Senior year.

Only a few more weeks and Violet would be done with this useless school. Where she was going to go in the fall, she had no idea. Maybe she wouldn't go to college at all. What's the point? Her future as a super was already set in stone for her, and even if she wanted to write stories for a living, why should she have to go to school for that? Creative writing majors were always forced to study stories more than write them.

Luckily for Violet though, there was another senior problem that would be over with and done sooner; prom.

That's all the school ever talked about once May rolled by; the big race to get a date, find the perfect dress and gather the biggest prom party. Who's house are they taking pictures at? How much do they have to chip in for the limo? Do their dresses match their dates' ties?

It all made Violet want to throw her skull against a concrete wall. Prom was just like any other dance, she philosophized, except taken far more seriously and a lot more expensive. Girls would be wearing dresses worth over a thousand dollars that they would most likely never wear again.

Violets group of friends were not the most concerned with popularity and even they were anticipating prom night. Violet could not go through a lunch without her best friend Franny going on about her prom plans.

The two met freshmen year; Franny was from an Italian family and had two older brothers. What intrigued Violet about her was her claim that she could teach frogs how to sing and play music; she would not buy it. Violet went to Frannys house to see her frog band and, needless to say, Franny wasn't making it up for attention. "I will never doubt you again." She said to her new friend. That night, Violets family had to cancel dinner and the Framagucchis invited her to eat with them.

Franny had two kooky older brothers, Gaston and Art. As Violet got closer to Franny, she got closer to them. They were in a sense like big brothers to her. Gaston even once took her to homecoming so she wouldn't be alone. That was the only time she went to a high school dance.

Before Violet met her, Franny had a boyfriend named Lewis. The media knew him as Cornelious Robinson, the orphan who was adopted at age twelve and graduated college at fourteen. Violet had met him several times, as Franny almost always had him on her arm outside of school. They were adorable and Violet felt the love connection between them. However, they were a couple and like all couples, everyone else is invisible to them when they're together.

Franny didn't even acknowledge Violets existence when Lewis was around.

"Oh, Vi, that reminds me." She stopped yammering about her dress for a moment. "Are you sure you still don't want to go?"

"Pretty sure." She answered as she stabbed a crouton off her caesar salad.

She remembered how it was last year; Around March of that year, from what she understood, Violet's dad was severely injured in a car crash. Violet of course knew the truth that he was injured in action doing what he loved. As he aged, his strength declined, making him more vulnerable. Violet was just thankful he was still alive.

His spine was fractured in a fight. The families cover-up story was that he was in an automobile crash. "Things like this can even happen to big guys like him," Rick Dicker would try to assure her. Armed gunmen and house fires were scary, but seeing her father, the strongest man in the world, lying helpless scared her the most. He had spinal fusion surgery and had to use a walker to get by.

Violet was more stressed about it than she should have been. Franny remembered how she would complain about her dad and his stupid rules and how she wished he'd just stay out of the way. After his injury, Violet refused to leave his side. She felt terrible for complaining about him.

On the day of junior prom, Violet was shoveling mulch instead of going to the dance. Her father even told her to stop and have fun with her friends.

"Even if I went dad," she explained. "No one would even know I was there."

Franny remembered how Violet told her that even if her dad was fine, she still wouldn't go to the dance. Getting dressed up was not Violets idea of fun and apparently she never wanted to give magic a chance.

"Well," she thought. "I'm going to reserve you and another person a seat at the table in case you change your mind."

Violet could have told her she was wasting her time because she was never going to change her mind, but no one else would have ever thought of doing that for her. Instead of protesting, she just nodded and replied, "Thanks." Franny didn't have to help her, but Violet assumed she was still grateful Violet did the frog dissection by herself and gave her part credit.

Lunch ended and the group parted ways.

"So I think me and Lewis are finally going to do it."

It was the end of the day and Violet was unloading her homework supplies from her locker. Unsurprisingly, Franny was going on about her and Lewis. She had been mentioning for a while that she and her boyfriend would probably have sex for the first time, thinking Violet was the person she could tell.

Violet rolled her eyes as she shut the metal cabinet.

"No offense Franny." Violet started. "But I really don't care."

She was slightly hurt by her friends response but understood. Single people like Violet tended to act bitter towards these kinds of things. "I'm sorry Vi. I keep forgetting." She needed to change the subject to take Violet out of her mood. "How's your dad?"

Last time Franny saw him was when she came over for dinner. He was standing in front of the grill whistling happy tunes while flipping steaks. He seemed fantastic.

"He's fine." Violet answered. "Still getting better."

"That's great."

Violet nodded with a weak smile.

"Vi, I know you don't want me talking about this, but you're thinking it so I'm going to say it; you're always busy."

Violet shrugged. All she had to do was her schoolwork, her writing, help around the house and nab a few bad guys. It was nothing. Franny could never understand.

"And this is going to be your last chance at ever having a shot at this." She continued. "If you decide to miss out, you'll never get to do anything like this ever again. Your family would understand."

Violet sighed, placing her arm against the locker and her forehead against her arm.

"I'm just asking you to think about it."

Her best friend just nodded, not even looking at her. "Yeah, ok. I'll think about it." Violet didn't care that she was lying. She knew that either way, she would not be going. "And Franny, don't think that I don't care about you and Lewis. It's just that… I don't have that."

The last guy she dated was Tony Rydinger and dating a popular guy brought her attention she didn't need.

She drove home, which took her around five minutes; the neighborhood her family lived in was pretty close to the school. Her parents were usually home when she got there so to see them in the family room was no surprise. The 'how was school' question would come early and would be done with sooner.

Right on queue, her mother asked, "How was school Vi?"

"It was fine." Was the next best answer to 'It Sucked. No one is shutting up about prom. I'm going to my room to sulk in my loneliness.'

"Oh, honey, Edna dropped by." Violet stopped at the steps when she heard that name. Edna. A lot of girls would die to have personal designers. Violet would rather die than have one. She was not a mannequin for her to dress up. "She left some dresses in your room."

Violet moaned in frustration.

"Mom, did you tell her I'm not going?" Now she was irritated.

"Of course we did, Vi." Her dad answered. "You should know that that woman never takes no for an answer."

Violet sighed. What fashion disasters did she deliver this year? Last year, Edna delivered gowns more appropriate for a gala than a prom, and Violet unsurprisingly hated all of them. She was not a big fashion person. Why would a tomboy willingly wear dresses like those?

She walked into her room to see six dresses in protective bags lying on her bed piled on top of another. If there were little people inside her head acting as her emotions, the anger and disgust emotions would be raving.

Violet didn't even bother to look at them, knowing she'd only feel worse. She couldn't get too angry or she'd risk destroying the gowns on accident. As much as she disliked them, she would never go as far as to burn them.

Without moving the dresses, she rolled into her bed and went to the social media app on her phone. On top of the page, there was an open text box that said, 'What's happening Violet?' She sighed and typed, Welp, guess I'm not going this year either :/