AN: Extended AU Addition of the Season 8 Series Finale "Crossfire."

This has been an amazing 8 seasons. I will forever cherish this show, Always.

Disclaimer: Castle will always be mine. Just not literally, you know?

As they got ready to sit at the kitchen table, Beckett sat down the orange juice just as her youngest son ran into her legs.

She quickly picked him up and swung him around landing straight into Castle as he flipped the last omelette. Who quickly yelled out, "DADDY HUG."

Wrapping them into his arms and attacking them with kisses as Jake quickly tries to escape, his laugh filling up the room and all the spaces of her heart. She lets him go and wraps her arms around Castle, whispering, "I love you" into his ear.

"I love you more," he replied back squeezing her in close.

As the door bell rang and Lily ran screaming, "I'LL GET IT."

Swinging the door open and seeing her Uncle Javi with Aunt Lanie, she wrapped are arms around their bodies as they walked backwards to get inside.

"I hope you're forever happy to see us like this as you get older," laughed Javi.

"Of course, you're my favorite people in the world."

"Hey - What about us?" exclaimed Uncle Kevin right behind.

"You too," she smiled as she ran to wrap her arms around him and Aunt Jenny. As her cousins ran inside screaming "HI"

"I have enough space in my heart to fit everybody."

"Just leave room for daddy or he'll get jealous," Beckett laughed as she let go of Castle to greet the crowd.

"I love you too dad!"

"Yeah, yeah that's what they all say." As he stuck his tongue out towards his baby girl.

Everyone laughed and as the guest finish arriving and they assumed their traditional once a month Sunday brunch.

They feasted, they talked, they laughed, they smiled, and they loved.

As the meal came to an end and everyone spread around the room, engaging in conversation and enjoy their time together.

He stepped into his office to grab his phone and as he stood at the door of the office, he felt her come to stand next to him.

As she looked around the room,

As he looked around the room,

Kevin leaning in and having a debate with Martha about the best upcoming broadway productions.

Hayley and her boyfriend, laughing at something Esposito was doing. A mimicking of Lanie's attitude who scowled at him with eyes that couldn't hide the love and affection over her attempt.

Jenny and Jim laughing at the children's attempt to hide behind each other.

The children running around playing cops and robbers.

"The next generation of greatness," he always exclaimed and every time he watched them, he couldn't agree anymore.

All of them, the true meaning of a new beginning.

Sarah Grace,

Nicholas Javier,

Adam Jonas,

Lily Johanna,

Jake Roy,

Reece Alexander,

As he looked at his oldest princess and the glowing smile on her face. As he eyes wandered down to her finger, that was glowing from the diamond in its place and the man standing beside her because she had told him and kate, she found her happy ever after.

Anyone that ever mattered were all standing right here in this very room. As they stood in the door way of his office shoulder to shoulder taking it all in.

It was the closing of another chapter and Kate made the first move towards the next as she takes a step forward, turning her head back around

"You coming, Castle?"

and with that famous crinkle around his eyes and the famous smile, he smiled at her and replied, "Always."