Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Batman standing in front of the Superman tombstone, watching the tombstone, although the world is safe, his eyes looked like a wolf eyes that cold, watch the tombstone, he very ashamed cause he wronged him before, the weather begin raining, and the batman want to try everything to save superman, if he have a chance.

When batman get back to the base, he remember that there are something wrong when he standing front of the superman tombstone, but he just can't remember it, he just too focus on the superman, "There are raining that time…"batman say, "So much rain, the stones and dirt on the coffin should be rushed down, but…until the rain is over, they still on the coffin!", this clearly illustrates that dirt and sand are not on the coffin, is floating in the air!

The batman surprised say "maybe he didn't die!" batman thinking, His entire chest has been pierced by the spiked! Suddenly he turned back to the nuclear explosion, the monster not only haven't been destroyed, yet more powerful…so, superman must be same… "Band!" the door was closed, the batman disappear in the room.

Batman went to the cemetery, from the grave and pulled out the bodies of Superman, and he found the wound wide like a missile width turned into a bullet wound wide, but he was not surprised because he knew he was in front of the man is not dead!

He took the body to the lab, Dr. said: "exposure small amounts of radiation to the body, may be will have treatment effect," "perhaps this is the only method "said Batman.

Few month later, one day, at the basement of the lab, there's a container shattering sound, batman run to the isolation room, he see through the window, find Superman weak lying toward the floor, Batman said: "You should continue to rest, you are very weak, even you have a strong body and your skills in your body can only been use when your body was recovery." "What happened to me…in that battle, and…she all right?" Superman said weakly. "She's fine don't worry, your body was pierced by that monster, no one knows how you survive." "Well, I'm fine if she fine." Said superman, then he back to sleep. After a week, superman fully restored, "thanks a lot." said superman, then he fly away. "He's always busy, like me." Batman says, "Now I feel better."