A/N: Man, I write a lot of these Daikens, don't I. ^_^;; It's fun as heck, of course, but they're all absolutely plotless. Do you think I should try to write a longer one? Maybe- *gasp*- give it some focus? A truly frightening thought, eh?

Daisuke's POV and shounen ai. Set sometime before Ken's identity as the Kaiser is revealed.

"Kiss the Witch"

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." ~ The Marauders

I dreamed about kissing him last night. He was cute and sexy and smiling at me in such a gentle way. I wanted to be with him. Then I woke up and remembered that we were enemies. I could still feel my face burning where he had "touched" me. It was a dream . . . but not a nightmare.

I wish he'd touch me for real.

He's pretty. He calls me pretty, but really, it's him. It's hard to tell under the glasses and spiked hair and all that, but he's got really delicate features and sharp, witchy eyes. I like those eyes. They're nasty and wicked, but there's this light in them- that of a true mischief-maker. Underneath the Kaiser's cruelty is a kindred spirit.

I could've been like him.

He's a witch. Not in a bad way- in a "I'm clever and quick, and I know things" way. That was what the first witches were, you know. People who knew medicinal tricks and saw things that no one else did in the patterns of the stars. They weren't evil, just misunderstood. Or sometimes they might be the ones who didn't understand. Seeing so much of the world, it's easy to forget the important stuff. Like, you know, kissing and kindness and what it feels like to be with somebody you like and have that person smile at you.

It was such a kind smile. I wish I could see him wearing it for real: smiling at me with those witchy eyes and making impossible things happen- a boy in dark clothes, hypnotizing people and making things appear out of thin air, carrying cryptically engraved rings in his pocket and with a scuttling, glittery insect for a familiar.

He's beautiful. Not many people are really, truly beautiful, but I think he is.

I liked that dream. I've had it before. He himself usually scares me, but I like that dream. I do wanna kiss him, though. He's smart, and resourceful, and really cute when he gets frustrated (which seems to happen a lot when we're around).

Thinking about him usually makes me feel comfortable, but sometimes it also makes my stomach get really hot and tight, or scares me because I think he'll hurt my friends. I like them- I'm not used to having any, so I think I do things wrong sometimes, but I'm still really glad to have them all the same. I'd like it if the Kaiser would be one of them too, but I don't think he'd like that as much as I would.

He's pretty, though. Wears dark clothes and has witchy eyes, and a ghost's complexion.

I want him to kiss me. I want to taste the witch.

* ende *

. : kiss me, witch : .