Summary: The life of Harry Potter had past eons ago. There was nothing left. His world had shined brightly and then crumpled to dust. But in this new era he still had a purpose, to serve and protect, a Guardian of the Light, the last and only defense against the Darkness. Can he continue on in this new life?

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Chapter 1: A voice in the night

Grimoire Card: A Boy and His Monster

There once was a brilliant man.

No, that isn't right.

There once was a monster. A brilliant monster to be sure, who was once a brilliant man.

But then again isn't that how every monster begins its journey? Someone so mundane and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The darkest monsters are the ones that start out innocent.

So this man through monstrous deeds became a thing of nightmares. He had cast aside his right to call himself human in his pursuit of the highest vanity of his time, immortality, absolute power, and to reign over all others as a god. This obsession was born from fear…

Fear of death.

Fear of weakness.

Fear of being forgotten as the world pressed ever forward.

For a moment he was nothing. He was insignificant in the face of the void that echoed onwards to eternity. He was everywhere and nowhere, a small dot in the flow of the universe. It was here he found equilibrium, there was no past or future, it was existence in its purest form. Once such peace would have left him uneasy and paranoid but in this place he was content.

But then that fragile peace was destroyed as he felt electricity race through his muscles. Every nerve felt like it was burning, cell by cell as his body was reconstructed into being, he would have screamed if he was able. For a brief moment there was only pain but as quickly as it appeared it stopped.

Then other sensations began to register. First, there was the sound of harsh breathing as someone tried to desperately take in air. It took him a moment to realize he was hearing himself. Then he felt a soft breeze tussle his hair gently and the cold sweat on his skin. Finally, he felt the firm ground under his still frame.

He was lost in the feeling until a voice penetrated his psyche and called for his attention. The frantic sound of a woman's voice was dragging him into awareness. Out of the depths of darkness, he came to consciousness slowly.

"Eyes up Guardian!"

He opened his eyes and shut them quickly with a hiss as the morning light assaulted him. With more caution green eyes peeked out past black fringe and saw…

A white floating bowling ball? He gave his head a shake trying to clear the confusing image in front of him. As his vision cleared he was able to make out the details of what he was seeing and quickly realized his mistake. It definitely wasn't a bowling ball, since most bowling balls did not have a glowing eyeball. It was also much smaller in size, it looked more like it would fit in his hands if anything.

Speaking of hands, he gave his own a glance as he felt a tingling sensation racing through them. He clenched them slowly feeling the nerves ache as if he was just getting the blood to flow after keeping them in one position for too long. Pale rough hands that represented a life of labor,there was nothing delicate about them except for maybe the dainty size. He gave his left hand a curious look when he noticed strange scars. They were faded with age to the point that the color was the strange silverish quality compared to the rest of his pale skin, but what gave him pause was that they looked more like writing. I must not tell lies.

Had he done that?

"Hey! Are you listening!"

He snapped his head up sharply to see that the floating miniature orb, for what else could he call it, was talking to him. He must have given it a dumb look because the ball zoomed in front of his face filling his vision.

"Come on Guardian! Do you understand what I'm saying? Please tell me your not brain dead! That would just be my luck, I finally find you and you're broken." The orb seemed to grumble off ignoring the curious look that he gave it.

He licked his dry lips and cleared his parched throat with a croak.


Not the most elegant way to start but his brain was a confused muddle. He felt very light headed, all he wanted to do was find a quiet corner to clear his thoughts and try to make sense of everything.

The orb grumbled lost in its own world as he struggled to stand on unused legs. Like a baby deer taking its first steps, he stumbled and cursed with frustration. Using destroyed rubble he slowly began to stand to his full height from the ground.

He felt so disoriented as his muscles and bones felt like they were burning. There was a small ember inside his rib cage that took his breath away and squeezed his innards. Shaking his head from the distraction he gave the preoccupied floating object a cautious look.

"Wha-What are you?" He almost flailed backward as the orb floated straight into his field of view.

"I'm not a what," the synthesized voice spoke sounding almost offended, "I'm a Ghost or to be more precise, I'm your Ghost to be exact. And I've been looking for you for a very long, long, long, loooong time."

"Looking for me?" What an odd thing to do, was he lost somewhere? "Why would you be looking for me?"

Before Ghost could give him an answer, the sound of gunfire in the distance pierced the atmosphere shattering it like glass. His body tensed and Ghost seemed to pause mid-float.

"How about we make a deal. You concentrate on staying alive and I'll answer any questions you have. Deal?"

Staying alive? Yeah, he could do that. He gave Ghost a nod.


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