Authors note: Courtesies of my father for most, if not all of this, just wanted to start off on some parodies. Enjoy! This one is to the tune of the Beatles' song "Help!"

Disclaimer: Neither me or my dad own any Star Wars characters, concepts, etc.

Star Wars Help

When I was younger, just a kid on Tattooine

I couldn't even tell you what the word "Jedi" might mean. But then they fried my foster folks back on the moisture farm And now I've gone with Obi Wan So those droids don't come to harm.

Help me, Obi Wan, to chart my course 'Coz this Han acts like the back end of a horse Help me do some cool stuff with the Force Won't you please, please train me?

I nearly froze on Hoth, but then I went to learn it all From this little swamp toad who's green and two feet tall. I had to cut out early, but I promised I'd come back I got real tense because I sensed My friends were gettin' jacked.

Help me if you can, I'm going mad 'Coz I just found out Darth Vader is my dad Help me, please, so I don't turn out bad! Won't you please, please help me?

The emperor built a new Death Star--he thinks it's just too swift The way we snuffed the first one, you think he'd catch the drift. We teamed up with some teddy bears and knocked the shield right down Before it blew, I finally knew My dad had come around!

Help me, I'm a Jedi, if you please And the princess is my sister, Han's new squeeze Help me make a few more trilogies.... Won't you please, please help me Help me, help me... ooooo!