Potential Prologue

Rootaba could only watch in a silent rage as his home planet burst into a ball of fire. He didn't understand why, why Frieza had destroyed Planet Vegeta. They had served him loyally and faithfully for years!

He gripped his fists tightly. He wanted to hit something, anything, to vent his anger. But he dared not, lest he damage his pod.

Rootaba could see the irony in the situation. Something he and most other Saiyans were guilty of; wiping out other races. Still, the scene was forever burned into his mind.

He wanted to go and destroy Frieza! Slaughter those bastards that worked for him but were spared! And obliterate Frieza's planet like he had the home of the Saiyans!

But charging headlong into battle without a thought had never been Rootaba's forte. He preferred heading in with a plan. At least a general plan, if nothing else. Most other Saiyans scoffed at this, but it had worked, and it had kept him alive.

And fighting Frieza head on was suicide.

Besides, Rootaba had left that life behind years ago. But his pod had still received the call for all Saiyans to return to their home planet for vague reasons. Rootaba had been more curious than anything, to see why such a message would be sent. It had all been a trap. A trap to wipe out the Saiyans.

His life now, though it irked him at times, was much different than it was under King Vegeta and Lord Frieza. He no longer traveled from planet to planet, exterminating lower races for the PTO. As far as the Saiyans had been concerned, he had perished several years ago in a failed attempt to destroy a far off race.

Though he had left the life of a space pirate behind, he still had his pride as a Saiyan. But reason, a rare trait amongst his race, won over. Trying to take down Frieza would serve little purpose. It would just result with him meeting the same fate as the rest of his race.

He still wanted to do something, but there wasn't much. And though that made him even angrier, it was a cold hard truth. Frieza was just too powerful. Before Frieza's ship could track him, Rootaba turned his pod around and headed back the way he came.

Toward the place he now called "home".


Alura El watched her daughter play with the doll she had received from her father just before he left. Though a bit old fashioned, the small girl absolutely loved the toy. Much like she loved her gruff and temperamental father.

The man could be loud, rude, violent, and threatening, but not once towards his family. He also had a way of putting off most other people, aside from her brother and sister-in-law, who both took his callousness in stride. They even seemed to prefer his bluntness to what they usually heard from government officials.

General Zod was another. But he liked Alura's husband for all the wrong reasons. Zod wanted Krypton to become more militaristic, to devote more time and resources towards the military. To conquer new worlds, even on the bones of the previous owners.

Much like Alura's husband had done once.

Zod had even gone as far as trying to enact a military coup shortly after Rootaba had left, but somehow, the troops loyal to the Council of Science had been able to stop him. Though the losses had been extreme on both sides. Zod, and those loyal to him, had been sentenced to the Phantom Zone. A heavy sentence for a heavy crime.

Thankfully, Alura and her daughter, Kara, had been spared. It seemed Zod's respect for her husband had been extended to his family, and they had been left alone.

But for now, Alura was simply enjoying seeing her daughter having fun, despite her husband leaving so suddenly. She could hardly blame him, considering the message his pod had received. An order for all Saiyans to return to their planet immediately? Who wouldn't investigate it?

It shouldn't be long before Rootaba arrived back though. The spiky haired man completed her family. True, he liked to train. And his abilities were extraordinary! Though when Kara had been born, she, like her father, had had a tail!

But Rootaba had insisted on removing it permanently. Despite the rather odd feature, Alura had been worried it would harm their daughter, but Rootaba said it wouldn't have any lasting effects. Though Rootaba had never specified why he wanted the tail removed, Kara seemed no worse for wear ever since. She was now a happy and healthy looking ten-year-old girl.

And if not for Kara's blonde hair (inherited from Alura) ending in spiky points, she would easily pass for fully-fledged Kryptonian girl. Physically at least. If Kara had inherited her mother's physical beauty, then she had inherited much of her father's personality. She was far more aggressive than most children her age, wanted to prove her strength (even against children far older than she), and took great pride in her father's and her own natural strength.

Though, despite many of her father's rougher attributes, Kara was also a loving child. And had been excited when her cousin, Kal-El, had been born not long ago. She would soon have a playmate.

Enjoying her time with her daughter, Alura received a call from her brother, Jor-El. Whatever it was, it could hardly destroy her mood. Everything was at peace. Her daughter was having fun (without destroying things), her husband would soon be home, and her brother and his family would stop by soon.

But it was still odd to call before coming over like this.


Although he had calmed since witnessing his home planet's destruction, Rootaba was still angry. But he couldn't show it to his family. His daughter particularly, who was born with Saiyan pride and desire for battle, he couldn't take it out on. It wasn't her fault or his wife's fault. It was Frieza's. But what could he do?

Looking through the pod's small window, he saw his new home in the distance.

Krypton. To think I was sent there over a decade ago to conquer it. Whoever had done recon on it, should have been executed on the spot! "Underdeveloped" weapons my burned tail! Rootaba thought, only semi-bitterly.

True, he was still a bit pissed off at the fool of a scout after all these years, but it was a far different life than what he had thought possible. The Kryptonians lacked strength as fighters, but their technological advancements easily made up for their shortcomings. His pod had been severely damaged, and he himself had been blasted by a number of energy-producing weapons all at once.

If Zod was anything, he was as ruthless as any Saiyan Rootaba had heard of when it came to stomping enemies.

But the Council of Science had decided to keep him prisoner. Technically, he hadn't done anything to Krypton (apparently intent hadn't been a part of their laws), so he was posted a guard. A pair of siblings from a "House of El". Jor and his sister, Alura.

Right from the start, Alura hadn't been afraid of him. Unlike so many other aliens on other planets he had been to. Her brother was, cautious, but also didn't seem to be overly afraid of him. It probably helped that if he tried to escape from his cell, he would have been incinerated. But if anything, the siblings had though him more interesting than frightening.

From there, one thing had led to another, and the next thing Rootaba knew, he was calling Krypton "home". At the time, he could barely even call Vegetasai home, with how little he was there, compared to how often he had been sent out on those missions.

Sometime later, out popped the first Saiyan-Kryptonian hybrid. His daughter. With the brains of a Kryptonian and the strength of a Saiyan. He wasn't sure how, but he had a feeling she would one day far surpass him. Even though she hadn't yet, he still felt an immense amount of pride in her.

It must be what King Vegeta felt for the Prince.

Krypton now more than filled the small window of Rootaba's pod. And shortly, his "landing area" had come into view; just behind the structure he shared with his mate and offspring. A large, circular pad that absorbed the impact from the pod, rather than cratering into the ground.

Neither Rootaba nor the Council complained about the addition. The Council wouldn't have to worry about anymore craters, and Rootaba wouldn't have to feel his teeth get rattled after every landing.

When the door to his pod opened, and Rootaba stretch to his full height, he observed the red sun. It had helped make Krypton feel like Vegetasai.

While Rootaba was far from the tallest of Saiyans, at least before his home planet was destroyed, he wasn't the shortest either. Nappa, a Saiyan Elite, was the tallest as far as Rootaba knew. But height mattered little. King Vegeta and his own offspring were born quite powerful, and they were hardly the biggest of the Saiyan race.

He wore his armor, the only holdover, besides his pod (which had later been repaired), from his time as a member of the PTO. That's when he saw his mate come out to greet him. But rather than a smile, as she usually wore, she looked worried.

Fool woman. Probably overreacted to Kara taking down another boy twice her size! I don't know how many times I need to tell her…?

His thoughts were interrupted when Alura wrapped her arms around his torso, tears running down her eyes. He did the only two things he could think of. Put his arms on her back in a "comforting way" (he supposed), and question her.

"A-Alura?" He asked, unsure of the situation.

"… I heard about your home planet."

"W-what?" Was all Rootaba could get out.

"Jor-El had been monitoring it for you, when he saw it explode," Alura got out.

Dammit. Jor-El, what the hell.

"And, it looks like your old boss is heading here now, for Krypton."

Rootaba froze. He hadn't had much on Vegetasai. But this? This was his home! His family!

"What of the Council? Are they mobilizing?" the Saiyan warrior asked.

Alura halted her crying. "That's right. You, you weren't here when Zod tried to take power."

"Dammit! I knew he would try something like that!" Rootaba roared, "Where is he!? I'll rip his throat out myself for ignoring what I said!"

Alura looked up into his dark eyes with her blue. "The Council sentenced him and his followers that survived into the Phantom Zone."

"Damn," Rootaba growled. He wouldn't get a chance to kill the bastard who ignored his warnings. Bringing the attention of Frieza's PTO to Krypton was suicide, and the idiot had gone ahead and tried to take over anyway!

"The Loyalist Forces were able to defeat Zod, but our military has been reduced to only a few ships," Alura told him.

If there was one thing the Kryptonians had over the PTO, it had been their powerful and advanced fleet. But now, thanks to the mad ambitions of someone who wouldn't even listen to someone who had lived the very life Zod had espoused, Krypton was practically defenseless.

"Most of the ships have been either damaged, or destroyed. The people of Krypton, are trapped," Alura finished.

Trapped? TRAPPED!? Zod made Krypton an easy target for Frieza! That bastard!


She could see the rage building up in her husband. A man, whom amongst his own people, had been known to keep his anger in check better than most. And now he was about to blow. Thankfully, Kara was down for a nap, and wouldn't have to see her father look so frightening.

Rootaba had told her, that when a Saiyan gets angry, truly angry, they tap into power that propelled them to new heights. If his anger was anything to go by, her husband had reached said new heights. She could feel the anger washing off from his form.

She wasn't done though, with the news. "We have maybe a year before Frieza reaches here. Jor is building a pod for Kal."

"Only for his son? What of him and his mate?"

"…There are only enough materials for a small pod for them," Alura responded. She eyed Rootaba's pod.

She knew he would know what she meant.

"Alura. Are you sure?" he asked quietly.

"Yes. I am. Most of the materials still on Krypton are being diverted towards rebuilding. Not making new ships. The Council of Science has it locked down, much more than before the coup."

Her husband remained quiet, holding her as he had been since she first ran out to meet him.

Now was the final piece of news. She had been holding this back, but he would need to know. Better sooner than later.

"There's one more thing…"

One Year Later

Rootaba had been waiting for this. Despite warning the Council, both he and Jor-El had been shooed away! And now? Now, Krypton was under attack.

The military had only been able to replace a handful of their powerful ships. But the soldiers of the PTO were too numerous for such a small number, and soon the ships were nothing but flaming balls of fire. Except for the ones that simply exploded in mid-air.

The regular military tried fighting back, but against the numbers and the power of Frieza, they were being slaughtered.

Everywhere, dead Kryptonians lay. Men, women, and children. Soldiers and civilians. Old and young. The PTO were merciless. Rootaba had tried to warn the Council, but they dismissed his claims.

"Surely, since you changed from your ways, this Lord Frieza can be reasoned with," a member of the Council said.

"Surely you exaggerate what they are capable of. Destroying an entire planet with an energy based attack? The official reports of a meteor hitting your home planet sound much more realistic," another Councilor said, dismissing his claims.

Rootaba could only feel anger. And once again, the dreaded sense of irony.

Was this how the races we, the Saiyans destroyed, felt? Anger at being helpless to stop the slaughter? Fear of losing one's family?

Rootaba growled. He would not go down without a fight!

"Alura!" he called.

"Love?" she answered, coming from their bedroom, in a sleeping gown.

Turning to face her, he couldn't help but feel this might be it. This may be the last time he would see her, ever. If there was a heaven, as some races believed, Rootaba had no doubt this woman would end up there. Him? There was only one place in the afterlife he was going to. And he had long ago accepted that. He just didn't realize it would come so soon.

Their plan, along with Jor's, had gone without a hitch. The pods were being sped towards the same, distant planet, now. One that Jor had suggested the Kryptonians leave Krypton for to colonize and live in peace with the locals. But as usual, the Council had shot it down. Earth.

But if possible, Rootaba wanted them to return someday.

"I'm going." Was all Rootaba said.

"Fight well," Alura responded, barely holding back her grief.

Rootaba stepped out the door, ignited his aura, and sped off. Leaving Alura for the last time.

Rootaba sometimes wished he still had his scouter from all those years ago. But now? He didn't need it. He just needed to follow the screams of agony, fear, and death. And look for the explosions.

He came upon the first group, right after they blasted a family of Kryptonians attempting to flee for their lives. He came up behind the first PTO alien, a humanoid one with a helmet, and snapped his neck. Before the first had even hit the ground, he sped to the next, a purple alien with yellow spots, and skewered it with his arm.

The final alien of the group, another humanoid, turned just in time to have his throat gripped by the angry Saiyan.

"Long time no see, soldier," Rootaba said smiling as he choked the alien.

Rootaba couldn't tell if the alien's eyes were bulging from being choked, or from seeing a living Saiyan. With a quick clenching of his hand, he felt the cartilage in the throat be crushed. He dropped the alien to the ground, letting it grab at his neck uselessly.

Rootaba sped onwards. Killing every PTO soldier he came across. Sometimes they were engaged with a Kryptonian force, whom cheered Rootaba on as he killed the soldiers. Other times, the members of the PTO were playing with civilians. And sometimes, the PTO were "playing" with civilians. Those last ones, whom crossed lines even Saiyans wouldn't cross, he took a certain joy in killing.

In a way, Rootaba was back in his element; fighting and killing pathetic weaklings. Though this time, he did so while defending a planet not his home world. But no matter how many of the PTO he killed, there seemed to be a dozen more just around the corner.

Enemy after enemy, group after group, block after city block, Rootaba slaughtered the PTO. But always, always the body count of the Kryptonians piled up.

Death was something he was used to. Bodies of the dead didn't bother him. But he could feel hope dying with every second. The despair of impending doom. But still, Rootaba fought on. He knew he had grown stronger since he had left the ranks of the Saiyan Army. How strong? He wasn't sure. But it would have to be enough. It had to be enough.

Not all that long ago, Rootaba would have been loath to admit it, but he had changed. He still felt no penchant about killing. But he did about who he killed. He cared for others aside from himself. His offspring was at least safe, but his mate was not. He would do whatever it took to protect Alura. And if possible, her brother and his mate as well.

But there seemed to be no end to the soldiers of the PTO. There was always more. If he could just find where they were coming from. Just find their ship!

Then he saw the ship. Rootaba felt shivers go up his spine. It was none other than the same ship that had hovered over Planet Vegeta a year ago.

Frieza was truly on Krypton.

A mixture of fear and anger roiled within the Saiyan. But soon, they were both replaced by something else.

Rootaba caught the fist of the PTO soldier in his hand, and turned to his side to face the foolish weakling. The last thing the soldier saw, was a face of grim determination, before a Ki blast engulfed his head.

Rootaba dropped the body of the soldier, and flew off towards the ship. Before he had gotten far though, waves of Frieza's soldiers began pouring out from the ship. Rootaba scowled, and rushed forward, knowing that pausing to think this time, wouldn't do any good. He had to rely on his instincts as a Saiyan Warrior.


After she watched Rootaba fly off, she had gone back inside her home and contacted her brother. The talk between the siblings had been somber. Both had a feeling the end was nigh, even though Alura wanted to deny it. It would mean she would no longer feel the embrace of Rootaba. No longer look forward to being united with her family that had been sent off to Earth.

No longer enjoy the company of her family and her brother's family.

She could see the smoke rising from the ruins of the city in the distance. She and Rootaba had settled down a short distance outside of the capital, preferring the quiet life of the countryside, to the city.

But once where she had seen a vibrant and sprawling city, she now saw ruins and death. She could only imagine what it would be like to be in that horror. Rootaba had told her how merciless the PTO was, and not once had she doubted him. And from the smoke and fires billowing all over the city, the dead were already outnumbering the living.

Stepping back outside, Alura wanted to enjoy the small garden she had worked on over the years, one last time. She had many fond memories in it. Rootaba and her just sitting in the quiet, enjoying nature. Playing with Kara. Seeing Rootaba teach Kara some basic fighting skills.

Looking up, hoping the smoke hadn't yet blocked out the red sun yet, she saw a peculiar sight; a second sun. Though it seemed much closer to Krypton than the other.

And then she felt it. In her chest and her stomach. Something had happened to her love, her husband, her Rootaba. She didn't know how she knew, but she did. She fell to her knees in the garden, eyes filled with grief, but no tears flowing. She didn't see the second sun descend down towards the surface of Krypton. And she was too far to hear the last, and dying screams of her race, and the only Saiyan.

The last thing Alura felt, was a split second of intense heat.

A few minutes ago, Rootaba

The Saiyan flew, blasting foe after foe. Punching, kicking, blasting, but most of all, killing them as they got in his way. He would show no mercy to them. His Saiyan instincts were fully blaring.

Rootaba felt his anger rise. The anger of what would happen to Alura if he failed. The anger of not seeing his offspring again. The anger of losing another world to Frieza. He felt no compassion or mercy for the soldiers of Frieza. And he showed it.

Bodies of Frieza's men rained from the sky. Some only limbs or lumps of flesh. Others, still half alive, screaming as they fell to their impending death. Yet Rootaba could also hear the screams of Krypton, as the natives were being mercilessly wiped out themselves. No matter how many he killed, it just wasn't enough.

When Rootaba got closer, to the ship, he stopped his advance, eyes widening.

Frieza and his right hand men, Zarbon and Dodoria to either side of him, were merging from the top of the ship.

"Well well well. It seems a monkey escaped death from Planet Vegeta." Frieza said merrily, before turning ominous, "Let's see you survive the destruction of this world, monkey!"

Frieza held a finger up, and began gathering enormous amounts of Ki into a ball.

Rootaba had seen that before. A year ago, he had seen a larger version of that attack smash into Vegetasai, and blow it into oblivion. He had to stop that attack.

"Frieza! Prepare to die!" Roared the Saiyan as he charged.

Frieza's sadistic smile never left his face as he charged his attack.

Rootaba charged in, aura blazing in the now darkening sky, Ki attacks charging in both hands. He would get closer, and unleash his attack point blank at the monster.

But he never got close enough.

Frieza leveled a finger at him, and before Rootaba knew it, he felt a white hot pain pierce through his stomach.

Looking down, shaking, where his hands had subconsciously gone, he pulled them away and saw his blood on them. Looking to where they were at, he saw a hole. If he had the money, he would have bet it all that if he were flexible enough, he would be able to see straight through.

Then came the agonizing pain.

The Saiyan roared in pain, clutching both hands to his stomach, desperately trying to stop the flow of blood. It would be lethal, but not a quickly. Rootaba would bleed out.

"Now now, monkey. Don't say I don't have any mercy. I'll finish you like I finished that other one, back on Vegeta. Like you, he stood up to me. Though he did have a lot more to say." Frieza shrugged, "No matter. Time for my favorite part!"

Frieza's finger, the one that had been charging the large ball of Ki, pointed down. Straight at Rootaba.

There was nothing the Saiyan could do. It was taking everything he could just to stay afloat and conscious. Besides, there was no way he could stop the attack.

When Frieza's supernova engulfed him, before the planet, only one thing came to mind. The one thing, no, person that had shown him there was more to life than just fighting and killing.

"ALURA!" He cried out with his dying breath, before disappearing into the mass of Ki that soon impacted Krypton, and destroyed it.

Frieza meanwhile sat back and enjoyed the spectacle. "Oh how I love this! I never get bored of these fireworks!"

Despite losing an entire army to the explosion, the galactic overlord cared little. He had plenty more. So, he began laughing at the thought of how many surviving Kryptonians had seen their complete and utter destruction coming from above, and powerless to do anything about it!

In the past year, he had rid himself of two nuisances. One, the Saiyans, who kept growing stronger somehow. And the Kryptonians, whose technological prowess was just as annoying as the Saiyans fighting capabilities.

But little did Frieza know, that missing the pods that had left just before his arrival on two planets, would change the shape of the universe. Forever.

Author's Note: This is an Alternate Universe, obviously. And yes, that is Kara Zor-El that was the daughter of Rootaba. She is younger in this than what is normally portrayed. And unlike other stories where the Kryptonians and Saiyans share the same Solar System, in this story, they are incredibly far apart. Thus, they have little interaction.

I'm kind of toying around with continuing this as a story, but with two others ongoing, not sure about that. Especially with one already a Justice League story (that I really need to get working on). But I've had the need to write a DBZ story for some time. Seeing stories like Dragonball DC, Into The Sunset, Escalation, and others, have given me some inspiration.

If you're wondering about the name of the Saiyan, it's a play on "rutabaga". His overall appearance, despite being dead? And wondering why I didn't go into painful detail about it? Because I feel I suck at that and like to leave it up to the reader's imagination. Though if you must know, the main appearance I have for him, think something like Gohan's hair during the Cell Games arc. And wearing Saiyan armor.

Let me know what you think of the story, and if I should continue it. Though I warn you, there will be a time skip if I do.