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So after doing the 2 chapters for New Worlds to See I was asked if I could do a full story. Harry's backstory will obviously be different as he isn't Death's Marked here but this will still have some of the same things as the False Gods and Gates.

Chapter 1

Harry had seen this coming ever since Fourth Year. The Wizarding World was fickle and too willing to go along with whatever they were told. Now with Voldemort dead people were beginning to whisper. He was too powerful, too secretive, he'd been connected to the Dark Lord…. maybe he was the next Dark Lord. It hurt even if it wasn't unexpected. He loved magic, Hogwarts was his home. But one by one his friends were drifting away, unable to understand that dying changed you, that being free of the Horcrux had changed him. Ginny had thought he would come back to her after it was done but he found she no longer held any attraction for him. Despite everything she was still in many ways a child and he wasn't. that cost him the support of most of the Weasley's and Hermione, although the twins and Bill still sided with him. it had been Bill who had helped him the most thanks to his contacts. When the notice for his arrest came he was ready. He looked over his belongings and then took the time turner the goblins had given him before taking a last look at Sirius childhood home before twisting the time turner, activating it. As Ron lead the Aurors inside all they could do was stare as Harry Potter faded away.

"Doctor Potter!"

Harry raised his head from the newspaper exclaiming that the terrorists threatening England had been dealt with and smiled at the student approaching his table. "Hello Grace. What has you all excited?"

"Like you don't know? Thank you so much, I know it was your recommendation that got me in."

Harry chuckled and shrugged. "You did the work; you deserve the chance."

"I'm going to America! This is going to be so great. I know it won't be like here, Oxford is way older than any of their schools but this is…"

"I get it. Congratulations and good luck." He watched her run off and shook his head, to think that in a way she was actually three years older than him. he knew somewhere in Scotland Harry James Potter was lying unconscious in the Hogwarts infirmary, exhausted. And yet here Doctor Hadrian Orion Potter was enjoying the spring sunshine in Oxford and twenty-six years old. Time travel was enough to make his head hurt. He put the paper aside and finished his tea before heading back to his office to finish packing up. He was leaving the university to do some field work in Pompeii with Doctor Phillips. It would be nice to put his other degree to work rather than teaching linguistics. Right now digging in the dirt sounded like a lot of back breaking fun. He made his way back to his apartment once he was done with his office and finished packing away his belongings to be put into storage. He would be in Italy for at least two years, there was no point paying two sets of rent during that time. Once that was done he went for one last wander around London and found himself staring at the leaky cauldron only to stare as Hermione walked out and onto the street. It was one thing to know he was now older than them but it was another to see it. She looked tired and sad and he realised this must be when she left to find her parents and return their memories. Despite everything he did feel bad that she'd had to do that to them. He turned away and went back to his apartment for the last time, wanting a good night's sleep before his flight.

Life on a dig was different but he was having the time of his life. It wasn't his first dig, he'd gone on a few while studying for his degree but that had been as a student, it was different being one of the guys in charge. Dr Phillips was an interesting character who made sure everyone tried every aspect of working a dig while also trying to make sure they all had fun. Harry was the youngest of the staff, closer in age to several of the students, but none of them treated him like a kid. A lot of the site had been excavated already but they were digging in a new section on the outskirts of where they believed the city finished. Digging through layers of ash was messy, hard work but they were all hopeful that soon they would find something.

Harry put his book down and rubbed his eyes, thankful he no longer wore glasses even as he stared out at the city. Rome was an amazing place he wouldn't want to live there permanently. Too noisy for him, after London, Oxford and the occasional trip to Rome Harry had decided he didn't like big cities to live in. Visiting was fine but he wanted to live somewhere he didn't spend forever stuck in traffic. He turned off the lamp and got into bed, he was heading back to the dig in the morning and wanted one last good sleep in a proper bed before his vacation ended and he went back to backbreaking manual labour. Not that it bothered him considering what he had spent his childhood doing, not to mention magic helping him stay backache free. He knew there was at least one other magical on the dig, they had shared grins when everyone else had complained about their various aches and pains but hadn't spoken.

It wasn't like she would ever suspect she who she was working with, another reason to thank the goblins. His scar had faded after his temporary death and a handy potion had altered his physical appearance just enough that even if he was the same age as the Harry who had just jumped back in time no one would think they were the same person. His hair had been tamed and lightened slightly while his skin had darkened a tone or so not to mention he'd put on some extra height. He was still slender but no longer too skinny, archaeology helped build muscle more than Quidditch ever had. At most someone might assume he was his own distant cousin or something. It made life a lot easier.

Harry put his brush down and shaded his eyes with his hand as he spotted the jeep. "We expecting anyone?"

"No." Dr Phillips answered as he moved to confront whoever was in the jeep. Seeing someone in American military uniform and a civilian get out was surprising but so was being waved over. "Dr Potter, Dr Daniel Jackson and Major Davis of the US Air force, they want to talk to you."

Harry nodded and led them over to the currently empty research tent. "How can I help you gentlemen?" Dr Jackson…he knew that name from somewhere.

"We have a job offer for you Dr Potter."

"Harry please." He passed out water bottles since it was a hot day and they gratefully took them to drink.

"Harry. Call me Daniel. You've written some papers that have gotten notice and it's been decided that you would be a good fit with our program." Daniel explained excitedly, he'd read all of Harry's papers and was happy to find someone else who had made a name for themselves so young.

"And the fact I'm not American?"

"You wouldn't be the first multinational recruit or the only Brit. It will be mainly translation work with the possible occasional dig. The pay is good."

Harry chuckled. "I don't care about pay. But why is the military interested in translators?" He studied the Major, he was confident but didn't strike Harry as a front line soldier.

"Classified." Was the immediate response and Harry crossed his arms, leaning against the table.

"Not interested."

"Major Davis, Harry…please. The Major is right; the project is classified but I can tell you there is no other job like it. We're learning new things every day. Yes, publishing is difficult due to the classification but it's worth even that limitation."

"Jackson…. you're the one who theorised the pyramids are older than generally believed."

Daniel winced but nodded. "Yeah."

"And then some jerk made you out as an alien nut just because it didn't mesh with his beliefs. I read the paper, you never mentioned anything unbelievable."

"Uh, thanks." He got out a file. "Here. The most I can give you to look over. The number for our hotel is in there if you change your mind. We'll be here another two days."

"Alright, I'll read it and let you know." He saw them out and went back to work. That night he opened the file while lying on his cot and began to read. There wasn't a lot there, mission reports with almost all the text blacked out, some vague translations and some artefact pictures. He had to admit the mystery was tempting. He had a good thing here though and a position back in Oxford to return to in a few years. It was…safe and since when did he chose safe. He sighed and got his phone out, texting the number he'd been given.

Harry looked around his new apartment and sighed before opening the first box and beginning to unpack. It would be easier with magic but he didn't use it much anymore, preferring to do things by hand when he could. Colorado Springs had cheaper rent at least which meant he had been able to get a larger apartment in a nice part of town as well as a car. He'd prefer a bike but was wary of riding to and from work on one in the snow. He had two days before he had to show up at the mountain and he was looking forward to learning what the big deal was. He'd seen Daniel's reaction when he said aliens, but that wasn't possible, was it?

Harry stared at the massive ring in awe as it spun and then a pool of water seemed to form, four soldier emerging from it. "Okay, very cool." He muttered and Daniel snickered. He could feel the ring, it wasn't just stone or metal, it was something else. "So aliens."

"Aliens. Some good, a lot of them bad." Daniel led him down to where the linguistics department had its offices. "This is yours. All the introductory reading is on the computer. You have a bunk on base but it's a shared room so I suggest not spending the night too often." Harry put his computer bag down and then followed on the rest of the tour, meeting the medical staff and a few of the other science departments. "Sam, this is Doctor Harry Potter. Harry this is Captain Sam Carter, my teammate and an astrophysicist."

"Nice to meet you Captain." He offered his hand and she shook it.

"You too Doctor. New linguist?"

"Yeah, Daniel got me away from Pompeii." Harry grinned and Sam laughed.

"Yeah, he's good at that. I need to get back to this." They left her to work, continuing the tour until finally ending up back in Harry's new office. He looked around the bare room, glad his boxes had been delivered. He started opening them up and putting up his books and various possessions, making the office far more personal. Then he turned on the computer and got to work setting it up to his preferences and then reading all the briefing papers, he had a lot to go through. He was just glad he'd been given the spell the Ministry to shield magic so that he didn't affect electronics too badly, after all the Ministry was in the middle of London and didn't affect the city. Why Hogwarts didn't use the spells as well was a mystery. Then again they were all stuck in the Middle Ages. This was beyond anything he'd imagined when he'd read the file Daniel had given him. He almost wished he was going to be on a team going through the Gate, who knew what he could learn out there.