Title: Dancing

Author: Skybound

Disclaimer: None of these guys are mine, all praise Joss.

Spoilers: Anything up through and including "Potential"

Summary: A B/S encounter after "Potential." This is my first fanfic so please review. Thanks : )

Status: In progress

Chapter 1: Encounter

Patrol that night had been a rather successful one. Buffy and Spike had taken the Potentials out for another training lesson, they had barely arrived at the first graveyard for the evening when a half dozen fledglings awoke, attacked, and were easily dispatched. The next two hours moved quickly, with all of the girls performing beautifully. Their confidence in themselves was growing; they were learning to trust their instincts more and more each day.

Buffy exhaled deeply as she pummeled the heavy bag ruthlessly. After their eventful excursion the girls had begged for a nice night out, just to blow off steam, Buffy had just shrugged, remembering how exhilarating it was her first few times out, and so she had let them go off to the Bronze with Xander and Anya. Kennedy had stayed back to work on some research with Will and Giles. Dawn was on the couch, popcorn in lap, having claimed she was too tired to attend, and so stayed behind watching movies.

After a few more attacks on the unsuspecting bag, Buffy sighed heavily, dropping her arms, wanting a live target to aim at.

"Need a Partner?" She heard the vampire's cool voice ask as he leaned his body down the stairs, looking for approval one way or another. She had not realized he was even still here, but sometimes it seemed he just knew what she needed. She just shrugged, *Not live, but close enough* "Sure why not, Spike" a small smile grazing her lips.

He moved fluidly into the room and the two began sparring without another word. They matched each other blow for blow, neither one of them definitively on the offense or defense. Dancing. This went on for quite awhile before Spike gained a slight advantage as he advanced and swept her legs out from beneath her. She parried easily and instead used her momentum to nail him with a scissor kick, sending him flying on his back, landing with a thud. She then sprung back up and in moments was crouched over his chest, her hand formed over an imaginary stake, posed for the final assault. Her green eyes danced delightedly as sweat beaded up on her forehead, "I win."

He just looked at her, his unneeded breathing quite labored from the exertion, his blue eyes seeming to swell with pride momentarily, a slight sad smile playing at the corners of his mouth, "You always do, pet."

Their eyes remained locked for a moment that lasted a lifetime, as slowly their breathing became more regular. Spike taking in the view of her overtop of him, *God, she's beautiful*, as he listened to her heart slowing back to its usual rhythmic pace. How he loved her, everything about her, just being this close was. . .unbearable, in the sweetest of ways.

"Spike. . ."

Her head had titled ever so slightly, fixed on his eyes, and the slight smile that still played on his lips. She reached out a delicate hand, brushing a stray bleached blond curl back into its proper place, letting her hand linger by his forehead, the cool of his skin against her own hot flesh soothing. He moved his hand up, brushing her hand away ever so gently, never taking his eyes from hers. A moment later his hands were on her hips, as she remembered them having been, vividly, so many times before. Only this time was different. This time he was lifting her off of him. Before her mind had even registered the exchange she was on the floor and he was halfway up the stairs. "Spike?" her voice wavering, betraying her confusion without her really intending it to do so.

He stopped, his back to her, head hanging down. He looked over his shoulder, but did not meet her gaze. "Yes, Buffy?"

*I'm sorry, a thousand times I'm sorry, If I could only make you understand what was going through my mind, how I felt, how I still feel sometimes, I. . .* "Good match" was all she said.

That same smile crossed his lips, but the spark was gone from his eyes, "Anytime, Slayer," a heavy sigh escaping his lips as he moved through the door, "Anytime." With that, he was gone.