The car stopped abruptly in front of the house. Hyde got out, leaving his stuff in the car. He locked it and started walking towards the kitchen door, still rehearsing a cool and calm way to tell them. He was in the driveway when Fez came over to him, running.

"Hyde, I have terrible news."

"Oh, you do?" Hyde threw back carefully.

"Yes, last night, Eric broke up with Donna."

"They did? Wow man, Forman and Donna must be a wreck. And you owe me five bucks."

"I know." Fez said, dipping his hand into his pants. He shelled out a five, and gave it to Hyde, who put it in his pocket without even looking at it.

Hyde's mind was far away. He had doubts now. Should he tell them, and make the day worse, or should he wait until everything was better to tell them, crashing at Leo's for a while? Hyde's mind swam with doubt. All of his certitudes about moving back with the Formans were gone. He felt bad enough, and Forman's whining and mopping around wouldn't help. On the other hand, he was his best friend, and he knew how much Donna meant to him. Man, he wondered what made them split up. But he already felt bad enough. He didn't need to know for now. What they both needed was some fun. An idea popped in his head.

"Fez, have you heard of the new amusement park that opened? Fun Land or something?"

"Yes, I did. I went there. They have the best candy in town."

"Right, candy. Man, what's with that obsession? I hope it doesn't get worse." Hyde told him, chuckling at Fez's expression.

They started walking towards the house. Hyde opened the door, and the smell of lunch hit him. Man, he was hungry. Anger fuels you up, but it can also make you hungry as hell. Kitty greeted them with a worn look on her face.

"Hello boys, how's everything going?" she said.

Hyde had the sudden urge to tell her, to make this burden go away. But he couldn't. Not yet, and the expression on her face was not a cheerful one. She was worrying.

"We're fine Mrs. Forman." Hyde said, swallowing the huge lump in his throat. "We heard about Donna and Eric. How is he?"

"Honey, he's not doing ok. He's in his room, just looking at the ceiling. I've never seen him so down, not even when Laurie threw out some of his G.I. Joes. My baby boy's heart is broken."

"It's ok, we'll take care of it." Hyde said, going up to Eric's room, where he was as Kitty said, laying down on his bed looking at the ceiling. Kelso joined them, and they tried to get him to go to Fun Land with them. But Eric wouldn't move.
Hyde wanted to tell him that people counted too, that it wasn't such a tragedy, that worse things could happen, that his parents bailed out on him again, and that he had to stop acting like such a wuss. But he couldn't. Not then.

The next few days or weeks, since Hyde stopped counting time, passed him in a whirlwind. Eric and Donna always fought, and finally, they started becoming friends again, whatever that meant. One day, Leo brought home with him a hootie momma. And Hyde had to listen to them playing twister or whatever all night. He decided it was the good time for him to go to the Formans. He just went in at night, with his box, using the basement door. He opened the door to his old room, and he found that it was kept exactly as he had left it. He tossed his clothes into his locker, which he used as a closet and looked around. He found a note on his bed. It was written by Kitty. He knew it by the delicate cursive hand-writing before he even started reading it.

My dear Steven,

I've left your room the way you left it so that if you need a place to stay, you can always use it. You're like a son to me, and if you ever need to talk you can always tell me what's on your mind.



He felt uncontrollably weak right there, and before he knew it, one lonely, single tear made its way down his cheek and onto the piece of paper, smudging a single word, the word Love. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found this family, his family. He was glad to be home again.

The morning after, he got up, put on his robe and went upstairs, where the smell of grilled bacon guided him. He sat down with a stunned family and helped himself to waffles. They questioned him, but he wouldn't answer right then. When Eric and Red left the table, he looked at Kitty and said:

"Thanks for the note Mrs. Forman. It means a lot."

She looked at him.

"Edna and Bud left. They let you down again. I'm so sorry Steven. But you know, we'll never let you down. Never."

She got up and hugged him, and he was sure now who his mother was, the one God or whoever sent him. He was a part of the family again. It felt good to finally feel at home somewhere.



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