...Okay, I'm now going to admit that I am now hooked to 'The Loud House'! Now, I know what you're thinking. Why am I doing a fanfiction of this show NOW rather than wait until it's at least three months old? Well, the answer is simple. All around Deviantart and everywhere, I've seen some people who were getting SO hyped up over the show that... well, I got a little curious. When I found out it was made by Chris Savino, I thought, "NO! Not the guy that ruined Dexter's Laboratory!"... but then I took a closer look at the pilot and thought, 'This might not be a bad concept for a show, I guess I can give it a shot'... so I did. And what do you know? It was pretty entertaining! In terms of my favorite Loud sister on the show... Luan is my favorite. However, if I have to pick a second favorite sister... it would have to be a tie between Leni and Lisa! And that's what this fic is going to be focusing on today! Anyway, disclaimer! I don't own the Loud House, which belongs to Chris Savino and Nickelodeon respectively! Anyway, enjoy!

Inside Lisa Loud's room, she was humming to herself as she was studying some flower pots and taking notes. "Hm-hm... hm-hm..."

Lisa took a note upon looking at one of her flower pots. She gave a nod. "Seems specimen one seems to be blooming just fine."

Lisa then looked towards the second pot and frowned as she poked a hole and pulled out a seed. "And yet specimen two isn't growing at all... why won't this thing grow?"

Lisa frowned as she put the seed aside, not realizing that the door to her room was open as someone was walking inside.

"Like, hi Lisa!" Leni smiled, walking around.

Lisa sighed, being used to Leni's naivety. "Your room is down two doors."

"Oh, thanks!" Leni smiled.

"Anytime." Lisa sighed as Leni looked at the flower pots.

"Oh, are you growing flowers?" Leni asked, curiously.

"If you must know, I'm cross-pollinating two plants... but unfortunately, one of the seeds in my experiment is not cooperating with me at this time." Lisa frowned as she picked up the seed.

"Oh, I love flowers!" Leni squealed in delight. "They're always so pretty to collect and to have them in your room... it's just so wonderful to see a beautiful flower bloom."

"I can feel the excitement in the room for such a delightful occasion, but unfortunately, I'm having troubles with THIS particular seed." Lisa said, holding the seed in question. "I've tried everything to get this seed to sprout, and..." Lisa then screamed furiously. "I'M JUST ABOUT READY TO GIVE UP!"

Leni paused as she examined the seed. "Hey, if you're not going to use the seed, can I have it? I always wanted to grow my own flower! And I figured, maybe if I can get it to grow by my methods, maybe I can figure out where you went wrong. Besides, I love flowers!"

Lisa turned to Leni as she raised an eyebrow, in amusement. "You, smarter than me? Ha ha ha."

Lisa paused as she smirked, getting an idea. "Okay, Leni, I'll take you on that bet. If you can get that flower grown by the end of the week, then I'll admit I was wrong about you."

"You mean you're giving me an experiment?" Leni squealed in delight. "I can't wait!"

Down at the kitchen, Leni watched as Lisa secured a flower pot and put in some dirt. She poked a hole in and put the seed inside as she buried it. Lisa nodded as she gave the flower pot to Leni and nodded. "Here you go, Leni. Don't forget to water it every so often, and always give it some sunlight."

"Thanks, Lisa!" Leni smiled as she put the flower pot over near the window sill and started to water the dirt.

"Okay, good luck trying to make that seed grow." Lisa chuckled to herself as she went out of the kitchen.

Leni gave a smile as she looked at the flower pot and gave a smile. "Hi, little guy. I'm your new mother. If you want to come out, anytime would be nice."

Lisa, watching this from the kitchen doorway, gave a slight chuckle as she heard the door opening.

"Hey, Lisa." Lincoln Loud gave a smile to his four-year-old sister.

"Oh, greetings, Lincoln." Lisa said, adjusting her glasses as Lincoln looked over to see Leni talking to the flowerpot.

"What are you doing?" Lincoln asked.

"Oh, my intellect was challenged a bit by Leni. So, to humor her, I gave her a challenge to have her grow a flower by the end of the week." Lisa smirked.

"Do you really think she can do it?" Lincoln asked, out of curiosity.

Lisa chuckled. "Heh, I doubt it. If I can't get it to grow, how can Leni? She would be very, VERY disappointed. But I have to get back to my own studies. I'll see you later, Lincoln."

As Lisa walked upstairs, Lincoln watched as Leni was examining her flowerpot.

"Hey, it's okay if you're not ready. But just so you know, if you want to come out, I promise I won't look." Leni said as she covered her eyes.

Lincoln looked down and sighed, feeling bad for Leni. Lincoln then turned for a moment, as if talking to someone. "You know, it's not easy being in a house with ten sisters. Sometimes, they can be rowdy, but sometimes, we see them getting along just fine. Although, when one sister is desperate for help, a family member, either a sister, or a brother like me, wants to help out."

"Hey, Lincoln, who are you talking to?" Luan Loud asked as she was coming down, Lincoln yelping as he turned to see her approaching.

"Oh, Luan. Just... thinking to myself." Lincoln said as he looked over back at Leni. Luan looked over, curious.

"Say, is Leni trying to plant a flower? Wow! Maybe I can use it to make a new squirter!" Luan smiled as she pointed to the flower squirter on her shirt. "This one is getting low on water."

"Why need a new one?" Lincoln asked. "Can't you just fill it up with more?"

"Do you know how resourceful water is these days?" Luan asked. "Our parents are still trying to pay the water bill from the last escapade us Loud Sisters... and Loud Brother... went through."

"Even if you wanted another flower, you're better off buying a fake one." Lincoln said. "Leni's plant she's trying to grow is real... but from what Lisa told me, the seed in Leni's flower pot may likely never grow."

Luan's eyes widened as she whispered, "Does Leni know that?"

"Lisa told me that Leni wants to try... but if Lisa's right... well, you remember what happened the last time Leni was upset..." Lincoln said.

"That's right..." Luan shuddered. "Luna had to get a new stereo system because Leni was just so upset."

"I still remember the scream of hurtfulness." Lincoln said, shuddered.

Luan looked down as she looked over at Leni, and looked down... then gasped as she gave a smile. "I have an idea! Lincoln, can you help me out?"

"What do you have in mind?" Lincoln asked, curious.

Luan leaned towards Lincoln's ear and started whispering in it. Lincoln raised an eyebrow, then smiled. "You know, it just might work. Let's do it!"

Luan smiled as she and Lincoln high-fived each other.

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