So hey guys, I'm really sorry that I haven't be uploading recently. Basically, I've kind of lost the motivation to write many things and it's hard to get that back what with it being exam season and everything. I have however been doing a lot of RPing recently (Mainly ERP tbh) and as such my smut writing has gotten a lot better. Honestly, to me it feels so much more rewarding to write in an RP, because you get instant feedback and they help you to move the story along too. As such all of my writing power has gone into that recently and I haven't been continuing with my stories.

Anyway, I thought you guys might like to read some of what I did. This is just an experiment, thought I'd post one of the RPs I did and see if you guys like it. It may feel a little wierd to read, as it will jump between perspectives and writing styles a bit, but if you enjoy it let me know and I'll publish some more of them for you guys. Honestly it's the only way I can see me still uploading to here at the moment.

Cheers Guys


PS. I wrote the Yasuo part of this RP

"God this place is so fucking hot" Yasuo moaned to himself as he waded through the thick undergrowth of the Kumumgu Jungle. The heat may have been comparable to that of the hot Ionian Summers that he enjoyed so dearly, but humidity had a wonderful ability to make things that little bit shittier.

That and the flies. He grunted as he slapped his neck, crushing another one of the wretched mosquitos as it attempted to gourge itself on his blood. His entire body itched as the numerous bites enraged in the sweltering heat, driving him crazy as he resisted the urge to scratch them. He had been trying to navigate his way through this accursed place for almost two days now, and no matter how far he travelled there seemed to be no end to the undergrowth.

"Fucking hell!" he screamed with impatience, as he swung his blade like a machete through the thick plants that covered the Jungle floor. "I REALLY wish I could just find a path out of this hellhole!". With that last sentence, he let out a blast of wind, cutting through the foliage for a good 20 feet before it was dispersed. Breathing deeply he sighed, sitting down on one of the fallen logs that had succumbed to his tempest. "What am I even doing here?" he thought to himself.

...? Nidalee's ears perked up and she turned her head as she heard the unmistakable exasperated groans of a human, evidently unaccustomed to the jungle. Visitors were rare here, very rare.

To the north were the deserts. Sand was too merciful a substance, the ground was a thin coating of crushed rock that had a nasty tendency to heat up on the slightest bit of sun exposure.

Past that, one would reach Nidalee's very own home: the jungle. The jungle. Some of the scariest, most dangerous predators of Runeterra roamed freely here - that is, they would if they didn't have to tear down thick foliage wherever they went. Snakes with venom that could kill what armies couldn't, bugs who carried viruses that couldn't be studied due to their risk.

Yes, the only person who could possibly survive the journey here was powerful indeed. Yet, they were so... domestic. Nidalee was disappointed in such a person who could survive the harshest of adversity but still grumbled at the mild inconveniences of the bugs that flew around as bait for the birds that flew around as bait for... many worse predators.

However, more than this mysterious figure disappointed her, he intrigued her. She crept up behind him, lagging some dozen meters behind. She grunted and narrowed her eyes in disdain as he wreaked havoc on her own, defenseless, innocent home simply out of irritation. Hopefully, it was drowned out by the ruthless gust.

Reaching down to the bamboo flask at his hip, he shook it slightly before bringing it greedily to his lips. As he feared, nothing but drops were left in the container, and even those were of a questionable source. The last pool he had visited looked stale and stagnant, but he had little option to be picky. With the last of the foul water gone, he wouldn't last long in such a climate.

Rising quickly from his seat, he searched desperately down the path he had created, smiling in relief as he saw pawprints in the moist earth leading further into the jungle. Though he was no hunter, he knew enough that the animals who lived here must need water too, and hopefully some from a clean source. With new found determination, he set off down the trail, his feet leaving the ground briefly with each step as he set off in search of the creature's lair

Nidalee watched in utter shock as the person telegraphed their intentions perfectly and left for water. In her shock, she even forgot to prowl through the cover of the brush, and walked, weight low, through the full length of the path that the man had decimated.

At his increased speed, it didn't take long for him to reach a clearing, the sound of rushing water one of sweet joy as he soaked in his surroundings. Before him stood a great cliff face, separating two layers of the jungle by a good 40 feet of solid rock. From the many jagged edges, Yasuo imagined he could climb it if needs be, but for now his eyes focused on his prize before him.

Water toppled from above the clifftop, cascading down its rocky face before gathering in the large basin beneath to continue its journey into the river beyond. Despite his usual cautious attitude, heat, thirst and tiredness had worn the Samurai down over these past days, and he quickly began to disrobe before throwing himself into the pool. The cool water was a welcome relief to his tired body, and from the strength of the flow it seemed safe to drink.

Not wanting to get swept downstream, he relaxed in the shallower edges of the pool, cupping fresh water into his hand while drinking it desperately, losing track of his surroundings as he indulged in this moment of relief.(edited)

Still bitter and wanting some form of revenge, Nidalee rushed past him, her footsteps only a fading rustle. She hopped and pounced through her rough jungle home, eventually reaching the end of the very stream that he was rushing towards, only a few dozen meters down. However, before she could enact revenge, she sniffed her wrist.

She crinkled her nose and lowered her brow in distaste - sweat had left her body too smelly, easily detectable.

Thus, she grabbed for the thin fur that narrowly guarded her tan, voluminous breasts and behind and slid them from her body. She stepped to the crystal clear pool and gingerly slid herself into the water, the brightly colored floor below it covered in exotic gemstones that curiously refracted the light that reached them. She tugged from her hair a small piece of dried sinew she used as a hairband, placing it with the rest of her clothes. She slid completely into the water, submerging all of what she could until she floated almost on her back, her muscular body slightly too dense if not for the plump breasts that had only bright pink areolae exposed to the air of the surface. Bringing her face once again to the surface, she sighed in relief. The temperature of the water was cold, and reinvigorated her mind, accelerated her reflexes.

After a short while, Yasuo could feel his strength and senses return to him. Dehydration it seemed was as dangerous as any of the wild fauna or poisonous creatures that plagued this Jungle. He sighed again, brushing his long messy hair from his eyes. He should probably cut it shorter, for practicality sake if nothing else, but he had been hesitant. The long hair was a tradition of those that served as warriors in Ionia, and though that life had been taken from him, a part of him wasn't quite ready to give it up just yet.

A shiver ran down his spine as he heard rustling in the bushes behind him and he quickly turned to face the source of the noise. Greeted by nothing more than the looming darkness of the jungle beyond, he felt more and more uneasy as his senses readjusted themselves. He was used to the constant feeling of being hunted, but in a place like this he was nervous as to who or what might be watching him from the shadows.

He carefully emerged from the water, water dripping from his well toned body as he gathered his hastily discarded apparel. The many scars that painted his skin were joined by a multitude of fresh cuts and scrapes from the local plantlife as well as the angry red marks of the many insects that had preyed on the Ionian warrior. As he attempted to dry himself in the humid air, he filled his water containers, pondering his next move. He examined the river flowing out beyond the pool, noticing a distinctive shine emanating from the river bed. Rivers rarely ran straight, but they had to lead to the ocean eventually, and as this stage he would take any chance he could get to escape from this place

Nidalee sat up in the pool, her chest once more bouncing due to the sudden movement. She sat on the edge of the pool, eyes lightly shut. There were few places that she let her guard down, and this was one of them.

Dressing quickly, Yasuo gathered his few possessions and set off down the river, deciding to leave his shirt off due to the intense heat. Now that he was functioning again, he noticed the brush around the pool had been disturbed recently. Most likely the animal he had heard earlier, or perhaps the path of the creature whose tracks had lead him here in the first place. Either way, the trail continued along the river and into the distance, and with intentions of heading that way anyway Yasuo followed them with curiosity, eager to find out what sort of creature left the tracks that may have saved his life.

As he followed, the tracks slowly began to change. Where before they were that of a large cat, they began to slowly morph towards that of a person, the four legged stride replaced by that of a two legged sprint. Confused, Yasuo slowed as he reached the river bank, the sound of splashing audible from the undergrowth as he approached. Cautiously he peered from the brush, expecting to see the predator that he had been chasing.

What greeted him instead was a very different site. A dark tanned woman lay bathing in the water, distinctive tan lines covered her smooth skin almost like tiger stripes, accentuating her ample curves that were teased at from below the water line. She seemed to be unaware of his presence, enjoying the cool river water as he had done just a short while ago, and the Samurai stood mesmerised as he watched the exoctic beauty.

A sharp snap grabbed his attention as he overstepped, breaking one of the nearby branches that littered the jungle floor. With quick reactions, he ducked into the foliage, hopefully out of site of the woman before she turned to discover the source of the noise.

Nidalee's head swung towards the sound of the step, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. She swam to the opposite side of the pool, pulling herself out on the slick, mossy rocks. She slowly stepped towards the undergrowth, waist low. "I know you're there." She spoke one of her rare complete sentences, apparently forgetting that she was still completely uncovered.

Realising his cover had be blown, Yasuo stood up slowly, rubbing his his arm where he had landed awkwardly on a rock. Fortunately it didn't seem broken, and his gaze quickly moved up to the woman who had now emerged from the water.

"Hey look, I wasn't here to peep or anything before you-" He stopped, his eyes fixed on the fully naked form of the woman, her firm breasts rising and falling slowly with each breath. He stuttered for a moment, before quickly turning his head to the side, making sure to keep her in the corner of his eye in case she tried anything.

"I mean, I was just, you know, there were some tracks that looked like a wild animal, and they lead here, and…" His words caught in his throat as he resisted the urge to look over her incredibly sexy body again.

"I'm sorry, I'll be on my way…"

As she felt the gaze upon her, Nidalee looked down, only to see that her usual coverings weren't there, exposing her entire body. Her face darkened with blush and she looked down at the man, infuriated. "If you're leaving, I'll still beat that out of your head." She spoke coldly, a scary smile on her face as she bent over and grabbed a rock.

"Beat it out of me? Hmm, you can try!" With a quick flash of steel Yasuo stood with blade in hand, staring down at the amazon with utmost focus. Any hint of his past hesitation was gone as he stared the woman down.

"I have no intention of hurting you lady, but I'm warning you that many others before you have tried to take me down, and I'm still standing."

Immediately upon seeing the glint of metal, Nidalee jumped up into the tree above them, hanging from the crooked, warped wood of the branches. Baring her teeth, she swung to the stranger's back, falling behind him with the rock still in hand.

"Shit!" Yasuo thought to himself, surprised by the woman's speed. He turned quickly and with his quick reactions he managed to block the rock with a loud clang. He could feel his blade reverberate as the stone made contact with the metal, sending shockwaves into his arm. The narrow steel blade was designed for swift strikes and parrying, not for blocking heavy rocks and he knew that if he continued to block like this his blade would surely break.

Not wanting to hurt her, Yasuo adopted a defensive stance backing off slowly. With great speed the woman attacked again, lunging at him with the stone in hand. Once again he was forced to block, the clash even louder as he saw a small crack form in his blade. With a last attempt, he grabbed the woman's arm, attempting to stop her. She growled menacingly before launching a surprise kick to the chest, knocking Yasuo to the ground. As he landed, his head hit the floor hard, and he found himself drifting from consciousness.

"Not like this…" He thought as he saw the woman standing over him, the underside of her beautiful breasts the last thing he saw as his world faded to black.

"You have no place here." She spoke coldly, not even taking the care to take him with her. "The predators will get him." She thought to herself. Her bitter expression significantly dampened the surroundings of bright green that surrounded her. Once more she stepped into the pristine pool of water, her voluminous behind having trouble situating itself on any of the underwater outcroppings.

Yasuo groaned as he regained consciousness a few minutes later, rubbing the back of his head as he felt a small amount of blood seeping forth. "Could of been a lot worse I guess" he thought to himself, looking around to see the woman once again relaxing in the pool. His head was still spinning from the blow, but he was well enough to sit up, looking over the smooth skin of the woman's back as her dark brown hair cascaded down past her shoulders.

"You're a real piece of work you know that? You could've killed me you know?" He exclaimed, making a visible effort not to stare at the woman. As beautiful as she was, it wasn't worth another blow to the head over.

Nidalee took care to avoid turning around, so that she didn't grant another lucky glimpse to the pervert. "...You're already awake? And confronting me again? Choose your battles." The words came out nearly as a purr, her voice deep and rolling. Do I have to do the same thing again? She feared, as she'd definitely have to go farther the next time.

Confronting? Look no, I'm sorry I peeped on your bath time Lady but I had no intention of doing you any harm." Yasuo explained slowly, making sure not to move too quickly in case the concussion was worse than he thought. "I was just trying to find a way of this Jungle, I honestly didn't expect to find anyone else here, certainly not a woman as beautiful as yourself." He chose his words carefully, not wanting another rock to the skull anytime soon.

"I'm Yasuo by the way." He gave his best grin, trying his best to soothe some of the hostility.

"I care not for your name, and why are you here in the first place?" She questioned, her voice still ice-cold. "Flattery does nothing for you, you can find your way alone or you can find your way into the mouth of a predator." Next to her this time was a wooden shaft of deep orange jungle-wood, the haft of the spear tipped with an ending of flint that shone even in the dimness facilitated by the heavy tree cover.

"Heh, well that's a long story, and judging from your expression I can feel you don't really care to hear it." He sighed, taking his flask from his belt and taking a sip. "Only water unfortunately" he thought to himself before pulling himself slowly to his feet. His head spun as he adjusted to his new height, taking a few seconds to compose himself before he continued.

"Look, you're clearly very uh, busy and I've probably upset you a fair bit, and seeing as I don't really want you to shove that into me I guess I'll take my leave then.".He held his hands up non-threateningly as he slowly backed out of the clearing. Keeping an eye out behind him as he moved off down the River bank.

"Good." She purred, a smile finally crossing her face. She was now in the clear to do whatever she wanted - and apparently she had stepped through one of the plants infamous for affecting the mental state. She stood and moved, sitting on the edge of the pool with only her legs in.

She looked around. Nothing was there, only the sounds of bugs chirping and animals dashing through the wood. "In the clear, I suppose." She thought to herself as she put a delicate, slender-fingered hand on her inner thigh.

As he turned to leave, he traveled until he got out of sight. Resting on a nearby tree trunk as he examined his wounds. Other than the small gash across his head he felt fine. The bites and scratches still stung across his entire body, but at least the pain had lessened from his brief swim in the lake. He reached down to his hip, suddenly realising his belt was empty.
"Shit, I dropped my sword when I fell unconscious and left it back with that woman…" he sighed to himself. He had no intention of being killed by a spear, but he needed to reclaim his sword if he wanted to get anywhere in this jungle. He began traipsing backwards, pausing once again as he reached the clearing and beheld the tanned beauty once again. From this angle he could see her perched by the water's edge, her fingers tracing her supple breasts as her other hands moved down to her thigh. Yasuo watched in awe, despite her attempts to kill him earlier, his manhood began to swell at such an erotic sight.

Her hand cupping her right breast, she brought her bright nipple between her index and middle fingers, pushing them together as she kneaded herself. She let out a quiet cry of pleasure as she pulled her hand across her brightly marked dark skin, bringing her middle finger to make contact with her folds, rubbing through them. Now, I can do anything. Nobody's here to watch me. She thought to herself, and her moans increased in volume because of it.

"Holy shit" Yasuo thought to himself, his manhood snapping to attention as he witnessed the sight before him. As she began to moan, lost in her own pursuit of self pleasure, Yasuo was conflicted. It had been a long time since he had seen anything as hot as this, and he was sorely tempted to continue watching (and perhaps jerk out one himself). However, the woman had already nearly killed him for just seeing her bathe, he dreaded to think what the consequences for this would be. Tearing his eyes away, he crept slowly across the clearing towards his discarded sword, trying to avoid her line of sight while also constantly grabbing glances at the woman as her moans got louder and louder.

Nidalee closed her eyes and laid back, fondling all of her bare body now even more openly. She shook and cried out in pleasure as she began playing with her own clit, tongue slightly out of her mouth. With her other hand, she continued to play with her breast, pushing it up and down and playing with it. Good... She thought to herself, currently not capable of much more. This is good~! She cried out in a moan as it coursed through her mind.

As he managed to get his sword safely, he was caught staring at the woman as she approached her climax. She had lain back into the ground, her entire body visible to him as she writhed in her self induced pleasure, her free hand exploring every part of her body as she plunged her fingers in and out of her womanhood at an ever increasing pace. Yasuo was caught mesmerised, unable to look away as she came closer and closer. If she wasn't so distracted right now she would've been able to spot him easily, but her mind was focused on only one thing, and it certainly wasn't the fully erect Ionian behind her.

"NyAAAAaaAAH!" She cried out and arched her back, an expression of ecstasy on her face as she reached her limit. However, even as she had spasms of sanity-blocking pleasure, she continued to play with herself, yet to be done. She shifted position again, rolling over and getting onto her knees, bent over and unknowingly showing Yasuo her entire backside as she played with it.

Unable to contain himself, Yasuo found himself drawn forward, like a moth towards a light. The beautiful sight of her round and full buttocks tempting him in. As she continued to play with herself in her dazed state, Yasuo reach out and grabbed her behind, assisting her own hands in fondling her cheeks as the other hand moved over the smooth skin of her back, the soft feeling unlike anything he had felt in a long time. This woman's ass was truly divine.

"Haah~!" Nidalee cried as she felt the hand upon her. In any other situation, the owner of said hand wouldn't have it anymore, but she was too horny to care, and continued to do nothing but assault her sensitive hole and chest. The rough hand that gripped her was firm, and the spontaneity of it was nearly enough to push her over the edge.

Realising she wasn't going to resist, Yasuo's left hand moved up to her breasts, assisting her own as he started alternating between them, gripping and kneading the soft mounds while pausing occasionally to tease and pinch her already hardened nipples. With his other hand, he reluctantly let go of her ass, instead pulling down his pants to reveal his solid erection. His right hand moved to her own, carefully moving it away from her hole as positioned himself behind her.

Her womanhood was already wet from her own climax, and with little hesitation he began to enter her snatch, moaning as the tight sensation pressed down on his shaft. He continued to go deeper, one hand continuing to play with her breasts while the other caressed her inner thighs as he sheathed his sword within her. When he was fully inserted, he paused for a moment, savouring the feeling of this moment before he began to move.

"Mnnh!" Nidalee moaned as she felt the hot, stiff rod enter her. How... when... Nidalee thought to herself as she attempted to process herself, lost in debauchery. She mentally shrugged, pushing her rump against his hips so that she felt it enter her harder. She reluctantly removed her hands from those areas, stabilizing herself on all fours as he pushed into her.

As she moved with him, Yasuo felt his pleasure increase tenfold, moaning in unison with the dark skinned woman as he picked up the pace. His hands moved ever faster, kneading the supple flesh of her ample bosom while his other hand moved down to her clit and began to work in circles, teasing and pinching it as he continued to thrust. As he continued, he became lost in the ever louder moans that came from the Amazoness, his mind beginning to go numb as all he could focus on was the soft and ample feel of her body and the sensation of her glorious pussy. As they reached a fever pitch, he felt his mind go white, and with a final shout he came within her, riding through the waves of his orgasm as his hands continued feverishly, forcing her to reach orgasm as well.

Nidalee again arched her back, looking up with her facial expression almost comical in her ecstasy, her tongue hanging out and her eyes wide. She cried out loudly as the hot seed found its way deep into her, pushing her to the strongest climax she had ever felt. Losing energy in her arms, she slid forward, the cock behind her sliding out and bouncing, still rock hard as it rested on her backdoor. "Nnh..."

With such an ample amount of skin on display, Yasuo could already feel himself ready to go again. The woman looked exhausted as the strength in her arms gave out, but he wasn't done yet. Grabbing her by the waist, he lifted her off the ground, propping himself against a large rock that stood by the side of the stream. As he held her up, he positioned his member against her second hole. Moving one hand down her stomach, tracing it slowly as to tease her as much as possible, he arrived at her flowing snatch. Using a mixture of their juices, he began to lubricate her backdoor, teasing her folds as he did so so as to cause her the maximum amount of pleasure. Once he was satisfied with his work, he began to slowly enter her again.

Nidalee immediately panicked a little. "That place is-" She cried between moans, but immediately stopped as she felt the tip inside her, her eyes widening in surprise. "Hnn~" She moaned, instantly feeling a change in attitude as she put her elbows onto the rock, forcing herself as far upright as she could be.

As he attempted to enter her, there was far more resistance than before, accompanied by a much greater tightness to go with it. He groaned as he felt the top of his shaft enter her, her arms finding the strength to push herself up to allow him better access. While his arms used their strength to hold her in place, his fingers began to caress and rub around the areas he held her in, reaching her breast and inner thigh as he attempted to relax her. She let out a series of moans as he felt her sink down onto his shaft, the insertion alone almost enough to bring him to climax. As she reached the bottom of his member, he let out a deep moan, bathing in the ecstasy of her forbidden hole.

She shivered, her body feeling electrified by this foreign feeling, the hotness in her ass feeling as if it wasn't meant to be, making it all the more arousing to her. She rotated her hips, moving his cock around inside of her tight hole, somewhat loosening herself to the point that it didn't hurt anymore.

Moaning as she stimulated his cock, he gather his strength and gripped onto her tightly, making sure she was secure before thrusting up into her with full force, smashing into her deeply as the sensation cascaded through him. As she recovered from the first thrust, he thrust again, then again until he managed to establish a steady rhythm. It was hard work, but he could feel himself reaching his peak far quicker than before. Moving one arm to support her between her legs, he moved his dexterous fingers in between her folds, lifting one of her legs to the side as he began to trust in and out of her snatch at an alternating pace to his own trusts. She moaned loudly at the sensation, and Yasuo joined her, picking up the pace before reaching his peak. Another flash of white assaulted his mind as he collapsed into the rock, blowing his load deep into the stripped woman's ass.

With his ruthless stimulation, her tongue hung out of her mouth as she moaned, still shifting her hips around as he drove her crazy. With his huge ejaculation, she came as well, crying out in ecstasy once more as he thrusted deep into her. She collapsed with him, his cock staying inside her as they fell to a rest, white liquid steadily dripping from both of her significantly looser holes.

He panted, holding embracing the woman tightly as she lay exhausted in his arms. He smiled contently, pulling her close as he spooned her from behind. It was the best sex he had had in a long time, and he didn't even know the buxom Amazoness's name. Either way, he felt just as exhausted as she did, and soon fell asleep besides her in the softly dying sunlight.

Nidalee yawned, otherwise not moving from her catnap position. A contented smile on her face, she looked out over the rocks and into the beautiful pool.

However, something was off. Not only off, it was also hot, sticky, and strange-smelling. Looking down, a look of shock and dread developed on her face. Inside of her was an impressively sized cock, complete with dripping semen. On top of this, it was in the wrong hole!

She pondered for a few moments, and her face grew increasingly red as she recalled the previous day's events. She felt embarrassed and humiliated to an extreme degree, but as she felt it inside her, she remembered also the feeling it brought.

And so, before she rose to wake, she tugged at her nipples, silencing her voice so as not to wake her male counterpart, and pumped up and down on the cock a few times.

It took little more to bring it to orgasm, and as it spasmed and shot hot, white seed into her, the feeling she so loved returned, and she came with it. She then reluctantly pulled herself off of it, causing a huge amount of cum to pour out of her ass that now refused to close completely, giving it a gape almost the size of the cock that had been inside her.

Knowing exactly what it was that had caused her to be so horny in the first place, she decided to head off to find some and collect it for... later use.

All of this, and she forgot to ever look at the face of the one who had ruthlessly penetrated both of her holes.