The Chronometal Wars
The Eternal Watcher
The End of Time Squad

The small crystal explodes upwards, blowing Otto away!

Before long, crystals are bursting out of every wall! Rubble rains down from the ceiling and the people within the room scramble to not get hit! "We have to go! We can't stay here!" Garland yells to Micheal! "We cannot leave The Ark! Something here obviously wants to take it!" The Ark shines softly before a voice resonates throughout the room.

"Beelzebub... oh, my brother... how you have fallen..." – "B-Briarus? What are you talking about? Brother?!" – "There is no choice... we must flee Time Squad..." – "N-NO! If we do that then everyone who has ever been a part of it will die! And without anyone to protect you, who knows what will happen to this Omniverse?!" Micheal blubbers. "Micheal... you have watched over time and I for many generations now. But... it is time to let go. There is no saving Time Squad." Briarus says monotonously as the roof completely splits open, revealing writhing crystals!

Micheal gulps and shudders. He looks over at the floating Barasia next to him. She is still unconscious and showing no signs of life. "Is she really worth all of this?" – "She is..." Briarus reassures. Otto looks over at Micheal who closes his eyes. He lets out a deep sigh as the room rumbles once more. "Alright... Let's go." Micheal walks over to the Ark and raises his hand up.

"ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!" He yells out as if in chant. The pillar sized ark shines and ebbs, before floating down in a much smaller form. It is now small enough to easily hold in one hand, and vaguely resembles an ivory anchor. Micheal nods as the disconnection from the Ark causes power to fade from everything. He looks over at Otto.

"Otto, you have to escape here." – "What about you?" – "I am bound to The Ark for life; I will stay here and attempt to do what I can to halt... whatever this is..." Micheal says, looking up at the ceiling. Even in the powerless darkness, the shining crystals can still be seen growing and crawling slowly towards them.

"I've died once for her. The least I can do is help her. I'm not leaving, Micheal." – "I thought you might say that... come on, we have to escape here!" Otto and Micheal run out of the room, Garland behind them with Barasia floating in toe. They reach the hall where all the gates were once closed only to see them all pried open with sharp jagged crystals. "What the hell are these things...?!" Otto mutters, looking around.

The Ark within Micheal's hand begins to ebb, Briarus' voice echoing within all of their heads. "Beelzebub..." – "Who IS Beelzebub? I heard you say something about him being your brother." – "It is true. But he is not whole yet. I can feel his very existence fading in and out." – "That's good... right? It would be BAD if he existed, right?" – "Perhaps, but his will is lashing out at us, these crystals... once part of his prison are now his tools for war. I shudder to imagine what this all means." Otto gulps, not even Briarus is certain of what's going to happen.

Micheal raises The Ark above him as if it were a hilt. "ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!" Before Otto's eyes, the Ark transforms again, but this time into a sword! But... it looks weird. Like, only HALF of a sword. There is only the front half of the blade, and the hilt. But it's more than enough, Micheal striking down with enough divine force to blow the front gate, and the following hundred away in a flash of cosmic energy!

The crystals shatter, sounding like glass bouncing off of the floor and the walls, fading into dust. "Let's move!" Micheal and the others run down the now clear hallway as the crystals grow after them! The room The Ark was just in is now completely filled with crystals! The walls are heaving and splitting down the middle!

As they leave the core, Micheal covers his mouth at what he sees...

The skies of Time Squad are burning! Darkness and temporal fire enveloping everything! Crystals infect and break buildings to pieces, causing them to enter free-fall. All sources of power are cut off, floating buildings falling into other buildings, deep rumbling, distant thunder, and huge explosions going off every other second!

"This is... horrible..." Micheal says, out of breath. Otto walks in front of him. "We can't let it end like this! We have The Ark and we have Barasia! We just need to escape!" Micheal looks around, and back to Garland. "Briarus... where is everyone else in Time Squad?" – "They have vanished." Otto's eyes go wide. "Wait, WHAT?!" – "Only those within proximity of me were saved from time vaporization when I was forcibly disconnected from the flows of time. Not all is lost, however. You all still remain, as does she." Otto diverts his eyes to the falling buildings of Time Squad and the distant thunder on the burning horizon.

He furrows his brow. "We've come this far. We're lucky to still be alive, and we are going to use this life to stop what has happened!" – "Hah, that's the spirit, Otto." Micheal says, patting him on the shoulder. "All eight of you should be enough to stem the oncoming tide."

"Yeah- wait... eight? There's only seven of us." – "All in good time, Otto." Briarus lets out. Otto looks to the sky. "Hey, look!" He says with a mixture of happiness and fear. Everyone looks up. "It's a time portal, and it's falling right for us!" Everyone quickly jumps out of the way as it crashes through the plating they were just standing on. Otto quickly jumps, saying a few words along the way:

"We have one chance! Everyone get on now!"

Everyone follows him into the platform, Barasia's limp body also floating down to them. "Ugh, this brings back bad memories..." Otto exclaims, the spinning top shaped platform crashing through other buildings in free-fall. He scrambles over to the teleporter and instantly jams an auxiliary power core in and waits for it to charge. "Okay, after this is done, we can get out."

If only it were that easy...

As soon as the portal reaches 100%, a golden coloration surrounds the normally blue Time Squad portal. "NO! R-RUN!" Briarus yells out, the only time he has ever stuttered in his life, being caught completely off guard by what is about to happen! Everyone attempts to run away, but they cannot while on this platform!

Huge energy explodes out, blowing all seven of them off of the platform! Micheal summons his scythe and uses it to latch onto the platform as they continue to fall down! He takes his other and grabs Otto by the end of his brown cape! They are both being blown back by the force of the energy and the fact that they are falling incredibly fast, the wind force pushing them farther back still!

"G-Garland!" Otto yells, desperately trying to grab his hand or the hand of his men! But they slip by and are quickly lost to the crystal firestorm outside. Otto's stomach drops, knowing he just failed those four. There is no way they are still alive...

Micheal grunts, trying his best to muscle his way back to the platform with one arm! He manages to reach the edge and pulls Otto in as hard as he can, causing him to hit it hard, but he's okay. Barasia is still suspended in mid air by The Ark's power.

A human shape can be seen within the yellow portal in the center of the falling platform. Before Otto or Micheal has a chance to ask Briarus what is happening, the Platform begins to slow down! They look around them to see that they are falling into a huge hollow crystal dome! Before they hit the top, it's as if the platform were being slowed down by jet boosters, it equalizes comfortably and rests on the bottom. Otto and Micheal rise from their knees and back away from the portal and the being within.

Before long, a single limb protrudes out of the portal. The clothing is pure black, it looks like a lab boot and the extension of a lab coat, but of course it's pure black. The entire being soon walks casually out of the portal before the portal itself collapses in a huge explosion that nearly blows Otto and Micheal away! Barasia's floating body is blown back and falls onto a bed of writhing crystals.

"ARK! I COMMAND YOU! TAKE THE FORM MOST SUITABLE TO MY DESIRES!" Micheal yells out, looking at Barasia. But... to his dismay, Briarus does nothing. "BRIARUS! Can you hear me?!" – "I am... sorry. It is not my place. I realize now what is happening..." Briarus somberly says, the ark once again taking the shape of an anchor and floating away. "Wh-What?! What?!" Otto bellows out. They timidly look back at the black being.

Obviously humanoid, hands in his coat pockets and a cocky look on his face. His skin is black and his eyes are red. But his face... it looks a lot like...

"Dexter...?" Otto mutters, terrified. The hair, the face, the body, the labcoat, everything screams Dexter. But the hair color, skin color, and his red eyes completely throw off his expectations. Not to mention the palpable energy he is exerting.

"Dexter... right..." The being hisses with a malevolent voice that feels like verbal fire to their ears. Micheal winces just at hearing it. "A mortal shell. Nothing more, nothing less. His frame is suitable for this task. And what a task it is... finally, I can invade this world and break the Omniverse in two!" Psuedo Dexter cackles out, his clawed hands cracking as he holds his arms out like a psychopath.

He raises one arm and a pillar of crystals rises in front of him. At that moment, Micheal growls and stands up. "You... you're Beelzebub!" The Black Dexter breaks into a very sharp toothy smile. "Yes, but that information is of no help to you. You mortals are so beneath me that even exerting this useless breath of mine should be parade worthy for you!" He waves his arms around more, the crystal formations starting to come to life! One roars out and swims through the air like a dragon!

"My Arkanite life forms should be more than enough. Once you are sufficiently DEAD, I'll just claim "The Ark" and blast this Omniverse straight to hell. Then my real work can finally begin..." He says, his face once again twisting into a devilish demented smile. The Arkanite dragon swoops down and nearly takes Micheal's head off in one go were it not for Otto pushing him away! The armless crystal dragon slinks through the air and comes back for another attack! But Otto is ready for it!

"I studied Arkanite when I joined Time Squad, you know. The Ark expels it as a byproduct, and I happen to know just how to BREAK IT!" He yells out, his fist unleashing a very specific discharge as the head of the dragon shatters and the rest of the body is absorbed into the crystal flooring around them.

"Oh, how boring." Beelzebub says, his face twisting into one of rage. "Here I was thinking I could just sit back and soak your deaths in, but you're going to make me slaughter you MYSELF?! You should feel honored to die by my hand you pathetic waste of Chrono Matter!" Beelzebub's shoulder ignites and a single wing explodes out! A blue wing, but it quickly fades from blue to deep black. His right arm morphs from a human one to one that is made of some metallic material Otto has never seen before. It morphs into a very long blade and he rushes at Otto! He prepares to defend, but he seems to disappear in mid air.

"Behind you." Before he has a chance to respond, he quickly lunges at Otto to impale him in the back! But Micheal crashes into Otto and pushes him out of the way, getting himself impaled instead!

"MICHEAL! NO!" Micheal doesn't even have a chance to say anything before Beelzebub picks his body up and throws it to the opposite side of the room, blood raining down all the way. A look of sheer horror crosses Otto's face. He slowly backs away, knowing he can't do anything against Beelzebub.

"That's more like it. Stand still and stop making my job harder than it has to." He slashes down on the paralyzed Otto and a blood curdling scream is let out!

But... Otto wasn't the one who screamed...!

Otto opens his flinching eyes to see Barasia with the blade imbedded in her shoulder, her two arms holding Beelzebub back! They both grunt, attempting to overpower one another. "I've... got to say..." Barasia says with pain traveling on her voice, making it tremble. "For someone as infamous as you... you aren't very-" She says, picking him up by his blade and chucking him across the room- "STRONG!" Beelzebub slides across the crystal floor, breaking the rough formations beneath. Barasia winces and falls to her knees.

Otto runs to her side. "Are you okay?!" – "F-Fine... my arm hurts like hell, though." She says with her arm cut open really bad by the blade. Beelzebub rises to his feet. He spits on the ground, having it melt through the crystalline formations. "Alright. Fuck this, you're all dead." He says, cracking his knuckles and having three more wings explode out of his shoulders! They show faint colorations of green, red, and purple before fading to an abysmal black. Barasia sighs, fatigue and pain laden in her voice. She looks back at Otto.

"I... can't fight anymore. My body is still crying out in pain." – "Then, what do you expect me to do about this?" – "I... don't know..." She says, her vision going blurry again. "Damn... and here I only recently regained consciousness..." She chuckles, falling sideways and slumping onto the ground.

Otto looks around and sees something glinting in the distance. But it's incredibly far away; Beelzebub will surely kill him if he doesn't reach it in time! Otto begins to run for the glinting object at the end of the dome. As expected, Beelzebub appears in front of him. However, after seeing what Barasia pulled off, he's not afraid any longer! Beelzebub slashes down on him, but Otto raises his gauntlets and catches the blade in his hands!

Beelzebub grunts, putting his energy into the blade, but Otto's gauntlets are strong enough to hold him back! "Arkanite... Dragon... SERVE ME!" He roars out as the crystals beneath Otto explode upward, consuming him! Otto finds himself inside of a crushing prison within moments, but musters all of his strength to punch a hole in one of the walls! He jumps out and enters a free falling state! He is falling faster and faster, nearing Beelzebub who merely smiles, knowing that he won't survive that fall.

"What are you smiling at?!" Otto yells out, facing his feet at him and activating his back-up boosters, blowing Beelzebub away and breaking Otto's fall! The Arkanite Dragon swoops back down for him before Otto realizes he has no real way to defend against this! He raises his arms to defend, but the Dragon is blown away by a surge of green energy! He looks up to see none other than Elly flying down with her armor reequipped!

"Elly! You have great timing!" – "No time for reunions, we have a fight to win!" Beelzebub once again rises from the ground, but this time he looks confused.

"Why... am I... so weak? I should have been able to overpower ALL of you! How can a HUMAN without any special powers hold off my attacks?! Unless..." He thinks to himself, black mist pouring off of his also black skin. "Perhaps 'they' are to blame. They are trying to force me back into my prison. But they will not succeed. I have come TOO far to fail!" He growls, baring his claws, blades, and fangs.

"Otto, you go get whatever you were after! I'll hold him off!" – "Alright!" Otto scrambles for the shining object as Elly charges Beelzebub down! She whips out her Thunder Lance and goes toe to toe with him! His four wings flap and lift him off the ground slightly as he dodges the attacks! He slashes down only to be blocked by her lance! He raises a clawed hand to summon a Dragon of crystal below her! But she saw this happen to Otto and she bounds backwards, dodging it expertly as it erupts from the crust!

Otto reaches the glinting object and nearly cheers as he finds out what it is. "Sensei Jack's sword!" He says, trying to pull it out of the crystal bedding. But it won't budge. He struggles harder to pull it out before it starts to burn. "Gah... what the? You won't let me claim you? ..." Otto stares at the sword as it stubbornly refuses to let him pull it out. "Briarus said something like this. You are a tool of his will, and that he can't fight Beelzebub. But you helped Barasia! Ezekiel served Beelzebub and you struck him down! Please, I need to help them!" Otto grabs the sword again and struggles against the light burning sensation to pull it out. The crystals begin to crack as he makes progress!

Beelzebub's claw bashes Elly's face and sends her sliding along the ground and the Dragon comes screaming down! She growls, blood dripping down her face as she raises her spear to impale it! She musters all of her strength to topple it as Beelzebub follows up the Dragon's attack with a blast of dark energy! Elly screams as she is blown away, hitting the roof of the dome and being knocked out! She begins to fall down...

Otto jumps at her right before she hits the ground and he slides with Elly in her arms. She is still unconscious, but now she's safe. He gently puts her back on the ground as he rises to view Beelzebub. He twists the sword in his hand, causing Beelzebub to raise an eyebrow.

"I'm surprised the blade allowed you to wield it. Surely you know it can't hurt me." – "I had a feeling it wouldn't but that's fine." – "Gahah! Are you stupid or something? What use is there in a weapon that can't kill?!" – "This is not a weapon." He says, raising the sword in a defiant position, taking the hilt with both robotically enhanced hands. "This is a tool of justice, something I will use to defend the life of me and my friends. I don't need it to kill you." Beelzebub scoffs. "So, what, you're just gonna stall me to death?" – "Considering you are getting weaker by the minute, I think that's a pretty good plan." Beelzebub furrows his brow and he spits on the ground once more.


Beelzebub walks up to Otto. He knows he is right. His energy has been fading ever since he killed Micheal. All he needs is The Ark, but so long as Otto is still nipping at his heels, Beelzebub knows he cannot run away with it.

Darkness envelops the room not much unlike Barasia's battle with Ezekiel! "If you think you can beat me through pure attrition, you're welcome to try." He growls, pacing closer and closer to Otto. His arm is still a blade, but his wings are letting off less and less energy. Beelzebub slashes at Otto, only to have his blade grind against Otto's! Otto slashes back, but like Beelzebub said, the blade does nothing. It passes harmlessly through him. Beelzebub uses that moment to grab Otto by the throat, his claws digging into his neck! Otto's enhanced gauntlets allow him to wrestle himself out of his grasp with a quick punch to the face!

Otto gasps for breath as Beelzebub once again goes on the offensive! The blades once again grind against each other, Otto noticing that when he uses the blade for defense, it can make contact with Beelzebub, but it cannot ever be used to harm him.

'This blade has a mind of its own, though it is enslaved by its directive to be unable to harm him.' Otto thinks to himself. Beelzebub slashes and punches at Otto, but he is able to stay on the defensive. The blade is powerful enough to resist the attacks! Otto's blade and his blade constantly clash into each other, their fists also constantly lock with each other! Beelzebub growls as Otto begins to muster the strength to be able to overpower him! Otto hits Beelzebub in the jaw with the hilt and switches to hand to hand combat! But Beelzebub teleports behind Otto and slashes at him! It doesn't break skin, but it takes the entirety of his chest armor off as it hits the ground! Beelzebub knows that now all he needs is a single good strike at his heart and Otto is dead!

Otto raises his blade in defense as Beelzebub attempts to flank him, only to have his attacks constantly parried by the surprisingly skilled Otto. "I took Kendo with Jack, you know. You're not going to catch me off guard again!" – "I... can't believe I'm so weak as to have a human as worthless as YOU be my equal in combat... I have the power to crush planets, to drain souls!" – "Looks like you don't have it anymore, and that's okay with me." – "Are you really so sure?! Look around you! Time Squad is destroyed and The Ark is loose! Even if I fail here, you can't kill me... and you can't bring Time Squad back. I will just try again, and again, and again." – "Is that right...?" Otto says, still shirtless with his blade in a defensive position.

"Well, stopping you here and now is my only concern. Once Barasia gets her hand on The Ark, I'm sure she can find a way to stop you." – "You truly believe that, don't you? If only you knew just how incompetent she really was..." – "What did you say?!" – "Did you know that I exist solely because of her? Did you know that SHE is the one who doomed her own universe?! Yet every time she doomed others, she always needed someone else to save her from death! First it was Buttercup, now it was you... again and again. You never let up, I will give you that... but you're fighting for a cause that seeks to destroy all that is around it!" – "You're wasting your own time. As we wait, your strength wanes. I've already won, Beelzebub!" Beelzebub's striking resemblance to Dexter intensifies as he smiles.

"That is where you are wrong. I sought to invade the Cosmic Archive of Time Squad so that I could break the Akashic Record and make it so that I am the only successor to God. I may have failed to prevent what has already happened, but as long as you humans maintain your mortalities, I will return again and again." – "Akashic... Cosmic Archive... wh-what are you talking about?!" – "You will die in ignorance, pathetic whelp!" Beelzebub yells, charging him down! He puts everything he has into these final attacks!

He nearly bashes the blade out of Otto's hand several times, but he maintains his composure and manages to keep on defending! But then, Beelzebub lunges within a blind spot and Otto knows that he cannot defend against it! In a final act of instinct, he lunges his own sword at Beelzebub! Beelzebub smiles as Otto tries to stab him-

And his eyes go wide as the blade punctures his chest! But Beelzebub roars out, shaking the world around him! His armblade morphs back into a single arm and he locks into a power struggle with Otto, Jack's blade still imbedded in his torso! Otto grunts as Beelzebub pushes him further and further to the brink! But Otto finds a single opening and takes it!

He head butts Beelzebub in the face, knocking him off guard! He then rips the sword out of his chest and slashes with all his might across him, blasting black blood across the darkness!

Beelzebub collapses to his knees!

Even Otto has a look of disbelief. Beelzebub slowly backs down, black blood dripping down his chest. He covers his wounds easily enough, but begins to cough up black mist. "H-HOW...?! HOW?!" The darkness fades and the crystals around all of Time Squad begin to crumble to dust.

However, due to many of the buildings being supported by the crystals, buildings collapse on the spot. Others topple into other buildings and others still simply crumble. Time Squad is completely destroyed and all around him... Otto can see massive buildings falling and breaking through other buildings. A deep storm brewing... Otto knows Time Squad HQ is lost.

"That... sword... betrayed me...!" – "NO!" A voice booms from the heavens as The Ark begins to float down. Beelzebub looks up with black blood dripping from his mouth.

"You sought to dethrone your creator, Brother. Succeeding God? How insolent, how arrogant." – "You... know... NOTHING BRIARUS!" – "Barthandelus... how far you have fallen..." – "I am not Barthandelus any longer, brother... I am something much greater." – "You are CORRUPTED! Nothing more! I thought that this was God's will that you destroy Time Squad. But I know now that it was simply all your doing. I was foolish to let this go on as long as it has." – "Oh yeah...?! And what are you going to do about it?! Are you going to kill me, for THEM?! THEY ARE NOTHING!" The Ark flashes and Briarus appears in his metallic form, with the wing on one side. Beelzebub rises to his feet as well while still holding his wounds, four wings on his back. Briarus walks up to his brother.

"They are not of us, that much is certain, but the powers within them have done this to you. Am I wrong?" – "Don't talk down to me, Briarus..." – "You take the shape of a human even now. The shape of this "Dexter." Yet you hate them so. You speak of succeeding God, even though he was the one who created you. You speak of hatred for humans, yet you take their image. What has happened to you?" – "Maybe soon... you will learn... and you will realize the mistake you made here this day, Brother." Beelzebub fizzles into dark energy. Briarus looks up into the timeless skies.

Time Squad is ruined, forever. Buildings crumble and crash into one another. Is this truly God's will? Has Briarus made a mistake? He wonders to himself, but he turns around to view Otto with Jack's Sword.

"I have made my decision this day, Otto. I decided to give you, Barasia, Micheal, all of you another chance. You are all worthy of my power, yet I am not omnipresent." – "What do you mean?" – "Only one of you can claim my power. I cannot be in two places at once." – "But... what about timelines?" – "I am timeless. I also cannot be in two times at once. I am a singular being that exists outside of the conventional march of time. I am one and only one. I create and govern time as I exist, it does not govern me, and therefore I cannot be in two timelines at once." – "I... see..."

Otto looks over at Barasia and Elly, both unconscious on the ground. "There is still so much I don't understand, but I feel like there is more that must be done..." – "There is, Otto Osworth." Briarus lets out. Otto looks up at him. "The Chronometal Timeline is broken and shattered, covered in darkness. There must be a shepherd within it to guide it through the horrid times. I... am no longer certain of my own abilities any longer. After all that happened here, I don't trust myself to be the sole voice of reason in this turbulent Omniverse." – "..." – "What is it, Otto?" – "Are you God?"

Briarus laughs heartily. "Not quite. I am but a tool he crafted to watch over the Akashic Record." – "And that too... I think I heard about that before... wasn't it just a philosophy?" – "You humans, your ancestors had a simple understanding of the Akashic Record once, that much is true. But they weren't completely right. Yet this is of no importance. I answered your question, now you must answer mine." – "Uh... what question?" – "I must ask you to take responsibility for your decisions. There is much work that must be done, and even in all of my power... I cannot do it alone." – "What do you ask of me?" – "I must send you to the Chronometal Universe. There, you must do whatever it is you think is right." – "... That's it?" – "That is all. I will accompany you." – "But... what about Barasia?" He says, looking down at her on the ground.

"I will accompany her as well, but as I said... I cannot be in two places at once." – "Okay, Briarus. I will do as you say." A yellow timeless portal opens up and Briarus absorbs everyone into it. Before long, they find themselves floating in a lightless and timeless space.

Barasia's wounds are repaired and both Micheal and Elly regain consciousness. Briarus is in the middle as all of them look at him. None of them speak.

Briarus raises his two arms, opening two portals. One next to Micheal and Elly, one next to Otto. "Micheal. Elly. Your fates are no longer contained to just Time Squad. There is a universe that needs you out there." – "What universe?" Micheal asks. "The Chronometal Universe. I will send your spirit there to live out your lives within that fabled timeline." – "Wait... my spirit? Why not just me?" – "Because Time Squad is destroyed. Conventional time travel is impossible now, in ALL universes." – "Oh... I see..." – "But not all is lost. I can still send your immortal souls to where they are needed, and right now, you are both needed within that universe, Barasia's universe. Therein there is a sleeping Ark. You must find it." Elly looks over at Barasia.

"I... have to say something, Barasia. I never knew it would turn out like this. I'm... s-sorry for everything I put you through." – "I'm sorry too." Micheal says. Barasia nods. "Apology accepted. I'm not entirely without blame either, maybe this could have turned out better if I just thought things through a little more." Elly shrugs. "No use worrying about that now." She says, looking at everyone floating in this massless darkness. The portal behind them begins to suck them in.

"Don't forget us, okay guys?" She says, waving. Micheal nods. "Yeah, I'll try my best to find you again when we land in this universe! I'll find that sleeping Ark and I will use it to improve the world you love so much! I'll pay you back, I swear it!" Barasia diverts her eyes as they are absorbed into the yellow portal.

"And now, for you- Otto." Briarus points at the other portal. "Therein is a dimension that I believe will be most suited for you." – "Wait, did I miss something?" Barasia blurts out. Otto speaks up. "I am going to watch over your world from now on, Barasia..." – "Wait! That's OUR world! You have to live in it! You just fought so hard to save it!" Briarus shakes his head. "That is impossible. There must be a curator on the outside for when I enter that universe." – "What do you mean? What are you guys talking about?!"

Otto floats over to Barasia and grabs her by the hands. He looks into her eyes and she looks into his. His facial scar is very pronounced, but hers aren't so different either. "Briarus told me what I can do to help our world, Barasia. But it requires me on the outside looking in. I will help everyone I can, I will do what I can to help this world as much as I possibly can... but I can never live in it any longer." – "B-But..." – "It's okay. I never thought something like this would happen, but I'm prepared to live this life. I will watch over your world forever, Barasia." Barasia stares at Otto as her lip begins to quiver. Otto opens his arms up as to hug her-

But she pulls him in and locks lips with him! Otto returns the sentiment and embraces her as they kiss. The timeless void cradles them as they embrace one another. Soon... they naturally separate. She gently floats away, sniffling. "Thank you... so much Otto... I'll never forget you..." Otto smiles and nods, disappearing into the portal behind him. Briarus also nods and goes into the portal and it closes behind them.

Before she even has the chance to ask herself what Briarus was doing, another portal opens up. She covers her eyes as the portal lets off a blinding light. Out of it, two beings float out. It's Briarus again, but there's someone else too.

"Who...?" She says before noticing the huge scar across his face. "Otto...?" She mutters. Could this MAN really be Otto? He looks at least in his twenties! He's wearing dusty armor and brown cloak. His eyes light up. "It's... good to see you again, Barasia..." – "We saw each other like one second ago." – "Haha, I guess it would seem like that to you, but to me, it's been many... many years. My work is finally almost done... and for my last action to help this universe, I no longer need The Ark. So..." He says, looking at Briarus.

Briarus floats near Barasia and morphs into his Ark form. She grabs it and looks at it. It still looks like a slightly curved 'T', like an Anchor.

"Now you can finally go home with the power to save your world." She looks at the Ark and then looks behind her. She extends it out and a yellow portal explodes open. She looks back at Otto and he nods. She looks back at the portal and begins to float through it. She gets one leg in before Otto begins to speak up.

"Good luck, Barasia." – "..." She pulls her leg back in and floats over to him. She extends her hand out for him to shake it. He shows a sarcastic smile and shakes her hand. "Good luck to you too, Otto. I hope we can meet again." – "Until next time. Go save your world." She nods and steps through the portal.

This time the portal radiates again and the being comes out completely. Blossom squints at the attire of the being... Black pants, a dark gray vest and a deep black cape with some white stripes on it; and the being seems to be carrying something. As she looks at the being's face, it is obviously a female... but besides that she can't put her finger on it...

"Hello Blossom... Otto... It's been a while." She has dark hair and her face looks vaguely familiar, but it's riddled with so many scars its hard to tell. Otto lets out slowly; "Is that... you, Barasia?" The girl smiles and raises her head to look down at him. "Don't tell me you forgot me already?" - "So it is you... What happened to you?"

Author's Notes: After a long delay, finally worked on transferring this, the final part of the Eternal Watcher. This story ties up loose ends between when Barasia left in the first story only to come back a bit later wearing a different getup, and apparently holding The Ark, a device that only Otto knew the true nature of.

Though I think it's worth addressing a sizeable elephant in the room. This is sort of the LAST of the Chronometal Wars I'll probably be uploading the FF . Net... at least for a long time. You see, I started working on two stories after this one, namely the "Black War" and the "Ancient War" but the problems with those stories came with massive amounts of pacing issues, writer's block, forums getting shutdown, files being lost, and general frustration. Neither of those stories were finished, and both were outright dropped. After writing my Undertale story, I had lost every urge I had to continue these stories, so I feel like I owe an explanation before I post this final part, because after this, there will likely be nothing. After the Red Story and the Chronometal Panic, there is nothing on FF . Net... the story, though obviously begging for a continuation, will likely never get continued. I wanted there to be an explanation as to why the story abruptly ends here instead of just having readers come in wanting more, only to see the last update was like 3 years ago or something, so here is your reasoning. I may continue the stories in the future, but there are no promises. The spark is lost, and it's a hard thing to reclaim. Thank you for reading.