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WARNINGS:  Alternate Universe.  Slash of the Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter Variety, but It hasn't appeared yet.  And some original characters but for nothing more than the people at the school which will only be here for a few chapters.

Alternate Universe:  This means that this story does not move with the flow of the novels by JK Rowling.  Instead, this story picks up after the forth year, totally forgetting the fifth book.  So nothing that happens in the Fifth novel, Order of the Phoenix, will affect this story. 

Slash:  For those who do not know what this means, it means a homosexual pairing.  This story will have romance between two males.  Therefore, physical expression of this attraction in any form may appear, from kissing to sex.  If this bothers you in any fashion, please turn back now.  You have been warned and it has been explained. 

Pairings:  DM/HP; RW/HG; Others unknown.


..::Draconis Sanguen::..


The cries of a newborn child shook the silence of the old manor.  The aching wails haunted the child's parents day and night.  In a dark nursery in the west wing of the massive home, a young woman clutched the pale and quivering form to her.  Her pale blonde hair shimmered silver in the moonlight.  Closing her tearful dark blue eyes, she slowly rocked to the tormented child, hoping to soothe his constant cries. 

Miles below the child's room, a single man paced back and forth in the dark dungeons of his family home.  His pale blonde hair was tied away from his face, his stone grey eyes narrowing at every sound.  Dark circles surrounded his pained eyes, wakeful hours comforting his newborn son clearly showing through his usual emotionless mask.

A quiet pop sounded in the room as a caped figure arrived.  Relief washed over the pacing man as he rushed to bow at the feet of his lord.  "My Lord, thank you for coming so quickly."

"Rise, Lucius, and tell me what it is that distresses you so."

"It is my son, Lord.  He was just born a few days ago, but there is something wrong.  The birth was very easy on my wife, but my child is deathly sick.  No one knows what it is that causes his weakness and no one can do anything to save him.  The best mediwizards have seen to him, I have called experts far and wide, but no one can help my son."

"Yes," the shadowed man said thoughtfully.  "I have heard of your predicament from others.  Each of them has expressed the thought that you should kill this child and produce another heir for your line.  After all, your child is weak and there is no room for weakness."

Anger flared in Lucius's silvery eyes.  "Forgive me my lord, but he is my son.  I will not kill my heir.  When he was born, he was only given hours to live, but he has lived for days.  He is strong, if not in body, but in soul."

A dark eyebrow rose beneath the shadows of the robes at his servant's words.  Ignoring the bemused smirk that wished to show itself on his emotionless countenance, the man merely nodded to the blonde.  "Take me to him, Lucius."

The two men silently moved through the dark corridors of the great mansion, moving until they stood before an ornately carved mahogany door.  Silently, it opened; displaying the blonde woman as she silently rocked the tiny blonde infant.  Entering the room, their ears were assaulted with the painful wails of the boy.

A silent gasp escaped the woman's pale lips as she viewed the shadowing visitor.  "L-Lord Voldemort!" she exclaimed, her voice remaining a quiet whisper. 

Ignoring the woman's outburst, he gestured for the child to be lain before him.  Immediately, his orders were followed.  The child was very small, delicate even.  Deathly pale skin stretched thinly over the small frame, veins and tissue visible through the sheer outer layer.  A few wisps of pale blonde hair curled upon the child's head, so flaxen that the shimmering strands barely stood out from the pale skin.  Looking at the child's face, the Dark Lord was slightly disturbed to see that the child's eyes were closed, as they had been since birth.  Only small gaps in the eyelids allowed for the babe's crystalline tears to pour from his unseen eyes.

Briefly looking up at the desperate parents, Voldemort slowly formulated a plan.  He could tell that the child's willpower was what had kept the child alive for so long, the infant's health was very close to death.  But the child's spirit stood out most to the Lord, overwhelming him.  A smirk played upon his lips as he removed a small vial containing a metallic silver liquid from the folds of his robes. 

"I can help you, Lucius.  With this simple vial, your child will not only be well, but hold immense power.  I can give your son life, but there is something you must do in return."  Seeing the hopeful looks the parents held in their eyes, he continued.  "This child will possess more power than you could dream of with this.  And in return for saving his life, you will give him to me.  He will be my heir, Lucius, and rule beside me.  That is all I ask in return."

Without a single thought of consequence, Lucius bowed, Narcissa doing the same.  "Thank you my Lord.  He will be your heir, I promise, just . . . please, save my son."

With a wave of his wand, a tube immediately extended from the vial to the child's arm.  In silence, the three adults watched as the pure silver liquid made its way into the child's bloodstream, the foreign substance mixing with the infant's weak blood cells.  As the last of the substance disappeared into the child's body, Voldemort pocketed the vial.  Moving to stand over the innocent child, he withdrew his wand, waving it over the prone form.  Quietly, the words 'draconis sanguen coniunctio' [1] echoed through the room.  Silver light enveloped the child, whose gentle wails of pain escalated into tortured screams.

Narcissa clutched her husbands arm desperately as she watched her son endure his pain.  Tears pricked at her deep blue eyes, threatening to pour down her face.  Her son had been sentenced far too early a death, but this man was saving him.  He would endure the pain in order to live.  Hope and relief blossomed through her as her child's screams were silenced and silver flashed through the room.

For the first time, the infant's eyes opened, gaining his first look at the world around him.  Midnight blue eyes stared at the three figures that watched him so intently.  Slowly, the dark blue orbs swirled with silver, until the entire iris was a silvery grey.  His skin had retained the pale shade, loosing its transparent nature and taking on a healthy glow.  His silvery blonde hair shimmered in the candle light, a more noticeable amount covering the infants head.  Tilting his head slightly to the side, the infant stared at the shadowing figure of the man before him.  A small gurgle escaped his lips as they formed his first smile . . . right at the Dark Lord himself.

Narcissa's face lit up with joy at her son's new state.  Tears traced their way down her porcelain face, unashamed to show themselves for they were of happiness.  Even Lucius could not hold back the large grin that lit up his face.  The two overjoyed parents immediately moved to the happy infant.  Narcissa immediately swept the child into her arms, cradling his tender form to her.

A smile of pure satisfaction appeared upon Voldemort's face as he surveyed the jubilant Narcissa.  Turning to Lucius, he placed his hand on his follower's shoulder.  Lucius turned to him, his gray eyes shining with pride and joy.  "Thank you my Lord, thank you.  I can not tell you what this means to me . . ."

Voldemort quickly silenced his follower.  "Do not babble like an infant Lucius.  Just keep your end of our arrangement.  He will be trained in our ways, molded to our art.  He is my heir, Lucius, as well as yours.  He will give the name Malfoy an entirely new meaning."

"Of course, my Lord.  Thank you again."

Musing, Voldemort continued as if Lucius had not spoken.  "Your son, you named him Draco did you not?" Seeing the father's nod, he moved on.  "Quite amusing that blood from this child's namesake is what saved him."

Lucius merely stared at his master, shocked at this new revelation.  The substance in the vial had been dragon's blood, and the spell had actually welded the child's weak blood to that of the dragon.  Looking up, he tentatively asked his Lord.  "Will there be any side effects?" [2]

Pulling a sheet of parchment from his robes, Voldemort passed it on to Lucius.  "This is a potion your son must take so that none of those side effects present themselves.  Have Snape produce this for you.  He will need it every day this month, then once a month until he is eleven years old.  After his eleventh birthday, he must consume this potion once a year, on the anniversary of this day, to keep the balance.  Should he miss the potion even once, the imbalance will have to be perfected . . . but you will not allow this Lucius, will you?"

"O-Of course not, my Lord.  I will not fail you."  Lucius said his head bowed as he placed the parchment deep within the folds of his own wizarding robes. 

"I will deliver a copy of this potion to Severus tonight.  He will bring it to you tomorrow." [3] Moving out of the room, he paused at the doorway and glanced back.  "Lucius, I would suggest you keep that copy of the potion safe.  Severus has been rather . . . uncooperative as of late.  I would hate to see my heir left without his potion all because of your stupidity if something were to happen to our potions master . . ." With that, he quickly exited the room, dis-apparating from the manor immediately.

Lucius moved to stand beside his wife, admiring the child that had been saved from certain death.  Not even Albus Dumbledore could save the child.  He had called for the older wizard after loosing so much hope.  However, he had only added onto their despair, claiming there was nothing that could be done.  Yet, the proof lay within his wife's pale arms.  His son was alive.  With a soft kiss to the infant's forehead, Lucius left the nursery, disappearing into his study.

Narcissa quietly sang to her now healthy son, gently rocking her infant.  She was enamored in him, the perfection that was her son.  Tightening her hold on him, her deep blue eyes stared into the dark night, watching as the snow fell upon the manor grounds.  Her new year had been shadowed with the constant assurances of her tiny son's death, now it was strengthened by their Lord.  He had saved her precious child. . .

Outside, dainty snowflakes fell upon the British grounds, coating the world in a layer of pure white.  Pure . . . so unlike so much that would happen so soon in their worlds.  But for that night, the Malfoy family fell into blissful ignorance, celebrating that their son would live, blessed with power and the mark of Voldemort.

Only a few months short of two years later, their lives were thrown into disarray as the child of James and Lily Potter destroyed Voldemort, banishing him from their world.  Angered at the fact that a mere child had defeated the Dark Lord, Lucius thrust himself and his resources into escaping time in Azkaban.  Unsure what to do without Voldemort's guidance, Lucius continued as he could, reining over the remaining death eaters, waiting for the day that Voldemort would return to them and his son take his place as the Heir.

Thirteen years later, the day that Lucius had waiting so long for passed, and the dark cloud of oppression and hate once more fell upon the wizarding world. 



[1] draconis sanguen coniunctio:  The spell that Voldemort uses to bind Draco's blood to the blood of the dragon.  The Latin translations are as follows:  draconis:  serpent or dragon; sanguen:  blood; coniunctio:  to join, to bind, to come together, (to join by blood).  Together, this literally commands the dragon blood to join with Draco's.

[2] Albus Dumbledore discovered the twelve uses of dragon blood, but in this, Voldemort puts it to another use.  The spell fuses the blood of a dragon to Draco's blood.  Thus, the strength of the dragon's blood/genes revives the infant.  The change in the eyes is largely due to this.  However, the other side effects, without the potion, are left unknown.

[3] It has never been truly said what Voldemort was like before his downfall.  I know that he is evil and many may say that he is out of character, but Lucius is an inner circle Death Eater, very close to Voldemort.  It is because of this that he helps Lucius and saves Draco, plus the fact that he will need someone to rein after him, his Heir. 

In taking the potion to Snape, Voldemort is allowed to check up on the potions master, who was under suspicion of Voldemort as a spy towards the end.