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Chapter 23 – True Feelings

While in his sleep, Jack dreamt about sleeping next to Mark, he opened his eyes to see Mark right there beside him, he smiled as he wanted to wrap his arm around him before he felt a familiar warmth behind him. He turned and saw Signe was there too, Jack's initial reaction was to smile and caress her face, but then the war of conflict took over, he had to make a decision and he still didn't know whom he should choose.

Jack was so glad his dream ended there, he worried that his dream would get even worse and pressure him even more to fight for an answer. He woke up in that very moment, only to see that it was still dark so he drifted off back to sleep, knowing that in just a few hours he would have to wake up and rush to get out the door and to the airport to catch his flight home on time.

Those few hours passed by very quickly, it only felt like a second ago that Jack rested his eyes again from that dream but then all he could hear was his phone alarm vibrating on the table. He moaned as the tiredness began to overwhelm him, all he wanted to do was keep on sleeping and nothing more, he felt really tired, but he knew he had to get up, there would be time for him on the plane to sleep but for now Jack had to get up and have everything ready to go within the hour.

It was too early for Jack's liking, but in a way getting up early sometimes wasn't always a bad thing, it was only that he went to bed late that made him hate mornings more. So about a minute after turning off his phone, Jack finally took the energy he had to get out of bed and walk straight to the kitchen, feeling like something to eat would help him power through the next hour.

Jack took a good look around the house, knowing that in just one hour he would be leaving this place and wouldn't be seeing it for an awful while. He sighed as he headed towards the kitchen, surprised to see that Mark wasn't around, when he walked past his bedroom the door was shut but he couldn't hear anything, he worried if Mark were to accidentally sleep in. Jack decided to not think too deeply into it, feeling that Mark would wake up eventually, he only hoped that Mark would wake up in time to take him to the airport.

So after grabbing himself something to eat and enjoying the company of Chica by his side, Jack went back to is room and began to get ready, seeing that he still had more than half and hour left before he had to get going. He still hadn't heard Mark come out yet, he began to worry more than before, feeling like this wasn't like Mark, but in another way he felt like maybe Mark was already awake and maybe just doing some things in his room.

It wasn't long later that his suspicions were correct, midway through getting dressed he heard Mark's door creak open and he headed downstairs. Jack sighed silently in relief as he continued to get dressed, shortly afterwards his phone buzzed, revealing Signe's name on the screen with a message. Jack picked up his phone and read the message, sighing with a smile as he read it.

"I really hope you and Mark enjoyed time together, I look forward to seeing you tonight."

Jack responded with a happy text, saying that he did indeed enjoy his time spent with Mark, and that he would tell her more about what happened once he saw her later tonight. After locking his phone, he looked up with a pleasant smile, looking forward to going back home, but then he looked down with a sigh as he remembered that he was leaving LA and was going to really miss Mark.

Not long later he went downstairs to be greeted by a suspiciously quiet Mark, but when Jack saw the struggle in Mark's expression he knew it was only because that he was heading back home today and they wouldn't be seeing each other in person for quite a while. Mark looked up after pouring some milk on his cereal, then couldn't help but breathe and close his eyes silently, his head facing downwards and this made Jack look down too, having the same feelings too.

"Look Mark, I know today I have to go but all great things must come to an end though right? And sometime later this year I'll see you in person again, maybe for another panel or maybe when I can save up for another flight back here." Jack assured, trying to lift Mark's spirits, even when they both knew this was kind of a sad time for the two of them.

Mark heard Jack's every word, his crunching on his cereal subsided for a moment after Jack finished speaking, then Mark continued to eat more, feeling like he shouldn't talk about this just yet, there was still a little more time. He felt like he was neglecting Jack in one way, but he just didn't want to feel so down about him leaving, even though they'll still be able to communicate just not in person. And it didn't matter if Jack chose him or Signe; they would still chat to each other regardless.

Jack sighed, seeing that Mark wasn't going to respond with any verbal words, he saw that he was still eating so after breathing a sigh he went back over to Chica and gave her a pat as he knelt down by her side before sitting on the floor hugging her tightly, knowing he was going to miss the adorable fluffy young dog. Mark looked over from the counter, he awed silently with his mouth still closed as he titled his head slightly, loving how adorable they both looked.

It wasn't long later that Mark had finished his cereal and Chica had run off back upstairs to Mark's room, Jack remained on the floor, almost staring into space before Mark startled him by sitting next to him. An intense red blush appeared on Jack's cheeks as the sudden closeness made his heart race, Mark's did too, and they smiled as they leaned heads against each other, but they both sighed as they thought of the exact same thing.

"I'm just...really going to miss you..." Mark admitted, rubbing Jack's hand.

With a nod, Jack intertwined his fingers with Mark's. "I know, I'll miss you too, regardless of what decision I make today. You'll always be a special person to me Mark, no matter if I end up being with you or not." Jack assured, looking down at their hands connected.

They stared each other in the eyes, they both knew it wouldn't be long until they would both be on their way to the airport, and Mark would come back home alone, it would be a little while until he would be able to talk to Jack again due to the requirements of phones being switched off for a period of time on the plane. Mark truly realised just how important Jack was in his life. He closed his eyes with a small sigh, leaning in closer to Jack.

"And so will you Jack, and I'm not saying this to make it harder for you but I really do love you Jack."

"I love you too Mark, I don't know what will become of us, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see." Jack implied, still a little unsure himself, knowing he had a long flight back home to think about it.

Jack and Mark stared at each other longingly in the eyes before they cupped one another's cheeks with one hand to draw their heads in closer, making their lips touch and their bodies warmed with a passion from the burning love felt from the tender kiss. Jack felt Mark deepen the kiss by wrapping his hand behind his neck to tilt his head a little more, making the kiss feel incredible and somehow more spectacular and amazing than the previous kisses they had with each other.

They both parted as they both silently gasped for air, Mark's hand still wrapped around Jack's neck gently, and their foreheads touching as they kept their eyes closed. Mark could feel the tears coming but kept them away before Jack could even notice anything. Not long later, Jack got up and packed the rest of his things, in the meanwhile Mark quickly checked his schedule for YouTube videos and then the time came for the two of them to leave.

Even though it was less likely for them to be spotted kissing in the car than they would be in public, it wasn't a risk either of them were willing to take, once Mark pulled out of that driveway it was strictly a just friends zone until Jack would finally make a decision as soon as he goes back home.

Jack and Mark stood at the door, the car now packed with all of Jack's things, only the last minute items in his hands, the keys in Mark's hands. They both looked at Chica who was looking at them slightly confused, but Mark and Jack waved to her, while Mark assured that he would be back soon. But before either of them fully walked out the door towards the car, Jack pulled Mark in close to him, looking down shyly before looking up at him with a saddened but loving look.

"I think we both know that this ends here, and it might end up being forever but for now I don't know. We both know that once we get into that car we only act as friends and nothing else." Jack implied, sighing in sadness as he looked over to Mark's car.

Mark knew that this moment could potentially be the last time they interact this way, he wanted to make the most of it but didn't know what more could he do with Jack that he hadn't already done. He deeply cared for Jack and was going to really miss him, even though they could still communicate with each other, it was going to be all this interaction that he would miss the most. He knew as soon as they were out the door their love for each other had to remain a secret from everyone else until Jack had made a decision.

They both looked up with saddened eyes, both knowing that they thoroughly enjoyed their interactions over the past week Jack had been here, but now they both had to cease it possibly for good or only for a little while until Jack would return, but that was a decision Jack had to make. Jack looked down shyly while Mark gently cupped Jack's face with one of his hands, leaning in for a kiss. Jack let Mark take dominance and kiss him passionately, he leaned him against the wall to deepen how intimate the kiss felt, it made their feelings burst into explosive flames as Jack pulled Mark in closer than he already was, feeling the warmth of his chest pressed against his own made it all the more passionate and deep.

It was a kiss that was definitely making the most of what they had left together before all would be decided when Jack would return home. After unlocking lips from a deep and passionate kiss, they hugged each other tightly with tears almost draining from their eyes. It wasn't their final goodbye, but it was the true goodbye displaying how they truly felt for each other.

Mark suddenly began to feel like in a way Jack was going to choose him over Signe, but knew he shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet, as Jack always felt sad when he had to go back home but also happy that he was back home getting back into the spring of things.

"I'll miss you." Jack cried softly, his head pressed against Mark's chest with his eyes closed.

"I'll miss you too." Mark replied in a soft tone, slowly nodding as he squeezed Jack a little before letting go.

The two caressed each other's cheeks before knowing that was the end of it and they both really had to get moving. So the two of them hurried into the car and were on their way to the airport. On their way there, Mark couldn't help but deeply want to hold Jack's hand while he drove with one hand still on the wheel; he let his right hand rest against the middle strip in between the two front seats. Jack looked down and immediately pressed his hand against Mark's, subconsciously reading the body language Mark was giving off.

As their hands touched they both couldn't help but look at each other for a moment before looking away, knowing that this had to stop before someone would see them, but because their hands were hidden it was okay.

"I've really enjoyed spending time with you Mark, I really do look forward to going home again but at the same time I will really miss you, and it doesn't matter what decision I make I'll still miss you." Jack implied, knowing that if he still chose to stay with Signe he would still have a deep caring and respect for Mark.

Mark nodded while keeping his eyes focused on the road ahead. "I know."

It wasn't long later that they were both finally at the airport, neither of them were in a hurry to get out of the car, because they knew once they did they had to keep a straight friendly face towards each other. But time was ticking away and they couldn't linger any longer. So after they both took deep breaths for the same saddened reason, they both got out of the car and unpacked all of the luggage stored in the trunk of the car before they both hurried along inside as Jack had to check in and make sure that he wouldn't miss his flight.

Mark stood from a distance, not wanting to distract Jack while he was checking in for his flight. Jack was in luck, his flight was prepared to depart in twenty minutes, but because of all the things he needed to do before he got onto the plane he only had a few minutes to say his goodbyes to Mark. After loading all his stuff onto the conveyer belt he turned to see Mark smiling lovingly at him.

Tears began to swell in their eyes as they both hugged each other in a friendly manner, Mark whispered the three words that hopefully no one else could make out what he was saying. It made Jack's heart skip a beat before he returned the compliment, saying that he loves him too.

And then without another minute gone by Jack walked away waving goodbye with a saddened smile. It wasn't long later that Jack was aboard his plane and Mark was watching his flight by the large windows viewing the plane terminals. Jack was lucky to book a window seat but unfortunately from where he was seated on the plane he couldn't see much, he sighed as he looked down at his phone, wanting to talk to Mark but in that moment the pilots warned the passengers to keep phones off until further notice.

Not even five minutes later, Mark watched Jack's plane leave the terminal and about a minute later watched his plane soar into the air, he whispered another goodbye to Jack before he left the airport and headed for home.

About an hour later into the flight, Jack was fast asleep, having feeling really tired the moment he relaxed into his seat, but now since it was okay to be on the phone he didn't have it switched off and it startled him awake. Signe was calling him at that very moment, at first his tired mind wondered why she would be calling now but then he felt more awake and aware than before and knew why she was calling, so he answered the phone and smiled before he greeted Signe with a friendly hello.

"Hey, how have you been doing?" She asked, making it seem like Jack had been dealing with something bad, making Jack feel anxious.

"I've been fine, don't worry. It was a little hard saying goodbye to Mark but it's alright I'll get to see him again soon. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you." Jack stated with a smile as he looked out the window, nothing but the bright sun and clouds on the horizon off in the very far distance.

So the two of them talked for a good half hour before Signe had to go, after hanging up the phone Jack sighed as he looked out the window, thinking about who he should be with. He didn't want to make comparisons between the two to see who was better for him; he wanted to choose from what he felt not from what he thought. It was difficult to think out, but he felt like after seeing Signe he would know who to choose. Jack knew if he chose Mark he wouldn't have to tell him directly, as he said to Mark, he would only upload the vlog if he chooses him so that's how Mark would know.

For the remainder of the flight, Jack thought a lot about the loving moments he shared with Mark on his trip, they were truly moments he was definitely going to remember for a long time, regardless of whether he chose him or not. He smiled at the thought, and then he thought about when he would see Signe's beautiful face again, he missed seeing her every day, waking up and seeing her face right next to him, either sleeping peacefully or staring longingly into his eyes.

He loved them both so much, but he still didn't know who to choose. But he knew a decision wouldn't be made just yet, Jack knew that he would let his feelings decide.

The rest of the trip seemed to go by so slow, but after taking another soothing nap Jack woke up to the sound of the pilots on the radio, announcing that they were arriving in Ireland. It wouldn't be long now that he would arrive back in his familiar home town. Not long later, Jack kept his eyes looking out the window, darkened by the night, not surprised to see it beginning to rain as the plane descended into the clouds. The plane landed safely onto the ground, it felt like an awful long time on the plane but at the same time he felt like it went by like a breeze.

After getting off the plane, checking that he had everything and going through security, he was in the next taxi going home, he texted Signe he was on his way home now. On his way back he looked out the window, seeing the rain trickle down the windows, he sighed as he remembered the last time he was in a car it was clear and sunny. His thoughts drifted back to that morning back in LA with Mark, he looked beside him, seeing the bare seat next to him, gently rubbing the seat close to him as he looked down and closed his eyes slowly. He was truly going to miss that.

Jack looked up a moment later to see someone outside where he and Signe lived holding an umbrella, it was hard to see until he could tell it was Signe. It had felt like it'd been forever since they saw each other last, so after getting all his things inside and paying the taxi driver, Jack and Signe had an official greeting with each other.

"It's so great to see you again." Signe said, wrapping her arms around Jack.

Jack smiled as he embraced the hug, feeling the familiar warmth of her body gently pressed against his, he wrapped his arms around her as he felt Signe's head rest on his shoulder. "I missed you." He replied, his eyes closed before they partially broke from the hug.

They stared at each other for a moment, but then they both leaned in for a kiss, as their lips met the sparks flew, but in that moment Jack felt different inside, the kiss felt different to him somehow.

A little while afterwards, Signe didn't pressure him into asking whom he had chosen, but before Signe even mentioned anything Jack assured that he just needed a moment alone upstairs in his recording room to think about it.

The next day back in LA, Mark woke up to the sound of Chica hopping onto his bed, sniffing and almost licking his face to wake him up. Mark gagged and shook his head before he looked up to see Chica there. He sighed before he let Chica outside and heading back to his room, on his way back he couldn't help but look at the now empty room that Jack slept in for those several days he was here. He sighed as he entered his room again and headed straight for his computer.

He wondered if Jack had made a decision yet, he had been feeling anxious once Jack had left his sight, Mark knew Jack had been going through a conflicted time trying to choose, but he hoped now Jack had the right amount of time alone to figure this out.

And that was when he saw Jack's latest video, it was the vlog. It was then he knew who Jack had chosen to be with it made his heart melt and his smile widen as at that point he realised that Jack had chosen him. At the end of Jack's video, Jack claimed that Signe was happy still living with him as a very close friend, but he said that he was now in a long distance relationship with Mark.

Although things seemed different now, Mark knew that things between them would never change.

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