Chapter 29

Dear Elena,

We're not lovers, we're just strangers
With the same damn hunger
To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all


It's like one problem after the next and I am seriously waiting for the day that the madness ends. I would love to say I am tired. But no such luck to be tired. Let me start by saying that…I am already in the mental ward. The question of how I got in…

Well here's the jig.

My eyes flew open and I breathed hard clutching my chest. When I look around I find that I am in a small room with motivation posters hung up near the desk. The bed is hard and single with one plush pillow and white sheet. The sink is on the far end of the room next to the door. A nurse walks in with a smile on her face.

"Good evening Miss Salem." She says.

What did she just call me?


"Oh dear poor thing is confused," She says smiling, "Just like your doctor said you would be."

"My doctor?"

"Oh yes," She says, "He's right outside. Let me go get him for you."

She smiles one last time and walks out the room. When she walks out I continue to look around. I stand up out of bed and look through the window. I can see much but trees.

"She's awake Doctor," I hear the nurse say from outside, "Poor thing is disorientated just as you predicted."

She walks in with someone who can I just say is a sight for sore eyes. Enzo. He is wearing a lab coat over his black jeans and back t-shirt. I try to hide my smile as I realize and remember that my doctor is also the love of my life.

"Here you go Doctor Drake." She says, "Is there anything I can get you."

Enzo turns to look at her in the eyes, "No, now leave and note that the patient has already received her medication."

Without another word, she walks out the room, closing the door behind her.

"Miss Salem?" I look at him, "Subtle."

"Mine isn't any better. Mine is Drake."


"Drake for Dracula," He starts laughing, "I'm sorry love I couldn't resist."

I frown at him and walk up to him, "What am I going to do with you?"

"You could," He pulls me closer to him, "Let me make love to you in that bed."

"Enzo." I shake my head and move away from him.

"What is that not a fantasy of yours?" He asks.

"Is that a fantasy of yours?" I frown at him.

"An asylum?" He asks and then looks around, "I don't know…I was tortured in a place that seemed like an asylum for years."

"Enzo…" I sigh.

He laughs, "What I am just diffusing the tension."

"I still think we should have dealt with the phone call first before coming here." I point out.

"Bonnie," He huffs in frustration, "I will tell you again what I told you last night; I will only put you in a limited amount of danger."


"This idea is beyond dangerous." Enzo says, "Have you actually been around crazy people before."

"Mmm…let's see," I point out, "Klaus and his crazy family, Silas, His crazy girlfriend who happens to be my ancestor, Katherine, Elena with no humanity, Caroline with no Humanity….oh my god Stephan with no humanity but I guess that is kind of Silas. Oh yeah not to mention their mother and her brady bunch and-"

"Ok," Enzo interrupts me, "I got it, you can handle mythical crazy. Human crazy should be a walk in the park. Not to mention you did handle my crazy for a while."

"You are diverting." I snap at him causing him to sigh, "You know that phone call spooked you."

"Bonnie," Enzo sighs pulling me into his embrace, "She wants me and MJ. Not you."

"But I can help."

"I know," Enzo smiles, "It would be a pathetic task to doubt your abilities." I look down and he takes my face in hands, "MJ is safe. I am safe….you are safe. Just stay here. Carry the plan through so we can spend our life together already. Properly."

I cant help but smile when he says that.

"Maria is my problem." He says, "I am going to find her and I am going to end her."

"I don't doubt you there." I kiss him slowly and when I open my eyes again.

He is gone.

Dear Magenta,

I told myself I would not write in you again. However I could not stop myself after I left Bonnie. She is safe for now. As long as I keep Alex preoccupied and she finds Virginia.

As for Maria. I think we should end it once and for all. Even Big Joe would agree. Though that I would have to hear from the horses mouth. Even now sitting where I am I can tell that this is going to be one short and quick visit.

I walked through the busy bustling street as my phone rang.

"Where are you?"

"Behind you." MJ said smiling in a leather jacket and some ankle boots. She seemed to have grown up quite a bit, "And I bought some reinforcements."

As she says this two men come out the car quite well built and as I remember the one also grew up a bit.

"Jeremy Gilbert." I smile and then look at the dark headed figure, "And Tyler Lockwood. This should be fun."

"You never thanked us for taking in your stray witch here." Tayler says.

"Yes, well thank you." I nod and then look at Jeremy, "Still hunting."

"Something like that."

"Well then," I look around me, "Let's not waste time. We are in Atlanta now."

"Let's find that god damn bitch and end her." MJ says.

"Could not have said it better myself." I smile at her.

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