It was a beautiful, peaceful night in the middle of Nowhere. Not a single cloud to disturb the starry sky. The pink dog, Courage, stared through the attic window at the silent sky sighing deeply as he admired the sparkling stars. Finally, he decided to go outside to get a better look. Normally he would never think of going outside on his own at night because of some of the scary things he had been though - especially while his owners, Muriel and Eustace Bagg, were asleep. But tonight it was different. It was so beautiful with all the stars shining against the dark backdrop of the moonless sky. Surely nothing bad could happen on a night like this.

Courage made his way downstairs trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb Muriel and Eustace. A careful step here, a startling creak from the floor there another careful step until he was at the door. He stopped for a moment to make sure that neither of his owners had woken up before silently slipping outside into the warm summer night.

Once outside, Courage took a deep breath drinking in the fresh air. It was even more beautiful out here than it looked from the window. The stars shimmered brightly as a gentle breeze blew over Courages pink fur. "Ahh", he sighed. It was so peaceful out here. The stars shone so brightly that the whole landscape was clearly visible as if the full moon itself was shining.

After staring at the stars for a long while, Courage began sniffing around the barren ground searching for a bone he had burried out here. If only he could remember where he had burried it! This was the perfect time and place for a midnight snack. He continued to sniff around the back of the house and then further out until he noticed something strange on the ground. It looked as if somebody had been digging out here. Courage sat down and stared at the ground with a puzzled look on his face. He hadn't noticed Muriel digging out here and all Eustace ever seemed to work on was his truck.

After thinking about it for a moment, Courage began digging to see if there was something burried here. Maybe he had even burried a bone here and forgotten about it.

Courage dug and dug until his paws hit something in the soil. Carefully, he used his nose to nudge away the soil until a heavy thick silver necklace appeared. Courage looked at it for a few seconds before reaching into the hole to drag the necklace from its hiding place. Attached to the neckace was a large, heavy black pendant with a picture etched into it of what appeared to be some sort of building surrounded by an iron fence - sort of like something one would see in a cemetary. Surrounding the picture were several strange symbols and on the back of the pendant was something that appeared to be some kind of verse written in a strange language.

Even with the bright starlight Courage could not really see the picture and the writing clearly so he decided to take the necklace into the house to get a better look. Up in his attic room Courage sat down on the cot that he sometimes slept on and held the pendant close to the lamp. He stared closely at the pendant for several minutes gazing into the picture on the front of it. For some reason the picture made him feel very uneasy and the symbols surrounding the picture only added to this feeling. Finally, he turned the pendant over to get a look at the back. The writing was like nothing he had ever seen before. The letters looked really old somehow - as if written in some ancient language.

Courage swallowed the lump of fear in his throat and said to himself, "I have a bad feeling about this." At that moment he heard Muriel coming up the stairs to the attic.

"Courage, are you still awake at this hour?" A voice with a scottish accent exclaimed. "Ye need to get some sleep Courage. We have a lot to do tomorrow."

Courage quickly hid the necklace under the pillow of his cot and went to join Muriel. Together they went back to the bedroom and Courage jumped up on bed and curled up at his favorite place by Muriel and Eustace's feet. He closed his eyes but the butterflies in his stomach made it difficult to sleep. There was something about that necklace that really worried him.

The next morning, as Muriel and Eustace made their way downstairs, Courage went up to the attic to look at the necklace again. He found himself staring deeply into the picture on the front of the pendant trying to figure out exactly what it was. Then it came to him - the picture was a tomb!! He whined softly in fear but continued to stare at the pendant as the picture began to change slightly and then the image of what appeared to be a child emerged from the tomb. Courage let out a loud, "AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and dropped the necklace.

He stood there shaking for a moment before slowly picking up the pendant and looking at the front of it wondering if he had seen what he thought he saw. The image of the tomb was normal as if nothing had happened. Couraged gulped hard to swallow the lump in his throat and put the necklace back under the pillow before leaving the room.

Muriel met him on the stairs. "Where have you been Courage? I've been calling you. Breakfast is ready."