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Chapter 6


"Hello, students." Aro began speaking, causing me to roll my eyes at his excited voice. "We, as you have undoubtedly heard, are the Voltorri, the Kings of Vampires." He stated, pausing in anticipation of a response, a response no one was willing to give. He blinked in shock at the silence presented, and opened his mouth once more. "My brothers and I are here because there is a Coven living amongst your town." He informed us, once more expecting an outburst of some kind from us. He blinks stupidly at the lack of noise presented, faultering in his speach. After seeing his 'fish' impression I can't withhold my snicker any longer.

"May I inquire what is so funny, human?" Caius demanded sharply, not realizing I was the one snickering.

"Well, Sire." I answered, standing up so he could pick me out of the crowd. "Aro seems to be doing a wonderful fish impression." I deadpanned with a grin. Caius blinks up at me, soon mimicking Aro's expression, turning my snickers into giggles. Gasps of shock sound from the other humans in the room at my use of the King's name.

"Isabella!" Both Aro and Caius whined out at me when they snapped out of the fish faces.

"Cara, stop teasing my brothers." Marcus called out to me, walking up to the bleachers as he spoke to me. I shot him a grin and move to the closest isle, and down the steps. I ended up triping, as per my usual record of fast movement abilities, and land delicately in my mate's arms.

"Hello, Marcus." I greeted politely, reaching a hand up to cup his face.

"Hello, Mate." He returned, lowering his head to mine, pressing our lips together gently. We break apart with bright smiles, and Marcus carried me as he returned to his brothers' sides.

"Hello Aro, Caius." I offered the other two kings my greeting, never taking my eyes off of Marcus.

"Insolent girl." Aro admonished me teasingly. I turned towards him and stuck out my tongue at him in response, gaining a choked laugh from all three Kings.

End of Recap

"Care to explain what is going on here Ms. Swan?" The principal demanded, his tone filled with anger.

"Well, about 2 months ago I met the Kings when I visited Italy. I was there because my ex-Edward Cullen- decided he was going to be a drama queen and request that his kings kill him because he thought I had died. I rushed to save him from being stupid, and ended up meeting the Kings when King Aro called for Edward to return and speak with them." I answered him, only telling the nesessities. I snuggled into Marcus's chest as everyone thought about the information I gave them.

"How long have you known about Vampires?" One kid called out, several others shouting questions.

"Since shortly after moving here." I admitted with a blush.

"Who is the Coven?" A fellow senior called out, causing my expression to change to one of bafflement.

"The Coven that lives in this area is the Olympic Coven." Caius answered shortly, several people could be heard saying 'what', as none of them knew the Cullens by that title.

"Cullens." I state easily. "They feed on animals, not humans, and several of you have told me that you feel safer around them then when they weren't here." I add when gasps of shock died down.

"Why is King, um Marcus?, holding you?" Lauren demanded, her tone insinuating that she thought he could do much better than plain-old-me.

"Marcus and Isabella are soulmates." Aro announced happily, bouncing up and down in place. I chuckle at his exuberant reactions, ignoring the glare he shot my way at me response to him. "Why are you laughing?" He quesioned me in a sharp tone.

"Because you are so excitable, it is funny to watch your reactions to different things." I answered, getting both Caius and Marcus to snort at my honesty.

"How can you tell if someone is your soulmate?" Angela asked, her quesion wasn't really loud but even I could hear the apprehension in her voice.

"Once you meet their eyes you will feel a pull towards them, and depending on how much time you spend together, it can get painful at a long distance." Marcus answered knowing that his gift made him the most knowledgable of the three.

"Why did you expose yourselves and the supernatural world to humans?" One of the teachers asked, her eyes filled with fear.

"To many humans were finding out about us to continue hiding and many Vampires have been getting sloppy, leaving paths of distruction in cities around the world. It was just best that we stop hideing in the shadows." Caius responded simply. "That is all we are saying today, thank you for listening." He added, taking the microphone from Aro and tossing it lightly to the principal. I sigh and begin to steel myself for being released from my very comfortable mate's arms. The rest of the high school students were begining to file out, heading back to classes since it was barely 1:30, the only exceptions were my friends, who were waiting on me.

"What classes do you have left for today?" Aro asked me, sensing that Marcus wasn't going to part from me unless it was necissary.

"English, Chemestry, and Gym." I answered quietly. ~I don't want Marcus to leave me.~ My mind whined, liking that I was cuddled up to my mate. "School is out around 3." I added, feeling that it would be the next question they asked me.

"Why aren't you 5 back in class?" The principal demanded, his voice coming from near the doorway. All three Kings and I turn to see who he was talking to.

"We are waiting on Bella." Mike answered, rolling his eyes at the man.

"Vilka är dessa människor som väntar på dig, Lilla du?" (Who are those humans waiting on you, Little One?-Swedish) Caius asked, slipping back into his native language. I turn my head to face the blonde king.

"You know you are really lucky I can speak Swedish." I informed him. "They are my friends." I stated, answering his actual quesion.

"What other languages do you speak?" Aro asked, facination in his eyes.

"English, French, Japanese, Chinese-both kinds, Greek, Russian, and Romanian." I answered absentmindedly.

"Why Romanian?" Marcus's chest rumbled against my back.

"Renee went on a language binge for like 7-8 years, each one being a different language and while she never actually learned any of them I became fluent in all 8 foriegn languages." I admitted, blushing lightly. "As for those specific languages- she wanted to visit those countries but never could afford it." I finished my explaination with a sheepish smile. Marcus chuckled at the picture of me walking around different cities, in different countries, with a map, backpack, and old dirty hat.

"Your Majesties, will Ms. Swan be returning to classes?" My principal asked fearfully interupting our quiet discussion.

"Yes, of course." Marcus spoke when I nodded that I would like to attend my classes. "I will be joining her, of course, and possably others will as well." He added, knowing that at least 2-3 guards would be staying with him.

"If that is the case, she needs to get going now." When the man finished his sentence all three Kings growled at him, along with several guards.

"Brothers?" Marcus turned to both Caius and Aro.

"Why not?" They answered simotainiously, Aro motioning for some of the guards to leave, while the others would be following us around the school.

"Lilla du, skulle du vilja presentera dina vänner?" Caius added, looking at me. (Little One, would you please introduce your friends?-Swedish)

"Sure, these are my friends- Angela Webber, Jessica Standford, Micheal Newton, Benjaman Cheney, and Tyler Crowley. Guys, these are Kings Marcus- my Mate, Aro-always jumping in excitement, and Caius-he has two moods angry and grumpy." I say teasing the Kings lightly. "Kings, friends." I finshed and hold a regular look for about 4 seconds before laughing hard.

"Hello Your Majesties, I am Angela." With her greeting the rest of my friends began introducing themselves so the Kings would know which was which.

"Classes!" The principal barked at us, forgetting momentarily about the Kings.

"Marcus, I can walk, you know." I stated as he carried me out of the Gym. "Second building, ground floor, 4th door on the right." I instruct when he ignores my statement. We all are heading to the same class so all of us group together, including 5 guards, and Aro knocks on the closed door to my English class.

"Can I help you?" Mr. Banner answered the door, not looking once at who was knocking.

"Sorry we are late, Mr. Banner." I say, knowing he would simply move out of the way and expect the last to enter to close the door again. I turn my head to see who was at the very back. "Chelsea, close the door when you come inside." I called out to the female guard that had helped me back in Italy. Mr. Banner's head snapped up and his eyes got wide when he realized who all had just entered his classroom. "My seat is in the middle row 7th seat." I tell Marcus, rolling my eyes when he carries me to it and sits down, holding me in his lap. My friends all take their seats and the Vampires move to stand at the back of the room, when Jasper and Alice stand up.

"Lord Aro, Lord Caius, please take our seats." They offered their Kings with bows of respect. Aro nods and sits in Alice's spot, while Caius takes Jaspers. Both Cullens move to stand near the guards at the back of the room. Halfway through the lesson a cell phone starts ringing shrilly, and everyone's eyes turn to the noise. Jane pulled out her phone, ignoring the eyes on her.

"Voltorri this is Jane." She stated in a business tone. "I will pass it on to the Kings, Gianna." She said before hanging up on the human secritary. "Masters, we have been alerted to Stephan and Vladamir's movements, they are on a plane heading here to speak with you." She informs her Kings in a soft voice. "Unfortunately they should be here in seconds-" She added, but was cut off by Caius.

"Felix, summon the rest of the Guard. Cullens, summon your entire Coven and any close allies." The blonde king ordered sharply, obviously the tactition of the Kings.

"I have sent a message to the Coven and several nearby friends." Alice stated, closing her phone before her eyes blank out. Jasper pulls out his phone and it beeps as he does.

"I have both the Captain and Leutenant just passing the Welcome to Forks sign." Jasper announced, shocking the Kings.

"We need the Major if it is going to turn into a battle." Caius whispered, not aware that Jasper was the Major. I had already shot Jake, Sam, Paul, and Jarod texts to come to Forks High.

"Jasper is the Major." I stated as Caius continued to mutter in barely audible tones. Carlisle opens the door, all of the Cullen Coven entering at vampire speed, and they are followed by 18 natives-only one of them a female, and the last ones to enter were the remaining Guard members. The last one shut the door, only for it to be opened harshly by 2 new Vampires-1 male and 1 female. "Roll call." I stated from Marcus's lap, knowing that not many knew everyone.

"Major Jasper Whitlock."
"Rosalie." Each Cullen answered me followed by the Pack and the Guard, the two nomads didn't answer, the male muttering about not answering to humans.

"Captain!" Jasper snapped at the male. ~No that isn't Jasper, that must be his other side the Major.~ I realize the difference and stiffen slightly.

"Major, she is a human, why do I have to answer to her?!" The Captain snapped at his friend.

"My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I am the Mate of King Marcus!" I answered his quesion in a soft tone that screamed 'piss me off'.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Peter Whitlock, the Captain to Jasper's Major. My Mate Charlotte Whitlock is our Leutenant, the three of us are the Whitlock Coven." The male backtracked when he realized that I was the one sending his 'oh shit' meter off.

"I have spoken to the Denali's, they are on their way." Carlisle spoke up, taking the attention off of Peter.

"So are Garrett and Alastar." Esme added, leaning into Carlisle's chest.

"Alice what did you see?" I asked the pixi Vampire.

"The Romanians and Maria have joined forces, they will be here in 4 hours." She answered me clearly. "Her army, along with Stephan, Vladamir, and Maria, a total of 23 Vampires. The medeow is where we meet up." She added, looking at me. I narrowed my eyes as I realize someone was missing.

"Where is Edward?" I demanded, not seeing him in the room.

"He went hunting." Alice answered after her eyes went blank again. "He doesn't want to participate in this matter." She added, her eyes widening in shock as he made a different decision. "As long as you deny him he will turn against us all." She added, reciting what he said in her vision.

"Traitor!" Rosalie hissed, all of the Cullens were growling viciously.

"He is no longer one of us then." Carlisle ruled, his words catching everyone off guard. "As the Leader of the Olympic Coven and the Maker of Edward Anthony Mason, I cast him out of the Coven, never to be allowed amongst us again." He declaired, his golden eyes turning black with his anger, for the first time I have ever seen. Jasper's phone is suddenly in his hand and he is texting someone.

"His accounts under Coven names are frozen, all houses will not permit him access, and all his Identities are the same." He stated to Carlisle, having been sending out the messages to take care of all that.

"His future is gone." Alice intrupted her Coven, whatever you and he changed, it leads to his death, within the next 3 hours." She adds firmly. "It is set in stone." She finished, meaning nothing could change the outcome.