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~Chapter 14~ Dusk to Dawn ~ Carlisle's point of view...

After a five-minute drive to the outskirts of town and down a short gravel driveway; I finally find Jasper's place just after nightfall. Pulling up next to his car, I park and turn the engine off. Peering out the windshield, I notice his home looks to be an older style farmhouse with a sort of rustic charm about it. The porch light is on, illuminating the front steps and a small portion of the yard; giving it a kind of warm welcoming ambience.

A hint of pink catches my eye, and I look closer at the lavish flowering bush planted in his yard and soon recognize the blooming flowers. They're camellia; the very same flower I found on my desk months ago. I wonder if it's purely a coincidence or if Jasper was the one that had left the flower for me. The thought that he might have left it warms my heart; loving the idea we were both longing for the other back then.

With a tender smile, I grab my overnight bag from the passenger seat, and step out of my car, closing and locking the door behind me. I start making my way down the cobblestone walkway when my phone chimes with an incoming text message.

Stopping to set my bag down, I pull the phone out of my pocket and find a message from Esme. Feeling reluctant at first, I finally open it and read: 'Please, Carlisle, tell me what Eli and the rest of them are saying about you isn't true. I couldn't bare it if it's true. You just can't be gay, you can't be. Please don't break my heart this way. Please just tell me it's not true, I beg of you.'

Shit. I should have known he would tell her and still try to use her against me. I really don't need this right now. A part of me just wants to ignore it and continue on my way, but a bigger part of me knows how petty and unfair that would be; after everything Eli has lead her to believe over the years.

I blow out a breath, and think of the many ways I can answer her back. I tried to warn her countless times over the years. I told her flat out I wasn't meant for her, that she deserved better and all I could ever give her was my friendship, but even now, I don't even want that.

In the end I go with the simple truth, I hit reply and type out 'It's true.' short and to the point. I press send, and then put my phone back in my pocket; wishing for once I could go against being on-call and turn it off for the night. I pick my overnight bag back up and start walking towards the porch steps.

The front door opens as I reach the top step. "I was beginnin' to wonder what was keepin' you so long out here." Jasper says giving me a concerned look.

"Sorry. I just received a text from Esme. It appears my fa-Eli, amongst others has informed her of my true sexuality. She's not taking it well..." I trail off, not really wanting to talk about it further.

"It's okay, yer here now and that's all that matters." Jasper says reassuringly.

"Um, by the way..." I pause, wondering if I'm about to make a complete fool of myself for asking, as Jasper gives me an expectant look. "Was it you that left the camellia flower on my desk?" I ask and point towards the flowering bush.

Jasper's face breaks out into my favorite dimpled grin, "Yeah that was me. They had just bloomed the day before. Not knowing what they were, I looked them up on my phone. After learning what the flower meant, I instantly thought of you and figured it would be a surreptitious way for me to let ya know I was longing for ya."

"I was longing for you, too. Thank you for the flower, it was thoughtful of you and it brightened my day to receive it." I intone sincerely.

"Yer welcome, babe. Now c'mon in, are ya hungry?" he asks as he reaches out for my free hand and entwines our fingers together, pulling me into his home.

"Not really." I answer as I take a few steps leading towards his living room.

"Well ya need to eat. I made up a batch of mac and cheese, it's good comfort food with a southern kick; it's my Ma's recipe." he tells me with a lopsided smile; his southern charm radiating through his every word.

Looking over the living room on our way to the kitchen, I notice his place looks rather cozy and lived in; way more so than my side of the duplex I've resided in for the past ten years ever did. The décor is done in soft country blue, tan, and cream; with a slight western theme and country charm blended perfectly together. Pictures of horses rest on the walls and old lassos hangs on another, along with several worn cowboy hats.

I continue to follow Jasper towards the kitchen. The warm cheesy smell coming from the oven soon has my stomach rumbling. I hear Jasper lightly chuckle under his breath.

Jasper leads me over to the breakfast bar, and points to a stool for me to take a seat. He releases my hand as I sit down, placing my overnight bag on the floor by my feet. After a quick chaste kiss, he walks around the bar, and starts to open up a cupboard above the kitchen counter. "Would ya care for some iced sweet tea, babe?"

"Yes, please." I reply affably.

I watch as he reaches into the cupboard and takes down two mason-jar glasses. He moves to the refrigerator to get ice cubes and a pitcher of sweet tea. "How'd it go?" he asks apprehensively, pouring the tea.

"Well all my fears over the years hadn't been for nothing." I say with a short humorless laugh. "When I arrived at the duplex, surprisingly, my fa-Eli was on the porch waiting for me. He flat out told me I was no longer his son as long as I continued to taint my soul by laying with men. He went on to say the only way I could redeem myself was to repent my sins, to forget all this perversion with you and Bella, and to marry Esme immediately.

"My reply was along the lines that it would be an extremely cold day in Hell before I ever made Esme or any other woman my wife. I don't understand how he doesn't comprehend it would be dishonest and utterly unfair to Esme to be in a loveless marriage, and how I couldn't even bring myself to ever consummate said marriage." I shudder at the thought. "He then glaringly quoted a few verses of Leviticus to me and then spitted I was an abomination and dead to him. So bottom-line, he disowned me again." I tell him stoically.

"Jeezus, I'm really sorry, Carlisle. It was never my intent to out you and furthermore never like that. I did try to walk away, he just wouldn't drop it; worse than a damn dog with a bone. It was all I could do just to keep from decking him in his foul mouth." he complains sullenly, placing a full glass of sweet tea in front of me.

"Thank you." I nod graciously, taking a sip and setting the iced tea back down, wrapping my hands loosely around the cool glass. "I know and I don't blame you at all. I'll admit I didn't fully consider the consequences at that very second, all I knew was I couldn't just stand there any longer and allow him to keep degrading you so maliciously like that. I don't regret my decision to intervene, or it leading me to outing myself one damn bit; even though it was the very last thing I'd ever expected to transpire today, that's for sure. Hell, I can't even say I'm surprised by Eli's reaction, it's what I always knew would happen."

"Yeah, I get it, I kinda figured this day wouldn't come till he took his last damned breath; deep down I knew ya never wanted him to know and I was okay with that. But, it still doesn't justify his actions or his sanctimonious bullshit. I couldn't care less 'bout what he said to me. The things he said to you were really uncalled for, fuckin' downright unforgiveable. Ya don't do that shit to yer own flesh and blood, especially after everything you've done for him; if anything you should be the one disowning his lousy ass." he declares fiercely, causing my heart to swell at his words. "And I hope ya believe what Bella told ya earlier, too, as it's the truth; ya don't need him, we'll always be here for you."

"I do. I know and I feel the same way about you, too; loving you could never be abhorrent. Trust me, I'm not trying to defend Eli's conduct at all, unfortunately, it's just the way he was raised. His father for what I can remember was even worse; grandfather was always so meticulous, cold and strict, and he lived strictly by the bible. He was always telling my father that he needed to strive to be a better man, a man worthy of the Lord. I don't ever recall seeing the man smile.

"On top of all that, In Eli's eyes, I've been nothing but a disappointment. I've always gone against everything he expected of me; I went against him when I showed no real interest in his church, then when I became a doctor, and then again when he thought I chose Bella over Esme; and even more so when I flat-out refused to settle down and start a family. And now the ultimate betrayal, finding out I'm gay."

"Jeezus, I can't imagine growing up that way. You could never be a disappointment, Carlisle, never. Yer such a remarkable man, inside and out and I love ya so damn much for who ya are." he reaches over and squeezes my hand. A second later his expression turns a bit puckish, "Heck, I bet he doesn't think Bella's so bad now." Jasper chuckles humorlessly.

"It wasn't easy that's for sure, and thank you, I love you, too, more than I can say. As for Bella, even now he still thinks horribly of her; he's still holding her partially to blame for all of this, believing she has corrupted me in someway. The absurdity of that is Bella was only a toddler when I first realized I was gay." I say in a deep sigh, shaking my head.

"Damn, that's beyond messed up… What 'bout yer grandma, did she treat ya the same?" he inquires with a thoughtful expression.

I think back for a moment, "For the most part, I can't remember her ever saying much of anything and she wasn't one to dote on me. Grandmother was very demure, almost mousey and always obedient to my grandfather. She never spoke unless spoken too. I always thought it was odd and it really seemed to bother my mom, though, I was too young to understand why at that time."

Shaking his head, Jasper expression turns sympathetic, "Damn, babe… Wait, if ya lost yer mom when you were six, how old were ya when yer paternal grandparents passed on?"

"They were both killed in a car accident, almost a year after my mom and brother passed away. It's the same old sad song and dance for around these parts. Coming back from Port Angeles, the day was rainy and a logging truck lost control, came around a sharp curve in the road too fast; they both died on impact..."

The stove timer starts to buzz loudly, effectively interrupting and ending our conversation; hopefully for good as I don't want it to ruin this evening.

"Sorry, I need to get that." he apologizes and grabs two oven mitts, putting them on to take the casserole dish out of the oven.

I watch as he dishes up two bowls with a hearty helping each of his gooey macaroni and cheese, he then sprinkles some crumbled up thick-cut bacon over the top of each serving, and then set one of the bowls in front of me, with a pleased smile gracing his lips.

After thanking him, I pick up my fork and take a bite. "Mmm." the flavor is delectable; it's a blend of several cheeses and looks to have chopped roasted green chilies, caramelized onions and more chunks of the savory bacon, along with a hint of sweetness.

"Ya' like it?" Jasper asks with a hopeful grin as he sits down next to me with his own bowl.

"Yes, it's delicious. Thank you." I reply with a smile and take another bite, savoring the flavors.

Resting my free hand upon his upper thigh, we both sit in companionable silence and continue to eat. Jasper was right about this being comfort food, between him and dinner, I can feel myself finally beginning to relax and some of the tension I've been carrying since dealing my father earlier eases away.

I look around, still admiring his lovely home, though it makes me wonder, "Why'd you choose to live so far out from town?"

"Well first off, I like the semi-solitude it brings. Secondly, I've always been a country boy at heart. I use to spend every summer I could before I headed off to West Point with my grams and granddad on their ranch in Texas riding, working with the horses and rounding up the cattle, which leads to the fact that I'd love to have horses again one day and this place is perfect for that." he answers optimistically.

"Do you already have a place to keep a horse here?" I ask, trying to remember if I saw anything when I pulled in earlier.

"Yeah, ya probably didn't see it when ya drove in. There's a good sized barn out back, it's kiddywampus from the house; it's a bit old and still needs some work. Thankfully, the previous owners already started to renovate it, they already added three new stalls; plus there's two acres already fenced off for a turnout, along with another small section of land I can hopefully turn into a pasture when the time comes. So as of now I'm working on getting it all fixed back up to working conditions and then I hope to find a horse or two to add." Jasper says looking all hopeful.

"I've never had the chance to be around horses, albeit, I've always thought they're beautiful creatures and I can't say I have any fear of them." I reply candidly.

"That's a shame, though I'm thrilled to hear yer not opposed to them. I've been around horses the majority of my life; I swear I was riding before I could even walk. My granddad got into horses at a young age when his uncle took him to a horse auction. He started breaking and selling horse at the age of eight and he just continued on from there, use to down-right piss off my great-granddad that granddad made more money with the horses than he did slaving away at his job at the hardware store for twenty-five-cents an hour." he grins and lightly chuckles. "Granddad always said 'There's somethin' about a horse that's good for a man soul.' and I always thought that to be true, 'cause I've never felt more alive or freer and more at peace than when I'm on the back of a horse." Jasper states reverently.

"I don't know much when it comes to horses, however I do know there's many different breeds out there. Is there a certain type of horse you'd like to have?" I ask smilingly, loving how passionate and animated he's become talking about the subject, and I have to say, the thought of Jasper riding a horse really turns me on.

"I'd love to have a Quarter horse again. I especially love the breed and so did my granddad, he bred and raised them on his ranch. I'd love to have another Paint again, or a Grulla, or maybe even a Bay; they're my favorite colors. And if I'm dreaming real big, I'd love to have a Gypsy Vanner someday."

"I know what a Quarter horse is due to them being mainly used in western shows and movies, but I have no idea what a Gypsy Vanner is. It just makes me think of some horse dressed up in gypsy garb, banging on a tambourine as it twirls around out in the middle of a field somewhere." I jest and lightly chuckle.

Jasper laughs heartily at my analogy.

"Well yer pretty much right on the Quarter horse, though as much as it paints an amusing picture in my head, that's not quite what a Gypsy Vanner is; though, it will be hard not to think of them that way from now on. Actually, they're sorta a cross between a draft horse and a pony. You can ride them or drive them, but they were mostly bred to pull the gypsy's vardo back in the day.

"Drive them? You make it sound like a car." I chuckle, truly enjoying the topic at hand.

"Well sorta, I want to get a cart and have the horse pull it; they call it driving or in harness. Think of the horse and carts ya might have heard of in Central Park or Amish country. Like I said, for now it's nothing but a dream."

I lift up my tea glass and tip it towards him, "Here's to dreams coming true."

Jasper picks up his glass and returns the gesture, "To even more dreams coming true." he toasts, and then he leans in and seals it with a kiss.


"Thank you for dinner, I truly enjoyed it." I compliment graciously and squeeze his thigh.

"Yer, welcome, babe, why dont'cha head on into the living room and get comfy, I'll be there in a moment." Jasper suggests pointing towards the big comfortable looking couch.

"You're sure there's nothing I can help you with first?" I offer as I stand up.

"Nah, this won't take me any time at all to clean up and put away, thanks for askin' though. Now get, I'll join ya in a sec." Jasper says while pointing towards the couch again.

Walking over to the couch, I sit down next to the arm rest, leaving plenty of room for Jasper. I lean my head back and close my eyes, around five-minutes or so later, I hear the soft strains of a country melody start to play.

I feel the couch dip down next to me and open my eyes, loving the sight before me.

"For dessert we have some caramel hazelnut fudge truffle ice cream." he announces, holding onto a pint of ice cream and two teaspoons.

"I've never heard of that one before." I reply taking the offered spoon.

"I didn't find it till I moved up here, and I'm almost ashamed to admit how ridiculously addicted I've become to the stuff. It has swirls of caramel, with these little hazelnut and fudge truffle thingies, folded into a chocolate ganache."

I lightly chuckle at his description, "Sounds sinful."

"Well I guess it's a good thing that you like sinful things." he counters giving me a passionate kiss that I eagerly return.

Pulling apart a bit breathless, he removes the lid and places it on the coffee table. He then holds the pint out to me and I take a spoonful, thanking him. The ice cream is decadent; biting into one of the small chocolate covered fudge hazelnut truffles has me moaning at the rich flavor.

"Good?" he smirks and digs his spoon into the ice cream, taking a bite and softly 'Mmms' at the flavor.

"Yes, very. I normally don't care much for chocolate ice cream; however, I can see how this can become addictive." I agree with a soft smile.

"What is yer favorite?" he asks and takes another bite.

"Caramel, anything with caramel, though when I splurge, I'll normally get Ben and Jerry's Triple Caramel Chunk."

Jasper chuckles smilingly, "I should have known, you and caramel, I swear." He holds his spoon out and I notice it's mostly caramel, giving him a warm smile, I slightly lean over and wrap my lips around his spoon, slowly pulling the bite of ice cream into my mouth and moaning as the flavor hits my tongue; after finishing my bite, I lick my lips clean of the sticky sweetness.

I watch Jasper's mocha eyes darken as he tilts his head and captures my lips with his; within seconds we're deepening the kiss, sharing the delectable flavor.

Who would have ever guessed that ice cream could be considered as foreplay?


"How about we call it a night and head on upstairs, take a shower and tumble into bed?" Jasper asks breathily with a loving smile, as he set the empty ice cream container on the coffee table.

"That sounds amazing; the perfect way to finish off this day." I reply readily.

Jasper stands up and holds his hand out for mine; I reach for it, entwining our fingers together as I rise off the couch. He leads me over to a wooden carved staircase and we ascend the stairs to the second floor landing. Letting go of my hand, he saunters over to his nightstand and turns on a lamp; giving off a soft glow and dimly illuminating the entire floor.

Taking in the area before me, I see the whole upper floor is mostly open; Jasper's master bedroom is located in the center, a cherry wood, king sized bed with matching nightstands on each side and a mirrored dresser. Off to the left I notice a set of double barn-wood doors that are open, for what I can see inside, they lead into the master bathroom. On the right side of his bedroom, there's an office area; a large bookcase is taking up most of one wall and off to the side is a large cherry wood desk situated in front of an enormous picturesque window that appears to look out into the darkened backyard. The entire space is decorated in a western horse theme; with soft creams, deep browns and rusty reds, along with several lush house plants scattered about.

"C'mon, darlin'," he beckons and heads for the double doors.

Following Jasper into the bathroom, I see him turning the water on in a huge walk-in shower, which can easily fit five people. Looking around, the bathroom has a lovely rustic charm to it; with a mixture of stonework and old barn wood, matching the décor of the bedroom.

Jasper turns back to me as the water heats up; it only takes us a matter of minutes until we have each other fully undressed. Stepping into the steaming shower together, we both take our time washing the other, with him running his soapy hands along my body in a massaging motion. I feel all of the tension from earlier melt away, as the arduous day whorls down the drain.

Once clean, our hands continue to roam, as we sensually kiss, suckle and nibble here and there; moaning and murmuring how good the other feels. Our hands sliding down wet flesh, grabbing onto the curvy cheeks of each other's ass, pulling one another closer until our cocks are sliding and grinding between the slick contours of our lower abs; adding a most pleasurable friction. As the shower fills with the mutual sounds of our titillating pleasure, our fingertips start trailing up and down crevices and then circling and teasing puckered flesh.

Kissing up the side of Jasper's neck, I murmur desperately into his ear, "I want you..."

"I want you, too." he moans all sultry, interrupting what I fully wanted to say; he twists his fingers into my hair, pulling my lips to his, kissing me hungrily.

With great determination, I leaning back ceasing our kiss, looking intensely into his hooded mocha eyes, breathily I implore to him, "I want to feel you… inside me… I crave to have you inside me… every last hard inch of your cock, buried balls deep… cumming inside of me."

His breath hitches and he looks momentarily stunned by my request. "Really... Are ya sure?" he questions softly, holding onto me a bit tighter; his fingertips digging into my flesh as his expression turns lecherous.

"There's nothing I want more. Take me to bed."


Still naked and dripping wet, with a death grip on my hand, Jasper leads me to the edge of his bed. Turning around, he looks intensely into my eyes as his free hand comes up cupping my jaw, he then asks anxiously once more, "Are ya sure about this?"

"More sure than I've ever been about anything in my entire life," I affirm, my voice sounding raspy and full of fervency.

His mocha eyes darken with pure desire, the very next second his lips are crashing into mine, and we're deepening the kiss within the following second. We both awkwardly crawl into bed, kissing feverishly; tumbling down upon the mattress, I maneuver until I'm fully underneath him.

Jasper breathlessly breaks our kiss minutes later and then stretches above me and over to the side, reaching inside his nightstand drawer and pulling out a foil packet and a bottle of lubricant, tossing them on the bed next to us.

"I've wanted you, this for so damn long... jeezus, I love ya so damn much, I can't wait… to touch you, to feel how fuckin' tight…wrapped around my cock..." Jasper rambles salaciously, kissing along my neck, and then he continues to murmur endearments, obscenities and promises of pleasure to come as he sensually trails kisses down my chest, over my abdomen, gradually making his way down to where I need him the most.

The flicking sound of the lube cap opening has me taking a shuddering breath in anticipation of what's to finally come; with a nudge of his hands, I spread my legs as wide as I can and tilt my hips. Jasper caresses the palms of his hands over the curvature of my ass, his fingers parting my crevice and the very next thing I feel is his slick fingertips slowly rim my hole; it feels like millions of little electrifying sparks of pleasure traverse up my spine and along my throbbing cock, causing me to quiver as he continues to slide his slick fingers teasingly over the puckered flesh.

"Ya' alright, does it feel good, darlin'?" he inquires huskily, his amorous smile simply breathtaking.

"Mmm, so damn good, don't stop, need..." I moan wantonly and push up against his fingers; needing, wanting more; he's making me so incredibly fucking hard.

Looking up at me, gauging my response, Jasper ever so slowly dips his fingertip inside of me; pausing for a second before he gingerly slides the rest of his finger all the way in. After a short pause, he begins thrusting in and out gently, caressing his fingertip against my inner walls. Just before I beg him for more, he adds another finger, slowly scissoring them open, twisting them around, barely grazing my prostate; causing me to moan with bated breath and writhe under his skillful touch. I'm soon overcome with such an intense desire, unlike nothing I've ever felt before.

"Yer so fuckin' beautiful, seein' ya like this, spread open for me, desperate for me, writhin' under my touch." he drawls sensually.

Before long, I feel two more slick fingertips caressing up from my crevice, stopping right on my perineum; with a sexy dimpling smirk, my boy adds a slight circling pressure over the sensitive area, stimulating my prostate from above; working them at the same time with his other two fingers within me. The overwhelming sensation causes me to jerk my hips, my throbbing cock smacks against my lower abs; it all too much and I reach down to stroke my aching cock, needing...

"Nuh-uh, yer only allowed to come on my cock, darlin'." Jasper rebukes and with a devious smirk and pushes my hand away. He quickly returns to his previous ministrations, all the while continuing to ignore my weeping cock; making me want to groan in frustration at the lack of attention I need there.

Gripping the covers tightly, I tremble as he's driving me absolutely wild with all of the titillating pleasure he's causing to course throughout me. "Please." I groan breathily, not knowing how much more of this I can take. It feels like he's been teasing me for hours, and I'm about to go out of my mind, "Jesus, I'm ready, need you, want your cock..."

"It's yers, darlin', all yers, ya can have me any way ya need me." he drawls giving me a dimpled smile, and then gradually removes his fingers from within me.

I see him reaching for the condom and place my hand over his, "No, I just want you, to only feel you."

"Fuck, darlin', I've never..."

"Please, just you, that's all I want," I implore, knowing for certain we're both clean.

"Oh, sweet-jeezus," he murmurs huskily and then flings the condom across the room.

Jasper then makes quick work of slicking his straining cock; he then hovers over me, aligning our bodies to join together. Gazing into each others impassioned eyes, he whispers "I love you" and starts pressing slightly into me. My breath hitches at the burning, stinging and stretching sensations as his tip presses against my opening, gingerly pushing past the tight ring of muscles. He pauses for a few seconds, and then slowly inch by inch his rock-hard length starts sliding within me, provoking a mixture of pleasurable pain; causing my toes to curl into the covers, while my fingers dig into his hip bones for dear life.

Even with all his diligent prep work, the stinging burning sensation is damn near overwhelming as I feel his girth stretching my inner walls wide as each inch of him slides deeper inside of me. A guttural moan escapes me, and my whole body shudders in rapturous pleasure for a brief second as his bulbous head brushes over my prostate for the very first time. Sliding in further, filling me as deeply as he can; stilling when I feel his flesh pressing tightly against mine.

"Are ya alright, darlin'?" Jasper asks breathily, his ardor-filled eyes never leaving mine as his body slightly quivers above me from trying to hold himself stock-still.

All I can do is nod in response and breathe deeply, trying to get use to the onslaught of the pleasurable pain sensation. I never would have imagined I could feel so much all at the same time; it's simply mind-boggling. With Jasper's cock fully seated inside of me, the feeling of my inner muscles contracting and tightening around his girth is indescribable; I swear I can feel every detail of his rigid length as he holds it still inside of me, allowing me time to adjust.

"Jeezus, you're so fuckin' tight, darlin'. Ya feel so fuckin' good wrapped around me bare… gawd-damn, fuckin' sublime. Never felt this…so fuckin' hot… Could stay buried in ya for days and still never get enough..." he mutters licentiously.

"Fuck, I need-need..." I moan breathily, not sure if I want him to move yet or not, everything feels so incredibly intense and his filthy mouth only adds to that intensity.

He tentatively swivels and grinds his groin into my ass cheeks; a breathy moan escapes us both. "Jeezus, babe, you're so unbelievably tight, feels so fuckin' good; my gawd, never imagined it would feel this damn good, so good, so-so fuckin' good..."

Listening to his constant lascivious ramblings has me burning with need; I've never felt this damn needy before. I lightly thrust up into him wanting more, needing more, craving more.

Understanding my silent plea, Jasper slowly withdraws right to the tip of his glorious cock, and then pushes back in again until his full length is once more buried deep inside of me; after a few more measured strokes, the painful pleasure gradually ebbs into a pleasing pain with each of his strokes into me.

"Oh-god, so damn good... more, baby, I need more… please." I pant beseechingly and buck my hips, desperately needing him to move more; wanting to feel every last inch of him thrusting within me.

Jasper moans loudly, murmuring obscenities, as he rolls his hips against my ass, he then slides out gradually and then pushes back in; setting a leisurely rhythmic pace, the burning heat subsides into a warm pleasurable sensation. He leans down until our lips meet, kissing passionately, while we fervently make love; fully claiming each other, committing ourselves in the most carnal of ways.

I start digging my fingertips into the flesh of his firm ass, pulling him closer to me, needing more, harder and faster. After another passion filled kiss, Jasper props himself up on one hand while his other hand works its way down between us, until it's fully wrapped around my girth; giving my cock a long slow stroke from base to tip. His hand then tightens around my aching cock, matching the pace of his thrusts into me; Jesus he was right, best of both fucking worlds indeed.

"Oh, oh-yes, harder, baby..." I moan out desperately.

Jasper continues to gradually increase his movements, his steady, deep thrusts turn faster and harder; until the night air is filled with the sounds of our panting breaths, words of love, mixed with enticing obscenities and the slapping of our skin coming together.

Suddenly, the pleasurable heated tension builds within me, spreading throughout my entire body like fucking wildfire; my internal walls clench down, my balls tighten up and I cum forcefully around his engorged cock, breathlessly moaning out Jasper's name, as several long spurts coat our abs and chests in a warm sticky fluid; it's the most intense orgasm of my entire life.

Jasper's thrusts become sporadic, his body seizes, and his expression turns into one of pure ecstasy, as he curses and moans my name. Feeling his pulsating release deep within me is unlike anything I've ever experienced; there are no words to truly describe the intimate sensation of his warmth filling me. Jasper collapses upon my chest breathlessly and I instantly wrap my arms securely around him; feeling elated that I've only ever shared this part of myself with him.

Time seems to stand still as we continue to embrace one another, trying to regain our breath, our hearts thumping vigorously upon one another; the overwhelming feeling of love and completion warms my soul like nothing ever before, and it's almost hard to comprehend just how deeply and irrevocably I've fallen in love with this man.

As more time passes, Jasper reluctantly withdraws his softening cock from within me, and reaches for some tissues; cleaning us both up the best he can and then tosses them into the bedside trash can. Pulling back the covers, we lethargically maneuver until we're both underneath. Jasper curls up next to me his head resting on the crook of my shoulder, his arm and leg wrapped around me holding me close; we whisper loving words of pillow talk until he drowsily murmurs "I love you." as he drifts off to sleep.

I lightly kiss his forehead, "I love you, too."


Waking up, slowly regaining consciousness, I feel the slight tickling sensation from Jasper's fingers playing with the short flaxen curls around the base of my cock. As a breathy sigh leaves me, he wraps his fingers around my rock-hard girth, stroking along my length, twisting his hand around the sensitive head and then down again; setting a middling pace.

Moaning and thrusting up into his hand, Jasper pushes my hips back down with his free hand, and within the next second I feel the warmth of his wet mouth enveloping my cock; swirling his tongue along the underside as he takes me fully into his mouth.

The exquisite sucking sensation of his pouty lips, moving in a steady bobbing motion in tandem with his hand is pure ecstasy. When I feel like I'm on the verge of blissful delirium, his throat constricts tightly around the head of my cock as he swallows; the sensation has me cumming quickly in long spurts down his very talented throat. I shudder and breathily moan his name as he sucks me dry.

Breathlessly, I reach for him, pulling him up to rest upon my heaving chest, loving the feeling of his warm naked body on top of mine; I lean up and kiss his forehead, murmuring my love for him. Gradually, I open my bleary eyes and mumble good morning, too; adoring the look of his pleased expression as he returns the sentiment.

Noticing the deep midnight blue of first light coming through the picturesque window; with the silhouetted forest in the background, I peer at the bedside clock and see we still have forty-minutes before we need to be at work. I groan lowly at the thought of what might be waiting for me when I get there. God I really don't want to deal with that today, I want nothing more than to remain right here with him; wishing the rest of the world didn't exist outside of these four walls and time would stand still just for us.

"How ya feelin' this morning, darlin'?" he inquires sweetly and kisses my jaw.

I tentatively stretch, "Sore and a bit tender, though I wouldn't trade this feeling for anything in this world." I tell him honestly as I lean up and kiss him chastely.

Jasper 'Mmms' contentedly, then pulls back just enough to murmur against my lips, "So, darlin', are ya still strictly a top or have I converted you?"

"Hmm, I still prefer being a top, though; I'd say it's probably safe to say you won't be bottoming permanently from now on. Are you disappointed?" I ask, hoping that he'd still be okay with me preferring to top for the most part.

"No, not at all, I'd miss having your sublime cock buried deep and stretching my ass. Only you can fill me so completely, so perfectly; I'll never get enough." he says with a gleam of lasciviousness.

"Such a smooth talker..." I drawl smilingly.

"What can I say, I've become addicted to yer cock, darlin'." he smirks wickedly and softly grinds against said cock, causing both of us to moan breathily.

"Well, it's a good thing you already own it then." I gibe and kiss him hard.

Jasper breaks our kiss, cupping my cheek in the palm of his hand and looks wistfully into my eyes, "Seriously though, ya gotta know yer it for me, darlin'. From the moment I first laid my eyes on ya, I wanted nothing more and truthfully I've been yers ever since. Even now, I can't bear the thought of not waking up with you for the rest of my life; I'll always want ya by my side. I know it's probably way too soon to even ask, however, I'm a man that knows what I want and will do anything to get it and I want you, Carlisle, forever… Move in with me."


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