I am supposed to answer a prompt- but I just have to write about my season finale prediction! This is loosely based on the season finale promo.

Amelia's POV

Today is a big day. Today is supposed to be the biggest day of my life, the day I get married to the love of my life. Other women dream of this day since they were little girls. But not me.

I'm standing in front of the mirror of my bedroom in Meredith's house, wearing my white wedding dress. My hair is let loose over my shoulders- Meredith and Maggie have done my hair in a hurry as we're running late for the wedding ceremony.

Outside, a storm is raging, and rain is pouring heavily. I really pity the guests- I'm sure they must be drenched in the rain by now. So much for a garden wedding.

There is also a storm raging inside of me. I'm now experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, my mind is like a roller coster now. All of a sudden, what seemed to be a brilliant idea- proposing to Owen in the spur of the moment after Kyle died didn't seem so brilliant anymore. Owen readily accepted my proposal- and before we knew it- we were engaged and busy making wedding preparations. We jumped from agreeing to be a steady couple, to cohabiting, to being engaged to getting married in less than half a year. It really seemed like the right thing to do at the time- I mean I'm so in love with Owen Hunt.

But today, of all days, I suddenly wake up with butterflies in my stomach. I feel like throwing up. I don't know why, but I just have a bad feeling about this all of a sudden. I'm suddenly being hit with the realization that I would be bonded for the rest of my life with Owen. There's no turning back now. This is forever. And forever scares me- because from my past experiences - my relationships never last forever. I know I'm not capable of giving and receiving love. Owen deserves more than this. How is he willing to spend the rest of his life with a recovering drug and alcohol addict? What if I'm not able to give him healthy children? What if he dies- like Ryan, my unicorn baby, Derek and my dad?

The thoughts whirling in my head overwhelm me to the point where tears start rolling down my cheeks, staining my mascara. Before I know it, I'm sobbing loudly in the bedroom. I feel suffocated all of a sudden, and I'm struggling to breathe. If this is what a panic attack is like- I'm having one right now. I suddenly have the strong urge to runaway, just like Julia Robert's character in the Runaway Bride.

I hear a knock at my door.

' Amelia- are you crying?' I can hear Maggie's voice at the other side of the door. ' Are you ok? Did you stain your mascara? If yes, I've to redo your makeup.'

'Stuff your feelings in!' I hear Meredith add in. I roll my eyes. I still have no idea what Meredith's problem with me is.

I finally fling open the door to let my sisters in.

' I'm flipping out here.' I finally admit to them, standing in front of them.

After a moment's pause, Meredith finally speaks up.

' Tell me how you want to play this.' she says in a supportive tone. ' I'm here for you. Tell me what you wanna do.'

Oh so now Meredith wants to step up to her role as a sister? I really don't get her at times.

I stare at her wordlessly. I may be showing them a blank look, but inside my mind is racing with endless possibilities. Should I go through with the wedding? Should I make a run for it?

' I can call a taxi for you if you want' Meredith offers helpfully. 'I wouldn't tell Owen where you're going.'

I suddenly pick up a pair of scissors from the dressing table drawer and start snipping away the edges of my dress until they're knee length. I pull the ribbon out from my hair and let my hair down.

' Amelia! What the hell are you doing?!' Meredith exclaims.

' You're ruining your wedding dress and your hair!' Maggie adds.

' Amelia?' Meredith asks worriedly as I continue trimming my dress. ' Are you ok? Speak to me!'

As the last of the trimmed dress fabric drops on the floor, I make a dash for the bedroom door.

' Amelia!' I hear my sisters call out after me, but I don't care.

I run out into the pouring rain and stop a taxi which was just passing by.

The taxi driver looks at me in curiosity as I hop onto the backseat. I am now soaking wet and I've wet his backseat, but I don't care.

' May I know where you want to go ma'am?' he asks politely.

' Anywhere.' I answer.

' Anywhere?' he's now confused.

' Just bring me anywhere.' I confirm. ' No, actually just bring me to a place where I can be by myself and get some fresh air.'

' The park would be nice.' he recommends. ' But not in this weather.'

' Bring me to the park then.' I say.

I see Owen appearing from Meredith's house in the corner of my eye.

' Faster!' I order him.

He pulls away from the house.

I look back and see Owen getting into his car.

' Drive faster please!' I beg the taxi driver as Owen starts trailing us.

He picks up his speed and drives as fast as he can.

We round a bend and I can't see Owen's car behind us anymore. I breathe a sigh of relief.

We reach the park in record time and I hurriedly pay him the fare.

' You sure you don't need an umbrella?' he offers.

' No , it's ok- I find it therapeutic to walk in the rain.' I answer him.

' Well ok then, have a nice day.' he says before he drives off.

I'm now alone in the park under the pouring rain. I'm totally soaked, but I don't care anymore. I look up to the dark sky and ask the heavens above what should I do next.

I don't know where should I go now. I'm staying with Owen in his new house, but now if I'm avoiding him and running away from all the people I know- where should I stay now? Where should I go?

Just then, I see Owen's car arriving. I start to run further into the park away from the car.

' Amelia!' I hear Owen call out.

I keep on running.

' Amelia! Stop please! Listen to me!' he's pleading with me.

I finally stop and turn around to face him, shivering with cold.

' Mia' the tone of his voice softens as he approaches me.

I'm now rooted to my spot, he has this hypnotic power about him.

As he reaches me, he gently cups my face in his hands, forcing me to look at him.

Our eyes meet and I can see the look of desperation and sadness in his eyes.

' Mia' he repeats. ' Why did you run? I thought you're excited to get married?'

I bow down my head in shame, but he forces me to look at him again.

' I...' I stammer, my teeth chattering ,' I don't know. I'm just scared. I'm scared of being committed to you, because I'm scared of losing you. Because everything I love and am committed to disappears.'

His expression softens.

' Mia, don't think like that.' he comforts me. ' I'm not going anywhere, I promise. I'm not leaving you. We're in this together forever.'

Somehow, the soothing tone of his voice comforts me.

I look up at him.

' Promise?'

' Yes, I promise. Pinky promise.' he says as he sticks out his little finger for me to link my little finger on.

' We're in this together. Forever.' he adds. ' I want all this with you, Amelia. A house, our 5 kids, a family.'

A smile slowly forms on my face.

' I want this too.' I say. ' All of this, with you. It's just that I thought it was too soon. Don't you think we're moving too fast?'

' It's not too soon if we're meant for each other.' he answers.

My smile then fades.

' Owen- how about our wedding? Our guests are still waiting..'

' Screw them.' he laughs. ' We'll call off our wedding today. We're both soaking wet, I don't think we're in the right condition to get married today.'

' As if on cue, I sneeze, and he takes the napkin out his tuxedo pocket and passes it to me.

' We'll get married some other day.' he adds. ' Maybe a few months from now, maybe next year- when you're actually ready. Just a small wedding- with your sisters and nephew and nieces and no one else. Would that be ok with you?'

I nod happily. That sounds like a great plan indeed.

He cups my face with his hands again and pulls me close to him for a kiss. We share a passionate kiss under the pouring rain.

We don't need a fancy wedding, and I don't need a fancy wedding dress after all. What matters is that we have each other and we promise to love and cherish each other forever.

What happened today though- would be an interesting bedtime story to tell our kids and grandkids in the future.

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