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Gakuhou Asano glared down at his son and daughter's report cards. They were like the exact opposite of each other; He made sure his employers knew not to go lightly on Chiriko and Gakushuu just because they were his children, and reading Chiriko's report card, he could see they had clearly took his words to heart. Asano-kun's teachers gushed about how he was 'Exceptionally talented and advanced young man who endevours to improve both himself and his peers.' While Chiriko's teacher complained that she was 'Unmotivated and lazy about anything academic. Easily distracted. Refuses to engage with the school's philosophy. Seems to waste her time on frivolous pursuits over raising her grades.' The only subjects she had done well in were home ec, PE, and morality.

This was unacceptable.

He admitted, he hadn't handled Chiriko well enough when she first arrived- Perhaps he had grown too used to having a child who was completely obedient to him like Gakushuu, so he didn't deal with a willfully disobedient child like Chiriko well. He had been too lax. He had allowed her to disregard all his teachings. Even being thrown into E class wasn't enough to change her ways.

No more. He would make his daughter desire strength. But to do that, he would have to teach her to despise weakness. Her stay in E class would have to be painful. He'd make sure she suffered there, so she'd finally learn to be strong, and then fight her way out from the bottom tooth and nail.

It was for her own good.

"This is the first day of your last year of middle school. It will only get more difficult from now on- All of you should feel proud of making it here this far. You are part of the elite" The elderly school spokesperson said, before adding with a nasty grin. "Unless of course you've ended up in E class."

A ripple cruel snickers echoed around the assembly hall as the other normal pupils turned to glare at the pariahs in E class. The first day as outcasts and they were already being mocked. The reaction of E class- Chiriko's new classmates- was mixed; Many of them stared down at their shoes, looks of shame burning in their eyes, others glared straight back at the main school- Hazama was pulling a particularly scary face, and Terasaka looked as though he wanted to murder somebody.

Chiriko stared up at the security camera above the stage- The one she knew the Chairman was watching the assembly through. She smiled up, refusing to show that him putting her in E class bothered her in any way. She wouldn't contribute to his education philosophy by acting like a miserable creature as an E class member was supposed to. He wasn't her father any more- he was her enemy.

She tuned out the rest of the assembly, ignoring all the Spokeperson's jabs at E class (She'd heard that all break from Gakushuu and the Chairman anyway, nothing new). Instead, tried to think positive... At least in E class she'd be away from this building with it's stifiling atmosphere. Even though he was seldom around, the Chairman seemed to control everything here.

The E class seemed to exude gloom. Even on the very first day, as the pupils milled in they had defeated looks in their eyes. They were already exhausted too- The long walk up the hill under the glare of the sun was enough to make anybody swelter. Sports had always been one of Chiriko's best lessons, and even she was panting by the time she made it to the classroom. Kanzaki was Even worse than Chiriko- She was completely fatigued. Kanzaki had been pretty much silent for the entire way up- Chiriko had heard Yukiko's father yelling at her when she knocked for the dark haired girl this morning. Yukiko hadn't been allowed out the house for the whole break between second and third year, her father had kept her under lock and key.

When Chiriko had first saw her this morning, Yukiko had clearly lost weight and gotten paler, her blond dip-dye had been chopped of the end of her hair. Chiriko had been frantically worried, of course, but Yukiko met all her concerns with a vaguely polite smile. Terasaka and his gang had opted to skip the first day of class because they were too pissed off after the very first assembly.

The building itself was a decrepit old shack with holes in the roof and worn down wooden floors. Most of the pupils looked at it despairingly.

"Man, we'll be lucky if we don't fall through." A blond girl named Rio Nakamura complained, rolling her eyes at the site of the rotting wood.

The pupils all filed into the classroom, and at the front stood a dark haired young woman who's smile was too bright for the current mood.

"Good morning everyone! My name is Aguri Yukimura- but that's Yukimura-Sensei to you!" She said brightly. The lady was wearing a lab coat, and a very interesting T-shirt with a cartoon banana on it. "I look forward to getting to know you all! and I'm happy to be your teacher."

It was like a breath of fresh air. Chiriko was suddenly grateful that at least their teacher wasn't horrible, even if everything else was. Most of the rest of the class seemed to share the same sentiments.

"Good morning Yukimura-Sensei." The class chorused in unison.

No matter how hard Yukimura-Sensei tried, being in 3-E was hard. The textsbooks were outdated and falling apart, they had no access to computer labs like the rest of the school, just getting to class took an exhausting amount of time, everything was old and broken. At first people tried to be cheerful, but when every little thing seems to be against you, you're quickly worn down.

Chiriko banded together with Isogai and Kataoka- the two recently elected class-reps, and they attempted to make the E class more habitable. Chiriko hated seeing her classmates so down, and the other two felt the same way, so they started doing repairs and decorations, roping people in to help.

On the very first week, they started by working on the main door which had been broken off it's hinges, and repainting some of the walls, and cleaning the place up in general. It was actually quite fun- Yukirmura-Sensei had to leave to go to her second job (Some kind of science thing), so just the kids were left. Isogai was a good leader, so he managed to convince a lot of people to stay behind and help.

Terasaka, who by some myrical agreed to help (It may have something to do with Chiriko threatening not to bring him lunch any more), and did most of the heavy lifting along with Yoshida and Murmatsu. Hazama 'helped' by reading a book nearby to make sure they didn't do anything too stupid (or so she said). Isogai and a couple of other boys painted the walls along with Sugoya, who it turned out was actually quite an apt artist. The other students were dotted around, cleaning, or doing various jobs.

Chiriko planting some flowers alongside and blue-haired boy named Nagisa. At least, she thought it was a boy. He had long blue hair tied in a pony tail. His delicate features and big blue eyes made him prettier than most of the girl's Chiriko knew.

"Shiota-kun, right?" Chiriko said with a smile, as they dug some holes. This was the first time she spoke to him properly. The boy looked at her.

"You can just call me Nagisa. I kind of prefer it." He said, a slight awkwardness to his tone. Does he not like his surname? I can relate to that. "You're Chiriko Asano, right?"

Of course he knew her name- it felt like being the principle's daughter and the star pupil's sister meant everyone did.

"That's me. Just call me Chiriko." She said, with a casual smile. She glanced at the other. "Your hair sure is long."

The boy laughed uncomfortably. "Yeah, well... I'm not allowed to cut it." He said, with a polite smile on his face that looked slightly forced. Chiriko cocked her head to the side, curiously.

"Not allowed to cut it..?" She started to say, being her usual prying self, when suddenly, an almighty crash was heard from nearby, followed by a string of swearwords. "Damnit- what's Terasaka done now!"

Chiriko got up and rushed over, to see Terasaka and Yoshida yelling at each other over who's fault it was they had dropped a plank of wood. "I ought to smash your heads together!" The girl tsk'd, charging between them.

When they finally finished, despite all their mishaps, the hut actually looked.. alright (At least considering the work was done by a bunch of unskilled teenagers). The classroom was a little cleaner, a little nicer. The class looked at their handiwork, satisfied- it had been hard work, but had been worth it. It felt as if they had accomplished something.

"Well done everyone." Class-rep Isogai said, with a large grin on his face, He was the type of guy who made people feel good about themselves- a natural leader. "We should all be proud of ourselves."

And people did feel proud, if only a little, that they had accomplished something. Chiriko walked home with a large grin on her face, and for the first time since entering her father's school, she was actually looking forwards to class tomorrow.

E Class Scum Here!

The ugly red paint was scrawled across their building. Everyone noticed it as soon as they arrived at the school building. Nobody knew who the vandal was, not that anyone with any power in the school would care. The Flowers were squashed, and one of the windows were smashed.

Chiriko stopped in her tracks when she saw it. All her pride from yesterday melted away to horror, and then anger. Her classmates were reacting in a similar way; Some angry like Terasaka and his gang, others upset like Hinao and Kanzaki. But everyone felt a sense of defeat. As if they had been reminded of their proper place. Chiriko forced a smile.

"Come on- let's not be disheartened by some silly vandalism from some immature idiot." Chiriko said, addressing the class. Isogai joined in.

"Right- this wont take long to clean up, and then it'll be as good as new." The class rep beamed, not showing any of his own sadness. The class continues to look disheartened.

"What's even the point anymore?" Terasaka growled, pushing past Isogai with a scowl on his face. "We are E class scum. We can dress it up all we want, but that's all society will ever see us as."

He seemed to be echoing the sentiments of a lot of the class. They hadn't even been here two weeks yet, but its easy to be worn down when you're constantly stigmatized.

"We're not scum, Terasaka- You aren't, I'm not, non of us are. Don't let them tell us otherwise!" Chiriko called after him, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. She felt frustrated with herself- she was unable to lift her classmates spirits! What use was she if she couldn't even make people happy? Everyone was suffering and she wasn't even helpful!

Yukirmura-Sensei was horrified when she saw the vandalism. She set about helping to clean it up herself. She was such a sweet lady, always so enthusiastic, even when the class' self esteem was in the dumps. She was laid back enough that she didn't mind when the class teased her abut her weird clothing tastes, but seriuos enough that she did her best to teach them. Chiriko couldn't help but notice that despite her encouraging smile she seemed tired- working two jobs must be tough. She wondered if her teacher had enough time to sleep.

That weekend, Chiriko was once again receiving tutoring from her brother. He had personally decided that neither of them were getting any sleep until she had memories all the SUVAT equations. He was clearly just as brutal as their father! It was already night time, the full-mon hung eerily in the night's sky, shining down on them as they sat opposite each other, with a mountain of paper-work in between.

"Focus!" Gakushuu chided, rapping his pencil down on his desk to get her attention when she started doodling again. "This concept really isn't all that difficult if you'd just pay attention."

"I'm too tired!" Chiriko complained. Gakushuu rolled his amethyst eyes.

"You can sleep when you've learnt your physics- honestly, you're impossible- don't you want to get out of E class?" The boy said, massaging his temples. "Now, let's run through them again- "

"- You look tired." Chiriko interjected, a concerned look on her face. "Did you pull an all-nighter last night again? You know that isn't healthy. Sleep-deprivation will make you ill."

"The Chairman wanted me to sort some funding for the school trip- Look we're not talking about that! We're talking about physics, stop changing the subject." Gakushuu said, frustration edging into his voice. He circled the work. "Now- answer these questions and we'll see if you've improved."

"You don't have to do everything he says, you know. Don't let our father work you into an early grave." Chiriko said, now in her 'concerned' sister mode, ignoring the work in front of her. "He's always cold to you, yet you're always working yourself to the bone trying to impress him because what? Because he's you're father? You know you're throwing your whole childhood away."

Gakushuu let out a irritated growl, his eyes flaring with anger. For a moment it looked as if he were about to shout. But then he breathed in, and composed himself. A cold neutral expression was on his face.

"You're one to talk, hypocrite."

Chiriko looked at him, confused. "What do you mean?"

"You threw your future away looking after our mother. You skipped school for her sake- that's probably why you're so inept. I know that much." Gakushuu said, crossing his arms. Chiriko stared at him for a moment, shocked. That was harsh even for him- she wondered if sleep deprivation and frustration had anything to do with it. She realised that was the first time he'd properly heard Gakushuu mention their mother since the funeral. Just thinking about her still brought tears to the girls eyes. She blinked them back.

She wanted to shout at her brother for even comparing working yourself to the bone to please a megalomaniac to caring for somebody who was genuinely sick. But instead she just swallowed and said.

"She's your mother too, you know."

"Only in name." Gakushuu bit back quickly. Chiriko's amethyst eyes widened, not expecting the resentment in her voice.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Her brother's expression twisted into a grimace. "I just think that somebody who leaves you when you're seven and never bothers to see you again isn't much of a mother." He said bitterly, his expression hard. Chiriko stared at him- Was that how her brother really saw it? That he was being abandoned?

She couldn't help the tears now. She opened her mouth to say something, when suddenly, a flash of silver caught her eye. She looked up at the moon- or at least, where the moon used to be. Now there was just crumbled remains. Asano seemed to have noticed too. He rushed to the window- forgetting the argument and the physics revision.

"The moon!" He cried, staring up at the broken silvery remains of earth's natural satellite. "It's been destroyed! Is it a meteor? What's going on?"

Chiriko rushed to the window next to him. She couldn't believe her eyes.

Things only got stranger from there.

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