Author's notes: Alright Alright Alright! So this is going to be an epic story, and long too. I've got the whole plot flushed out. We're looking at sixteen chapters at least. So one thing that this story calls for is open mindedness. Not all of the pairings will be traditional and I can't guarantee that all of your personal favorite characters will look cool or be portrayed as you guys are used to. But it will be a great story and I'm confident that many readers will enjoy it.

I don't own any of the characters or anything. Even my OC is loosely based on a character from another series.

What I've Always Wanted

Chapter 1- Run Away

Why Raven chose to visit a disturbing alternate dimension, she wasn't sure. But the news that she'd have to come back to fight Red X was a relief. Never had she been so glad to be interrupted by a crime alert.

At the crime scene...

Location: Bank Facility

Beast Boy prepared himself for the battle slash chase that was sure to come. He and the rest of his team were staring down the thief known as Red X. He was currently robbing a bank but somehow managed to trip the alarm. Knowing him, he probably did it on purpose, just to mess with them. He was notorious for giving the team a hard time and still getting away with his stolen goods. In truth, said thief was wondering why they even bothered trying anymore. He figured it would be hilarious if they just didn't come because they knew they wouldn't be able to catch him.

Robin: Red X!

Red X: That's my name, Chuckles. Don't wear it out!

Robin: Hand over the cash you swiped.

Red X: Okay. Come over here and I'll hand it to you.

Robin: Really? Um... okay.

Beast Boy wondered why he didn't think of that. He saw Robin make his way over to the thief and stick out his hand. Red X raised his hand like he was going to give Robin something. But his hand went higher while tightening into a fist. He punched Robin in the face. He staggered backwards and Red X shot a sticky X over the Boy Wonder's eyes. He laughed hysterically.

Red X: You really thought I would just give it to you? Come on guys, how many times has anyone you fought done that?

Oh yeah, that was why Beast Boy didn't think of it earlier. It was kind of a dumb idea.

Robin: Titans Go!

The others instantly sprang into action. Cyborg whipped out his Sonic Cannon and shot a blast towards the thief as the others scattered to attack him from different angles. Red X teleported behind Cyborg, ready to use one of his short curcuiting X's on him. But Cyborg knew he was going for that. He turned around and punched him just as the teleportation finished.

Cyborg: You gonna have to learn some knew tricks, man.

Red X quickly got up and shot one of his exploding X's at Cyborg. The projectile impacted the cybernetic teen, and with a cry, he went sailing trough the glass windows. Red X then saw the others in various corners of the lobby going for the attack and he teleported outside to make his escape. He teleported from rooftop to rooftop.

Red X: I don't know how the alarm got tripped, but I wasn't looking to tangle with the goon squad today.

This was kind of an important heist for him, since it was a large sum of money that he was taking. He didn't want to risk losing it by fighting the Titans. He had been really careful during the heist and right now, he was wondering where he went wrong. He knew the bank hadn't improved its security, as he usually researches these things before a heist.

He was running across a building with a sign on it. One of the metal poles holding the sign up suddenly protruded outwards and tripped him. Because he had seen it move, he knew Raven was somewhere nearby. He got into a fighting stance and looked around. He spotted her in the sky flying towards him. He chucked an X-a-rang her way and kept running. He was then nailed and knocked down with a projectile that he didn't recognize from the feel. When he pulled it out, he saw that it was the same X-a-rang that he had thrown at her.

Red X: Using my own weapons against me? That's pretty dirty, Sunshine.

Raven: You're one to talk.

As she hovered close enough that she was above the rooftop, he went for a kick. She used her dark energy to grab him and hold him still. He wanted to teleport, but his hands were straining against her force field.

Red X: You know this won't hold me for long.

Raven: You know something? You're pathetic.

Red X: Really? Is that why none of you have caught me yet?

Raven: It doesn't matter how good you are. You're still a criminal. And all criminals get caught at some point. Do you enjoy being a criminal, Red X? Do you enjoy always being on the run?

Red X: Makes life exciting, don't you think? Honestly, I'm not sure I can live without the rush of a good heist. Besides, it pays the bills. Why are you so interested?

Raven: I'm just letting you know that when we catch you, I'm going to personally make your life a living hell. No one would come to save a criminal like you from me. I hope I give you nightmares when you go to sleep tonight.

As she said this, Red X felt his senses assaulted by a cold, overwhelming fear. She had used some new technique on him to manipulate his emotions. She never had that power before. He finally reached his teleporter and got a safe distance away from her. He threw some smoke bombs that he had made to add to his arsenal. That would likely obstruct her view of him for a bit. He tried to make his way further away, but she teleported in front of him.

Raven: Did you honestly think that smoke would let you get away from me?

Red X: I was hoping. Not that I don't enjoy your company, Sunshine, but I don't really care for jail.

Raven: Then why do you insist on stealing?

Red X: I'm sorry but I really don't feel like explaining myself to you.

He had his reasons. But what would she say to them? Something ignorant and arrogant. People like the Titans just didn't understand. His thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of a gorrilla roar. Beast Boy was on the way, and he didn't want to fight both of them at the same time.

Thinking quickly, he let two explosive X's fly towards Raven. If she had tried to put her barrier up, the blasts would surely knock her back. She turned intangible and they went right through her, after which she resumed her regular form. The thing was, there were some sort of weak, abandoned structures behind her which the explosive X's knocked loose. Once the debris crumbled around her, he took off in the opposite direction again.

Red X: Explosive projectiles. Can't really lose with them.

He knew Beast Boy was this way, but he wasn't afraid. To him, Beast Boy was the least intimidating member of that team. It was kind of a shame, with his abilities he had the potential to be a much more formidable adversary. But he didn't use his skills well. Robin should give him more training lessons. He almost felt sorry for the kid.

A green gorrilla came charging towards Red X, enhanced senses allowing it to pinpoint his location even through the smoke. He chucked a sticky X at it. Beast Boy was immobilized for now, but it wouldn't take him long to get out. He started to run past it but a black barrier popped up in his path, and the thief ran right into it. Shoot, Raven had recovered quickly and already caught up to him.

Red X: Okay, I lied. I really don't enjoy your company at all.

Raven: The feeling's mutual, X.

He saw Beast Boy break free and charge at him again, now in the form of a bull and Raven now right behind him. He chucked another explosive X at the pair. It impacted Beast Boy, and the blast sent them both hurling backwards. He quickly followed up with another gadget he had created, a high frequency noise emitter. Beast Boy's animal senses would be overwhelmed by it, and it would also break Raven's concentration. He'd kill two birds with one stone. Well, more like one bird and one animal that could be a bird or any other animal, but you get the idea.

He was finally able to put some distance between them. He thought he'd lost them for sure this time. As he made his way into the night, it began to rain. But not a typical rain. It rained starbolts. He spotted Starfire in the air, flying towards him. He chucked another explosive X at her, which knocked her out of the air. With a scream, she fell to the ground, after which he quickly secured her with a sticky X. He really felt powerful with those explosive X's. It felt like he could do anything with them. He checked to see how many he had left, once he had stopped for a rest in what he thought was a decent hiding spot.

Red X: Gah!

He only had one left. He had gotten a bit carried away with using those. He saw Robin running towards him and took off. He knew Robin wouldn't give up and they would eventually have to fight. But he wanted to make sure he put some distance between them and the rest of the Titans. If he was lucky, they'd be helping each other out of the traps he put them in and he'd have enough time to take care of Robin and get out of there.

Now Red X had a nifty little gadget that he'd be using during his fight with Robin. When he was meeting with the rest of the Brotherhood of Evil, he noticed Atlas with this device on his arm. Control Freak had one too, and the two probably collaborated and made it, possibly having Gizmo help. Here's how the device worked. You touch an opponent and it places this small object on them, kind of like a tracer. It was too small to see. The user would have a watch looking device on their wrist, which Red X would call a stamina scanner. What would happen is the little thing attached to the opponent would give feedback to the wearer of the stamina scanner. It would measure the opponent's heart rate, stress level, pain levels, bodily condition, etc. This would all be converted to a numerical value that it called stamina. That would allow it to calculate how much more of a beating they could take before they drop. Once the stamina level reached zero, there was a good chance they were passing out. You could also set it to a bar icon instead of the numbers, or see both at the same time. Red X tended to use both, that way he knew what number they started with and an exact calculation of how much they had left. It was sort of like a real life version of a health meter on the HUD of a video game. The invention had 'video game obsessed villain' written all over it, but Red X liked video games too, so this was pretty cool to him. He had easily swiped a set from Atlas.

He didn't have time to go and touch every single person he faced, so he'd usually just hit them with one of his gadgets and move on. Most people didn't came back for a whole lot of punishment. If he saw that an opponent kept getting back up, he'd put one of the readers on them. If he knew that an opponent would be tough, he'd put a reader on them. Robin was one of those opponents. The reason he didn't use it on the other four Titans was that he usually didn't have huge fights with them. He just roughed them up a bit, trapped them with his sticky X's, and moved on. They wouldn't be chasing him for a really long time or anything. But Robin was so detremined and obsessed with catching all the villains that he wouldn't let X go. The only way for Red X to get away from Robin was by defeating him and/or knocking him out. So when Red X had punched him earlier that night, he'd put a reader on him.

By now he was a good distance away, Robin still on his tail. He stopped to rest a moment, waiting for Robin to get to him so that they could get this over with. He took a look at the stamina scanner. It showed Robin's stamina to be at 590. Everyone started at 600 stamina, by the scanner's calculations. But the running had taken a little energy away from him. Red X pushed 'seek' on the scanner and read his own stamina, which was at 600. Teleportation had its advantages. He pushed 'seek' again to display Robin's stamina again, with his own stamina showing only in numerical value.

Robin: Red X. I can't let you get away this time.

Red X: Who's going to stop me? Certainly not you.

Red X prepared to fight. He stood there and let Robin make the first move. The Boy Wonder ran up and attempted several strikes with his staff, Red X dodging every one. The thief brought up his fist to punch Robin in the face, but Robin dodged. He took another swipe with his staff. This time, Red X let his X-blades come out and he blocked the staff with them. They both jumped back.

Red X: I guess you've been practicing.

Robin didn't respond. Instead, he jumped back, at the same time throwing a bird-a-rang at Red X. It hit the thief long enough to stun him, and then Robin went back in with a flurry of punches, all connecting. Red X teleported to a spot a few feet away and glanced at his scanner. X was at 450 right now. The punches had hurt, but he was far from done. He let a few X-a-rangs fly, which Robin parried with his staff. But they were just the distraction as the thief jumped up and kicked Robin in the face. Robin dropped his staff and Red X quickly shot a sticky X at it. Robin wouldn't be picking it up anytime soon.

Red X: Let's see how good you can do without your walking cane.

Robin ran at him again, this time throwing his explosive discs at Red X. But he teleported mid kick behind Robin and kicked him in the head. X wasted no time running up to Robin to get some good damage in. Just as the Boy Wonder was getting up, he was pummeled by a series of punches and knees. He tried to strike back, but X teleported behind him and continued the assault. At one point, he knocked Robin down. But instead of getting back up like he would expect, Robin swept his leg along the ground and tripped Red X. He then jumped back and threw another explosive disc at the still recovering thief. Thrown into a parked car, X glanced at his scanner again. His own stamina showed 340, but Robin's was 225. He looked up at his adversary, and saw Robin out of breath. He could tell that Robin was getting hurt.

Red X took out some more of the smoke bombs he had used earlier and chucked a few towards Robin. He knew that if he tried to run up and fight him, Robin would hear his footsteps and be ready, so he did something else. He chucked his last explosive X at Robin. He heard the explosion and the sight of Robin being blown out of the smoke and into the side of a building confirmed that the projectile had hit its target. He checked his scanner for Robin's stamina, which was now at 101. He was running low on Xenothium and hadn't brought spares with him, as he wasn't expecting a fight. If he ran out, he wouldn't be able to teleport and that could put him in a dangerous situation. He shot two sticky X's at Robin's slowly rising and grunting form. The young leader was knocked back down and stuck to the ground. At his energy level, it would take him a bit to get out of that.

Red X: Well, it's been fun, but I gotta run. Catch ya later.

With that, Red X teleported away from Robin. He heard the faint sounds of the other Titans' concerned voices around where he had fought the Boy Wonder. But they were more concerned about helping Robin than chasing X. So he was finally able to get away from them. Once he got a good distance away, he stopped teleporting and ran along the rooftops towards his hideout. It had been a long night.

Location: Titans Tower

Beast Boy was disappointed. Sure, Red X usually got away, but he knew the rest of the team would have to respect him if he caught the guy. Because right now, his teammates didn't respect him as much as he wanted them to. Well, Robin didn't. Raven certainly didn't. Cyborg and Starfire may have, he wasn't sure. Make no mistake, the team all cared about him to a degree and wouldn't want to see him hurt. Well, he wasn't sure about Raven. He knew the others cared for him. Robin hadn't exactly abused him, but he wasn't as warm and caring of a leader as Beast Boy felt he deserved. While Robin certainly seemed to consider Beast Boy a friend, sometimes the changeling saw him as more of a scary boss than a friend or a leader. It was like Beast Boy always had to be scared of him.

And he had also noticed the team treating him in ways that were really not cool. He hadn't said anything just yet, but he definitely wasn't cool with it. He suspected that his lack of success on their missions may have had something to do with it.

Right now he was really hungry. He quickly whipped him up some tofu dogs and sat on the couch with his food to eat. As he was eating, Raven came into the common room. She had apparently sat down with a book in her hand. After a few minutes, he heard her voice.

Raven: Do you mind?

Beast Boy: What?

Raven: You're chewing so loudly I can barely hear myself think.

Beast Boy: Sorry.

He tried to be quieter with his eating. He was thinking about hitting the gym when he was done eating. He figured if he was in better shape, he could catch some baddies. Well, maybe he'd do some course runs instead. He hoped there were individual programs, as he had never tried them. He knew he needed to learn to use his powers more effectively. He knew that if he-

Raven: I told you to stop chewing so loudly!

Beast Boy: Huh? I did stop chewing loudly.

Raven: I still hear you.

He was now actively concentrating on not chewing loudly. But no matter how quiet he tried to be, every time he looked up, Raven was glaring at him. He took his plate and headed into the dining area to finish eating, but he still noticed Raven glaring daggers at him as he ate. He was too hungry to keep trying to humor her. He ignored her and ate his food like normal, no longer even bothering trying to be quiet. Once he finished, he put his plate in the sink and tried to go to his room. As he was on his way out, she started yelling at him.

Raven: You are a stupid, immature idiot! You can't even eat like a normal person!

Beast Boy stopped and turned around. He was getting a little tired of her attitude.

Beast Boy: You know, Raven, there's a lot of different places you can read if my company bothers you so much.

Raven: When are you going to grow up?

Beast Boy: When are YOU going to grow up? You call me immature, but you think constantly putting me down is mature?

Raven: You're an annoying little pest. You always screw up missions. You are the most annoying person on this team. Maybe if I put you down, you'll learn something for once.

Beast Boy: Like what? That you're a crappy teammate?

Raven: I'm a crappy teammate? When is the last time you went on a mission and not screwed it up?

Beast Boy: I'm pretty sure I won against the Brotherhood of Evil and the alien invaders. And I saved you from Adonis.

Raven: So you did good three times out of how many missions we've been on? Maybe if you weren't so lazy-

Beast Boy: Oh yea, because you're so perfect! Let's not forget who summoned multiple monsters and a dragon to the tower! You call me an annoying pest? You're an arrogant witch!

At this point, they heard a gasp. The other Titans had convenieltly heard what he said, and he wasn't sure how much of their conversation they had heard.

Starfire: How dare you say such a terrible thing to Friend Raven!

Beast Boy: What?

Robin: Beast Boy, that comment was rude and uncalled for. Apologize, now!

Beast Boy: Are you kidding me? Didn't you hear what she was saying to me?

Cyborg: You're always annoying her. You can't get mad when she lashes out at you.

Robin: Beast Boy, apologize or so help me I'll-

Beast Boy: What, throw me off the team again? You guys' favoritism is so aggravating!

Robin: Favoritism?

As Beast Boy was speaking his next few sentences, he looked around at all of the team members in the room as he adressed them.

Beast Boy: You always take her side. Every time I say something that she might be hurt by, you guys all pounce on me, but you watched her throw me out of windows and insult me and you didn't do or say anything. How many times have you thrown her out of the tower for a day or two? Or gave her double chore duty or something? How many times have you threatened to shoot her with your Sonic Cannon when she's mean to someone? How many times have you called her a "chlorbag"?

Not even Starfire was spared from his tongue lashing. Said Tameranean looked as if she were about to cry. He felt bad but she shouldn't have been treating him like that.

Beast Boy: I'm sorry Star, but you were doing it too.

Robin: I may have thrown you off the team but I always took you back.

Beast Boy: Yea, and it would be okay if not for the fact that you did it again and again.

Robin: I haven't done it in nine or ten months. The reason we're understanding with Raven is because she's complicated. She's had a lot of things happen in her past-

Beast Boy: We've all had things happen in our past. It never gets me, you, Star, or Cyborg a free pass to be an arrogant jerk to anyone.

Beast Boy started making his way to the refrigerator and taking out some containers of tofu as he was speaking.

Cyborg: Yo Grass Stain, it wasn't just you. He kicked Star out a few times too-

Beast Boy: That's not the point, Cy. Look, you guys are a great team sometimes, but I really hate always being looked down on. Like I said, the favoritism is aggravating. I could handle Raven yelling at me for no good reason, but you guys constantly backing up her nastiness is something I just can't deal with right now.

Robin: What are you doing?

Beast Boy: Packing up some food. I'm going out for a few days.

Robin: Come on, Beast Boy. What do you think running away like this is going to accomplish?

Cyborg: Come on, man. You don't really want to leave, do you?

Beast Boy: I'm not leaving the team, but I gotta get away for a few days. I need someone who can understand me, who thinks I'm good enough. And right now, that's none of you.

It was true that Robin hadn't actually kicked Beast Boy out in the last nine or ten months. It was around that time that he recieved a piece of mail, an important letter from the Justice League. He never told Beast Boy what it said. Presumably he never told anyone, but Beast Boy wouldn't have put it past him to tell the others and not him. But he noticed that Robin didn't kick Beast Boy out any more after that. Still, he hadn't been the best leader to him.

After going to his room to pack a few sets of clothes, he went to grab the tofu from the counter and head out. His leader was in the common room when he got there.

Robin: Beast Boy, look-

Beast Boy: No Robin, this is something I have to do.

Robin: I can't stop you, can I? Just... make sure you come back safe.

Beast Boy: If you had been this compassionate a few minutes ago, I might not be going. But, thanks.

After his conversation, Beast Boy was on his way out. As he walked out the door, he pulled out his communicator, and paged a device that wasn't an official Titans' communicator. He put his own communicator to his ear.

Beast Boy: Hey, Terra. Is it okay if I come over for a few days? It is? Ok good, I'll see you in a few minutes.

He stepped out the door to the tower and made his way to Terra's place. The last thing he heard was Robin comforting Starfire, promising that the changeling would return.

Location: Jump City streets

Red X was still a ways away from his hideout. He was a little tired, worn out from his fight with the Titans, well, mostly from Robin. He still was a little distraught with the fact that he had tripped an alarm and couldn't figure out where he went wrong. Luckily, rather than stealing a load of cash that he could easily drop, he downloaded the money onto two untraceable debit cards. That way he could easily carry it if a fight ensued. His stamina scanner now read 275 for him. He had been running mostly because he didn't want to use any more xenothium than he had to. He needed to save it in case of an emergency, in case the Titans caught up to him again, or in case-

?: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Red faggot.

In case something like that happened. Red X knew who the voice belonged to. It was another thief much like himself, a rival actually. He called himself the Maverick. He had a dark green and gold suit with a gold visor and a mask which covers his eyes, but not his mouth. The suit is mostly dark green made of a strong material with gold armor in some select areas, such as his elbows, knees, chest, feet, knuckles, and shoulders, and he had a gold belt. He has small energy blasters on his hands and mini pellet shooters on his shoulders. He didn't use lethal guns on his shoulders for fear of shooting himself in the head. His suit also uses xenothium, and can quick-shift teleport. He can use his suit to quickly jump himself to any location in the immediate vicinity, but there was about a twenty foot limit for his teleport range. He also couldn't teleport through walls or anything. His teleport worked exactly like Red X's currently did. He was a pretty good hand to hand fighter and can summon his energy blasters and mini shooters at will.

Red X and Maverick were kind of like rivals. The diiference between the two were that Red X actually had a conscience, he was kind of like an anti-hero, while Maverick was more of a straight up villain. Also, Red X actually did all of his own heists. Maverick did his own heists sometimes, but he was mostly known for attacking thieves and stealing their loot, much like he was likely to be doing right now. Smart from a strategy perspective, since the authorities would have a hard time identifying him, but it was cowardly and dishonorable in X's opinion.

Red X: Maverick. I'm guessing you're the one who tripped the alarm during my heist.

Maverick: Gee, did you figure that out all by yourself, or did someone help you?

Red X: Wow, you needed the goon squad to soften me up before you could take me, huh?

Maverick: Ha. I saw how you were shaking in your boots when you were fighting that goth chick. And you barely beat Blunder Boy too.

Red X: What a tongue twister. Anyway, I hadn't exactly planned on you ruining my heist. And as far as being afraid, you were the one hiding the whole time.

Maverick: Whatever. All I care about is a payoff, and taking your stolen money is what's gonna get me it.

Maverick activated his energy blasters and shot an energy barrage at Red X. The energy projectiles were about two or three times bigger than Starfire's starbolts. X managed to dodge some of them, but once one of them hit him, he was knocked down and got hit with a few more. He looked at his stamina scanner, which showed his own stamina to be at 215. He still had enough stamina to get out of here without being defeated, but he'd likely have to do some damage and trap Maverick in a sticky X just like he did Robin earlier. He rushed forward to punch Maverick and slap a reader on him, but the other criminal did something he did not expect. Maverick had reached into his belt and pulled out a doughnut-shaped object, and when Red X was charging him, he chucked it at the ground. X was instantly pulled onto the ground and couldn't seem to get up. It felt like a large vacuum was trying to suck him into the ground.

Maverick: A little something I picked up from my last heist. Or mugging maybe, I can't remember. Like it?

Red X: Ugh, what is this?

Maverick: It's some kind of magnetic mine, I don't know what it's called. But it'll do the trick. Now, let's see what you got for me.

Maverick walked over to the still struggling Red X and quickly patted him down until he found one of the debit cards Red X had put in a pouch on his suit. He pulled it out and grinned.

Maverick: Sweet! Looks like I won't be going home empty handed. Wish I could say the same for you.

Red X tried to get up and attack him, but the magnetic mine's pull was too strong. If he hadn't already been tired, he would have been able to get out of this no problem. But as it was, he couldn't get up. His stamina scanner now said 145. He had wasted a lot of energy trying to get up. He was sure it would wear off pretty soon.

Maverick: You know why I always win, Red X?

Red X: You don't always win. I beat you at least half of the times we fight.

Maverick: You're just not good enough. You're not ruthless enough. You're too soft. You wouldn't ever actually kill anyone. That's why people don't give a loser like you too many jobs. That why I get them all!

Red X: What are you talking about? I probably get more jobs than you.

Maverick: Have you ever gotten one from Slade? Because I did.

Red X was genuinely stunned by this. Slade, the greatest villain in Jump City, contacted Maverick for a job? And not him?! Red X knew that jobs from Slade paid very well.

Maverick: Everyone's been talking, X. They've been saying how you're a man who can't finish the job. You were barely able to handle the Titans today! How could you ever do a job like a hit or a kidnapping? You'll never make it as a professional criminal. You might as well hang up that costume and give up.

With that, Maverick teleported away. Luckily, he never did find the other debit card that Red X loaded the other half of his stolen money onto. That left Red X to struggle still against the magnetic mine. He managed to reach his belt and pull out a short curcuiting X that was meant for Cyborg. Once he got it close to the ground, it give him a mild shock, and then crumbled to the ground. It had successfully shut off the magnetic mine.

Red X was still thinking about what Maverick had said. He was genuinely not a person who wanted to hurt others or anything, it was just that his line of work kind of called for it. What could he do to prove to prospective clients that he was good enough, that he could finish the job? Maverick had said that Slade hired him for something.

This got Red X thinking. Maybe he should do something to impress Slade. He had the means of contacting him. He knew that Slade pretty much hated the Titans. He didn't know too much else about the guy. The only thing he could think to do was try to get him one of the Titans. That meant he'd have to kidnap one of them.

The one he knew Slade would want the most was Robin. He would also be the simplest. He didn't have any fancy powers for him to have to cancel out or anything either. All Red X would have to do is knock him out and the rest was cake. Robin would be the hardest to subdue, but the easiest to keep subdued. That sounded nice.

He briefly considered the others, and while he was sure he could potentially kidnap any one of them, some seemed like better choices than others. Starfire would be hard to subdue thanks to her Tameranean strength and flight. Beast Boy would be easy to knock out, but he'd need to find a way to keep the changeling from transforming once he had him. Raven would be tough. She had a large array of powers and he didn't know how to counterract any of them. Normally he wouldn't mind the company of someone with her looks, but personality clashes could lead him to make decisions against his better judgment. Cyborg would also be easy to knock out, being that he could be short curcuited so easily. But carrying him even a short distance that he might have to would be a nightmare.

Red X: Well, looks like Bird Boy's in for an adventure.

Author's Notes- Well, that's the end of the first chapter. I know the health meter device is somewhat juvenile, but I really wanted to put it. If anyone has a huge problem with it, I can make it get destroyed or something, but I hope you guys don't mind it. The OC that's tagged in this fic refers to Maverick, but he's somewhat based on a character from the Megaman X series. Next chapter will explain ore of Red X's plan, how the Titans are doing while Beast Boy is gone, and how Beast Boy gets along at Terra's place. Reviews are appreciated and stay tuned!