A little Disclaimer before you start reading: I'm not a native speaker, so it is possible that there are mistakes in this story. I also am not a doctor either so I have absolutely no idea about all of the medical things. And last but not least I tried to make the characters as close to reality as possible. Okay now enjoy reading and leave me a comment. Chapter 2 will follow either tomorrow or the day after! :)
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Kate knew something was up when Castle stopped talking mid sentence. Panic made itself known inside of her. Jumping off the bed, gun in hand she went out of the bedroom with a few powerful steps. What the hell is going on? was the last thing she thought before her face met Caleb. Caleb Brown, the victim. No this cannot be right. "Castle!" she yelled before shots were fired. She hit Caleb in the stomach and he hit hers in return. This son of a bitch she thought and fired again. Her aim was good and her bullet went into his chest, it was a fatal wound for him. She watched the life drain out of him when she felt her legs give out and she noticed the other bullet that had nestled inside her chest. Blood was flowing down her chest and stomach. Blood so much blood. Once she spotted Castle she took the last bit of strength she had and crawled towards him. He met her half way. The pain was becoming too much and she fell on her back. She took Castle's hand and held it as much as she could. This could not be their ending. After everything. The solved her mom's case. They were finally able to live in peace and happiness with no target on their backs watching their every step. This could not be the end of their story. Everything slowly started fading black. She tried to block out the pain by holding onto Castle and suddenly she was gone.

Richard Castle awoke to unknown surroundings. A steady beeping filled the room. He peeled his eyes open. Where was he? What happened? Was he dead? He didn't know much of anything but his thoughts were interrupted by a shriek. He opened his eyes fully to his mother and daughter hovering above him. "Richard, Oh thank god" he heard his mother release under her breath. "Dad!" Alexis said and leaned forward to hug him.

"Wh-wh-where am I?" he asked still confused

"in the hospital. You were shot at home and so was Katherine. Oh we are so glad you are alive" his mother replied stroking his arm.

"Kate" he breathed. Where was she?

"She's still in coma trying to recover from her surgery" Martha replied calmly.

"I need to see her" Castle choked out. "Let me see her!"

"Richard, you can't, you just woke up!"

„" need to see her!" he said, a little more forceful now and started to shift into a sitting position.

"Richard please. Lay down again!"

"I need-..I need her!" he started ripping the cables off his body but his mother stopped him.

"Richard Castle, stop it. Let me get your doctor and tell him that you are awake will you? You can talk to him about seeing Katherine." his mother told him with a soothing voice. He just nodded in return.

"Mr. Castle. Good to see you. How are you feeling" His doctor asked once he had entered the room.

"Kate..:" was the only thing Castle kept repeating.

"I'm sorry?" he asked.

"He wants to see his wife. Mrs. Katherine Beckett she was shot too. Came in with him." his mother tried to explain.

"Oh right. yes. I'm afraid your wife is still in coma Mr. Castle."

"I need to see her"

"Right, right.." the doctor mumbled.

"Please Doctor Green, he should see her. He will not be able to have one moment for his own recovery. Please just let him see her even if it is for only 5 minutes." Martha plead.

"I see. Well if that is the case i'll send in a nurse to wheel you to her room."

"Thank you" Castle led out with a sigh.

"All good Mr. Castle? Are you comfortable?" the nurse asked him before they left his room.

Rick only nodded, still finding it hard to speak.

He was happy they allowed him to see his wife. He just wanted to see her, just wanted to hold her hand no matter if she was still sleeping and just wanted to make sure she is alive.

A few rooms down the corridor they stopped in front of a door that looked just like his.

"Ready?" the nurse asked him before opening the door.

He once again only nodded.

She slowly opened the door and started pushing his wheelchair towards the single bed.

There she was. His wife. Her eyes closed, she looked so small and fragile in her bed with the wires surrounding her. The steady beeping of her heart monitor calmed his nerves. She is still alive

"She is doing better every day. I'm sure she will wake up soon" said the nurse who broke the silence after a few moments.

"Yeah?" he asked quietly, eyes never leaving the sleeping woman in front of them.

"Yes, her condition was really bad when you both came in. After all she was not only shot in the left side of her chest, a bullet also hit her stomach. She is actually very lucky no vital organs were hit. Her jacket took some of the bullets force away. She's healing quite well. She could wake up every day now."

"I hope she does." was all Castle mumbled.

The nurse gave him a hopeful smile.

It took Kate two days to wake up. In the meantime Castle was moved into her room. He was getting stronger every day and so was she.

She woke up on a Wednesday afternoon. Castle was sitting next to her in a chair holding her hand watching the fluids in her IV drip. She let out a moan and when he looked at her tears immediately started to form in his eyes. „Kate!" he whispered. She turned her head a little to her left and looked into the pool of deep blue eyes. "Hey-" she croaked.

"Oh Kate, I'm so happy to see her." he said while leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss to her her hairline.

"thought you die-"

"Me too Kate. I was so worried about you! I'm so glad to see you!"

"love you"

"I love you too Kate."

The next few weeks were hell for both of them. Kate's PTSD was triggered by all the recent happenings and she was practically glued to his side, afraid to lose him. They both woke up every night with nightmares haunting them. They tried to calm each other down, at least as much as possible. Jim often stopped by once he got back from his business trip comforting his daughter. Glad to see her still alive.

"I'm so sorry Rick." she mumbled into his side.

"Kate, babe, we've talked about this. This isn't your fault."

"It is… I'm the person who became obsessed with her mothers murder, who asked for a file while being in the FBI. I'm the one who woke the dragon. The reason why we both have to live like this. I-„ Castle silenced her by pressing a gentle kiss to her lips.

"No Kate. This is NOT your fault. You are the reason i'm still alive. If you wouldn't have come out Caleb would've shot me. I'm alive because of you. And I don't care if you are obsessed with your mom's murder or if you are broken. I love you. I always will. I forgive you Kate. You are the love of my life. And I'll always be there for you. During good and bad times. I love you more than i have ever loved someone."

"I don't deserve you.."

"Well I don't deserve you either so I think we are even." he replied with a smirk.

They were slowly starting to get better. Kate's flashbacks and panic attacks were shrinking and castle's nightmares were almost gone.

"Paris.." she blurted out.

"Paris…what?" he asked her with narrowed brows.

"Remember you wanted to go to Paris before we caught Loksat…And now we have time. We are free and..uh I thought maybe the offer still stands?"

"Why- of course."

"I mean it would be great to just get away for a week or two and since we wanted to visit Paris anyways I thought maybe this would be the perfect time.."

"That actually sounds so perfect. I would love to go. I'll book something for us right now." Castle said kissing her.

"Oh I'm exhausted." Kate pointed out when they entered the Loft 3 weeks later. Paris was amazing. They both enjoyed themselves more than ever.

"Well I think that is normal after an 8 hour flight" he said grinning down at her.

"It wasn't just the flight you know" she replied giving him a dirty smirk.

"My my Captain Beckett you dirty little tease" he replied smirking back at her.

"OH darling's, welcome back home! How was your flight, you need to tell me everything!" Martha's words rang through the loft.

"Well hello mother. Our flight was very nice, but business class always is!"

"I didn't even have a panic attack like on the way there!" Kate told her.

"Oh that is just lovely Katherine. I'm proud of you" she said and pulled her daughter-in-law into a tight hug.

"Where's my hug" they heard Castle say who watched the scene in front of him.

"Oh come here" and with that she was hugging both, her son and daughter-in-law. "I'm glad you had an amazing time! You both deserve it so much!"

"Have you seen my dad lately or talked to him?" Kate asked once they all pulled back.

"Yes I have, he was over for a coffee the other day. You can call him now if you want to he is waiting!"

"Okay..well if you have nothing against it i'd like to do that now!" She said looking over to Castle. When he nodded she set of towards their bedroom taking her suitcase with her.

Once Kate was out of sight Martha turned to her son "How are you holding up kiddo?"

"I'm doing good to be honest. This holiday was amazing. I feel so relaxed and calm. Some nights I still have nightmares but they are by far not as bad anymore. Plus seeing Kate happy and making progress lifts a huge weight of my shoulders."

"Oh I know son. You seem better too! I love you!"

"Okay who are you and what have you done with my mother" he replied jokingly.

"Richard.." she warned.

"I'm joking mother. I love you too!"

"Good now why don't you unpack and call Alexis and invite her over for dinner!"

"Yes, I'll be right back. Thank you mother"

Castle and his daughter only spent a short amount of time on the phone and after he hung up he walked into the bedroom where his wife was still on the phone with her dad.

"Kate?" he whispered trying to get her attention.

"One second dad, Castle wants something" she said into the speaker of her cellphone. "What's up babe?" she asked drawing her attention to the man standing in front of her.

"Well I just invited Alexis over for dinner and I thought maybe your dad could come too, if he is free and wants to come over."

"Sure that's a great idea. I'll just ask him." she replied smiling up at Rick and turned her attention back to the phone "Hey dad uh Rick just asked if you would want to come over for dinner later tonight. Alexis and Martha are joining us. —Yes, that would be great. — can you make it here around 7? — okay good see you then — I love you — okay bye!" and with that she hung up.

"So um-.. do you even have a plan what you want to make?" she asked her husband who was still standing in front of her.

"Yes. You do not worry about that my love" he replied, placing his hands on either side of her hips and pulling her in. "I love you, Katherine Castle"

"I love you too Richard Castle" she kissed him so very gently as if he would possibly break.

They all spent a lovely evening talking and dining. Alexis and Jim arrived around the same time and once they sat down everyone wanted to know about their trip to Paris. They were talking until very late that night. It was only a little after 11 when Jim excused himself and went home. Alexis decided to head home as well. While Kate and Martha were doing the dishes Castle cleaned up the living room and watched his wife and mother every now and then. It felt great to just live and love life again. No targets on their backs, no one trying to kill them. For once they actually felt like a completely normal couple and Rick Castle wanted it to stay that way. The only thing he wanted was happiness and to spend a lovely time with the love of his life while they were still young. Maybe even start a family!