Chapter 9

Starfire took a step back from between the Saiyans, on edge. Of all the races she had to run into, it just had to be the one worse than the Psions that had entrapped her. The black, spiky hair, the muscular bodies, and the friendly smile!


"Hi, I'm Goku!" the orange-clad Saiyan said quite happily, putting his hand out to shake hands. But Starfire backed away apprehensively.

The other, Vegeta, rolled his eyes, "Calm yourself, Tamaranian. Those days are long behind me. And Kakarot here was never part of those."

"Hehe, nope! Lived on Earth pretty much my whole life!" said the taller Saiyan, then matter-of-factly added, "But, kind of been dead the last few years."

They weren't going to attack her and try to wipe out the human population of Earth? Maybe she really ought to pay more attention to media outlets like what Garfield suggested. And, dead?

"Starfire!" came the voice of Diana, who soon joined them after finally getting through the crowd, "What was that about?"

Vegeta smirked more, "The Tamaranian just got a shock, is all. Though what happens in the ring…" He left off ominously, a dark smirk on his face.

Goku frowned at the shorter Saiyan, "No need to be mean, Vegeta."

"I won't kill her." the Saiyan Prince replied, smirking before walking away.

Goku turned back to Starfire and Diana, "Some things just never change. Well, gotta go! My turn's comin' up!"

"That… It couldn't be," Starfire heard Diana mutter.

The Tamaranian, still in a slight shock of her own from not having to defend her life from a pair of bloodthirsty Saiyans, glanced at the Amazon, "What do you mean?"

"Did you catch his name?" the Amazon asked.

Starfire nodded, "He called himself "Goku", though the other Saiyan called him "Kakarot.""

Diana's brows furrowed in confusion, "That can't be. He's supposed to be dead. Unless other forces are at play. I'll contact Batman…"

Diana kept tapping the League Communicator, but couldn't get a signal.

"What is it?"

"My comm-link is down," Diana replied, puzzled.

Starfire tried hers, but only got static, "Same here."

Off in the corner of the adult preliminary fights, a certain Namekian did one last scan to make sure he hadn't missed any electronic device in the area. And sent out one last low-key energy blast that would only short-circuit electronic devices. He was of the mind that the Justice League could bask in the limelight elsewhere, the martial arts tournament wouldn't ruin the private lives of Gohan and the rest while he was on the scene.

No matter how stupid Gohan's taste in clothing had become.


"Our next contender, is Son Kara!"

Kara grimaced at the name, but it had been one thing that her cousin had been adamant about, and Chichi had soon agreed to; going out there with her real name would bring a lot of unwanted attention to not only her, but the Son family and, by her name, Kal as well. But it would only be while out in places like this. To protect her cousin and the Son family. A small price to pay for peace, quiet, shelter, and delicious food.

Goten clapped her on her shoulder, smiling, "Good luck Kara!"

"Try not to hurt them too bad," Trunks remarked.

Kara nodded, looked out at the crowd, furrowed her brow in determination, and took a deep breath to settle her nerves before walking out onto the stage.

As soon as she came into view of the crowd, the roar of it nearly overwhelmed her. She was just glad her super hearing hadn't kicked in yet. She wasn't sure how Kal dealt with loud noises if what he described for the power was true.

As she continued to her spot in the ring, the announcer began filling in some of the information on her to the crowd, like he had done with the rest of the fighters to that point.

"Son Kara, together with her younger brother Son Goten, train and play together in the woods around their home! Let's give her a big, warm welcome!"

The roar of the crowd grew more. But Kara nearly forgot about it. She hadn't heard about Goten being her little brother. But thinking back on it, it made sense with her adopted Earth name.

And, just barely over the rest of the crowd, Kara heard, just so from Chichi, "Go get 'em Kara! Kick their butts!"

Kara felt a warm feeling well up inside her, and one thing just felt right. She turned to the crowd, and bowed.

"And isn't she polite folks? Another round of applause!"

Kara took her spot in the ring, and waited patiently for her opponent.

Center of the Universe, headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps, Oa

"I see, Lantern Jordan. Your report is, surprising."

Hal Jordan stood at attention before the Guardians of the Universe, having just delivered his report on the Saiyan Vegeta.

Ganthet, though small, blue, and humanoid like the rest (barring his white ponytail), as usual was more expressive then his fellow Guardians.

"So, you say that Vegeta not only turned yellow, emitting such an aura, but it increased his abilities far beyond what they were before?" Ganthet asked.

"Yeah. Though, I didn't see anything related to the Sinestro Corps," Hal clarified.

Another Guardian chimed in, "That is because this form far precedes the Yellow Lanterns of Fear by centuries. Few beings in the universe still remember the last time the Saiyans achieved such a form. But those that do, us included, should keep an eye on it."

"Yeah, that's well and good. But Vegeta was barely slowed by any of my constructs. And, if I may ask, what happened the last time Saiyans went blonde?"

An uncomfortable silence followed as the Guardians gave each other looks that said volumes, but Hal wasn't sure what it was they meant.

Finally, Ganthet spoke up again, "The last time the Saiyans achieved their Super Saiyan transformation, they not only destroyed their own home planet, but many of the surrounding star systems. Even forcing the Dominators to flee."

Sayd, a bald Guardian, spoke up, "Not all Saiyans participated in the senseless destruction. Others, instead, sought out a new home world. At the time, it was known as Planet Plant. Home to the Tuffles, a scientifically advanced race. Though, small and weak in stature."

Hal shrugged his shoulders, "Can't say I've ever heard of them."

"That's because the Saiyans wiped them out as well. They are not known for sharing."

Hal grimaced at that.

"But you have something more to share? Besides Vegeta's death and resurrection?"

"Well, turns out he's not so evil anymore. He actually helped the Justice League, myself included, against a power copying robot."

Many of the Guardians regarded this new information, with little enthusiasm. Finally, one spoke up, "Saiyans can be tricky by nature. As for his warrant, the Namekian wish orbs are known to us. And such a thing is possible with them. As such…"

A hologram of Vegeta's warrant and bounty popped up, then a giant red "X" appeared over it, "His past warrant and bounty is null and void. But Whichever Lanterns are on Earth will make it a priority to keep an eye on him."

Hal cocked an eyebrow, "Uh, still the little problem of the ring being about useless when he goes blond."

The Guardian gestured to Ganthet, "We have upgraded all Lantern Rings to now be able to better resist yellow. Though we advise you not to challenge Vegeta alone again, should the need arise."

"Fair enough. Anything else?"

"That will be all, Lantern Jordan."


The son of Vegeta watched as Kara, ever so gently, led her sumo opponent to the edge of the ring, and got him to fall off the edge. That's how she had been since he'd first met her that day in Capsule Corp; always seemingly ready for a fight, but never really wanting to hurt anyone. It had taken him, Goten, and Gohan a lot to convince her that they could take her hits before she would really put effort into their training. Even then, she held back a bit.

"The winner by ring out, Son Kara!"

Of course, if she had wanted to, Trunks knew she could have easily knocked out the sumo kid like he had with the wannabe bully. But knowing her cousin's nature, Trunks guessed she had more Kryptonian in her then what she realized.

"Like I thought!" Goten said happily, "She was able to win without hurting the other kid!"

Trunks smirked, "Not like she would even need to, but what's with the name?"

Goten chuckled, "Didn't we tell you? Her cousin came by the other day and said she should use a "secret obscenity"."

Trunks gave his best friend a surprised look, "…"

At that moment, Kara got back to the waiting area and seemed to have just overheard their conversation, "He means "identity", Trunks. I think he's just messing with you. Goten kept saying that because Chichi made Kal nervous, thinking he'd taught me some bad words in Kryptonian."

Goten just smiled, like he usually did, but Trunks had his suspicions there. Still though…

"Did he?"

Kara sat down on the ground beside them, and looked up, "Did he what?"

"Teach you any bad words?"

Kara shook her head, "No. But I could teach him a few."

Trunks felt a large grin grow on his face, and knew without looking, the same was happening with Goten.


Dodging the elbow strike, the daughter of Mr. Satan landed a strong blow to her opponent's ribcage, winding him. Without pausing, she grabbed hold of the arm that had just tried to strike her, spun, and threw her opponent out of the ring. Winning her match with ease. Despite being half her opponent's height and maybe weighing a fraction of him.

"Contestant Videl advances!" her referee cried out.

"Alright Videl! Way to go!"

It was, well, different, having her own cheer section that didn't contain her own father. Though, the guy leading it wore a turban, sunglasses, and an odd outfit. So, it balanced out, in its own way. Videl took up her spot by her "disguised" classmate and friend, as he once again congratulated her on her win.

"Seriously, it's not often someone can so easily beat someone else so much bigger than they are!"

From almost anyone else, Videl would have thought that was them patronizing her, or sucking up to her. But since it was Gohan, well, he tended to be rather honest about those things. "Thanks."

But Videl could see Gohan fidgeting impatiently, and she had a good idea why. "I'm sure Goten and Kara are doing great in the junior division."

"I know, but I still want to see them fight!"


Robin studied his opponent. A kid that was just young enough to still be in the junior division, but had a clear size, strength, and experience advantage over most of the other contestants.

Robin wasn't "most other contestants" though. He hadn't even been pushed very far. He'd been lucky to avoid the Saiyans and Amazon to this point. Though Garfield would have to face the cousin of Superman in his next match.

And thinking on the changeling, caused the Boy Wonder to grind his teeth. Most of Beast Boy's so-called opponents just wanted his autograph, shake his hand, then hopped out of the ring to this point. He hoped the Kryptonian-hybrid would teach the changeling to take things more seriously.

"Hey kid, your Robin knock-off costume sucks. Did you get it at the bargain bin? Everyone knows the best Robin was the first," the older kid mocked.

Most of this guy's opponents had either rushed him, angry, or tear up after being personally insulted. And either way, Robin's opponent had then casually thrown them out of the ring. Going by the tournament itself so far, Robin would have been clueless as to how the large kid actually fought.

But Robin knew this guy's full background.

"Now now, contestant Hawk. There's no need to keep insulting your opponents," the ring announcer said, trying to stop a repeat from earlier.

Robin didn't need it though. The contestant, "Hawk", as he called himself, actually had quite the history beyond tje white costume with red patterns. A brawler vigilante in his hometown, Hawk had a tendency to make even Robin and Batman look soft on criminals. But the large kid wasn't alone. Although not present as a contestant, Hawk was always seen with a blonde-haired woman that went by "Dove". By all accounts, Dove was who kept Hawk from going overboard, and was far more level-headed.

"Just begin the match," Robin ordered.

The ring announcer looked uncertain, but gave the signal to the sidelines.

The gong rang.

Hawk circled around the young vigilante, Robin always focused on him.

"I'll end this quick kid," Hawk boasted, and then rushed in headlong.

Robin could practically feel the hands already grabbing onto his uniform. But Robin began falling back, latching onto Hawk's outstretched arms, pulling the larger teen over him, then kicking into Hawk's stomach, Robin launched Hawk into the air.

While Hawk flew, Robin used his momentum to roll back up. Unimpressed.

Hawk landed close to the edge of the ring, pretty hard. But Robin never took his eyes off him, even as the ring announcer ran towards him.

With a loud grunt of frustration, Hawk slammed his hand onto the ring, sending cracks into it and chips flying. The larger teen got up, looking angry, but otherwise unscathed. Confirming Robin's theories of super strength and durability. A rather nasty combination.

If you weren't already used to other beings with the same powers, that is.

"Alright kid," Hawk growled, "you surprised me there. But no more mister nice Hawk."

"You won't win. You won't even land a single hit on me," Robin stated with utmost seriousness and arrogance.

"Mouthy kid!" Hawk roared, and he jumped high into the air, and came back down, hammering his fists right where Robin was.

Without hesitation, Robin jumped to the side, putting distance between himself and the much larger teen as he went up. As Hawk came down, Robin counted down in his head, and charged forward.

To the people in the audience, it looked like Robin had jumped back forward just to get turned into a pancake. At least, until Robin did a flying kick.

Robin had no doubt his kick would probably barely be felt, let alone hurt Hawk. But his goal wasn't to hurt his opponent.

Where Hawk had been coming down in a controlled fall, Robin's surprisingly strong kick, hit Hawk from the side. Sending him tumbling end over end, until he clawed the ground to stop his tumbling.

"Bratty kid!" Hawk growled, "I'm done playing nice!"

"Ttt," Robin frowned in annoyance, "all bark and no bite. I'd hoped for more."

"Insult me, will you? I'll shut that stupid mouth of yours!" Hawk yelled, and charged the Boy Wonder.

Robin stood his ground, waiting.

Hawk got closer, ready to punch the kid in front of him out of the arena.

At the last second, Robin leaped up, and over Hawk. At the apex of his flip, Robin grabbed hold of the metahuman's head, and used his momentum to pull back.

Before even Hawk knew what happened, a thunderous crash roared throughout the arena as the back of Hawk's head smashed into the arena floor.

"And what an amazing turn of events, folks!" the announcer cried out, "The small but quick Robin just de-clawed Hawk, despite being only half Hawk's size!"

Robin took one glance down, and turned to the stairs, not even slowing when he told the announcer to not bother counting.

"Don't waste your breath, he's done."

"Uh, right," the announcer said unsure before he took a closer look at the still down Hawk. Bringing his microphone back up, he turned back to the massive crowd, "And Hawk is completely out cold! Robin, the sidekick of Batman, wins!"

Robin stopped in his tracks before shouting in a demeaning tone, "I am NO one's "sidekick"! I am Batman's partner!"

Then Robin stormed off the stage, leaving a befuddled announcer and fans.


"Touchy guy," Trunks said dismissively, as Robin came back in and Hawk was being woken up.

"Who, Robin or the big guy?" Goten asked.

Kara folded her arms over her chest, "I would say both."

"Pretty much," Trunks confirmed.

Still, it had been the first time Kara had seen a metahuman and a normal human fight. And it had ended in Robin's favor.

The matches, up until that point, had seen either complete domination by one side, or were just plain hard to watch. Kara honestly wondered what some of these kids were doing in a fighting tournament when some of them broke down into tears when barely touched.

Her own friends though, fellow half-Saiyans that they were, were more than eager to go at it. She herself was interested in just how far she could go, especially with Earth's yellow sun giving her extra powers. Not so much with hurting people though.

But the x-ray vision was still going to take a long time for her to get used to. No way Kara wanted to look at other people's insides!

"Our next matchup, is between Son Kara and the famous Beast Boy!"

Goten clapped a hand on her shoulder, "Be careful. He can turn into a mosquito and give you some really itchy bites!"

"Would that work on me?" Kar asked, unsure herself.

Trunks just slapped his hand to his forehead, "He can turn into a bunch of animals. But I don't think he'd turn into a mosquito."

"Blech! No way!" came a voice from behind them, "I'm a vegetarian! Why would I suck blood?"

It didn't take a genius to figure out the green changeling was the one behind them, though the look on his face when Kara turn around was different. His tongue sticking out in disgust.

"But yeah, don't worry. No turning into a mosquito for me!" Beast Boy proclaimed, as he walked out to the arena.

Which reminded Kara, she should be heading out there too!

Moving quickly, she caught up with Beast Boy part way to the arena. Though she didn't really know him, he at least seemed nicer than some of the earlier contestants had been. And as the crowd roared, he waved to them, taking it all in.

"Thank you! Thank you! I'm on all of the social media platforms if you want to follow me!" Beast Boy announced to the crowd, as they walked up the stairs.

The announcer took his microphone away from his mouth for a second, "Sorry, but it seems everyone is having trouble with, well, about everything electronic. My mic and the jumbotron are the only things that seem to be working right now."

"Aw man," Beast Boy moaned, his ears laying back much like Kara had observed dogs do when they were sad. Apparently, he took on more than just an animal's appearance.

Beast Boy

What a bummer! After this, he needed some comfort food, like a tofu burger!

"Beast Boy! Pay attention!"

Garfield snapped to attention, as if he were in the military, at the command of the world's most pint-sized wannabe general. The Robin with the worst attitude.

"Over here, we have Beast Boy! Member of the Teen Titans, and social media celebrity, his heroics are known the world over!"

"Stop, you're making me blush!" Beast Boy replied light-heartedly when the crowd roar grew even more. It was true though! He could feel the heat in his cheeks rise!

"And his opponent, having moved in lockstep with her younger brother so far, is Son Kara! This young lady has been about as polite an opponent as anyone could ask for! Gently knocking her opponents out of the ring and making sure they were okay!"

Though not as loud as it was for him, the crowd still liked the little girl well enough.

"Let the match, begin!" the announcer called out.

The gong sounded, and Beast Boy jumped into his fighting stance. "Don't worry kid," he said reassuringly, "I won't hurt ya!"

She seemed, unimpressed. Maybe a little annoyed. Ouch.

Many miles away…

The cloaked figure dropped the body of the woman, while nearby, another cloaked figure did the same to the man.

"The energy from the humans isn't much," the first said, their tone feminine in nature.

"That matters little. So long as Babidi keeps his end of the bargain, doing this will also serve our purposes in the long run," the other figure remarked, their voice a harsh baritone.

Scanning the area while thinking on what their companion had said, the first said, "And what of them?"

"I will give them the choice to join. They would be fools not to." The larger cloaked figure looked around, scanning the area. "To the West, there's another settlement. We'll gather their energy, then head back to Babidi's ship."

The slighter figure gave a short nod, "As you command, sir."

The larger one approached the slighter, reaching a hand into the hood gently, "You never have to address me like that, love," the larger said warmly, the hood falling back on the slighter one.

Underneath the hood, revealed short black hair, cleanly cut as if in the military, framing a pretty face with blue eyes. But gave the presence of military sternness. "Of course."


Faster then what Kara would have thought her opponent capable of, Beast Boy grabbed a hold of her arm, twisted around, and attempted to throw her. Unfortunately for him, Kara had been training with Gohan and Goten over the last few months leading up to this. And though a valiant effort, all Beast Boy succeeded in doing was flipping Kara over (she really jumped over) to stand in front of him.

"Okay, so you have some moves," Beast Boy said surprised.

"That was a basic counter, wasn't it?" Kara asked back.

"Uh, I don't know about "basic", but this fight ain't over yet!"

And then Kara got to see how Beast Boy earned his hero moniker; the human, though green, boy, transformed into a large snake, eliciting gasps and even some screams from the crowd.

"Scared yet? No one would blame ya, a lot of people are scared of snakes!" Beast Boy told her, surprising Kara that he could talk despite no longer having a human tongue or mouth.

Shaking her head, more to get over the talking snake then anything, Kara frowned at him, "I've been living in the mountains for months now. And I have encountered dinosaurs on more than one occasion. Why would a limbless reptile frighten me?"

Using the point of his tail to scratch his head, Kara could have sworn she saw the snake shrug. How, she didn't know. But he pulled it off somehow. "Good point. But I still plan on winning! Hyah!"

Beast Boy leapt at Kara, transforming into another Earth creature with a rounded, almost shell-like back as he rolled into a ball, and popped her in the face, bouncing off, and landing back on the ground as a porcupine.

Kara winced. More from surprise and impact then any actual pain. Rubbing her nose, she wondered what exactly that first animal was.

"And Beast Boy shows off his armadillo form, followed by the classic porcupine!"

Ah. Seems she needed to study more of Earth's animals.

The porcupine showed its teeth, as if trying to smile, "I wouldn't touch me, if I were you! These spines hurt pretty badly!"

But there was one spot not covered by the sharp-looking spines. Kara dashed forward, and pinched the green porcupine's nose.

"Ow! Hey! Wet go of by dose!" Beast Boy yelled out, trying to shake her loose. But to no avail.

"Only if you give up," Kara replied calmly.

In the blink of eye though, Kara suddenly found herself notably higher, with her feet off the ground, and the little nose she had been holding, was not so little now. It had become long, green, and wrapped itself around her.

"Fine, if you won't let go of my nose, my nose won't let go of you!" the green elephant declared.

Kara was at least familiar with this animal, for what good it did her. Goten had a few toy elephants back home, but one really only got the sense of the size of such an animal in real life. And it was pretty big. The trunk, if she remembered what the nose was called, had wrapped around her body, her hand losing its grip when the nose suddenly grew.

"Don't worry too much! I'll just gently toss you ou- hey! S-stop! You're gonna break my nose!"

However strong the animal was, she was stronger. Kara kept, slowly, but surely, increasing the strength she used on Beast Boy's trunk. "Then you better let go!" she grunted out.

Without any warning, Kara found herself flying through the air, straight out of bounds! She couldn't have that, she still had to fight Trunks or Goten in the finals!

Making a mental note to apologize to Chichi later, Kara put the brakes on and stopped mid-air.

"And, holy cow folks! Kara just stopped mid-air before she could hit anything out of bounds! Talk about a surprise!" The announcer cried out in shock. And in the crowd, there were notes of surprise as well. With some wondering if she was an Amazon or some metahuman that had similar powers.


"Wow, she's really got the hang of flying," the former desert bandit commented.

Chichi sighed in resignation, "Well, I suppose that was going to get out eventually. Only one thing to do. GO KARA! KICK THAT KID'S BUTT!"

"So long as it isn't Super Saiyan, I guess its alright," Bulma chimed in.

Yamcha chuckled awkwardly. Having known Goku since he was a kid, and being familiar with more than one Saiyan, chances were that one of them would go gold before the day was over. Possibly more. Not that he would say anything, when Chichi and Bulma really got into something, not even their husbands could stop them.


Kara landed with ease back on the arena, and was greeted by the now huffy Beast Boy.

"Aw, not fair! I didn't know you could fly!"

Kara shrugged. "You never asked. Plus, I really do want to win this tournament. I owe it to the people that took me in."

Beast Boy's frown quickly turned into a warm smile, "Fair enough. But you're gonna have to win this fair square."

Kara closed her eyes and took a deep breath, feeling the air go through her lungs, filling her chest. She cleared her mind. Opening them, her mind was clear. Running forward, she went to shoulder check Beast Boy out of bounds.

In response, after quickly going wide-eyed with surprise and recovering, Beast Boy transformed into a large gorilla and went to grab her. Kara dodged the grab with ease, kicking her speed up a notch, and doing quick math calculations in her head, delivered a sharp, strong blow to Beast Boy's stomach.

But the blow missed, as the once large gorilla was now a tiny little fly. That could still talk.

"That was close!"

This was going to be more difficult then she thought.

The little buzzing fly, was too small and agile for Kara to get a good hit on it, at least not without hurting Beast Boy to a very bad extent. After another failed blow, Kara let out a squawk of surprise when the little buzzing insect rapidly grew into an eight-tentacled creature with a bulbous head. And completely wrapped her in its suction-cupped arms.

"What is this thing?" Kara asked no one in particular, and in disgust. She would really need to learn more of Earth's native species when this was over.

"I'm an octopus! And these arms are- ow ow owowow! Not again! Just how strong are you!?"

And once again, Kara slowly flexed her strength against the rather repulsive arms that enwrapped her. "Strong enough that you better let go!"

"Grrr, fine!" the tentacles vanished, letting Kara have a moment's breath. Until she heard the flapping of wings.

Looking up, she saw an animal she did recognize; a parrot, flapping a little above her. Raising its tail feathers. Wait, hadn't she'd seen birds do that back on Mount Paozu, just before-

"Bombs away!"

Eyes nearly popping out of her head, Kara jumped back and avoided a nasty, white mess that plopped right where she had been standing. Only to take a large, scaly tail to her whole body.

"Oomph!" Once again, she had to put the brakes on mid-air to get a look at what just hit her. A large, green dinosaur. This one, a tyrannosaurus rex, if she remembered the paleontology course Chichi had given her and Goten a little while back. Though, it was brief, as a herd of dinosaurs lived just a few miles away.

"Rats! Almost had ya!"

Kara looked behind her and saw the wall around the outside of the ring just inches from her back. Not good. Just a bit more force from that, and she would have lost!

"Look at that! We're getting a full look at the veritable zoo that Beast Boy can transform into!" The announcer man exclaimed.

Okay, time to step it up a bit more. Kara sped through the air over to the green dinosaur. Beast Boy spun, aiming to smack her with his tail again, but Kara ducked under it, and when Beast Boy spun back around from his momentum, she struck. A single, sharp, powerful blow to Beast Boy's solar plexus. A move her father had done when training. A part of her winced in sympathy, but it was a fight.

If dinosaurs could look like they were going to throw up, this one certainly had that look. But it shrank back down to the green Teen Titan, his arms clutching that area between ribs and stomach, and bent over.

"And Beast Boy is down! One! Two! Three!" the announcer shouted, beginning the 10-count.

Kara waited patiently. Thinking over her match in her mind. Beast Boy had thrown an unusual fighting style at her; and probably had a number of other transformations he could have used. While certainly different then the more straight forward fights she'd been through with her father, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, it served as a lesson to remember. And showed her that Earth, though still badly behind in technology, had quite a bit going for it.

"And TEN! Wow, folks! Son Kara stepped up her game and just knocked out Beast Boy in his t-rex form! This little fighter packs quite the punch, and goes on to the semi-finals! Which leaves one last match in the quarter finals; Robin the Boy Wonder vs Donna Troy!"

Kara bowed to Beast Boy. She hadn't expected him to stand after her punch. But he had been a good, if unusual, opponent. And seemed to be a nice guy as well. But, she saw how Beast Boy hadn't moved since turning back to his human form. Though taller then her, Kara had no problem assisting the still stunned Beast Boy out of the ring.

"And what a show of respect by Kara! Helping her unconscious foe to the back! Let's have a round of applause for her!"

Donna Troy

Suddenly, Donna was not as disappointed in being in the junior division. Though Garfield had been beaten, his opponent had demonstrated very interesting skills and abilities!

Tapping on Dami-Robin's shoulder (it would take time getting used to these "hero" names), she asked Robin, "Do you know whom that warrior is? Is she perhaps a lost Amazon?"

Such a thing was not unheard of; the Bana-Mighdall Amazons being a breakaway tribe themselves after all.

"Of course not," Robin replied, seemingly frustrated with Beast Boy, "She's not an Amazon of any kind. I guarantee that much. Get ready. Our match is up next."

Donna nodded. In her brief time knowing this "boy", she had learned that he only said what he felt was necessary. Not so much what anyone else thought was necessary, but his own take on things. Which made getting information from him frustrating at times. And often when he did say something, it tended to be condescending. She had gotten a little tired of it a few times, admittedly. Robin had good intentions, but his general attitude was trying.

"Is this your friend?"

Donna's attention was grabbed when she saw Garfield Logan being helped over to her by his former opponent.

"She's one of them, yeah," a very tired sounding Garfield replied, before wincing and rubbing his ribs, "Ow. Punch still smarts though."

Donna joined in, and helped Garfield from his other side, throwing his other arm over her neck and shoulders, "Allow me to help. There's a chair just over here."

"Thanks," Beast Boy replied sincerely.

"Once again, sorry about hitting you that hard. I should have pulled it back a little more," the blonde girl said, sounding reserved.

"Heh, don't worry. Just glad you're not a super villain or anything, with strength like that," Garfield replied as he, slowly, took a seat.

So, she was still holding back a lot? How fun! If she won her match against Robin, she would be able to see how well Son Kara could do!

Great Saiyaman

"And with that, the adult division has its sixteen contestants!" one of the monks announced, "After the Junior Division wraps up, we'll begin sorting the allotments for the fighters! For the final sixteen, we have Krillin, Vegeta, Ma Junior, Videl, Wonder Woman, Great Saiyaman, Starfire, Son Goku, Shin, Kibito, Eighteen, Mighty Mask, Pintar, Spopovich, Yamu, and of course, Mr. Satan himself!"

Saiyaman was, noticeably, inching towards the door. Very eager to at least catch the tail end of the Junior Division.

"For the time being, you contestants still going are free until after the Junior Division wraps up. You can go watch the match, grab a bite to eat, or whatever else. Just be sure to be back in time for the drawing," the monk finished.

Before he could dash through the door, Videl caught up to him, "Wait up! You're not going to watch them without me there! Let's go!"

"Right!" Saiyaman nodded, and followed her to the stands.

Donna Troy

Donna once again looked at the crowd. Far larger than any of the games held on Themyscira, it was almost overwhelming. But she quickly focused on her opponent. The Son of the Batman, Robin. His skill was high, almost as high as his arrogance could be at times. Though no powers, Robin would not go down easily.

"And once again folks, lets get a big round of applause Robin and Donna Troy!" the announcer called out, urging the crowd to cheer them on. And it worked.

Donna gave a quick acknowledgement of the crowd, as did her foe. She readied herself, waiting for the signal, her muscles tensing in her legs to spring. Yet Robin looked surprisingly relaxed.

"Let the match, begin!"

Donna launched herself like a speeding missile at Robin. Fast, but controlled so as not to hurt Robin too much. Robin had not moved from his spot though. Determination his expression.

Thrusting out with an open palm, Donna struck. The unmoving Robin. Directly. She had pulled back even more, not seeing Robin move out of the way. But there was still enough force to knock Robin up and out of the ring.

"E-eh?" The announcer said perplexed, "Donna Troy is the winner with one punch!?"

Donna stood there, looking at her and, flexing it open and closed. She was almost certain she hadn't hit Robin hard enough to be thrown that far.

Robin himself jumped back up, if a tad gingerly, and walked back to the waiting area for the contestants. The crowd, almost as confused as Donna, did applaud, though reluctantly.

Donna made her way back to the waiting area and saw that the other remaining fighters were shooting Robin some dirty looks. But why? It wasn't as if he had…

Then it hit Donna. And more questions arose, so she went over to Robin, "Why did you throw the fight?"

Robin glared back, "I told you before, I'm here to see what possible recruits look like. I'm already fully aware of what you are capable of. You're weaker than Wonder Woman, to an extent, but your skills are no joke. Fighting would have been pointless, unnecessary."

"You're using me to see how that girl over there truly compares, aren't you?"

A small, almost disturbing, smile came over Robin's face. "You're sharper than I thought. Besides, you wanted to fight her anyway. This is your chance."

So, he was using her, and in a way, that also worked with her wants? Now Donna was seeing why others did not like being around him much. "Fine, just don't use me like that again."

From inside the waiting area, Donna could hear the announcer, "Here in just a few minutes we will start the semi-final matches! Our first match will be Donna Troy versus Son Kara! Both of these kids have breezed through most of their competition, showing some amazing skills! After them, will be Son Goten against Trunks Briefs! Two life long friends that have played and trained together since they were in diapers! One thing is for sure, folks, these next matches are looking to be incredible!"

Hal Jordan

His meeting with the Guardians of the Universe over, Hal was getting ready to head back to his sector, maybe a quick check in on Earth, when a not too enthusiastic Kilowag stopped him.

"Hey, Jordan. Keep an eye on that Saiyan, he's bad news," Kilowag warned.

"I'll keep an eye on everything in the sector, including Vegeta. But he did help us stop that AMAZO android," Hal pointed out.

Kilowag's stern face and tone of voice remained, "I'm serious. You're too young to know, but the Saiyans really did a number before their planet got wiped out. And Vegeta? He exemplified what it meant to be a Saiyan. I normally don't hold a grudge against an entire race, but the Saiyans were never good news."

"I've heard the stories, Kilowag. I get it. I saw what Vegeta could do on Earth. I'll be keeping an eye on things there, alright?"

"The Saiyans slaughtered a lot of poozers before they even got the hang of the basics of being a Lantern. Just make sure you don't end up like them," Kilowag warned.

Hal nodded, and took off, his ring speeding him up faster and faster as he left the center of the universe towards his own sector. Thinking on things that Kilowag had said. Hal had looked up the records of the Saiyans himself, filed under the Reign of Frieza. A race that were just as ruthless as their "boss". But Vegeta living in almost accidental secret on Earth for years had been a surprise. Hal was content to let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

Partway through the Milky Way Galaxy, an alert popped up on his ring. "Attention Hal Jordan and other Green Lanterns of Sector 2814. The ancient space wizard Babidi has been sighted to be in your sector. It is recommended to NOT confront him alone. Repeat, do NOT confront him alone. His powers are exceedingly dangerous."

"Space wizard?" Hal asked no one in particular, "Ring, show this "Babidi"."

The green construct that formed was short, but quite grotesque. Big, bulging eyes, a head shaped like an insect's thorax with little hairs popping up here and there. Skinny arms, and the rest of him covered in a cape with what seemed almost like a skirt. Most notable, was the "M" right in the middle of his clothing.

"Ugly guy, but what makes him so dangerous?" Hal wondered aloud.

"Babidi's skill in magic is powerful. Often turning residents of the planets he is on into his thralls. Taking away their free will, while at the same time, enhancing their natural abilities. His true extent in magic, however, is only rumored," the ring explained.

"Good to know," Hal responded, and sped off to Earth to meet up with the League and other Lanterns.


Ganthet hoped his warning reached the Hal Jordan and John Stewart in time. His information only recently arrived itself. But having to do it behind the council's back was not something he relished. But they had decided it was probably mistaken identity, as the wizard had not been seen in centuries.

But, if Hal Jordan and John Stewart did not get his message, there was at least those two on Earth. But they seemed to be putting their hopes on this "Son Goku" person and his associates, rather than the Green Lanterns or Justice League.

Ganthet's long memories stretched back further than most other beings in the universe, back to nearly the beginning. And a time when the Guardians had been far more than they were now. But way back then, Babidi's father and predecessor, Bibidi, had manipulated many Guardians into a civil war. Why? Because the foul being had wanted to see it. The Guardians had shaken off his control, but not before their race had been greatly reduced. Bibidi had fled, but the Guardians had not forgotten. And had kept track of the creature's machinations over the millennia.

Though Bibidi, long since defeated by the Guardians' ally that was on Earth, was gone, Babidi had picked up right where he had left off. A blight upon the universe that only caused pain, death, and destruction when he showed himself. Even the Yellow Lanterns, for as brutal and ruthless as they could be, still held to order of a type. Babidi was all about sowing chaos. Preying on others' dark thoughts and magnifying them to the point where that was all that was there.

Ganthet prayed that the Supreme Kai's intuition was right, and that they would stop the wizard before he unleashed that.


"Looks like the adults are done with their thing," Goten pointed out, pointing towards Videl, Goh-Saiyaman, Vegeta, big Goten, and the others that were grouped up in the stands.

Kara nodded, only partially paying attention. Her main focus was on her opponent. Even without her being introduced, Kara could see the resemblances between Donna Troy and Wonder Woman, having only met the Amazon once, it was not something she would forget.

"Yeah, still wish we could have fought in the adult division. The only interesting fights are ours and probably Kara's," Trunks added, still annoyed.

Goten giggled, "Yeah, it would have been fun fighting our dads, Gohan, Eighteen, and Krillin!"

"Don't forget Wonder Woman and Starfire! They would have been interesting too!" Trunks added back.

Before Kara could add her own opinion, the announcement came.

"Now to begin our next matchup, and first of the semi-finals, let's welcome out Son Kara and Donna Troy!"

Trunks and Goten both gave her words of encouragement as she walked towards the ring.

Wonder Woman

"I believe this is your sister's match?" Koriand'r asked as they looked over the arena from the stands.

Wonder Woman nodded, "It is her first time facing a true opponent outside of Themyscira. I do not believe it will be easy for either her or her opponent."

"You have seen Son Kara fight before?"

"I have an idea of what she is capable of, but her full skills are still a mystery to me."

The two girls both walked quietly into the ring, as the crowd roared in anticipation.

Diana could understand the Tamaranean's trepidation towards Vegeta, considering what she herself had heard of Saiyans. But everyone deserved a second chance. And Vegeta had been instrumental in stopping the AMAZO android.

As with all things, Diana would give Koriand'r time to get used to the idea that she could share the planet with Saiyans, without fear of being destroyed by them.


Kara took her place opposite of her opponent, taking her stance.

"I wish you good luck, sister," Donna said politely.

Kara blinked. Then what Donna had said fully registered, "I am not your sister, as we do not have the same parents. Unless this is a custom I am not familiar with?"

Donna's eyes went wide with shock and worry, "Oh, my apologies. It is what we say on Themyscira as a greeting towards another," she explained quickly.

Yep, Kara would need to learn more about all of the Earth societies after this. Something which she was sure Chichi would be more than happy to get to.

"Right. Well, good luck to you too," Kara replied.

Then the gong rang.


It was finally time to see what Kara and Goten could do, and Goku couldn't be more excited!

When the gong rang, it was almost like watching mirror images as both girls leapt, and clashed a foot off the ground, in the middle of the ring, their forearms meeting in a dual block. Even from his spot high in the stands, Goku could see surprise on both girls' faces as they saw just how strong the other was.

"This looks like its gonna be a great fight!" Goku exclaimed, not bothering at all to hide his excitement.

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