all those months ago and then tore it to shreds in a matter on moments sixty-four hours and fifty-two minutes ago.
Damn him why did he have to come to class today. He knows that school is my sanctuary she thinks as she sits down in her assigned seat before starting up a conversation with Donna that has absolutely nothing to do with the boy four rows back.
Mr. Jeffer calls the class to attention, however before she can escape any more talk of the happenings of this weekend Donna sends her a pointed look and a whispered 'Tell me after class' before focusing solely on the teacher and the newest book.
It took all of her energy to not turn around as the feeling of his gaze settled on her and never let up throughout the class.

"So you gonna spill or do I have to go to the grapevine, and by grapevine I mean Opie." Donna asked as soon as the word dismissed passed Jeffers lips.
Shooting her an impatient look she shook her head slightly before picking up her book and marching out of class. Of course fate was a fickle bitch and just as she stepped through the door Jackson and Opie were on her like flies to honey.
"Tara, babe look I'm sorry. It didn't mean anything I sw-" Jackson babbled keeping up with her as she stalked out of class and back down the crowded hall toward biology.
"Save it Jackson, I don't want to hear how it didn't mean anything because it meant something to that hussy Allison and it sure as hell meant something to me so save your excuses and your apologies." She half-yelled half-whispered over the slight hum of the other students who gradually quieted as they realized the performance of the two entertainers. Well call her a fool she thinks bitterly as she catches Jaxs' astonished eyes.
"Bab-" He starts to plead again until she turns the full force of her anger on him and he shuts up. Good she thinks as she takes him in fully.
Inching closer to him the aroma of leather and spice knocks her off balance for a split second and all she can see is him whispering tender words against her pebbled skin as her hands tangle into his golden locks before the slamming of a locker pushes her back to the present moment and she's a breath away from his lips. The only thing she can see is that stupid skank sitting side-saddle on Jaxs' bike as he waxed poetic in her studded ear, the floozy's arm wrapped possessively around his patch that she sewed on despite the needle pricks to her hands. No, he isn't getting off that easy. The voice of reason yells in her head. Straightening up she channels every ounce of bravado she has and imitates from the master, or rather the Queen. Her voice is thick with anger as she whispers so quietly that only the immediate four can hear, "Have fun with the poor imitation." With that she spins on her sneakered toe and starts toward class, with a bemused Donna in tow.
"You have to tell me what really happened because the looks on Jax and Op's faces have me dying. I'm sorry I missed your calls and I am a horrible best friend and I promise the next SAMCRO party we go to I'll cover for you with your dad. Just please, please, please tell me what happened on Saturday I am dying." Donna begged all the way across campus until they were a only a few steps away from the metal hazard sign hanging haphazardly on the Chemistry door.
"Fine, meet me at my car ten minutes before the lunch bell. Do you have any tests or anything in your final period or are you good to skip?" She asked, shuffling her binder in her arms as she waited the nanosecond it took for Donna to vehemently shout a bit too ecstatically a no before dashing into the room across from her.

Settling herself into her lab seat she relaxed for the first time all day. At least I won't have anyone staring daggers into me as I try and concentrate she thinks as she redoes her hair in a high ponytail and puts on her plastic googles just as the bell rings.
"Hey Tara." The sweet gentle voice of her lab partner greets as he rushes to his seat before the dinosaur that's teaching the class can mark him as tardy, or given her eyesight, absent.
"Hey David, good weekend? I heard you scored the winning goal against Neptune; Congrats on that." She said smiling at him and his skewed googles.
"Yeah I did, Mom and Dad actually drove us up to Sacramento and went out for a nice steak dinner, and get this the whole ride there and back Dad ragged on Jake who basically had to sit there and take it. It was great." He said gleefully before launching into the sour look that was thrown his way all through the three courses.
"Well I'm glad you had a good weekend. Sorry I missed the game on Friday; Jax doesn't exactly exude school spirit." She told him sincerely apologetic for missing his big game.
"Yeah, more like teen spirit." He quipped before sending her a pitying look as the whispers started up again behind them.
"Wanna talk about it after class?" He asked quietly under his breath as the dinosaur took roll.
She shook her head from side to side looking down at his crisp white track shoes and the cracked linoleum below his chair.
"Here" David's firm assertion of his presence rang in her ears before she felt his warm hand on her shoulder before he turned to the front of the class and she followed suit raising her tired eyes to the projector waiting for class to begin.

"Now I know why the Dinosaurs all died, they couldn't stand to be around her for another minute." She groaned as she hefted herself out of the chair and falling into step with David.
"Mass suicide to get away from one dinosaur that wears argyle sweaters and skirts that resemble my grandmothers, yep I could totally see it." David volleyed back sending a soft smile her way as the corners of her lips turned up.
"Probably decided to cannonball into the nearest volcano." She said just as they made it into the hallway and coming face to face with the 'god's gift to women' or rather in her case the source of her sadness and rage.
"Do you think they scored them?" David's voice fell off as Jax looked at her before flicking his eyes to David, before finding him a non-threat and settling his heated gaze on her again.
She would never admit it but his heated gaze did things to her. Toe curling, neck exposing fingers threading through-Enough! She couldn't think about those things in the middle of the hallway and especially after what happened this weekend.
"Skipping Class Teller, how very townie of you." Dave drawled before looking over at her.
"Cutting class Davey boy doesn't seem like something a teacher's pet would do. Don't ya think Opie?" Jax asked snidely, before shooting a look over at Opie who took once glance at her and shrugged his shoulders noncommittedly.
Refusing to dignify Jackson with a response he turned towards her and laid a suntanned hand on her own that was resting over her binder and in clear view of the Motorcycle royalty. "You have my number if you need anything." He told her before sending a brilliant boyish smile and dashing off down the hall.
"Didn't realize you cut class with anyone but me" Jax said coolly walking over towards her, his cool persona cracking with every step he made till he stood in front of her with barely concealed anger and dare she say it, hurt shining in his eyes.
She shook her head softly as the idea of confirming his statement flitted through her mind before she decided to take the high road; "The class got out early because a certain friendly janitor owed David a favor and he turned the clock ahead by twelve minutes." She breathed out as his closeness dawned on her.
Before he had a chance to say anything on the matter the bell rang and not even a minute later Jax was flocked by the hopefuls and the little Trollope from Saturday.
The Trollope had the nerve to smile at her before looking at Jackson like he was a bowl of crème and she was a kitten in heat. It took all of her self-restraint to not bash the hussy's head into the nearest locker. Giving one last withering stare at Jax she moved past him, nodding slightly at Opie as she passed and made her way through the stream of hungry student toward the door and the awaiting parking lot.

The overcast day suited her mood just fine as she trudged down the stucco steps and toward her car. It wasn't technically hers but what her dad didn't know wouldn't hurt him. After all his baby would be sitting soundly back under its blanket in the garage before he woke up from his early bird binder. Making her away across the asphalt she couldn't help but think about that stupid skank sniffing around her man, and the fact that Jackson just let her hang off him while she was standing there. Something has to be done about that she thinks as she comes up to her car, finding her best friend leaning against the hood of her ride as if she was auditioning for a cover one of Tig's treasured magazines.
"You planning on waiting for Opie to come see you posing on the hood of my car, cause if that's the case I hate to break it to you but your boyfriend is off playing with the obligatory jackass known as Jackson Teller." She says flashing a fake smile at her before swatting her head as she walked by to get to the driver's side door.
"What took you so long? I thought the whole point of cutting out early was so we could get out before the parking lot turned into a zoo?" Donna asked as she slid off the car not so gracefully and flung open the passenger side door.
"Yeah well I ran into a bit of problem that needed to be dealt with." She said annoyed before pulling open the heavy metal of the door and plopping into the worn leather seat.
"Meaning you saw Jax and Op?" Donna asked as she got into the car and buckled in.
"that's pretty much the abridged version, the not so abridged version is he saw me walking out 'early' with David and he got all territorial yet when that stupid skank Allison from Saturday hung all over him he didn't bat a freaking eyelash." She explained, and she could practically feel the steam coming out of her ears before she jammed the key in the ignition and twisted with all her might, I am not pretending this key is Allison's skinny chicken neck, no I am not she told herself as the car lurched and sputtered before it purred in satisfaction.
"So where to?" Donna asked as the car sailed out of the parking spot and around the lot until finally hitting the exit out of the school property.
"I'm in the mood for some good All-American classic." She said as she pulled the sunglasses out of the center console and sliding them on her face, shooting Donna a coy smile before turning left at the first sign of no traffic.
"So burgers and malt shakes?" Donna asked sarcastically, adjusting her hair into a bun.
"Why Donna Reed, is there anything else more American?" She asked in an outrageously southern-belle twang.
"Don't call me Donna Reed, it's bad enough I told you about that. I don't want to be reminded of it. Also the only thing that's more American is Hot dogs and beers and seeing how Opie is busy and-"
"Eww enough, I don't want to think about Opie being described as a hot dog. Ugh. Jesus, Donna kill my appetite why don't you." She screeched affectively silencing her friends rant about Opie's delicious features.
"Hey! Opie is essentially an all-American buffet." Donna snapped, before bursting into giggles at her disgusted face.
The car descended into silence as it cruised the all but deserted streets of Charming until it came up to the curb just outside the local Diner. As soon as the ignition clicked off, she fidgeted in her seat twisting her keys and tapping out a steady rhythm on the steering wheel, pale porcelain knuckles against the midnight black on the interior.
"You wanna tell me now or wait till we have our food?" Donna asked her, halting her tapping on the wheel.
She nodded, afraid that if she spoke before she got her bearings she would become a weeping mess. Swallowing back a lump in her thtroat she took one cautionary breath before she began spinning the tale of Saturday Night.
Dad you awake?" She called out into the hallway as she grabbed her coat before checking her make-up once more in the mirror. Receiving no answer she walked down the hall into the beer bottle littered living room and pocketing the keys to her father's pride and joy.
"I'm going over to Jackson's be home tonight." She whispered softly to the empty room before she pushed open the creaky door and skipped down the steps two at a time. As silent as she could she made her way into the garage and opened up the car door. It let out a loud squeak in protest and she froze waiting for the telltale signs of her dad's presence. Hearing nothing after counting ten Mississippi's she put the car in neutral and slowly edged the car out of the driveway before she was brave enough to let the beauty purr.

Checking once more at the front door for any sign of her inebriated father she headed to Teller Morrow with the soft sounds of Fat Domino wafting through the speakers.
Making it to the lot in record time she double checked her make-up and primped her hair before getting out of the car.
The lot was packed given the fact that Clay had wanted to have an 'open house' of sorts for the town of Charming. Of course the real party would start later that night once the cotton candy machine and Happy's face painting booth were torn down and in its stead would be a temporary tattoo parlor.
She couldn't help the smile that lit up her face as the sounds of laughter floated over to her as she walked through the chained link gate.
The smile was slapped off her face like a tidal wave as she saw Jackson across the lot standing next to his bike with Allison 'No one is off limits' Gaile. Her top, if you could call it that showed more of her cleavage and half of her stomach she might as well have been wearing a strip of toilet paper. Of course it wasn't the clothes that bothered her; oh no it was the fact that she was sitting sidesaddle on Jackson's bike head tilted to the side as her talons walked up his chest before wrapping around his neck. The inferno that erupted in her almost had her gasping for breath at its intensity. Fighting back tears she high-tailed it out of there not wasting a second look back at her lying boyfriend and that croweater in training.
The tears fell hot and unbidden as she approached her car; barely contained sobs wracked her body as she tried to find the ignition slot through her watery eyes.

Wait! Hold up, you're telling me that Jax was caught with his hand in the cookie jar with Allison Gaile?" Donna asked interrupting her story.
"The disease infested cookie jar." She amended, wiping away a few stray tears.
"Semantics, but did you actually see him kiss her?" Donna bulldozed demanding to get to the juicy information.
"Well no but considering she was sitting on his bike, his BIKE Donna! I didn't really see the need to actually watch the performance." She cried hysterically as the image of her boyfriend and that floozy flashed on repeat through her mind's eye.
"True. I'm sorry I didn't answer Tara, Opie and I were a little distracted all night and by the time we came up for air Jax was too wasted to even make sense." Donna apologized for the second time.
"It's okay. I probably would have done the same thing." She reassured her friend before looking at her swollen eyes and her red face.
"If it makes you feel any better I didn't see Allison when Opie and I finally ran into Jax later that night. Anyways enough about Saturday, let's go get some food." Donna told her, before changing the subject and going to open the door.
"Actually, would you mind if we don't go in there. Small town ya know, everyone talks." She said stopping Donna's attempt to get out of the vehicle.
Her friend merely through her an understanding smile and buckled back into her seatbelt.
"What are you gonna do now?" Donna asked her as she went to put the key in the ignition.
She thought about it for a moment. What would she do? She didn't want to lose Jackson but she couldn't take the idea of him being with other girls.
Suddenly a thought popped into her brain like a lightbulb getting a jolt of electricity Gemma.
"We are going to see the Wizard, he'll know what to do." She said, a bit of a pep in her voice.
"Meaning?" Donna asked quirking an eyebrow at her.
"How does some home cooked food sound to you?" She asked rhetorically as she steered the car onto the street and heading toward the Teller-Morrow Home.

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