Ruby yawned and stretched lazily, she rolled over in bed to see Weiss standing with a clock in hand "Come on Ruby, it's already noon, I know it's the weekend but don't be such a slacker. We need to train more, especially on combinations. After the fight with that group of whitefang and Roman Torchwick we don't have any excuses to not be getting better. Now get up!" She sighed and continued to tap a finger on the clocks surface, as if making Ruby look at it would make it click in her mind and get her to snap into leadership mode. Ruby yawned, a small tear escaping the corner of her eye from the pressure building in it.

Sitting up she pushed the clock away "Fine, fine I'm up, you got me. Now let me wake up more before we go get food. We aren't training on an empty stomach." Weiss looked like she would protest before closing her mouth and making a "Humph." as she stalked away, getting her books and training regimen in order. Ruby rolled her eyes, then considered briefly flopping back down and trying to force her self back into sleep before Weiss could stop her. She shook her head, and slowly climbed out of bed. She looked around then asked Weiss "Where's Yang and Blake?"

Weiss turned to look at Ruby with an eyebrow raised before saying "Don't you remember? Their off with Sun, and Neptune trying to find out more about the location of the Whitefang. We planned this two weeks ago." Ruby's eyebrows knit together briefly "Oh yeah, I thought that was next week though?" Weiss shook her head "Blake didn't want to wait. She said we'd been procrastinating. Honestly do you even listen? Whatever, just get ready, we need to start warm ups soon." With that Weiss left the room only to return, grab her books and scroll, then leave again.

Ruby deflated slightly, she was tired of constantly working on getting better, all the never ending studying, to staying up late coming up with plans to take down Torchwick. She sighed and rubbed at her forehead. "I need a break..." She looked around quickly then ran to the door and peeked outside, seeing Weiss had made it around the corner of the hallway. Ruby threw her clothes on, then ran out of her room and down the opposite hall, making her way towards the end of the building trying to avoid Weiss seeing her flee. She came to a dead halt as she slammed into someone on her way out. Skidding on the ground she looked up to see slightly disheveled Ozpin holding tightly to his coffee, he looked down at her through his glasses surveying her for a moment before extending a hand to help her up.

"Miss Rose, to what do I owe the pleasure?" he sounded more awake than he looked. She stared up at him mouth open in a slight gape of shock, that swiftly turned to horror as she heard Weiss down the hall towards their room saying "Ruby? Hey have you seen Ruby? She was just here. Ruby?" Quickly she grabbed Ozpin's hand, and once she was on her feet she twirled around and pressed herself into the wall and shadows behind him. She noticed a few rose petals from her semblance and quietly prayed they would fade before Weiss came closer.

Ozpin chuckled briefly, then turned towards where Weiss was, as she saw Weiss come into view around the corner, Ruby glanced down to see her petals had faded. "Oh Ozpin, have you seen Ruby? I thought I saw her cloak. We need to do some training and she was just here." Ozpin cleared his throat before saying "No, I don't think I've seen her. Have you tried the cafeteria? It is around lunch time, though knowing her it's more like breakfast." Weiss sighed "Yeah, you're probably right... Ozpin?" Weiss sounded tired but a little hopeful "Do you think I'm to hard on her? I know she's my leader, and she does an amazing job, I just think we aren't prepared enough."

Ozpin thought for a moment before saying "Have you tried telling her how you feel? With all that's been happening lately, I doubt anyone's taken a moment to talk about what they think, or how they feel, let alone how their coping. A lot is happening, and I know your team is trying harder than most. But don't over do it, there's only so much you can handle. Remember, you still have to breathe." Weiss sighed before saying "I know sir, thank you. I'll talk to her later." With that Weiss was going back down the hall, and out of sight. Ozpin turned around seeing Ruby staring in the direction Weiss had gone.

Ozpin smiled gently "You look tired, but so does she. You both need a break, go talk to her." with that Ozpin placed his hand on her shoulder briefly "You're the leader, you should be able to see when you or your team needs to rest. Don't push yourselves." with that he lifted his hand took a sip from his coffee then continued on his way, leaving behind a Ruby that was more sure of herself.

She walked back towards her room and peaked inside to see Weiss looking out the window. She gulped down the nervousness drying her throat, and squeezed her hand into a fist before taking a deep breathe and releasing. "Weiss?" She turned from staring out the window to look at Ruby. Ozpin was right, Weiss looked exhausted even through the thin layer of makeup she wore, Ruby could now focus on the darkened circles under her eyes, and her sunken shoulders, Weiss was starting to look withered. "There you are, I was looking for you." She sounded calm, still confident under it all. "I was going to say we need to get to training... but..." her and Ruby both said at the same time "I think we should take a break today." They stared at each other then nodded. Ruby was first "I can tell that you're tired, you've been pushing yourself. I'm worried about you, but I can also feel myself, I'm going to stay sluggish and just get worse as I keep going when I feel like I could just close my eyes and never get up again. We need to take care of ourselves."

Weiss was speechless, she closed her mouth and swallowed before saying "Regroup tomorrow at noon sharp?" Ruby smiled "I'll be ready." with that Weiss put her books away, and marched out of the room. Looking ever so slightly more like herself.