Credit Note: The Powerpuff Girls as well as other characters such as Otto/Time Squad and Dexter/Dexter's Lab are credited to their original makers and their subsidiaries working for Cartoon Network. The picture used for this story (The black backgrounded Otto) is credited to Bleedman as well as a lot of the world built around this story. The use of Barasia "Lynn" is credited to Griddles.

The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
Prologue: Otto's Ambition

This day starts just like any other.

At a certain time, certain people start to notice the days run together. Not figuratively, either. They can see time for what it is, it's like a river, constantly rushing in one direction, but we as people yearn to make our own paths. But like a river, time can run dry and die. Stagnation, destruction, perhaps a complete lack of life. Time without space might as well be an illusion.

Yet people throw themselves to the winds of time, understanding that there is nothing you can do about it. Like life, death, love, loss. Things that are unstoppable and all important.

Some people however live completely outside the cycle. Some wonder if it promotes a distinct lack of humanity. In his eyes, he knows nothing is more human than striving to always be something more. Something better than fate has in store.

Because "we" have all the answers, and if we don't we soon will. No fate or God has ever stopped man's insatiable lust for freedom and its polar opposite; control. Some people more than others, showing great aptitude and skill. The will to break out and the ability to back it up. These members, through one way or another... find their way to Time Squad.

Time Squad is known as an organization that prides itself in maintaining the stability of the past and the future. Though some people wonder if our constant meddling is what caused the future to begin with. Maybe we sculpted our future from the beginning to the end? Perhaps humanity was created by humans, in their own image?

Maybe there always was a Time Squad? Maybe there always will be? When you live outside time, you realize just how important yet pointless worrying about the future is. Because, you see... the future has already happened and will always happen. Even preventing it is in turn a seed that plants another future or perhaps even the same future. Maybe it's all for nothing?

Every Time Squad agent has asked themselves and others these exact same questions. They all joined due to being exceptionally skilled and resistant of fate and time's laws, yet why are they all the... same? Every Man, Woman and Child here all share the same goals and roughly the same past. They share the same questions and are within the same organization.

All for the sake of resisting fate's draw, for fighting the indefatigable march of time. It seems ironic to break away from time's control only to come to Time Squad and essentially end up controlling all time.

It gets really disturbing when you see yourself in another timeline. Controlling your own fate. It kind of makes you wonder why you came here in the first place. Did you draw yourself here? Was everyone in Time Squad drawn here by their Time Squad selves? Did humanity come alive because humans willed it?

It's really hard to figure out where the Omniverse begins and Time Squad ends.

He lies in his bed, pondering these questions to himself. Every. Single. Day. Why is it this way? Why is it not any other way? He thinks more to himself, looking over at the white walls... the white floors, the white world outside.

Time Squad is so... boring. He recognizes the irony of calling an organization that controls all of existence boring, but that's what it is. Maybe it's just human nature? To always strive for more, to never have enough, to always be bored with what you have and envy what you don't.

Then what greater hell is there than having everything?

He walks off his bed and checks his watch. He doesn't have work this cycle. He has another day off. As if the grinding boredom wasn't enough. He sighs and stands up, leaving the room. A slender goofy looking robot off to the side sees him and smiles before nearly prancing over to him.

"Ohohoh! Otto! You're up! Did you have a good night's sleep?" – "Hey Larry, I did, thanks." – "Oh, what's all this about? Are you thinking too hard again?" He pouts playfully, putting his hands on his hips. Otto rolls his eyes and walks off. Larry shakes his head slightly, but continues to smile as Otto walks away. "When you're ready, breakfast will be done in half an hour!"

Sometimes he spends time in Time Squad HQ. Sometimes he spends time in his own token timeline. It's more like one house or the other, really. Only when he's off work does he usually hang out HQ. When he's on the Job, he heads to his Timeline to maintain it from other people who would threaten it.

He looks into the sky as energy ebbs back and forth. The sky is white and the energy is gray, slinking into various time streams and coming out another unidentifiable end. Every day they claim infinitely more members, yet seem to lose infinitely more. Even in Time Squad people still age. They must train their past selves and re-recruit them back into Time Squad.

It's a kind of morbid solution to the problems of human nature and the human body. Both pride and frailty prevent us from wanting to leave this realm of existence. Yet getting your younger self in is a compromise for immortality, even if a lot is lost in translation.

Otto shudders, knowing he's one of the newer generations of Time Squad agents who hasn't had to do that yet. He wonders what keeps these people going. There are people here who are on their hundredth rotation. People from the renaissance, people from the middle ages, the near past, the far future. All relative to his own timeline of course, but to him he still has a connection to his own time.

He has people he can call friends back in his own Earth... But... like many other of his questions, he wonders if he will simply outgrow or perhaps figure them out with age. Maybe his connections to his past, his stupid questions about time and space, maybe they will all fade with time. He both hopes this is the case... and fears it may actually come true.

"HEYHEYHEY! Champ! How've ya been?!" A buff suited man with a face full of stubble lets out, patting Otto's back as he passes. "Fine, Tuddrussel." – "Bah, doesn't sound like it! Sounds like you've woken up on the wrong side of the Omniverse again! Come on, let's get Larry, he said he'd add double bacon this morning!" Buck Tuddrussel says, leading Otto by his back.

As they walk through the place, Otto wonders to himself, didn't this place look different yesterday? Or was it... the day before?

"Tuddrussel, has this place always seemed so... timey?" – "Haha, what do you mean?" – "I mean... look around us?" He says, stopping himself and Buck to look around. He looks around with his big goggles before wearing a small smirk.

"Looks the same t'me." – "Are you sure?" – "Hmm... Nope. I mean, it's Time Squad HQ. This place changes as often as time itself does, which is all the time. I mean, I 'think' it looked like something else once. Something... less white I think." – "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. It's depressing, everything is so... bland." – "Gah, you're thinking too much. Let's chow."

Has it always been this way? Has this place changed every day? Has he just forgotten it? Has he asked himself this question every day of his life? The concept is not impossible... and it's frightening.

Time scoots rather fast. The breakfast blends together with the rest of his stray thoughts, Larry and Buck's constant arguing being drowned out with thoughts and worries. Before he knows it, he's back in his room. His clock is set to tomorrow, he returns to his time that day. He smiles, wanting to leave this place and returns to where everything makes sense.

He's a kid... not a secret agent...

As he sleeps, he talks in his sleep, his cold breath slipping off himself like a loose fog.

"Chrono... Metal... Wars..."

He prepares to head out to his timeline, he's always in such a rush to go in before Larry and Tuddrussel. In fact, today he doesn't even care if they are here right now. He leaves a note saying he's gone ahead and he punches a few numbers into his wrist device. He erupts into electricity and enters his time warp before it fizzles away and he's left with the fresh air he craves.

He takes a deep breath and takes it ~all~ in.

Every time he goes to "work" it feels like a vacation. He's outside his house, but he feels like going for a jog today. Getting his bones and muscles all set up. He's so tired of being cramped up in HQ.

However, as soon as he gets ready to jog off, his wrist device goes off!

"No... not today! Dang it!" He mutters to himself. Someone is messing with this timeline and he has to go check it out. He looks around. Larry and Buck haven't made it here yet. He shrugs and runs off anyway. The signal isn't coming from too far away.

He reaches a park and looks at all the kids and parents playing and watching. Little sandboxes and wood chips everywhere. Swing sets, benches, tubes and monkey bars. He looks around and sees that everyone seems normal. Everyone seems normal... nothing seems off here. Otto plays it cool and tucks his hands into his shorts and walks through the park, scouting it out.

"Mommy Mommy! Watch this!" – "Careful honey!" – "Dad, Catch!" – "Oof...! That's... a g-good throw!" – "Haha!" – "Haha!"

Everything seems normal. His device says there's someone here, but... Otto just doesn't get it. He walks over on 100X magnification until he reaches the core problem. He walks; facing so close to his device he can't even see. He reaches the problem and puts his arm down to see a girl sitting on a bench.

At first she seems unfazed that someone is standing over, but then she looks over to Otto. Her eyes seem to almost light up.

"Otto...? Oh, hey!" – "Uh... h-hey... do... I know you?" The girl raises an eyebrow before standing up, giving Otto a chance to size her up. Her face is smooth and kind looking yet carries a hint of deviousness in her black eyes.

Her clothing is black with white accents and her hair is long. Otto is sure he's never seen this girl in his life. He looks over to a device attached to her forearm. Is... is that a Time Squad device?!

"Where did you get that?" Otto asks, pointing to the device on her wrist. He raises it up and looks at it. "You don't remember? You gave it to me."

Otto ponders the situation as she puts her arm down, seemingly predicting this shtick. It's... possible that Otto gave it to her in the future or something.

"Okay, I'm going to skip the middle ground. I'm Otto, you seem to know me but I don't know you. To whom do I have the..." He says, looking at his device as it still blares out that there's a temporal invader here. "...Honor of meeting?" The girl nods, but sits back down on the bench.

She pats the seat next to her. Otto seems confused at first, but he has felt so tense lately that just letting it all out would feel great. He sighs and sits down.

"I guess it doesn't matter." – "Nah, that's okay. My name is Barasia, you can call me Lynn." Otto think about that name: Barasia. Is it familiar? He doesn't really know. "Lynn, huh? Well, nice to meet you. My name is Otto- though you seem to already know that. What brings you here to this timeline? My device doesn't seem to acknowledge you yet." Lynn looks over at Otto, still on the wooden bench overlooking all the happy children playing around.

"Given the fact that you don't remember me, I guess I can't really tell you. You may have an aneurism, but I think I can test you." – "Aneurism...? Test me?" – "Does the term 'Chronometal Wars' mean anything to you?" Otto thinks for a moment before shaking his head.

"That's what I thought. I don't 'really' belong here I guess, I can leave if you want. I'm just here to think... to put things into perspective." Lynn says, leaning forward and looking at the kids as they play around, but she seems to be looking at two people on a bench and a baby next to them.

A woman and a man, both with red hair. The woman is motherly and the man is burly and protective with a kind face. They both coo over a little baby as it tries to walk and play on the ground.

"Who are they?" Otto asks, noticing that the girl has taken a special attraction to this particular family. "Ah, them? That's Rose, Randal and Ruby. A family I got the pleasure of meeting in the future." – "Oh..." He says, still unsure of what to make of this Lynn person.

She relaxes back into the bench and looks into the clear sky as a cool breeze picks up. "You know, I find it odd that you don't remember me. I met you in the past after all." She says, looking at her own Time Squad device. "Yeah... back about a year before now. I'm just... looking for ways to solve the problems I have in the future." – "You met me in the past? Why don't I remember that?" – "I don't know, man. Though I guess I don't really belong here, so now's a good a time as any to pack it up and leave." She says with a small deal of unhappiness in her voice.

The baby girl roughly one year of age stomping around making a tantrum next to the family makes her giggle a small bit. "She was so bad when she was a baby..." She begins to walk off. "W-Wait." Otto asks, causing her to turn around. He turns his device's alarm off. "I... don't really know what to make of all of this. You don't have to leave. I'll... figure it out later." – "Don't lose any sleep over it, I was just leaving anyway. Bye, Otto." – "B-Bye Lynn." He says as she disappears from sight.



"So... you're saying you don't know anything about any 'Chrono... whatever wars?' That's odd..." Otto says, turning away. The man he's talking to sighs. "What's odd is you didn't do your mission, Agent Osworth. That girl could be a huge danger to that time-frame. You said it yourself, she's seen you in the past, seen that family in the future... she's dangerous." The imposing man lets out, never breaking his sight outside of the window.

Otto winces; he knows he's right... Otto botched this.

"I'm... sorry, Micheal..." The man scoffs. "Leave us. We will decide what to do with her." Otto leaves, head slumped down, leaving Micheal and the two others in the room.

Micheal looks over to the others in the room, his blue hair spilling over his eyes.

"Elly, Drax... what do you make of this... 'Chronometal' nonsense?"

Author's Notes: And so begins The Eternal Watcher, a story whose entirety takes place in a vacuum of time that occurred when Barasia left Blossom and Otto during the Original Story, The Chronometal Wars, only to reappear later looking completely different, and having claimed The Ark. The Ark, as you most likely know by now, was a very important tool that was used to save the world, and how it was claimed was explained briefly. This entire story builds to not only Barasia claiming The Ark, but a lot of loose ends are tied up behind the scenes as well and serving as an unexpected origin story for "The Knights."

This story will also give hints to the Next Story in the chronology, The Black War, as well as dropping references to the untold story "The Prologue," which instead of making it into a story, I made into an RPG-Maker game of the same name.