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Chapter 7

President Joanna Miles felt like bashing her head into her impressive oak desk and could see the nervous shifting amongst her bodyguards. "What the hell happened?" She managed to speak reasonably calmly thankfully.

"Dr Potter has fled off world with Captain Samantha Carter, astrophysicist and member of SG1. According to his last report she had been taken by a Tok'ra called Jolinar, a being physically the same as the Goa'uld. Apparently this Jolinar is a member of the resistance. An assassin followed SG1 back to Earth and attacked the two, nearly killing them. Dr Potter killed the assassin with a No-Maj gun and then your counterpart decided to turn Captain Carter and Jolinar over to the NID." Carson paused as they all winced. The NID was their worst nightmare made real. They had gotten lucky with that mess in New York back in the 1920's when magic had been revealed to the city, in the modern era there would be no hiding something like that, not with camera phones. And the NID was a disaster waiting to happen, even with Senator Kinsey resigning in disgrace, he wasn't the only government backer of the agency.

Joanna really wanted to strangle the young doctor for dumping this oin her lap…but she knew it wasn't his fault. He had done everything necessary to hide magic while intervening in world threatening events. And he had handled Kinsey very well, the man would be lucky to avoid prison time. There was no way for him to have influenced the President's idiotic decision to hand her over. She would have to confront him over this mess. There was no way Harry Potter would have moved unless she was what she said she was, which meant he was risking relations with an important potential ally. Different age and middle name hadn't fooled her for more than a second. She knew the kind of services the Goblins offered to those who were willing to pay. And she didn't blame him, she'd received the international warrant for the arrest of Harry James Potter and would have ignored it even if he hadn't taken such measures to protect himself. The British were becoming more and more inbred and stupid. They may not allow any No-Maj, except the President, to know of magic but they still managed to keep their family lines unentangled. Then again their magical population was larger and more diverse than Britains. But this simply left her with no eyes inside the SGC, a situation she didn't like.


Daniel glanced at Teal'c, fighting down his fear as he spotted the guards, he guessed a decision had been reached. Maybourne looked very pleased which was never a good thing for the good guys. He could see Jack inside the General's office as well, gesturing wildly as he yelled. The three men left the office and Jack looked pissed while the General seemed defeated and Daniel's heart sank. They had done the right thing, why couldn't they see that? Earth needed allies who would fight with them, not more enemies, why couldn't they look past the shiny technology? One of the MP's approached and held out a pair of cuffs. Daniel fought the urge to flinch, it wasn't the first time he'd been arrested, their whole dig had been once while he was still in school, but he'd never expected it to happen in the US. He glanced at Jack who just stared back, unable to do anything to keep his team together. He could almost see Jack calculating the odds, but Maybourne had come prepared, if they moved someone would die and that would make it even worse. The cuffs locked around his wrists and the other MP's approached Teal'c with the chains and then the red phone rang. Hammond quickly moved to answer it and Daniel saw him relax, nodding to the speaker. Maybourne was called in and they could all see the look of anger on his face.

"Well he looks happy." Jack muttered. "Guess there's some good news."

The two left the office and Hammond nodded at them. "Remove the restraints. Colonel Maybourne, you know the way out." The four men stood in silence while Maybourne and the MP's left.

"Sir?" jack asked once they were alone.

"Something made the President change his mind. There will be no incarceration." George answered and Daniel slumped into a chair. "SG1 will continue to operate with some changed rules. Dr Jackson, for the next two years you won't be paid for your work and it old be preferred that you remain on base."

"I understand." That was far better than it could have been.

"Teal'c with the lost access to a symbiote the President has authorised more testing on yours, so long as your life is not endangered. I argued against this."

"I understand General." Teal'c's expression never changed.

"Colonel I'll send you the files of possible replacements for Captain Carter."

"Yes sir." Hammond left and the three stood in silence, no one knowing what to say.

"Jack?" Daniel finally broke the silence and Jack ran a hand through his hair.

"I'll send you the files after I look at them." He walked out and Daniel sighed.

"He will not remain angry forever DanielJackson. He knows we did the right thing." Teal'c assured him before leaving for his room, he needed kelno'reem. Daniel left as well, heading to his office. Harry had only been gone a week and already work was piling up, he missed having Harry as his second in the department. But it was nothing to how the physics department was faring without Sam.


"This is your room." Martouf led Sam inside the small quarters. Thanks to Jolinar she knew they were temporary, designed for new hosts in couples to use until they adapted and felt ready to move in with their mates.

"Thanks." She smiled at him and he smiled back, slightly sad.

"The Council will soon call you for a full debriefing. Harry had already told them what he knows of what happened."

Sam started as Jolinar snapped to attention. "Jolinar?"

"How could I forget? The traitor Sam!"

"Oh." Sam stepped back, bowing her head and allowing Jolinar control.

"I must speak with Garshaw immediately, I do not know how I could have forgotten."

"Jolinar?" Lantash asked as Martouf gave him control, both worried.

"Cronus did not discover us by chance my love." She strode from the room and Lantash quickly led the way to where Garshaw should be.

"Lantash, Jolinar, what is it?" Garshaw asked as the two entered her 'office'.

"Forgive the intrusion Master Garshaw, Jolinar has information you need to hear."


"There is a traitor amongst the Tok'ra." She stated and Garshaw's eyes widened slightly.

"You are sure?"

"Positive. He sold me out to Cronus, I heard the conversation."

"He, you know the identity of this traitor?"


"How can this be? He has been a loyal Tok'ra his whole life."

"I do not know. But it was his voice I heard speaking with Cronus. If I had not heard them Rosha and I may have died there. Instead we had the time to flee, although the Jaffa and Ashrak were close behind." Jolinar explained sadly, still pained by her failure to save Rosha. She smiled as Lantash gripped her hand gently.

"Tok'ra Kree!" Garshaw yelled and her guards appeared. "Tal shak Cordesh, kree!" She snapped, enraged and soon they were gone, leaving the couple alone.

"Are you alright Jolinar?" Martouf gently held her hand, reaching up to brush some short blond hair off her face and she smiled.

"I will be, Rosha's loss is still too fresh."

"Of course. Come, we should return to the residential corridors." They left Garshaw's office and walked back to Jolinar and Sam's room. "Would you like to eat evening meal with us?"

"We'd both like that Martouf, thank you." Sam watched him go and then went to dig through her pack, wanting to see just what Daniel had packed for her.


Sam gratefully gave control to Jolinar as they stood before the members of the Council stationed on base. Thankfully a full council had not been called to hear their report, with Cordesh gone the remaining councillors were ones she Jolinar got along with well. She smiled as she saw Selmak and Saroosh walk in slowly, shocked by how much older they looked now. Soon they were all seated and Garshaw began the session. All to soon it was her time to speak. She took a deep breath and began telling of Rosha's last days and how she came to be within her Samantha.