Chapter 1, Elastic Heart

Well, I've got thick skin and an elastic heart,
But your blade—it might be too sharp
I'm like a rubber band until you pull too hard,
Yeah, I may snap and I move fast
But you won't see me fall apart
'Cause I've got an elastic heart


Dear Elena

The morning after Enzo captured me, oh I'm sorry saved me; I walked out my room to find a fire roaring and the kettle boiling. He was here somewhere, I couldn't see him but he was here. Pesky damn vampires. I walked over to the now whistling kettle, and turned the stove off. I rummaged around for cups and looked and some coffee.

"Fourth cupboard to the left love." I heard the very annoying British accent behind me. I turned to face him; he was standing by the door with more firewood. I hadn't even heard the door open. I hate the grim expression he gets on his face every single time he speaks to me.

"Thank you." I glare at him and get myself a cup. While I make myself some coffee he tends to the fire place, "I need my stuff Enzo."

He turns to look at me, "What stuff?"

"You know," I frown at him, "My clothes and the box that I had in my hand when you kidnapped me."

He stands to gain a closer look at me, "I'd like to remind you that I saved your life…the least you could do is stop referring to it as me kidnapping you."

"I'm so sorry," I say sarcastically, "You saving my life…ok now that I'm done establishing that…my stuff please."

"I will retrieve from Whitmore this afternoon," Enzo rolls his eyes and walks over to make himself a cup of coffee, "Thanks for making me a cup."

"When I agreed to stay here it was my terms or no terms." I spit at him, "Excuse me if I don't feel friendly enough to make you, the person who kidnapped me oh wait sorry saved me, a cup of coffee."

"I didn't know you had shred friendliness to your name." Enzo said sarcastically, "And actually Bonnie, I think it is saving your life because knowing the Armory they have a cell and a shot gun with your beautiful name on it."

I feel as though here you would have defended me and said something like, "Bonnie is the most selfless person…when it counts."

"Oh so this has nothing to do with the fact that your messed up family is up to no good and you wanna know what it is?" I look at him and realize that we are actually shouting at one another, "Because they want me for 'dodgy purposes' because they're 'dodgy', as opposed to my knight in shining armor who is not dodgy?" I point at him, "I hate to break it to you; it seems as though dodgy runs in that gene pool."

Enzo looks at me and then huffs once and says, "When I first met you…were feisty but not unpleasant." He then grabs his keys and walks to the door, "I made it very clear to yesterday Bonnie and I will make it clear again now…you are not a prisoner. I'm starting think that you think of yourself that way."

He then walked out and I heard his car start and drive away. I won't lie to you Elena my life has seemed a tad out balance since Damon decided to desiccate himself. Well it's been off balance for a while, I think since Kai linked our lives, but it's coming out more now. Caroline is mom, Stephan is god knows where with that crazy psycho Valarie and Matt…I actually think Matt is happy.

During the day I spent time in front of the fire going through the first box of materials that Enzo needed me to go through. I felt like a real student again, funnily enough. Except without the going to classes part and the making out with cute frat boys. And Lord knows I'm long over due for a good hook up session. I guess I won't be getting action for a long….long…long…time….

The files that I was going through were absolutely useless. Just basic history on the Amory. Something about the building being built with the best cement. And then the founders…
One of the founders' last names…St John.

That's when I placed the folder down and heard the door click open. Enzo walked in with a large suitcase and my box. He looked at me with utter surprise, "You're still awake?"

"What time is it?" I frowned and looked at my watch. It was past four in the morning. I had gone just over 19 hours of doing research and I still hadn't found anything. A scientist would call this failed day, "Shoot. I didn't realize I had gone this long doing research."

"Bonnie," Enzo said placing the stuff on the coffee table in front of the dead fire place, "You are not obliged risk your health for research. I've told you're not-"

"-a prisoner. I've got it thank you." I snapped at him, "You honestly do not have to remind me."

He sighs and then looks at my stuff, "I bought your stuff for you…and also a laptop with low in internet access."

"Low in?" I ask.

"Undetectable." He explains, "I can't have the Amory using basic computer tracking when I've gone to lengths to make sure that they can't even use a locator spell." He had a point, "The laptop just in case you find something and need to do more research on something. I'm not really clued up in the world of research." He then pulled something out of his pocket, well two things. The one was a phone, "To prove you're not a prisoner. It's a burner phone. Can't be tracked…If you want I can find Caroline's cellphone number and the two of you can communicate."

I had to admit…that was nice even for Enzo.

He then handed me the envelope that I hadn't gotten a chance to open yet. Well didn't want to open was a more brutal term.

"It fell out the box." He explained, "I'm going to assume it's something valuable."

"Actually," I look down, "If I think of myself as a prisoner…you should think of this as one of the sets of keys." I throw the letter in the box. I know you love him Elena…but I think it's safe to say I don't know why.

I half expected Enzo, only because he's Enzo, to taunt me now that I was in a place of vulnerability. He didn't Elena…Instead he said something that actually kind of made me feel better. It was simple but it felt as if there were hidden connotations to it… The next words that came out of his mouth were…

"I got you dinner or breakfast," He looked at the clock mounted on the wall, "Whatever you want to call it." I could help but smile slightly, "It's in the car."

He was about to walk out the door when I stopped him, "Enzo," He turned to look at me, "Thank you."

He chuckled, "hmph, I didn't know you knew what those words were." He walked out the door.

Just like that he was back to being…Enzo. But who knows Elena; he could become a better companion than the love of your life was ever to me. I'm sorry to sound bitter.

Anyway, I'll write soon again.
I love you and Miss you more than you will ever know. Literally.


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